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    Have a Great Independence Weekend! V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta coming next week....check back for details.
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    I loved the concept of Layout and would use it as much as I possibly could because I feel it makes the FZ suite a powerful application. But I was always waiting, in the hope that ADS would get it to work properly. Two weeks ago, I had a serious setback with Layout and have decided to find an alternative. Because a lot of my decision making was done with the help of reading this forum, I thought that I would share the workflow I have created to produce my working drawings. This workflow is new and my notes were roughly made, more as a reminder to myself than as an instruction to others. It would not surprise me if there are errors in the document. Please read and use at your own peril. There is a built in redundancy going through QCAD Pro but I find it useful as QCAD has some good geometric tools. BTW the QCAD forum is really good. I also bought the QCAD intro to CAD book by Andrew Mustun. Even though it is aimed at folks coming from actual drafting to CAD, Andrew explains some of the tools really well. As most of you know, going into Affinity Publisher is unbelievable. What I love most from this app is that you can utilize not only the Publisher tools but also the Designer and Photo tools, all in the same document. If you have comments or criticisms please feel free to post. It is all part and parcel of a continuing learning process. Workflow Notes- FZ to Publisher.pdf
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    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available. Details and sign-up here: http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/home/vray5_beta_Landing.html
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    Skip Draft and Qcad and work ONLY with the modeler, make 300dpi images from what you want to present and save those images in a folder for Aff.Pub. It’s more efficient.
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    Layout and fonts. Again

    Change the smallest detail is not an issue at all, when I use the Aff.Publisher. create a view or a scene in the modeller. The image size will be for instance 200x200 on 300dpi. Make the PNG image and store in the folder with images you want to use in the Aff.P. Create your layout in Aff.P. and you can easily make more sheets etc. After you change something in the modeller, save again the view/scene and override the image in the folder. Open Aff.P. And your layout will be updated manually or automatically, depending your setup AFF.P. You will have all control over your output, always. You never have with FormZ layout. There is always missing, or dimension is moving or drawing is half…. Once you get these issues twice, you cannot trust the layout anymore. So, I won’t use…
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    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    All the speed improvements are coming from GPU advancements from NVIDIA and the amazing new RTX 2070+ and particularly 3xxx series as VRAY only supports this path so far. Apple has gone down the 'Metal' path and implemented some amazing results from their new Apple M1 series CPU/GPU with Neural Engine and they are fast ( very fast ) but so far only only supported by Redshift & Octane and NOT VRAY - hope that changes. Oh - and the other issue is that Apple also requires you to use Mac OS11.2+ ( Big Sur ) Let's hope we see Vray supporting Apple 'Metal' soon. Rob
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    After two days working it has been working very nicely 👌
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    Hi Hugo, Thanks to you, I use the Modeling at 300dpi and export to Publisher. But when creating detail drawings, I find that the modeler tools are limited when thinking and working in 2D, which is understandable. I cannot wait for you to produce your video 😁 Moving across the different platforms is easy - luckily they all like dxf files - the reason for using the different tools is that I am maximizing the number of tools available to me.
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    fz 9.2?

    It was mentioned in the VRay forum about a 9.2 beta being tested and I'm curious if there is any 9.2 information that can be exposed to the public/non-beta testers? I don't want this post to turn into a formZ wish list or airing of grievances, but rather I'm asking for a little transparency from the developers and testers. What issues are being addressed in the new version? What new features are being implemented? Some video clips or screen captures would be great to see! No need to be super specific here, but I think a little transparency can go a long way for the users. This is why movies and games release teasers and then trailers before the final release... lets build up some buzz and excitement!
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    We're a bit off topic here, so I'll just add that VRay 5 is working great! How about everyone else?
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    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available

    I'm always using FZ for all the architectural modeling in my projects. The modeling and polygonal editing features in C4D are extremely useful however, once the model was imported into the scene and setup for rendering. I wish there was a better data connection between FZ and C4D but actually it works quite well going the route via VRML or Sketchup format. Before switching to C4D, I used Lightwave for many years, and FZ supported that format directly. However, LW became less and less well supported on the Mac side, and C4D, while expensive, has so many useful and straightforward features that make my work much easier now. LWCAD, a complete parametric and NURBS capable modeling plugin formerly just available for LW is now availeble and actively developed for C4D, so maybe in future this could be used inside the package as an alternative modelling tool.
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    I take your point the VRay 5 is a huge improvement over 3.6 as you say even for CPU. I have had the opportunity lately to benchmark Corona Render ( which is a CPU only renderer = Chaos Labs ) vs Redshift (nvidia RTX) and even the standard Cinema 4D renderer on the same file for a hi-res 4K image Redshift beat Corona (marginally 2m:55 vs 3m:24 ) std HDRI C4D renderer was 35m: + ( The Corona ran on i7 4 core/ 32GB and the Redshift on same with RTX 2070-8G ) The interesting part is that Redshift is ported to run on Metal and a standard MacBook PRO M1 8/8 core 16 core neural engine - was under 6m My point is Apple, now is getting people to port to Metal ( Redshift & Octane so far ) and it is fast on their new M1 chips. Apple and Metal will be competing hard in the new VR/AR space. I'm interested if Metal and the new Mac's will be used by the games style engines Unreal Engine & Unity as their rendering is now very competitive against all. My hope is that V-Ray see's the opportunity with Metal and the new Apple M1 chip - I hope you're wrong about it being unlikely. Rob
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    Justin Montoya

    Layout and fonts. Again

    I agree, and I'd also love to see Aff.Publisher in action. I use InDesign as many of my clients require it for their presentation decks (documents). It's easy to Re-Link images as they are updated in InDesign with a simple click, all updated images are brought in and really saves on the time spent on the boring documentation work.
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    Layout and fonts. Again

    OK Hugo. It makes perfect sence. If you would create your workflow movie it would be great. I would appreciate it very much. Regards, Anton
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    Layout and fonts. Again

    By the way, it’s a way of thinking a bit different, when using the modeller only to produce good rock solid layout. But I spoke about in other discussions in the past. When in the mood I will produce a movie about the workflow.
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    Layout and fonts. Again

    Anton, Forget layout version lower than version 9.1.0. The layout concept is in my opinion wrong, because all the better bells and whistles are already wonderful developed in the modeler. But, ADS decided to follow the market and ‘created’ something not workable. Is it too difficult to make rock solid print options for scale, pdf, etc direct from the modeler??????
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    Justin Montoya

    Layout and fonts. Again

    Hello! In the past I also discovered that Printing from FormZ is not working well for me, so I simply turned up the DPI resolution in Display Settings to 300dpi (good for most actual printing or PDF document compiling). Then I Export Image as a TIF or JPG. This is a High Resolution export (5100 x 2850 px), so I find I simply need to then take the images and Combine them in a PDF document. Do not let Acrobat run Optimization when you Import for PDF. Now if you Zoom In, there is still high quality to the Text. Text-Save-vs-Print.tif Text-Save-vs-Print.pdf Does that help?
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    FZ 9.2 beta and Vray 5 downloaded and installed. I couldn't go into depth yet, but I played around a bit. So much in the first instance: The installation worked wonderfully right away. The two betas work prima vista well. The render is very fast. I'm so excited about this that I'd like to announce it and encourage other users to test it. iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019) 3.6 GHz Intel Core i9 Mac OS 10.14.6 Mojave
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    Latest Mac OS for FZ 6.73

    I think you may find a problem after Mojave - as everything after it is 64bit only and I think the WIBU installer was only 32bit - I personally have dumped my dongle and v6.7.3 years ago. All I know is the latest formZ is v9.1 or v9.2 beta for Vray 5
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    Latest Mac OS for FZ 6.73

    I used it with High Sierra some years ago, 3 or 4 maybe, but nothing intensive, only to transfer some old files to version 8.x. I remember that I had to search for the USB dongle drivers on the Wibu System website and install the last version for Mac, but in the end, everything worked well.
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    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta Now Available

    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta now available. Details and sign-up here: http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/home/vray5_beta_Landing.html
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    [Q] Scenes palette weirdness

    Thanks for the suggestion, Des. Unfortunately it does not make a difference. I just learnt from Support that switching off Animate Transitions in the scenes palette prevents the hiccups. See movie. ScenesPaletteDjajadiningrat480p.mov
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    V-Ray 5 for form•Z Beta coming next week....

    Do I understood well? FormZ is coming out next week as a beta? Like v10.0.Beta???
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    V-Ray update

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    Graphics Cards

    absolutely! - the best are the new nvidia RTX 3090 cards and will make nervy fly - only caveat is that if you have a Mac forget it!