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  1. pkcn

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Hi, What about the VRay update announced by FZ tech in a previous post? Rgds
  2. It is along time that this app has been released. Can we expect some update with new functions? Is an Android app sister on the way too? We use it a lot to make some outstanding presentation to our client....
  3. pkcn

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Thks FZ; we appreciate your quick responsiveness!
  4. pkcn

    FZ future

    We finally decided to use both version: FZ 8.5.7 with Maxwell plugin for clients jobs and FZ (10027) with VRay plugin for testing and less critical deadline. The first one is more stable and has the ability to launch several renderings overnight. However, we would like a bigger mxm library. The results are very nice but at time expens . The second provides a more integrated UI (even with some annoying overlap windows), good material library (with additional vismat collection) and speed but VRay has to be integrated in FZ Imager for launching several renderings. Sadly the GPU (Quadro P4000) is useless with both plugins. ​We are old FZ users (for more than 15 years now - FZ 2.5), like many other in this forum (old users only remains now?), and still happy to work with. Too many bugs in the last updates and irritated UI require more and more patient however. What is new now, Autodessys seems not very prompt to adress these problems and to answer at many threads of this forum. ​So, our question: Is FZ became a dead end choice and we should change our workflow? Or is FZ able to become again the more advanced modeler we knew and like?
  5. pkcn

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    We installed the last update with V-Ray: 10027
  6. pkcn

    8.6 updates

    Hello, To be able to work on current projects, we had to un-install FZ 8.6 + Vray and re-install FZ 8.5.7 + Maxwell... so frustrating, isn't it? We are waiting for FZ 8.6.1 that adresses the bugs listed in other threads. Thks
  7. pkcn

    Some bugs

    Hello, After some working sessions with Vray plugin installed with FZ 8.6, we faced sometimes the following bugs: - when exit, the program crashes (see attached capture) - when GPU selected, the program crashes as soon as we launch a rendering (in both interactive or progressive modes) - material and light' windows take a lot of time to open after a double click (and sometimes, we have to click on "edit" to open the window) - quickly moving around the scene with interactive rendering causes crashes (Seen on HP Z2 64G ram workstation, Windows 10, nVidia quadro P4000, programs installed on SSD drive, 4K display).
  8. pkcn

    Broken plugin UI

    We have the same problem: see our post in other tread. We tried to re-install 8.5.7 but a message informs us that we have allready a newer version of FZ (8.6) and cancels the installation...
  9. pkcn

    install issue

    Hello, To be clear: We first installed FZ 8.6, then MXW plugin; some buttons in dialog boxes dont work. We then desinstalled MXW and installed VRay plugin; no more problem with buttons. We are not able to re-install FZ 8.5.7; a message informs us that we allready have a newer version yet installed. So we are unable to work anymore with MXW, which is a problem because our workflow is based on it (and we are very happy with) We will be happy to have the both plugins (+ Renderzone), depending of the time we have to make the job.
  10. pkcn

    install issue

    Hello, We installed Maxwell with FZ 8.6, but with no VRay plugin; we still have the same problems of frozen display and/or unoperationnal dialog boxes (ie: choosing a HDR file in the light dialog boxe is impossible). It seems to be a compatbility problem with FZ 8.6 and not wit V-Ray.
  11. pkcn

    V-Ray is here!

    Thanks for all! We have uninstall all the files regarding VRay for FZ and the VRay license (using Windows desinstaller application and manually the remained VRay drawer like the previous beta files). We have reinstalled directly from FormZ-Vray site and everything work fine. Now, let's go to work!
  12. pkcn

    install issue

    Hello Pylon, We have installed FZ8.6 with V-Ray plugin, expecting to have the both worlds... Anyway, the display freeze and we were not able to work with. Do you know if there are some issues with FZ 8.6? How can we re-install FZ 8.5.6? Do we need to desinstall FZ 8.6? Best regards
  13. pkcn

    V-Ray is here!

    Hello, I were happy to install FZ + Vray...but We followed the three steps proces and everything seems to be fine. When we open FZ help, the version is registered. We started with a simple volume and launched a rendering (either interactive or production) and received the warning message (see attached): ​"could not obtain a vray license" ​When we go the license server, everything seems ok (license is engaged). So, we need help! By the way, we tried to install the maxwell pluggin to have the both worlds, but the display freezed... so, we removed the MXW pluggin; maybe a compatibilty problem with FZ 8.6? Could we go back to FZ 8.5.6? Thanks for prompt reply
  14. pkcn

    Underlay File

    Hello Alan, The underlay is usefull as a support to set up your scene. My workflow: I calculate the image with an alpha channel (door open) and superpose it with the underlay image in photoshop.
  15. pkcn

    editing materials

    Thanks Justin; it is now perfectly working! We have just one issue with the material editor window that disappears behind the main fz window.