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    Andrew West

    Example Images

    It has been a while since posting anything here so I want to see if we can keep this going. The point being that the more we show people what the capabilities of Form.z and V-ray are the more attention the program will get. That in turn could lead to more sales and money for development. So here is another little project I have been working on lately.
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    It may be worth noting that the new Maxwell Render 5 details will be announced very shortly and it will be a significant update from v4. Watch for more details soon there will be a Upgrade Pre order before release.
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    Some work in progress

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    Some work in progress

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    Catalina (MacOS 10.15) compatibility

    form•Z 8.0 and later (ie 8.0.x, 8.5.x, 8.6.x and v9 beta) will work with Catalina (a.k.a. MacOS 10.15). Catalina only supports 64-bit apps so older versions of form•Z prior to v8.0 and all bonzai3d versions will not work. Unfortunately this is beyond our control as these are 32-bit applications which Mac OS no longer supports. We also can not rule out the possibility of compatibility issues with specific features or plugins in formZ v8.x on Catalina. Note that if you try to update a system to Catalina and you have a version of form•Z 7.0 or earlier on your system you will get a warning before the update installs that form•Z is not compatible with Catalina, even if you all have a newer compatible form•Z (v8.0 or later) installed as well.
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    Continued FormZ & Maxwell development for V9

    I put all my hopes in this case on autodessys, because it should be in their very own and essential interest that there will be a plug-in with a multi-gpu software. The best modeling software is worth nothing if you can not generate a contemporary, photorealistic output from it. and relying only on vray would be very poor, any other software such as cinema4d, sketchup, rhino, 3dsmax, maya, .... has a lot more of plug-ins on offer. Furthermore, many would certainly not switch to the new formZ version, because they need a working maxwell plugin, which is possible today only with formZ v8 and maxwell v4.
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    Mobile Viewer is Amazing !

    can we expect this for windows and android ?
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    This Sketchfab model from my example is about halfway down this page: https://kineticsnoise.com/liftwrx/drawings-bim.html
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    Continued FormZ & Maxwell development for V9

    Des, me too!! It’s disappointing... i need Maxwell too.
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    Continued FormZ & Maxwell development for V9

    hi Des, the same Disappointment here :-( I just wrote an e-mail to next limit in terms of the missing formZ plug in.
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    Justin Montoya

    Toon Material

    Thanks Jaakko!
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    We would all like to see Maxwell for form•Z continue. As mentioned above we are in touch with Next Limit and discussing either us or a 3rd party picking up support for the plugin for future versions of Maxwell and formZ. We continue to encourage everyone to let Next Limit know how important this is to you!
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    Hi All, Unfortunately, I am no longer under a regular contract with Next Limit to develop the Maxwell plugin for formZ. Next Limit made it clear that they were quite happy with my development work; my understanding is that this was simply a business / market decision. I have truly enjoyed working on the plugin over the years. Listening to your feedback and gradually improving it was a satisfying process. As I'm no longer in the loop, so to speak, so for technical help with the plugin, consider contacting Next Limit through their customer portal, or else the Maxwell formZ forum here: https://forum.maxwellrender.com/viewforum.php?f=149 It's been a pleasure seeing all the amazing renderings you've made with the plugin! Ben
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    Some work in progress

    and some more
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    Justin Montoya

    Intel UHD 620 graphics?

    Hi David, This new MX250 is certainly much more powerful than your old 750m, and that might be enough for you. However, I truly believe that you should buy the best you can afford for a longer lasting machine, that you are less likely to grow out of. If you can look beyond Dell, you will likely find a better machine for the same price or even lower. Amazon and Newegg both have some great deals, and is easy to deal with for warranty and returns as well. Dell once stood out in this regard, but has not kept up with it's namesake IMHO. Check out NotebookCheck.net for a great resource on laptops - https://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Graphics-Cards-Benchmark-List.844.0.html
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    Chris lund

    SDK History

    Jldaureil, Attached are the current scripts that work with 6. Though, can't promise anything, as I haven't used them in years. Existing:: roughly in order of updating to 9+ MIMI: Multi Image Map Importer GridUp: Hotkey control over the snap grid resolution Attention: Sets the camera to point at the selected geometry or average location of that Geometry, works with all levels of topology. Random MapperLight: Sets mapping parameters randomly within ranges set by the user. to help a scene look more dynamic with limited maps. n-sweep: will sweep a source through multiple paths (axial sweeps), this functionality may have been replaced? Fresnel Reflect: a shader... (don't know if I will update this or not.) Toonify: a Shader that somewhat mimics a cartoon look... not great, but may have it's place. (don't know if I will update this or not.) Ani_surface: a shader for anisotropic effects (don't know if I will update this or not.) Look at Cam: depreciated, as ADS has a better option now. ---------------------------- Planned:: roughly ordered. Match: will scale objects to specific lengths/Perimeters, Surface Area or Volumes. User choice by Value Entry in Tool Palette or by matching to existing geometry. Align2: a different take on the the existing align tool. move2Axis: will send selected topology to the chosen axis/s Autoplane: will change the workplace XY, YZ, XZ depending on rotation of axiomatic/perspective view. MIMI inhancements: maps into different rendering modes maybe even VRAY, show only images in file dialog, base settings for a material (then load the image) for faster setups, select folder and load all images within (would suit well with base material). RandomMapperFull: a larger implementation of the existing script EditGroup: This may no longer be needed. Just on an old list RenderOverRides: This May no longer be needed. Just on an old list. Intended to override object render attributes for complex layering in a photo editor. Newer versions have tools that somewhat take care of what this intended. But May want to exert more control over them for auto-rendering-output. Point/Control Editing tools: move2Axis fits in this category, but would also include arrange selected points into a primitive shape (like a circle) -------------------------- Thinking about: no order. RotateAboutArb: rotate an object/selection about an arbitrary axis. Similar to how the revolve tool will sweep a line to create a 3D shape about an arbitrary axis. a suite of NURBS editing tools. (highly depends on what kind of access the SDK/API allows) suite of SDS tools. (highly depends on what kind of access the SDK/API allows) ElegantCurve Generator: hard to describe. UnfoldEnhanced: rewrite, or enhance current unfold tool. Not sure what I want to do can be done in scripts. Wind Load calculator: self descriptive. CNC control: really just a hack to see if I can do it. Had a whole suite of flat patterning related scripts that I probably will not bother with, as I do not do that kind of work any longer. NeurascenicScripts.zip
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    FormZ on older Macs

    Just thought I'd post this, it may help someone else. Using Fz 8.6.5 I had been noticing a slowdown on my 6 year old iMac 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5, especially on larger files. Even though I have the undos set to max 10, I was able to undo more than that so I had to regularly reset Undo/Redo. Then I turned off 'Enable Multi Threading' and 'Use Advanced OpenGL' in the OpenGL part of Preferences and everything is good now and undos are working correctly now. Des
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    wip & recent renders

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlqoGG4QkEE&feature=youtu.be replaced link above
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    wip & recent renders

    for anyone interested a Lumion animation modelled in fz original 4k doesn't look exactly glitzy on youtube but fz/lumion combo work fine very limited post work in FCP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHgilnAYLSg&feature=youtu.be
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    Toon Material

    Hi! I did a simple test rendering. Here is my toon material settings. Rendering quality was set to high, denoiser was default.