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    Deleting a custom palette

    Yes. But the issue with giving up formZ is the speed in which I work and the ability to share my files with SolidWorks users. VectorWorks and Rhino come close to formZ in terms or how geometry is modeled and sharing with SolidWorks (Rhino is arguably better because .3dm files can be opened directly into SolidWorks), but if you look at the forums of each respective software you will find droves users posting about bugs, suggestions and other grievances. I think the more you use a certain piece of software then the more aware you are of it's shortcomings which makes the OTHER software look so refined and polished, only to find out years later you're again aware of all it's shortcomings. wash, rinse, repeat.
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    Circle tangent to three lines

    Found it on my back-up hard drive. Here it is for anyone else who may need it. Tested and working in V8.6 and 9. arc_tlines.zip
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    Bo Atkinson

    Exploded 3D Drawings

    Long ago the Independent Scale tool had an option to "scale the space between objects", such that assemblies like this bike could have axel parts moved along an axis vector line. I think this was dropped possibly before year 2000... Can Such functionality be brought back to FormZ again? In the case of the the U-Scale tool, objects should be distanced apart from the center snapped point, which actually has a useful architectural advantage , to show clients the optional object spacing in room design phases.
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    Bo Atkinson

    Fast Dome Possibilities

    Here is an idea for an economical thin shell, inflatable form work (for sprayed thin shell cements), using one sheet, (just as it comes from the factory without job site modifications), to build those NURBS surfaces you are dreaming about. Otherwise, it is a good starting point for designing a rigid framework for tensioning translucent skins. (I'm interested enough now to model such structures based on what I learned with this new model). Today's considerable green house plastics are gradually improving and the sizes cover needed spans, which are easily erected and easily replaced after (the current) lifespan of 7 years, which also depends on location and budgeting, (the point being that costs are more reasonable for such skins as compared with high end projects). More details and pics are here: http://harmoniouspalette.com/MonolithicSheetDomeStudy.html In case examples of my building experience are of interest, here are structures I have built (albeit on shoestrings, so naturally there is no polish).
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    Maxwell Cloud Rendering

    I just thought I'd post my experience with the Maxwell V5 Cloud rendering option. I went to render on the Rebus renderfarm but they don't support Maxwell 5 yet (they said a few more weeks), so I tried out the cloud render option straight from FormZ and I have to say I'm very impressed so far. In the Display Options in FZ, select the Maxwell tab as normal > choose Cloud Render in the "Launch Application" drop down and hit render. The mxnetwork app is then launched, where you just have to log in and name your project. Your file is automatically prepared and uploaded and starts rendering after that. The great thing is that your render can be previewed after about SL 7 or 8 and can be stopped at any time to be downloaded thereafter. This takes out the guesswork compared to other rendering farms where an SL or cost limit is set beforehand. While it is not quite as fast (during the rendering stage, but nearly) as some of the other farms, it is way more friendly to use and is integrated into FormZ very well. No more time preparing a project for upload. If you're on Maxwell V5, give it a go. Des
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    Thanks Guys, I was able to sort this out with Tech via email. Joe
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    Circle tangent to three lines

    Random Transform is also helpful if you don't already have it as well: random_trans.zip
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    Exploded 3D Drawings

    This would be great. Or perhaps something along the lines of model configurations like in SolidWorks or Rhino would be really beneficial. Duplicating a model to show an exploded version is not ideal in terms of data (or convenience). If you could assign configurations (and name the configurations) it would save a lot of headaches and duplicate geometry.
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    Maxwell Cloud Rendering

    That sounds really good. It's very encouraging. I will eventually buy Maxwell for my own business. Meanwhile, by full time employer doesn't have the need for it.
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    Object selection

    cheers Justin a timely response, I was just going to post this in the spirit of balance. I had a go a re-creating the attached pic of an office foyer using only FZ and RenderZone. I honestly think RenderZone is excellent if you are willing to accept it's limitations. I've never been a fan of the strictly 'accurate' render engines because of the usual big increase in render times. You can do some very decent 'fakes' in RenderZone in a fraction of the time and time is often money as they say. I guess that's why it's so frustrating that FZ isn't as refined as it could or should be. This image (1732 px x 932 px 72dpi) took a 'massive' 6 minutes to render plus another 3 or 4 minutes post in Photoshop. 10 minutes all in isn't so bad
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    Justin Montoya

    Object selection

    Understandable. However, just know that most of v9's bugs have been resolved if they were reported clearly and v8 has its own set of quirks to workaround. v9 is a better place to start today, IMHO. I also realize the large change from v6 to v8 is already a big gap, as I also didn't like v7 (loved v6) so I skipped it and waited for v8. However, even with the choice between v8 and v9 now, I'll choose v9 everyday for new projects. It's brought back some missing v6 features we all knew and loved, as well as added a lot more stability 'behind the scenes' for large files. It will also be the only way to use the updated plugins like VRay and Maxwell. $345 is a pretty small price to pay for all of that. Not trying to sell you anything here, and I completely understand your trepidation given some of the early v9 forum posts, just sharing an honest opinion. There's many happy users who simply just don't share that experience on the forum. Users are much more likely to post a complaint or a problem than they are to share a positive experience. It just seems to be the human condition. We're all guilty of it. But if you look around on other 3D software forums (Rhino, SketchUp, etc), they are all the same. Problems with new versions from experienced users who expect things to work a certain way. Either the software will adapt or the user will, and the work will get done. Ideally these changes happen in the beta testing phase, but given the flexibility of formZ to do so many things in different ways on different systems, it's inevitable that some things slip through to the public release. But if you find one of these issues and clearly report it to support@formZ.com, it is usually resolved by the next release which has been happening monthly as best I can tell. Plus the forum is always full of other like minded formZ users willing to help figure it out.
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    Next Limit

    Maxwell 5 for formZ Updates

    Version - 16 Jul 2020 Plugin Additions: New Substance Painter Material type (Select the Base Color texture and the plugin will automatically locate all other Substance textures.) Built with Maxwell SDK Plugin Fixes: Scene Name included in ouput MXS and image filenames, when autonaming is enabled Multilight group name saved for Translate Shaded -> Emitter type material
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    Andrew West

    Export options missing 8.6

    That is a new one. Throw out your preference folder and restart the program. Sometimes this cleans up all kinds of strange issues.
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    Justin Montoya

    V-Ray for FZ update?

    Also hoping to hear news of VRay 5 for formZ.
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    + Light

    Just to add to my last post; Keep all you settings for the camera and emitters to real world settings. For example in interiors, a typical camera setting would be say fstop 2.8, ISO 400 and exteriors fstop 10, ISO 100. By switching on the MultiLight option, you can have fun altering the individual lights on the fly after the render is complete so I typically supply at least a day time and night shot from the same render. If your render is too dark for interiors then add more lights or ramp them up or change the camera settings. I forgot to mention that there are also an Ambient field, and soft box light etc. as well to help with providing more light in an interior space. Basically the more lights the less noise. So I generally add "window emitters" to my openings pointing inwards on a layer. They are great to speed things up and add another element of control for interior renders. Des
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    + Light

    Hi Bo/John, There are different kinds of lights in Maxwell as per other packages. For outdoor sun/ambient lights there are Sky Dome, Physical Sky, IBL. You just need to tell FormZ in the Light parameters dialog which type the light is in the Type drop down menu. Other light types such as spots/cones created in your scene in Fz can be automatically converted by switching on "Export Point and Cone Lights" in the Maxwell Display Options under the Translation tab. But I like to create geometry for those and using an emitter material editable in Maxwell MXED. There you will find light types "Area, IES & Spot" where you can play with the settings. You need to go through the maxwell manual setup for this but it's fairly quick to set up and there's fantastic control using Maxwell Fire or MultiLight. I've attached a scene setup (simple interior screen for products or furniture). You only have to drop in you model, say a table for example. When creating the geometry (a simple square surface), make sure the normals are pointing in the direction you want it to shine. The size of the emitters affects the shadow softness. Des Studio.zip
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    I must agree unfortunately
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    If Maxwell support is removed, I must move on to a different modeling program.