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  1. vva

    union bug

    the long roof is not a proper solid. "derive" the gable of the long roof and use the "reshape" tool to build the roof. then the boolean works. vva
  2. vva

    v9 performance issues

    really fast again. even Renderzone is much faster than before (like in former times) vva iMac 10.15.7 ; i7
  3. vva

    New update 9.0.6

    hi Ariel try this link: http://formz.com/fzsite1219/products/formz_v9_pro.html vva
  4. when I had a similar issue I got this advice from Brandon (Tech Support): >>Hello,It's possible it may be a permissions issue.- Close form•Z- In the Finder, navigate to Applications.- Select the "formZ 9" folder.- Select get Get Info from the File menu (or right click and select Get Info).- In the info window, click the lock icon in the lower right to unlock the interface and type your password.- Make sure that the Ownership of the folder which is usually the top line of permissions has your user name (indicated with “Me”) and the permissions are set to Read and Write.- Click on the gear at the bottom of the window and select "Apply To enclosed items” and select OK.- Restart form•Z and try to register. << so try this and Good Luck vva
  5. vva

    Rounding Question

    I use the rounding tool very often for faces and segments. If it is a more complex contour you should select all segments -one by one- with shift key and then use the "Rounding" tool. Otherwise, if you round segment by segment - often the last edge of the contour will not be rounded. I don't know why. And sometimes the tool is broken, when you experiment a lot. You have to relaunch fZ. (but I never had this with fZ 9.0.42) vva
  6. vva

    Bergen, Norway

    cool project and wonderful craftsmanship is it chrome or stainless steel polished ? vva
  7. vva

    RenderZone in 8.5.7 Pro is missing

    I suppose you have not checked the " I agree to the terms....." in both dialogs vva
  8. hi Andrew, draw the arc and with the LineTool (set in the ToolOptions: "Join to existing") snap to the endpoints of the arc. vva
  9. vva


    hi ¢hris no monitoring - you need to use it only one time ( I think of imported geometry and my intension is to get 'watertight' objects for 3D printing ) you can call it Snap to Grid or Move to Grid or Adjust to Grid Thank you for your engagement ! vva
  10. vva


    hi Chris + J L yes, my intension is to move the object with the selected point (or origin for round objects) to the nearest grid-snap-point. example: my grid is set to 0,2mm the coordinate of the selected point is: x=123,456789654123 >the nearest grid point is 123,6 - so you have to round x to one decimal place and that moves the point to match the grid. same for y and z please correct me if I'm wrong... vva >>Question is, how would you want to control from going to x=-364,0 and y=251,6 instead of x=-364,2 and y=251,8 ? That is, how would the script know what your intent is? If this isn't determined, it would likely give you a result you don't want. Closest divisible of the grid snap? <<
  11. vva


    hi J-L if you have problems to zoom in close enough, try this: with the trackball or the mouse zoom out a bit-then hold the alt/option key and zoom in again. (it moves the camera closer to the object) GridSnap is here: so I would like to have one click to move the object a little so that the center is x=-364,2 and y=251,8 - for example the MoveTool uses always the factor of the grid (here: 0,2mm) and does not snap to grid is it more clear now ? vva
  12. vva


    to make it a bit more clear the numeric accuracy for all math operations is 32? decimal places and not changeable. you can only change the display of the numbers and it has nothing to do with the precision of the geometry (that is what Paul told me some years ago) to have more precision set the GridSnap to mm (my is set to 0,2mm) and set the DataScale to Lamp or Watch (in metric) I wish to have a tool that can move a point/segment/object to snap to the grid with one clic. vva
  13. hi, until then have a try with "QCAD" (Open Source) it is cheap and reads SVG files and writes DXF or DWG files, and is a solid 2D CAD program. vva
  14. vva

    Stretching Walls

    hi Paulji try to use the "Reshape Tool": move the outer side of the wall first to the coordinate you want. Then move the inner face of the wall the same distance. That's it. btw: the Reshape Tool has become my favourite tool for such operationes. vva
  15. vva

    Having an issue rounding to a "Hold Line"

    when you set the tool options : Resolution to Scheme : Default Minimal it works. vva
  16. vva

    Cutting and pasting

    hi Ged, when opening your file I see more than 50 identical objects. They were on the locked layer "Jackpot furniture" . When you delete 53 of the 54 objects you will find the object ca. 4000m away from 0,0,0 . you can copy it, but use "Object Doctor" first, because it has 118 non planar faces - or - much better - rebuilt it in formZ. (I suppose it was imported form SU ??) vva
  17. vva

    How do I get a bigger grid?

    here is the file: Grid 40mm.fmz.zip
  18. vva

    How do I get a bigger grid?

    you have to reduce the over all grid size and zoom in to see the grid
  19. vva

    Curve by formula

    Thank you for investigating this! in the meantime I found an Exel doc with a good graph that I used as underlay and made the curve as nurbs. so I got this: vva
  20. vva

    Curve by formula

    I tried to create a "Superellipse" with the tool "Curve by Formular" . (have a look at > Wiki > Superellipse) didn't get it to work - but produced a lot of crashes any help is wellcome vva
  21. vva

    Curve by formula

    hi Chris, this is the formula I used - the exponent as a decimal number: 2/2.5 = 0.8 (Piet Hein used 5/2) and I made some experiments with a variable (v) for the exponent: thank you for your help vva
  22. vva


    hi Chris why do you prefer to built it with faces ? when Craig wants to make 3-D prints, he needs volumes. vva
  23. hello Tom, the best way to import sketchUp files , is never try to do it. the geometry is horrible and the time to correct it is ten times longer than building new in formZ good luck vva
  24. vva

    Rounding a face

    thank you very much for the help. I imported the contour of the face as a 2D .dxf file. that was an old file and therefore facetted vva
  25. vva

    Rounding a face

    a very simple thing ? I try to change the radius of the 4 edges from R=1,0mm to R=2,0mm. but none of the tool works. (btw. 3 of the 4 sides are rounded with a big radius) vva R1toR2.fmz