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    Happy Holidays…

    … and all the best to you all! Bernd (Note: 23 years of FormZ modeled Christmas cards :-))
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    1995 University exam

    Made with a very ancient Z version. I made only half building for the small memory and processor of Apple Performa 360. 2d drawings made with MiniCad (now VectorWorks). Here is the complete building: Andrea Prospetti_Sezioni 2.pdf
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    wip & recent renders

    simple scenes but tricky to light
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    Happy Holidays…

    I was saddened because I thought we weren’t going to see one this year and was happily surprised Christmas morning. Cheers and Merry Christmas Bernd!
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    wip & recent renders

    modelled in form z rendered in maxwell
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    wip & recent renders

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    Incase someone else is having the same problem It's the Saturation slider in the Global Illumination section of V-Ray Settings. It's set to 1 by default
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    Is FormZ working on M1 Macs?

    I did that and performance wise the experience as a program user is much faster BUT I have found the user, just getting used to the workflow difference experience to be a nightmare. In the end as I am not just using the 3D application I think I made a mistake. If you just want formZ to go faster get a new PC with Windows 10. But don't expect Windows 10 to NOT change they are already speculating about new updated Windows with a radical new interface???
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    Is FormZ working on M1 Macs?

    I have to say, I'm tired of being jerked around. Apple, ADS, ACIS, Maxwell, VRay, Lightworks, Intel whatever. I just wanna do the design and modeling without struggling with the tools. Its less and less satisfying to get designs and presentations done with all this screwing around every couple of years. I think the world of ADS and formZ, but how long does one beat their head against the wall? I'm moving to Windows like Bo did. Screw Apple and their insanity. I dont need animojis and widgets. I need tools for grownups and problem solvers.
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    wip & recent renders

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    wip & recent renders

    *Aquatic centre internal refits *Simple renders indicating an addition in red for local council....result has a pleasing graphic quality (?)
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    Lost VRAY...

    Managed to get it solved. Thanks, Douglas
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    maxwell materials

    Thank you Des; you show me something I ignored!
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    Bo Atkinson

    Is FormZ working on M1 Macs?

    My own Windows10 transition is definitely not for my main work, as W10 is bothersome to navigate, for example word dictionaries are scant in W10 . My main use is rather to explore very specific new tools in Rhino7, (as their Mac side is less supported in the plugins and in the Youtube training of very specific work tasks). Rhino's Youtube support vids are amazingly extensive, covering many instant-solutions, as done by users at no cost to viewers. Specialized tool solutions are demoed quickly, which I prefer to the long showcase videos or long courses-A-Z. Keyword searches make this fast. The basic geometry stuff is the same and Rhino gives me more depth to explore, as for example the deform tools for complex objects are much faster and easier than formZ, (RE Bend and Taper). My 2012MacPro is about equally fast for my W10 installation of formZ. Common shortcut-hand-patterns for formZ and for Rhino, in both Mac and in W10 might be possible, by "re-mapping" the Alt- and Command- keys, when adjusting sct files in W10, and I don't plan on using other W10 apps with many shortcuts. I expect the new MacPros might eventually become affordable, but the old ones are good enough for me on OSX 10.13.6. Chances are future upgrades of everything will be subscription only, so older will be better for me working offline.
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    I think you can buy an old iMac for even cheaper online. Regarding the PDFs, in my experience it depends on what program they were created in determine the responsiveness. AutoCad creates terrible PDFs normally due to it triangulating all the fills and hatching so the file becoming way too large for what it's displaying although they can be compressed right down in Preview to display super fast. Here's a snapshot of FormZ & Pages running on my old MacPro. I don't use it for my main modelling any more (one of the machines on my mini Maxwell farm) although this old mac has a pretty decent graphics card for it's age so working in FormZ is actually great using "shaded work" & "shaded full". That might be my only concern with those old iMacs.
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    Is FormZ working on M1 Macs?

    I am running a 2010 12 core Mac tower with OS X 10.11 and a flashed 980Ti 6GB video card. You can get one of these machines online w/32GB and 500GB SSD for about $1750. I use lots of textures, most work is presented with Shaded Full and I render with Maxwell when required (2-8 Hrs per 4K image). Very happy with the old hardware, I spend almost no time messing around and wasting time on updates shenanigans. I use FZ more than 50 hrs a week and this old stuff still works great for me, fingers crossed that it will last awhile longer. I do have FZ installed on a 2019 5K iMac as well, but the video FPS is slower and jerky on my poly and texture heavy models (±500MB files), something that is not apparent on my tower.
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    Bo Atkinson

    Best Mac-Windows10 Transfer

    I recently chose a Windows10 upgrade path after 25 years on Mac... Problem is Win10 doesn't have a way to read data on most Mac formatted SSD drives, *as mine are internally connected (to asus proart z490 motherboard). The USB thumb drives, formatted by Mac do read... I don't want to specially reformat old Mac drives and like them just a as they are. Disk Management reveals an SSD and properties, but offers no access button, (and worse yet seems to reveal repeated instances of drive(s)?? The www offers some apps to read any old Mac formatted drive... 1] Does anyone use such apps and which work the most easily? 2] Does anyone know if there is highly reliable app to use with Icy Docks? (as I've wasted days trying to get files, which is so easy in Macs). * I have an "Icy Dock 4 X 2.5 SATA Hot Swap" (front loaded), and I'm not sure if it really and truly hot swaps, but no matter, as it is easy enough to load and unload after shut down. https://www.icydock.com/knowledge.php?id=69.
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    Best Mac-Windows10 Transfer

    Hello Bo. Same thing here. Seems like there is no reason to stick with Mac OS. Yet there is a solution here: https://www.paragon-software.com/home/apfs-windows/ Since I installed it I don't see any difference between my drives except for mac ones are little slower.
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    New update 9.0.6

    I'm curious if an implementation of a "purge" tool could help here. Instead of individually purging layers, materials, ghosted objects, animation tracks, empty groups (I've noticed excess groups that contain one object and aren't actually grouping anything, can slow things down a bit. I get this a lot importing SKP files or after I happen to delete multiple objects in a group and don't realize I have one object left in said group, but I digress), etc., the user could call the PURGE tool, and check/uncheck various things to purge in the tool options.
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    Last work made with formZ and Maxwell...

    The above model will render like this in maxwell if set up correctly You need to use glass and liquid with correct Nd and attenuation glasses of white & sparkling.tga
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    Datasmith for form•Z Technology Preview

    You can get the plugin from here: http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/products/unreal.html. We are calling this a Technology Preview at this time as the plugin is better than a beta, but not quite complete as a release. Frankly we are hoping to get some feedback as it is used and see what improvements if any need to be made. Epic is also working on improvements in the datasmith API that will allow us to add more functionality including a live link between formZ and Unreal/Twinmotion (hence removing the export/import cycle making this a great tool during the design process). We expect to roll out updates as soon as these improvements are ready and at some point we will move it from a Technology Preview to a release bundled with the shipping form•Z app.