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    Justin Montoya


    All good ideas But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I think we are missing modern animated documentation showing the basics of formZ tools and workflow. These should be imbedded in the documentation pages for new users to help quickly get up to speed with formZ. So let's say we start with simple animations showing how to use each basic tool, something new users could quickly watch while following along to learn the basics of formZ. I like animated GIFs for quick tool demos. Here, I made an example showing how the basic INSERT HOLE tool works. I feel like this is a good example showing the basic, but very fast and efficient solid modeling power of formZ: I think it would be great if future tutorials could show similar animated GIFs broken down into logical steps. That way it's' not a long video you need to rewind, instead it is a short looping video showing the current step. I realize my customized workspace may not be the best basis for these, but I really love having my Tools on the Right which is the logical next step of setting the Tool Options. Future animations could even just use a small portion of the screen with the modeling and pop out tool bar that shows how the basic functions work without all the other Interface visible. BTW, I'm using a nice app called ScreenToGif to quickly record, edit, and export these. https://www.screentogif.com/
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    ¢hris £und

    3 Point Align

    Looking. Currently, all scripts are "Utility" scripts. So, until I look further, my guess is it will not behave quite the same way. I don't recall off the top of my head to see if click points can be tracked. That will be the first thing to consider. Pre-picking is currently NOT available since the API does not keep the list in order. So, there is no way to know which object was picked first or last. However, I will have to dig in to see if we can get at least some partial functionality. ¢£
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    valthewu, Whew, "moderator" is a bit of a misnomer and a serious exaggeration in my case. All I am given access to is to moderate the form•Z LAB, Plugins and Scripts Forum and my own posts well after the fact. (Given access to these for reasons, I don't feel compelled to over explain at this point) I do not have access posts outside of those conditions. i.e. I cannot moderate or modify this thread even if I wanted to. Though, it is completely understandable why the error in perception was made. To further clarify, should there be any question: I am NOT an employee of ADS nor do I represent them in any way. If I were, I wouldn't be under my own name as you may note; anything that comes from ADS does not come from an individual. You do make a valid point. Due to the overstated classification of "moderator" and my inability to STFU. ADS has the option to pull my status or even ban me outright. If they did, I could not blame them in either case. (I really don't represent them, nor should anybody think I do) While I hope they do not. It is their software and their forum, after all. I apologize if I came off as being offended. I am not, nor was I. If you read carefully my text, I only wrote on points where I disagreed and even somewhat disagreed.. Many of your points I not only find valid, but actually agree and I noted that. There are a number of areas that ADS needs to address. Just not all the ones you attempted to point out. I tried to lay those out methodically. There are a number of issues they need to address that you didn't point out.One last thought of my own. Interested or not. A tantrum dance is cute. The first 6 seconds of the following is proof of that. I am the penultimate Kleiner Schwanz. ( I just offended myself, what do I do now? Answer: Tantrum Dance!) I had read and responded, but decided a rare bit of constraint might be in order, so I removed the rest, but have a remaining thought of my own. If you are so happy with your other software, then why are you so software nomadic? Too bad you won't be able to see that question. I am genuinely curious. ¢hristopher ∂avid £und
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    It's time to chill out.....all together now:
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    After spending a bit of time catching up on the forum and repeating themes over the years... I wonder if something like this could help us all. How about a built in bug reporting system. Key features: •One that effectively crowd sources issues. •One that users can view the list of bugs and collectively set the priority of need (not to confuse this with priority of ease, sometimes easy fixes should come first). •One where when a problem is difficult to describe, a record function can be invoked to map the users actions with the tracebacks and logs. Think of something like how the macro recording is performed, but used instead for bug reporting. •Up to and including optional screenshots/screencaps. •System configuration is automatically captured •This would be *opt in, but a bare minimum of tracking of conditions and parameters that are always on (the aforementioned option*). As some of the more spontaneous issues, I can't recall the exact steps I was performing to even test if it is a repeatable issue. •Issues databased, sorted and categorized, possibly with user input. More? What I am envisioning is something built into the core of fZ. I can certainly reason why ADS would NOT want to implement such a scheme. As they may not want to expose the quantitative value or qualitative value of their bugs. Or be a constant reminder to users of issues. Me personally, I think this would have more advantages than disadvantages especially in the long run... but it would probably take time to get there. Essentially, what I am thinking of is how SpaceX deals with things. They monitor everything they can think of as a massive data collection effort for the sole purpose of improvement. How many of us have pet bugs that we now ignore, or work around or, or or and simply do not report it. We got stuff to do, so breaking out and dedicated email is just too much work. This system could collect the frequency of specific bug events to aid ADS in priority. e.g. if a minor bug is experienced by 3 users infrequently, it can probably be pushed down the list. However, if a minor bug has a high frequency amongst users and a high frequency to specific users, this would push the issue up the list. This If active, this would be a post hoc system. What I am trying to say here is, the user is working then notices the bug... at that moment, the user can flag it as a bug in they system (fZ) and the processes and actions that it took to get there is then and only then reported. Optionally allowing the user to include their model (being sensitive to IP and etc...) This could be set up as a data worm (as new info comes in, the oldest is discarded) Length would have to be determined, naturally. I always prefer an opt in model and something like this, in my opinion should follow accordingly. What do you think? Am I being stupid? Would this be too hard to implement? Would people bother? Beta Testers only? Is this a pill ADS should be willing to swallow (yea, probably a pretty big pill.) Pros/Cons? Any thoughts to my ¼ baked idea? ¢£
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    I have requested a public Open Support tracking system in the past. I am spoiled by how Rhino handles this, and I think FormZ would ultimately improve dramatically if this were available. However I think in the short term until ADS has more developers available to work on such as system, we will need to use the forum as our crowd source.
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    Justin Montoya


    I too would love to see more proper tutorials. Maybe we could develop a 'framework' for these tutorials so they can be a bit more consistent?
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    Exporting Shaded Work Display as Image

    I just upgraded to version 9 finally but I'm seeing a big difference in the quality of the image exports. Anyone else having this issue or am I doing something wrong ? Here's an example of an export and one of just a screen shot....
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    Hi form.Z, Can we please have a tool that applies a texture map to a face 1:1 in one click? Or an option for the Texture Mapping tool? I know I can just drag the arrows but I always seem to have many faces to do. Also a cubic map option that applies the texture map at 1:1 edge to edge on each side of the cube. These little changes would be a great big time saver and click reduction for me. Thanks, and keep up the great work
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    V-Ray update

    (cow slowly chewing its cud).
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    union bug

    Sometimes it’s just easier to move an object to the origin and Cartesian to work on. It is possible to work at weird angles using custom reference planes but great care is required when doing this. The “three point align” script was invaluable at aiding in building skewed objects by moving them to origin and then back into position. Would love to have it back working again or have it incorporated as a proper tool. A righteous Development Team project?
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    Why not just promote stealing better software?
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    formZ v9.0.0.3 Pro - CGPersia Forums.pdf comes here to trash his pirated software unbelievable that he actually uses the same user name lol
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    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    Would you care to expand? All I'm seeing is the log in screen!
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    Chris, Even writing something as small as an app seems very challenging to me. Too bad there’s not an app to manage those external pressures, figure that one out and your new job will be counting the money people will pay for that!
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    I completely agree. The older drafting module was superior in many ways...
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    ¢hris £und

    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    I think one issue to consider is: How does ADS move forward with appealing to younger generations without alienating the rest of us? New users are essential to the future. Not in just the direct sales, but it is the new users that push the envelope and brag/show their work. And, in turn show off the capabilities of their tools. There are some details in which the original poster is correct on. And if ADS replied a bit defensively, I can't really blame them either. He/She was a bit of a prick about it. Point out the issues, fine! (as he/she did so) But to throw a tantrum dance around those issues... well... prick comes to mind. (kleiner Schwanz) But, then again, look at me here, I am being a prick right back. Everybody has the right to be offended, so F the f off! (just a joke folks, though I was being serious about everybody has the right to be offended.) Regarding the images posted in the OP: 1, yes this could resolve better. 2, I think this is new. Though, I do not keep old versions to back test against except version 6.7.x It certainly isn't something I have noticed before. 3, I am missing the problem here. Ok, the icons themselves don't appeal? Cry me an H20 Molecule. 4, Not sure, but the blue dots are admittedly rather vague, and the palette is larger than it needs be. On the second point, this is a modal dialog and thus has no impact on the operation of the program or it's use. So, is inconsequential IMHO. And, oddly, my palette of the same looks different. I have more options. Not sure what detailed version of the app He/She tested but it is possible that was a bug. Regarding the more detailed points above the images, I will respond to the ones I disagree with. The others I do agree with. - bad quality check of functions and tools (unlike rhino) This needs to be clarified. Without the specifics this does get into bashing that goes quite well with the tantrum dance later in the post. - non consistent tool options (unlike c4d) This needs to be clarified. Without the specifics this does get into bashing that goes quite well with the tantrum dance later in the post. Don't different tools require different options? Or should we just have 1 tool and nothing but options. - interface not customizable enough, even in the pro version (unlike c4d, even rhino!) I actually, kind of agree here, though much of what we do have now is recent and early on in 9 was a cause of much disruption, but has for the most part stabilized. Too, I am not sure how much of that is given to the free version vs Pro. If you used the free version, what do you know of the Pro version? (admittedly, I know nothing of the free version.) - very slow development (unlike blender) Isn't blender open source? While certainly an issue that ADS has to contend with, this isn't a reasonable comparison. (I could be wrong) - slow response to whishes from users (like many other companies, but most of them have a solid plug in/addon source) This, historically, I fundamentally disagree. I have put in a great deal of suggestions over the years. Many of them have been included and included immediately in the beta cycle. Not every idea that I have pushed their way has been included... but it would be arrogant of me (more than I already am) for me to assume that any and every idea I have fits with the goals and intent of the company. And quite frankly have any positive impact on other users than myself. So, sure, they could pack and pack and pack tools... that tends to go against the whole UI argument though. A better option is the script/plugin where we the users can do what we need for ourselves. This IMHO, has been a long resurrection in coming. But one I cannot blame ADS for. The API transition is not trivial. And to be clear, plug-ins have been available throughout, it is only the scripting that has been temporarily though significantly interrupted... But we are on our way back. Evangelizing by ADS and users to get developers on board, yea, that could use work. - Some modern aspects of designing 3d like parametric, history- or node-based design (and a proper integrated renderer), which other software solutions have long used, are not covered here anyway! Parametric, really... Z is parametric. History/Node... yea I think most of us do wish for that. I suspect that Harkens back to some decisions many years ago. And is probably deep seeded into the code where such changes would be extremely disruptive at this point. Proper integrated renderer: Hmmm... My renderer is fully integrated. Albeit Dated since Autodesk purchased it and shelved it for the sole purpose of eliminated or at best hurting competition. V-ray is now available and there are others (yea, kind of) but this is an issue that if you want, pony up the cash. - It is also not enough to offer state of the art technology (like sub-D), the tools have to evolve! First off, State of the Art sub-D?? Really? Catmull-clark sub-D which pretty sure is still what MODO uses (my personal favorite SDS modeler) harkens back all the way back to 1978... Not exactly State of the art. State of the art would have been T-Splines. Which ADS was actively working on integrating. But oops, Autodesk once again to the rescue with a lead life-saver. Pretty sure they shelved that too. Lastly on this issue. fZ isn't a dedicated SDS modeler. While I personally would like some additional functionality (hell yes, even one tool should be dropped as far as I am concerned.) So, what can we reasonably expect? State of the art? How many other SDS modelers can translate their SDS model to full on Solid object NURBS? I have no reasonable doubt there aren't any others... I don't think it is many. Last I looked (and, yes I am a bit out of date) Modo could not... Can Rhino? I will have to check, I really don't know. The rest of the bullet points are fair... at least up to the Tantrum Dance. At that point, the OP lost reams of credibility. ¢£ P.S. I don't seem know know what a short story is.
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    ¢hris £und

    Draft layout text

    Maybe I am thick, but shouldn't a note, be a note and not really a part of the printed document? Pretty sure notes don't show up in a printed MS word document. Though, I may be misunderstanding the intent. I have been confused by this in the modeler as well. I have wanted to attache notes to myself documenting design decisions etc... ¢£
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    Of note, the numerical accuracy and how it overrides snaps, has been an issue since v7. I have reported it as a bug a couple of times (first a long time ago), but I think I was only able to make it clear as to what I meant fairly recently. This wasn't an issue in 6.x and prior. It drives me nuts. I almost always drop it to something like 1/1024 or 1/2048. with a number of decimal places set to 10. Of course, these days I tend to work on projects that are no larger than a card table. and most often with objects that are smaller than a loaf of bread. At these sizes, that damn NA really gets to be a nuisance! ¢£
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    I really like the comment Tech gave to explain about development. There are just too many people around who KNOW better and how it should be. My compliments to TECH...
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    Thanks Justin, works a treat. I thought I'd tried that but I mustn't have been increasing it enough. I'm in Australia & it's for one of the few shows that are going ahead at this stage. We're doing well with Covid but our premiers have a habit of shutting the state borders with little notice, which means no one wants to plan ahead to far.
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    Draft layout text

    use the NOTE tool instead of 3D text. then it should all show up like the dimensions.
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    This assumption is simply not true. Over 95% of the form•Z code base is platform independent and we develop and test on all platforms simultaneously (i.e. not “ported”). The platform dependent code is nearly all related to interface. The file translators are over 99% platform independent. Developing for multiple platforms actually makes the code better as the various development and testing tools can identify different areas for improvement in efficiency and stability. We have no plans to drop macOS (or Windows). CUDA and RTX are great technologies for rendering performance, but offer no improvement to the linear double precision nature of modeling operations. We are also disappointed that Nvida is no longer supported on macOS, however the CPU rendering on macOS with V-Ray is very good and handles large models with ease. Performance alone is not the only reason to choose V-Ray as it offers excellent rendering features as well (not all of which are available in RTX rendering).
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    7. Improved memory capacity for drawings with lots of imported images. Addition of transparency for images. 8. Option to automatically import both a scaled vector Hidden Line drawing and an internally generated Full Shaded image, cropped and aligned with the Hidden Line in one step. Ability to edit generated images in external image software and have the image update upon save, as is now possible in the Modeler with Texture Maps In Materials. I'm including a simple sample sheet which shows how I typically set up drawings. Here is a link to the V6 file: https://we.tl/t-eNLZQwxCPQ