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  1. We are happy to inform you that after considering your requests, we have decided that we will continue supporting and developing the form·Z plugin. We estimate that Maxwell 5 for form·Z 8 will be released before the end of the year, and when AutoDesSys launches form·Z 9, we will start developing this plugin for Maxwell 5 too!! Thank you for your patience, understanding and trust. LEARN MORE Now, Maxwell 5 is yours. Now, the time is yours. Be Maxwell 5's campaign image! If you would like to be Maxwell 5's campaign image, send your Maxwell 5 render to: maxwelldesk@nextlimit.com The contestants will be featured on our Social Media every week! Finalists will be featured on Fridays and the winner will be the image of one of Maxwell 5's campaigns! Don't miss this opportunity and send us your work now!