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    3D printing

    Perfect, Thanks! First print was a success:
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    I set by pixel size, per Des's comment. It works quite well and subsequent image exports auto update in Vectorworks & InDesign (my two frequently used programs). No need for resizing in Photoshop or screen shots. For example I set the window to 1600x900 and export as a .png or .jpg. I include a 10'x10' box to easily scale the image in Vectorworks if it is a scaled image (building elevations). Once it is set I never have to rescale again. I export the image with the same file name and it is updated in Vectorworks (or whatever other software I use such as Adobe Indesign). For higher quality I simply start with a higher pixel size. FYI: Scenes save the window image size, so you can set an export Scene with all the correct layers on and image size set. I gave up on printing and PDF export from FormZ a while back. Simply impossible. Easier and faster to export to another program for PDF. I had a request in v7 I think to improve that and have since given up hope on that front. It's possible it is better from Layout, but I have not tried. It could be something worth looking into?
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    Thanks Shibui. I may give this a try for smaller models. I mostly work with retail displays so what I would be animating is a single group of products, up to around a dozen product (or maybe up to 30 in some cases). So this would mean a LOT of exports and FBX already duplicates EVERY texture in the file regardless if its on an invisible layer. I'd prodbaly end up with 60 versions of every single texture in the file causing a massive bloat haha. Sadly, it seems the best solution (until there is a fix) is to try spending more time modeling in C4D or Rhino for these cases. Oh, and that really sucks that FBX doesn't carry textures in v9. thanks for the heads up. My IT department would be very unhappy with me if I asked for an update just to downgrade.
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    wakening up this discussion again, and now we have already FZ version 9.1. is IFC file support something on the list for future versions? i'm regularly getting projects where this kind of exchange could be really useful.
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    Yes you will need to upgrade to v9.1 to run on Big Sur
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    Thanks Des, but I'm giving up on Draft/Layout until they become usable. It's far from reliable to use in production work, I'm afraid. In my opinion it should not have been released, as it diminishes the good reputation of the software package as a whole. Anyone experiencing it will look elsewhere, for sure.
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    Version 9.1

    I think V8.6.5 was FZ's "finest hour" to date.