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    Hi All, I wanted to thank ADS for the SketchFab exporter. My employer wished to begin offering a 3d rep of the products offered embedded on the company website. I have found the SketchFab exporter to be very solid, it has worked for me every time, even after using the Mesh tool to reduce to triangles. Maps and mapping are amply exported. I simply set up specular or bump settings when I get into the SketchFab interface. This is a great feature that is not to be overlooked if you have a client wanting to display 3d models. We are doing noise control springs, so nothing too exciting, but for now you can so easily create a snazzy 3d version of your model/product that sales reps can show off. My employer is quite impressed. Thanks and Best Regards,, John Alexander
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    Vray Sunlight

    Ahhhh, the blue filter, that's what it needed! Thanks so much.
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    sub D help

    Here you go. I did it pretty fast, so I hope it's clear. If you get stuck let me know. It's not difficult once you understand the concept. Looks like I am going to have to upload it in 2 files due to the size. Here's pg 1
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    Andrew West

    V-ray troubleshooting

    To all of you out there that are using V-ray now and might be having some issues I have a generic solution to a lot of your troubles. As I get more heavily into materials and lighting I have noticed some really strange and unpredictable behavior. Things like the material editor really slowing down and material previews not showing. Then last week my ability to create and edit V-ray cone lights suddenly vanished. SOLUTION: Throw your Autdessys Preference folder in the trash can. When the program is relaunched the folder will be re created. To find this folder it is in an unusual place (at least for me) Go to : C_Users_(Your Computer Name)_AppData_Roaming_autodessys. Happy hunting. Andrew PS- One other useful tip is to never waste your time with the V-ray Proxy objects. I have been informed that this is an old tool that needed to be included for some reason. It does not work. You should create V-ray scene files if you want to bring in high poly models and keep your resources optimized. It works great for trees, bushes and people. When creating scene files you will find that the program creates a sun light with the scene model. When you import the scene you will need to disable the sun or you will end up with multiple suns in your project. To do this you need to to to the objects V-ray parameters and edit the sun out. Just an FYI
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    This is a quick study on how to model a candy bar wrapper with subdivision. It's a 2 page pdf. Sub-D Candy Bar.pdf
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    Formz to flat layout drawings

    Hiya, I use to output my designs to a laser cutter. I transformed all my components to the same plane and then turned them into 2D profiles with the 'Derive Faces' tool and then used the 'Projection' tool to 'flatten' them. I exported to DWG and imported into CorelDraw to output to my laser. Thanks, Nige.
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    sub D help

    sorry for the double post. I thought it was too big. Anyways here's a final render as well.
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    Maxwell vs Vray

    Hi All, Great to see Maxwell is working well for formZ users. As I understand it, there's a lot of ongoing work on the Maxwell core to support multiple GPUs, thus the relative quiet on their site. Maxwell is not going the way of Thea.
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    Example Images

    One of many. Lot's of rendering today ? 1150x644 pix., 2:20 min For the comparison. This was made with Renderzone two years ago. Looks a bit blunt now.
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    Derive Face from outline

    the easiest way to solve this is to use "Derive > Projection" to ground plain. vva
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    Candy Bar Modeled with Subdivision

    Sure thing! I have some more sub-d tips for modeling common items. I have been doing it a long time with a variety of different programs. I came up with a few approaches that might be helpful. I sort of took what I knew and adapted it to FZ's toolset. When I get time, I will put a couple of them together.
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    Hi Joe, I am always here....in some format or another.
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    Andrew West

    V-ray troubleshooting

    I really can't explain how many little things improve when the preference folder is recreated. It is like driving a brand new car again.
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    Formz to flat layout drawings

    Brilliant! Thanks Nige that is a great workflow, really appreciate it. Simon
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    Andrew West

    Maxwell vs Vray

    I agree that emissive materials do not work in V-ray like they do in Maxwell. I use them just to get a glow on an object. Then to improve that glow I make sure to use the Bloom effect in the final render window. As for cove lights I do them all the time as V-ray plane lights. That way you can point them in a direction and they are very easy to edit and scale. In the properties of that light make them invisible and invisible to reflections. Super easy. I use mesh lights to just fill a room with light but they still take on a little bit of the shape of the mesh (like a box). Maxwell does it better but not by a lot.
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    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Wow, Justin. You have a bad *ss station lol.
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    FZNoob, I seem to be stumbling a bit here. When I "Insert Sequence" it give me a horizontal control and vertical control... Before & After....
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    sub D help

    Thanks guys. I created a 2 page pdf of this and uploaded it to the "tutorial" section of the forum. "Candy Bar Modeled With Subdivision" I hope that FZ sees fit to add a symmetry tool in the future. It would cut the work it half.
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    Justin Montoya

    Maxwell vs Vray

    Horses for courses and all of that. But generally speaking VRay is so much faster when you know better how to use it accordingly. I suspect you have more experience with Maxwell and that's why you feel you are able to get better results in a similar time. If you were using VRay with 1 or 2 Nvidia GTX 1070/1080 GPUs, the story would be much different with the time (The RT engine is much faster than the old Vray classic engine). But as you say, it's not always about time, sometimes it's about quality, and Maxwell does have some great features and uses for that. I know what you mean about the RenderZone overlay with hidden line/sketch style. It's a great way to show conceptual ideas. I've actually found that turning up Shaded Full settings all the way up and hiding the lines for some objects, does a great job at this too. Ultimately, it would be really cool if FormZ would allow us to composite 2 render styles on top of each other right inside of FormZ for these quick conceptual looks. I requested this a while back but it didn't gain much traction. Something like Renderzone and Hidden line/sketch style overlay, without having to launch photoshop for the dozens of images, and then again every time there's another dozen revisions.
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    Error E3

    Hi Andrew, Please see: http://support.nextlimit.com/display/maxwell4/formZ+|+Plugin+Log
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    Shibui Design

    Maxwell vs Vray

    Demands are different by industry. When I'm working on a church sanctuary renovation, my clients expect to see very high quality renderings. Since we are designing with light, we also demand that the render engine is able to paint the picture in a realistic way. We take photometric data of production light fixtures into consideration. In cases like this, and three to four hours generally gives very good results. If the material/light/exposure set up is not correct, time penalties could be worse. I've used both Maxwell and Vray on the same projects in several cases, simply as a point of comparison. Surprisingly, the Vray renders start approaching those same render times due to light bounces. Ask those 3d artists producing those slick interior renderings you see so often how long those vray renders take to process. It's not measured by minutes! On top of that, it takes much more setup time doing test render, tweaking, test render, etc... Total time involved takes longer in my experience using Vray. Consider that once I release a batch of renders on my slave machine, I'm designing other projects. I could then be charging double, but I don't do that... My preference in situations like this is Maxwell because set up time is shorter and quality is higher. When working on event or trade show projects, I cannot spend that much time on a single image. In those cases, I will either use Vray or Cinema 4D Physical renderings. I have developed a very fast workflow to kick these renders out quickly. On a recent, very large project with complex lighting and materials, each image was rendering mostly clean in seven minutes. I was happy with that. Each design iteration had about 12 images. The project saw about 21 design iterations. That adds up to a lot of time! Museum exhibit clients don't expect to see slick photo real images. For this, I simply use RenderZone for color, texture, lighting and overlay composite line work from either hidden line or sketch/doodle styles. I don't like taking the extra time in photoshop to process the images, but this hybrid style communicates very well for this kind of client and they kind of expect that. So, how to earn a living... knowing appropriate workflows for the job requirements and charging appropriately. For sure, there are project budgets or delivery dates dictating what the output looks like.
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    Maxwell vs Vray

    Shibui, I think you've hit the nail right on the head. Vray is great for exterior renderings, because the lighting in daylight exterior renderings is very simple. But, doing interiors with vray requires a lot of tweeking and testing, which frankly stresses me out, and takes a long time. With Maxwell I simply check my materials, my lights, my ISO and Shutter, and as long as my camera is the way I want, I hit render and walk away. If I want the fastest results with Maxwell, I make sure all of my lighting is correct, so I don't have to use multilight after the fact, and turn on denoiser. Great results even with an SL as low as 17.5 in about 1 hour depending on the scene. Of course, I am using 12 to 13 computers in my network. BTW, I have not been able to figure out how to the denoiser using the two mxi's Maxwell creates after the rendering is done. Maybe a tutorial can be posted step by step. The instructions from Nextlimit seem a big lacking.
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    Shibui Design

    Maxwell vs Vray

    Maxwell has never let me down either, Allan. Nothing beats the Maxwell render engine when it comes to light and shadows, especially for interiors. Multilight is a HUGE difference maker when comparing the two. Apparently Vray already has, or is planning to have a similar feature, but don't think it's available in many integrations. I find the time it takes to set up Vray renders is much longer than Maxwell setups, requiring many, many render tests. I find its integration in FormZ to be very rudimentary, lacking elegance when compared to integration into other softwares. However as so many others note, Maxwell can be prohibitive due to excessive render times. Anytime I have the luxury of time, I turn to Maxwell. On a few projects, I have used both Maxwell and Vray and the difference in image quality is vast, favoring the Maxwell look. It seems their development might be stalled, simply judging from the state of the Maxwell Render website. No new announcements in a long time. Is this one going the way of Thea?
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    Maxwell vs Vray

    As I mentioned above, I expected to use Maxwell for my latest interior job, and I did. I used 12 computers to render on an insane deadline. 10 renderings in less than 24 hours (render time). I planned to let the computers render overnight, but apparently one of them decided to reboot due to an update, and the whole network decided to stop rendering on rendering #3. To make a long story short, I ended up rendering the last 7 renderings at about 70 min. each; 1778x1000 pixels.. Used the denoiser feature, and everything worked out. I wish I could post the images, but the owner of this office is crazy possessive of his designs. In conclusion, I found the vray still has some issues. For instance, if you want to create a cove light by using an emissive material, the light output gets very weird, and it gets awfully slow. If you use a native vray spherical light source, and you want to hide it from camera, and you have quite a few of them in the scene, only a few actually hide from camera, and some will show up. Anyway, maxwell has never really let me down when it comes to quality. My five cents.
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    Future of Formz

    The interface for z is still stuck in the dark ages as is the entire graphic language of the company. They need to hire specialists in this area This makes me cringe every time i launch.....sorry guys but this level of sophistication relegates you to a position where it is impossible to be taken seriously by those involved in any creative endeavour... Doesn't matter how good the software is , it has to look professional ,