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    formZ v9.0.4 Now available

    formZ v9.0.4 is now available. Select "Check for update" from the Help menu to be directed to the download page or use the link in the email you previously received with your v9 installer codes. form•Z v9.0.4 (#A12A) Highlights New stuff “Dynamic” is a new option in the Extend Segment tool options. When selected, the extension is made dynamically using the projection of the cursor position onto the tangent from the end of the object. General Components with Flat/Cubic/Spherical decal controls now render properly in RenderZone. Save a Copy as to v8.x now works properly for files with embedded components. The objects palette is now updated properly after Components are exploded. Changing the name of a view or layer to an existing name, no longer leads to repeated messages about the duplicate name. The fillet tool is applied to the selected point for certain objects. Import from Drafting now groups the imported objects properly. Exiting the Cone of Vision, no longer disturbs the palettes under certain conditions. Certain Sub-d tools no longer automatically apply unintended symmetry Draft/Layout Frames are now properly updated when the linked Model file is changed. The title blocks folder is selected by default when choosing a title block. The offset outline tool now works properly on closed shapes. The Image and Image fit tools now track the cursor properly when placing images. Python scripting Python scripts now work properly on some Windows 10 machines that previously did not recognize Python. A new method (material) has been added to the “face” object to retrieve the material assigned to the face (face.material). The “object” method getLocalOrigin()now returns the proper value fz.pickList() now returns a valid empty list when nothing is picked. fz.viewList(), fz.materialList() and fz.lightList() now returns a valid empty list when the project does not contain any of the respective entities. fz.revolve() angle parameter now works properly. Object methods edgeCount(), edge(), edgeList() now work as expected. A number of sample scripts have been updated.
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    Here is the latest WIP. Windows need sashes and installation next. Then the foundation, deck, columns, and widow's walk. Scale is 3/8"=1'-0" - it's about 18" tall.
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    And a Maxwell Renderer Image of the Form Z model:
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    This card allows me to "Export Images" using Shaded Full Display in sizes greater than 8192x8192. Probably 95% of my work is presented using Shaded Full Display currently. Sample attached but jpeg quality is reduced because of file upload size maximums in posting to forum. Hey! I Posted an 8K image but it saves as tiny! Here is the full image: Victorian House.jpg.zip
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    Exporting from Affinity Designer to Form Z

    I move vectors from Affinity Designer to FZ by using a 3rd Party application. The app that has worked for me, available from the Apple App Store is "The Vector Converter". I simply export my vector design from Affinity Designer using SVG file format. After opening The Vector Converter I drop the exported SVG file into The Vector Converter and then I select dxf file format for the conversion. The conversion takes place online so you have to be linked to the internet. Once the file is converted it will be downloaded onto your system. Once the converted file is downloaded I import it into my FZ model, Draft or Layout window. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-vector-converter/id973738775
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    I never needed to look for it, but an import from SVG IMHO, should be included in fZ. ¢£
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    Example Images

    I think I've finally got my head around this and have been playing around. Not sure if I'm using it right but I saved a regular RGB image and then a Material ID image (both as PNG's) I opened the Material ID file and copy/pasted it as a new layer into my RGB image. Using that layer I selected the area of the Material then switched layers and adjusted the levels on the original RGB image layer Does that sound right ? Results below....
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    formZ v9.0.4 Now available

    This already was fixed!!!! See post prior to your post.
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    form•Z Tips and Tricks updated

    We have updated the form•Z Tips and Tricks on the form•Z website (Support->Tips and Tricks). Now searchable and easier to navigate! http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/manuals/TnT/index.htm#t=Front_Page.htm
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    Dynamic Extend

    Wouldn't it be great to have an option added to the Extend Tool to allow faces to be interactively pulled with the distance field live for numerical input and have it utilize the CMD key toggle for Static/To Face/Dynamic options? Or maybe just add a new tool that would have this utility.
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    Dynamic Extend

    Envision Extending the bottom of a cone dynamically vs Reshaping it. Reshaping makes it no longer a cone.
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    hi, until then have a try with "QCAD" (Open Source) it is cheap and reads SVG files and writes DXF or DWG files, and is a solid 2D CAD program. vva
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    Personally, I can never find the "any" key on my keyboard, when instructed to "press any key to continue".😕
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    Picky, picky, eh? Period-period-period. –Will try to remember that!
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    Edit: Drafting up in the midst of your last response: I will include anyway. Gary, 1. The +1 means I am adding my vote to your suggestion. I agree and would like to see that too, especially if a key shortcut could be applied. Forum vernacular, I guess. 2. The notation is meant to be steps, not folders. the "/" denotes the next step or click: so in long-form. • Apple icon top left corner. • System Preferences... • keyboard • shortcuts tab/button • App Shortcuts • + key at the bottom of the larger pane • Application: ____Other___ at the dropdown • Menu Title: "Hide form•Z® pro" don't include the quotes • Keyboard Shortcut: Enter your desired that does not conflict with an existing fZ shortcut so that you do not have a conflict. If you do have a conflict, then fZ's shortcuts appear to have precedence and your OS assigned shortcut will appear to nothing because in effect it is doing nothing. Cheers! ¢hris £und
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    Wow, here's a new process... I just wanted to add my name at the bottom like this: ~ Gary By the way, I'm going to change my User Name from my business name to my actual name: Gary Jackson. Cheers!
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    How to export OBJ to Blender and Maya?

    Try to import this .obj made with Z9 I've also saved the .blend TEST cube v9.obj test_cube_v9.mtl TEST cube.blend
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    How to export OBJ to Blender and Maya?

    Try triangulating the model. It is easier to help if you attach a screenshot of your export settings along with the file. One problem with FormZ that has always been present is that the file dialogues allow you to enter settings that don't work. This results in a file without geometry or other problems. If possible reset FormZ preferences and try again. The default settings for file export work for almost every situation. If you need to change something such as scale or orientation make sure you keep a reference to the default settings. Autodessys PLEASE add a reset to default option to the file dialogues. It would save users a lot of unnecessary grief.
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    formZ v9.0.4 Now available

    I hope this gets corrected. It leaves a bad impression on new or possible new users.
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    Suface solid (two sides)

    This script is now available in v9.0.4 (separate_objects_by_color.py).
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    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    You emailed this same list to the support team and we answered you on Apr 27 (@13:08 EST) via email. In our answer we detailed what has been fixed and asked for clarification on a few of the issues. We have not received a response from you to our email. ZTEK thank you for your detailed response which is in essence is the same as our emailed response to the questions.
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    Example Images

    I whipped this up the other day as an idea to stop my family going through 30 glasses a day during isolation.... The glass was downloaded from an online CAD repository, I can't remember which! I thought the glass came out pretty realistic. The wood needs a bit of work though.
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    Andrew West

    Example Images

    Excellent work Justin. Thankfully I don't have to ask permission to post my images since it is written into my contract that I can use these for promotion of my business. This could be the last image I post for a while. 😣 Now entering another recession which will mark the 5th since I started working in architecture in 1984. I am not sure which business is exempt from the up and down swings of our volatile economy but I am open to suggestions. Lets hope this doesn't drag on for an extended time. At least I now have time to play around with more features of my various programs. Maybe I will finally figure out Caustics!
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    Next Limit

    Maxwell 5 for formZ Resources

    Full Documentation Maxwell Render 5 Manual Maxwell 5 for formZ Plugin Documentation Help Assistance From Next Limit Maxwell Portal (Generate Licenses, Download Purchased Products, Submit Help Tickets) Maxwell User Forum (to post, use the your Maxwell Portal credentials) Help Topic Shortcuts Installation and Licensing Problems and Solutions Speed Bottlenecks in Maxwell Photography Techniques for Interior Rendering Video Tutorials Maxwell Render Fundamentals Cameras Lighting Materials Workflow Before You Begin Maxwell for formZ GetMethod Maxwell for formZ Tutorials GetMethod Maxwell for Bonzai3d Tutorials Rendering Services Maxwell Cloud Render Farms
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    Underlay/Billboard sticky Z logo

    Anton, actually. AHTOH = (looks like) Антон (RUS) = Anton. So — Anton.