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form•Z 8.6 Update Released


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We are pleased to announce that formZ 8.6 now available for pro, jr, free and student editions. 


This version is not available through software update due a technical limitation in the update.


form•Z 8.6 uses the same registration codes as v8.5. After installing you will be prompted to register. If you are on a machine with an v8.5 installation, the codes will be pre-filled in the registration dialog. Just accept the terms and click Register.


form•Z pro users can install the 8.6 application only which is a much smaller download (Click Here). If you encounter problems or need to perform a clean install, you can use the full installer (Click Here)


form•Z jr users need to use the full installer (Click Here). form•Z jr is now 64-bit on Windows
form•Z free and form•Z Student Edition users should get get the latest version from the link found in the email you received when you registered for the software.


Note: If you have installed any of the 8.6 WIP versions, please delete the WIP application folder.

Please contact us at support@formz.com or start a new forum thread if you have any feedback or issues.


Highlights of improvements in v8.6 this version include (but are not limited to):

o Product updated to use ACIS 2018. 
o STEP file translator improved (better support specially on OS X). 
o SKP file translator updated. Now supports skp 2016 and 2017 files. 
o SAT file translator updated. Now supports 2018 files. 
o DWG/DXF file translator updated. Now supports 2018 files. 
o FBX file translator updated. Now supports 2018 files. 
o FMZ files saved with versions prior to v6 can now be opened directly. 
o Performance on Mac Pro models using ATI graphics cards has been improved.
o 3DS export now handles objects with more than 65535 faces or 65535 points efficiently.
o Deleting layer groups from the layers palette now works properly.
o Hatches now work properly on shapes with co-linear points. 
o Zoom Options "Zoom Frame By Center" and "Zoom Frame By Corners" restored for the Zoom Frame tool.
o Materials palette context menu now has an option to select All Objects/Faces that are assigned a the selected material .
o Transform options now work properly.
o Clone options restored to the Transform and Replace tools. Unclone tool restored.
o 3DS export no longer fails when an object contains a degenerate 2 sided face.
o The context menu invoked by right-clicking on objects now has options to Select Clone Families, and make the object's Material, Layer, Line weight or Line style active.
o Undo/Redo now work properly on OS X 10.13 (High Sierra).
o Auto Save by time interval now works properly.
o SketchUp Materials now import properly.
o SketchUp 2017,2018 Now supported.
o Export DWG/DXF speed improved.
o Import KMZ files now works properly.
o The Reduce tool no longer stops when encountering an object that can not be reduced (when multiple objects are selected).
o Landform tool now works properly with grouped contour lines (keep same height).
o Dimensions and text import properly from DXF/DWG files.
o Certain 3DS files now open properly.
o Text imports properly from DXF files.
o Tool names no longer be truncated on certain OS X systems.
o UI elements are now sized properly on OS X.
o Section tool now works in Wireframe.
o Importing certain 3DS files no longer crash.
o Numerous stability and performance improvements.

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I think the export as .dxf is buggy.

( FormZ 8.6.02 on  iMac OS 10.13.3)

export for laser cutting with "Export Image" :

a square with 100 x 100 mm becomes : 72,25x72,25mm or 125,5x125,5mm or 3188x3188mm ...

(using dxf 2013 and dxf 2018)




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my problem is to export 2D objects for laser- or waterjet- cutting with the correct dimensions.

can you please give me an advice what format is usable - (the standard in industry is dxf/dwg for 2D)

in 3D for printing and exchange data I have best results with .step files.


thank you!


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Could you kindly bring back the automated «Check for Update…» functionality back again in Form.Z ?!

Or could you at least indicate the exact version and build number in your download section HERE.

It is really very cumbersome with all the adjustments in recent times, which have such big effects even in the smallest version jump ...

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We released to address an issue with Maxwell, however this version had a problem with smooth objects on certain machines so we updated to v8.6.0.2 to address this. If you have v8.6.0.1, you can install from the links above. We expect that we will make an updater available for future versions of 8.6.

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Latest is extremely unstable and even trying to rotate something results in a crash.

Downloaded it for evaluation version of Vray. Thought of buying Vray, but if I can´t work with Formz, then I won´t buy it!

even trying to rotate a tiny part resulted in a crash!

Mac OSX 10.9.5

Probably switch back to 8.5.7.


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After some googling find this:



But pressing the Macintosh/OSX button resulted in an error!

"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below."


It would be really helpful, if you could edit the first post to point us to the most recent download!

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Its been a while since I've logged-in so excuse me if this has been covered already.


Today I've just downloaded Form-Z (fresh install) for my Mac at work (running 10.13.2)... and I've got no further than opening a previous model and finding all the tool pallets ghost like crazy to the point that I can't work within a matter of minutes.


Is this an 8.6.02 issue?


I have 8.5 on my Mac at home that works a treat.


How can I revert to 8.5? is there a download link for it? - I've emailed support but thought there might be an answer here.

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@all the people that are upgrading:

I choose the application only updater(Click Here), which installs 8.6 in a separate folder(have had 8.5.7 within a 8.5 folder), so no problem for me!

But it be probably be wise to save the old application folder to a different place, or revert back with TimeMachine.

I can easily launch both 8.5.7 and 8.6...



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For me works fine on model creation ....but importing old models is a disaster. I expected issues on a pc importing old mac files with old tif and pct image files ....I wasn't wrong, many crashes later I finally got the models in but also had the issue that ALL the formz procedural materials (grid, brick, gradient...et al) did not translate well.... each giving 'embedded textures' not found in the materials window??.... + any texture where I had previously used 'match texture' (bumps and transparencies) were not found.... As a result I can get the models in, but have to re-map ALL the materials (textured and procedural). + if I miss any and try to render; the missing texture window lists missing maps without the name of the file missing???.....ie it doesn't list any old embedded procedural's... just a list of blank textures missing. Next problem; conversion of library to component .......How can you edit and re-map the component?? ...I've tried assigning new textures and procedural's to the component in the component file; but when I open the main file, the component still retains the old assignments? ..... ??? ....The original files were v5.5, and 6;  v7 imports the procedural's ok; but as soon as I open in 8.6 (even from v7) ....it's a mess.


Old formz procedural settings are not supported?




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We updated the installers to v8.6.0.3 today. This addresses a few issues that have ben reported with 8.6.0. You can get the latest 8.6 pro installers here: http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/formz_86_Update.html. For the reconfigurations (Student edition, jr, free), Please use this link in your license email.


We are working on more improvements for a general update (8.6.1) that will be available around end of the month.

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D/l the windows update from the update page (Install_formZ_86_Pro_64_AO.exe) ....Updated without issue....Checked the start application box and closed update window ....FormZ started fine....but info window states Pro v (Build 10027)


If I try the instal update again it goes into the Program Maintenance window...Modify, repair, or remove.


Strange; that's the version I already had installed.


Has it updated and the 'about box' is wrong?





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