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  1. Duplication of textures at every export is a pain. I just delete all the extras from time to time. I manage all my textures in a separate folder, so gathering all the extra duplicates is easy to do. I've tried modeling in C4D but my brain just doesn't work that way. I much prefer the precision offered by FMZ. Rhino seems to be looking evermore attractive as FMZ appears to be withering on the vine.
  2. One solution would be to isolate objects within your FMZ file by layer. Exporting .FBX sends only visible objects to .FBX format. Then import into C4D and then immediately group them into a null object (alt + G). Do this with all objects/layers until you assemble the complete model in C4D. FMZ -> FBX -> C4D recognizes object location, thus all objects should come into the correct place in the model. This could become cumbersome if dealing with complex models, but it is reliable. BTW on MacOS FMZ 9.1 -> FBX does not carry textures. For this reason I still use 8.6.
  3. Shibui Design

    Maxwell 5.2 Released!

    Hello, My problem has been sorted out. Shortly after posting, Fernando contacted me. I learned that using the Demo version, when launching Maxwell, the license activation requires selecting the FormZ plug from a dropdown box. It defaults to Maxwell Render and I didn't realize it was a dropdown. I accidentally clicked on Maxwell and the dropdown opened up revealing many selections. I selected FormZ and it launched without crashing. Thank you.
  4. Shibui Design

    Maxwell 5.2 Released!

    I'm running formZ 9.1 on two computers that are running 10.14.6 or lower. I've sent a support ticket to Nextlimit and have not had a response. I'll check gpu settings. Thanks Des.
  5. Shibui Design

    Maxwell 5.2 Released!

    Installed Maxwell v5.2 yesterday and using FMZ 9.1.0 running Mac OS 10.14.6. FormZ crashes every time I try to launch a render or start Fire. This happens on two machines. Any pointers to sort out this problem?
  6. Shibui Design

    Version 9.1

    I'm finding one of my shortcuts (unghost) only works sometimes. There doesn't seem to be any common scenarios where it fails; it just does so intermittently. I also find object snapping is not as fast and fluid as in version 8.6, plus there seems to be some new snap options (icons) that are not documented in online help. V8.6.5 V9.1.0
  7. Shibui Design

    Hidden lines / Draft layouts

    The tutorials should answer your questions re: Layout. Save views in model. Start Layout. Use Content Frame tool to create a frame, then set that frame to display the views of choice from the 3D model.
  8. Shibui Design

    Looking for a new formZ companion

    AsOne, I follow a very similar process. When a drawing package contains 30 to 40 drawing sheets, this becomes labor intensive. Work smarter, not harder follows a familiar mantra! If only the software became a little smarter...
  9. Shibui Design

    Looking for a new formZ companion

    I agree. A much improved Layout application would lend a huge productivity boost to my workflow. Currently use VW to produce drafting documents and managing changes this way can be a bit of a chore. This alone makes me consider switching to Sketch Up about every 3-4 months, but then I shudder to think I would be forcing myself to use such a crude piece of software. Always lean on FormZ for original design.
  10. Shibui Design

    Importing 3rd party models

    I agree, we seem to be nearing an inevitable crossroad. We simply do not see Autodessys supporting the potential of our beloved FormZ software if we consider the lack of development that has occurred over the past 5 years or so and the product seems to be withering on the vine as a result. This is a real shame because there aren't many great products that hold the real potential of FormZ, from my experience. What my business sorely needs (as well as many other design business) is a very fluid and robust 3d modeling tool in which you can quickly design, iterate, explore with very little friction. The same software should allow rendering with fast, modern rendering engines and then finally the ability to document the design in 2D layouts. All within the same software tool. There are some programs in which this is possible although one or more of the major functions are overly difficult or sacrifice quality. Sure, with a suite of independent software tools all of this is possible, however workflows get too cumbersome in such scenario. i suspect for most of us time savings (efficiency) and minimizing frustration is a daily focus. Having a single software allowing such a workflow would be the ultimate tool in my drawer. Why does this seem to be so elusive?
  11. Shibui Design

    Object selection

    Face selection is only allowed in shaded display. TIP:Rather than use Auto Pick, change topo selection to the object selection you wish, i.e. segment, point, face, etc.
  12. Shibui Design

    Maxwell 5.1 Released!

    Hi Andrew, I have not yet upgraded to V5 so I'm not in a position to comment about any issues. I also have not been swayed by the added GPU feature in Maxwell since my three machines do not have much GPU power. I've decided to keep mostly to CPU rendering for now. I have no appetite at present to invest in hardware. Maxwell version 4 is quite stable and performing well for me. On occasion, MXED fails to allow selections within dialog boxes, but that's an intermittent bug. I definitely understand the speed bottleneck and trying to push out renders, make changes, re-render and keep clients happy. My business serves a few different markets: 1. Museum exhibits, 2. Events & Trade Shows, 3. Interiors (mostly churches and rarely exteriors). I use mostly Maxwell for interiors because I can dictate what the timelines are and there are rarely change requests. I've been able to manage getting clean renders in anywhere from 2-4 hours. Sometimes it takes significantly longer, but within a 24 hour timeframe (rendering overnight) I can often get 5-6 nice rendered views done. One recent project is really frustrating because the renders were taking 20 hours each to get clean results. That one did come back for changes and just today I started cooking revised renders and they are coming out pretty clean in 2.5 hours. I suspect I had a white material using r255, g255, b255! The other factor allowing this to work is that my "Render Beast" is simply a slave computer; not my everyday work machine. I design and model on a current Macbook Pro and offload over a network to the Render Beast, which is a 2014 Mac Pro. This allows me to continue design and modeling while renders happen in the background without hogging resources. If I had the tech appetite (I don't) I could try to set up a distributed network rendering using one or two other machines in the office to speed things up. I tried it once and gave up. Why should it be so difficult?? I was very excited when Vray plugin for FormZ became available. I purchased it and tried to use it and was immediately frustrated with the integration. It's not even up to par with SketchUp's interface and more clunky, IMHO. I'm also a C4D user and have become enamored over its thoughtful and nicely designed user interface. I use C4D mostly for Events/Trade Show work for specific reasons. 1. C4D's native Physical Render is good and can be fast. I've purchased some plugins which make the workflow extremely productive. 2. Vray's integration with C4D is very good! Within the C4D environment I'm able to generate nice (enough) looking renderings quickly. Most render in 5 minutes or less. Sometimes I have to bump up to 10-15 minutes to get clean renders. The penalty is the time to set up lighting and cameras. This week, I needed to get high quality renders done quickly and my choice was C4D & Vray. It took me a full day just to get the cameras and lighting and render settings set up to get good results. Perhaps I need a better understanding of Vray but I've been using it for about 4 years, just not on a daily basis. I've experimented with it extensively and have come to the conclusion that it just takes a long time tweaking settings to get good results! I've tried many times to use C4D/Vray for the interior work and have set off down that path. I will tweak and adjust cameras, materials, lights, etc for a few hours, look at the results and then give in to Maxwell. I know that without fussing about I can have the renders cooking in the background and have beautiful images while I'm working on the next project! I find even the best Vray renders don't match the light bounce and fine shadows that Maxwell produces. The REAL BONUS with Maxwell is Multilight! I know this doesn't address your specific interest in GPU with Maxwell, rather it's simply my brain dump on Maxwell and Vray. Interested to read experiences from other users out there!
  13. Shibui Design

    Can Full Shaded Ignore Materials by click?

    Perhaps even simpler for a future version, one of the display modes could be for "white model" render wherein the color could be selected/adjusted.
  14. Shibui Design

    Maxwell 5.1 Released!

    Thanks for the input Des. I've been considering the upgrade but have been concerned about bug, etc. Happy to hear it's working well. Just finished a big rendering job using Maxwell and it's coming back soon for revisions. Perhaps I'll upgrade and make the next round of renders using the v5.1. Best regards!
  15. Shibui Design

    Can Full Shaded Ignore Materials by click?

    Easy to manage this using a layer override. In layers palette, edit the layer and turn on "Material" in the Override Attributes section. See attached. You can select what material you would like to over ride the native materials. In this example, I've made a white material and selected that as the override. If your model has many layers, simply create a Layer Group and place all layers inside that group. This will allow you to toggle material override on/off for all groups in one go, rather having to do this for all layers. Hope this helps.
  16. Shibui Design

    How to export OBJ to Blender and Maya?

    Try changing "Smooth: AS Trimmed Surfaces" to "faceted." and then check the "Faceted" radio button directly below that.
  17. Shibui Design

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    Thank you for your reply Tech. Perhaps I've posted the problems in the wrong place on the forums. Here's a post I made on Jan. 14 regarding build There was another similar post in response to another user post, here: Again, probably not the correct place to post such problems. As an aside, I did make a call to Tech support perhaps 6-8 weeks back about this problem and others. There wasn't a fix or workaround at that time. I shall email support to submit a proper support ticket. Thank you!
  18. Shibui Design

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    Using MacBook Pro, macOS Mojave 10.14.4
  19. Shibui Design

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    The last and this latest version of Layout does not work for me. I've reported this with earlier builds and my problem persists. When creating a new layout file, the work window will not display. It's simply the light grey background color edge-to-edge. No zooming, panning, resetting of workspaces, etc. will display any window whatsoever. This renders this version of Layout useless. I have no option other than working with V8.6. This problem has been reported since early versions of v9 release and persists still. Interesting note that seems unique to me is that v9 FormZ has a persisting bug wherein upon launch or file open, the working window also does not display. The only way to see a working window (model environment) is to enter EDIT CONE OF VISION and upon exit, the model window displays. I suspect these two display glitches are related. Do any other users experience this? Reverting back to v8.6 for both model and layout. Hopefully this gets corrected soon...
  20. Shibui Design

    File quicklook preview

    That feature is not yet available in V9. Support say they're working on it. It's really a problem for me, so I rolled back to V8.
  21. Shibui Design

    Ortho to reference plane

    Tap the COMMAND key to toggle on/off on MacOS, or the equivalent on WINDOWS while using a transform command.
  22. Shibui Design

    AutoDesSys Coronavirus Update

    This is an especially generous offer. Thank you ADS for supporting the 3D community.
  23. Shibui Design

    what's new webinar

    CJTFORM-Z, if you are sincerely interested in adopting FormZ in your 3D design modeling workflow, I strongly encourage you to do so without delay. You will continue to be impressed with the robust modeling features combined with the ability to quickly explore 3d forms and space. It is a very fluid and flexible design program and far exceeds the toolsets in many competing programs. In my opinion, version 9 is not a perfect execution; it still has bugs to sort out. Many of us longterm users are also disappointed in lack of development from v8.6 to 9. Yes, there have been improvements that benefit day-to-day productivity. Matthew Holewinski's old youtube videos are probably the best and most comprehensive training resources out there. Evan Troxel has also produced some good training materials. Autodessys could put more effort into marketing and training materials, but I assure you will not be disappointed if you give FormZ a try.
  24. Shibui Design

    Reverting to 8.6?

    I agree. The benefit of v9 does not outweigh the niggling problems therein. A big issue for me is file previews have gone away. Even reverting to v8.6, for some reason previews is not available since installing v9. This is a huge slowdown in productivity.