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    Hey guys I thought I would throw in my five cents worth here We have been using Lumion since version 7.....but really only a usable option since version 9 The most important consideration is end use .... I don't consider Lumion as a tool for still images full stop , only for animation. The reasons for this are the GI is not advanced enough and the lack of ray tracing require reflection planes to be manually placed of which there are a maximum of 10. Don't get too excited about the "vast" libraries as realistically , only a fraction of this is of medium quality. That being said it is possible to produce animations of reasonable quality as long as you don't get to hung up on the correctness of the render quality. It is an extremely expensive app for what it does.......the updates are frequent but you pay a huge price each time for only very limited enhancements. See below a few examples.....I will post a few more recent ones done with the latest 10.5 when the projects become public so everything below is done with version 9.5
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    Bo Atkinson

    V9 update

    For countless issues with many kinds of tools, when things get suspicious, I either reset workspace to restore session, or restart formZ, and if still wrong, reboot OS. Loosing custom shortcuts and prefs are usual, also loosing generalized project responses, most of which easily fix by starting new project and closing it immediately, which restores current project immediately after that trick. As for loss of the good old ways changing, yes, I have to accept that too, but the new powers are well worth it. I looked at other 3d apps and downloaded Blender, and am just amazed how they lack some of my particular favorite things. So I don't object to random formZ problems, by persisting until things work out, and new methods pop up, and then I need the outdoor work for exercise, and let the processor chips cool down. ^__^
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    Maxwell Cloud Rendering

    And Des, nice signage in that rendering 😉
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    Maxwell Cloud Rendering

    Just to give further info on the cloud render service in Maxwell. This is a job I did a while ago but had to remodel and render again for a redesign and had only two days to do it, so I had to render using the Maxwell cloud service. I gave each image here about 45 minutes. They reached an SL of 18.6 and 19.4 which is ok for the view distances. That calculates at about €3 ($3.50c) each. The original render sizes are 6000 x 4000 pixels and included an alpha and material ID channel with cars and some planting MXS references. Des
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    Export as 3DM file

    +1 w/textures please!
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    White Background Rendering - Cracked it!

    After a lot of trial and error I think I have finally found the holy grail of white rendering background that I've been looking for. - Floor direction : I must have done about 15 renders switching a ton of things on and off to get the shadows to save in the image file until I realized another problem I had before was fixed with reversing the direction of the floor object. - I used an HDRI file for the lighting and I kept it visible so I got the reflections in the metal. - I did a simple floor/backdrop using the matte material otherwise you'd see the HDRI light behind.... you want everything in the view to be the matte material. - The "No GI On Other Mattes" was an important checkbox otherwise you get ambient shading on the walls and floor that you don't want. I'm really super pumped for this because it's going to make my life infinitely easier putting together presentations. Hope this brings a small ray of light into someone else's life too Let me know if you have any questions
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    Good job. This is a pretty common 'studio' scene you've built. If you look up tutorials on how to create a studio scene in VRay, you will find many other options. Some where you create a large sphere with a floor (turn off shadow casting on these) to incorporate your whole scene. That way you you can quickly create views from all sides of your project without needing to rotate it. Now if we could just get back a properly functioning Cone of Vision...
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    USD as file exchange module

    i agree on your points as well, BIM support would be crucial for the future of FZ. the great strength of USD is that lots of platforms are adopting it right now and we need one reliable way to transfer geometry, materials (or at least coulors), layers, cameras and lights from FZ to other platforms. no current format is doing this well, especially if you consider camera settings. one format which could do it would be FBX, but it is reduced to geometry only in FZ. DAE collada as well. i also found the exported data missing correct material settings. these are long term and reported issues with the exporter plugins. it seems to me the only format currently updated with each version was and is DWG. in my workflow, i am modeling geometry and assign all materials + layers in FZ, then export the scene, import it into C4D where i do the setup and then render with the octane plugin render engine. the problem is: i cannot transfer my FZ scene as it is to C4D, just the geoemetry + materials + layers and only by exporting to LWO first, then importing this format into C4D. all other exchange formats are not working as well, because they are missing layers, materials or even don't export geometry as well.
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    USD as file exchange module

    I'm not sure what would make USD a good exchange format. The features that make it good for VFX are not something FormZ could make much use of. I would prefer if Autodessys tightened up existing formats or added IFC support. Unfortunately, IFC is a big undertaking, so I doubt we will see it come to FormZ any time soon. FormZ needs to embrace BIM and be a fast content solution for Archicad/Revit etc. Creating BIM objects is tedious work, but FormZ could change that if given half a chance.
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    Duplication Offset

    Since the last update to FormZ 9, the Duplication Offset only works once per action. Select an object and use the shortcut for duplicate (command D), it duplicates only once before the object has to be selected again. It used to be great to use this to duplicate a set distance in any direction by just hitting the shortcut and I realise there are many ways to get around this by using the Transform Move Duplicate or array but I think it should be restored to how it worked before. It may just be a new bug. Des
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    Duplication Offset

    Hello stranger! 😄