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    forum update complete

    We just completed an update of the forum with new software and a new host. All of the problems of the last few months should be resolved and you should notice the its more responsive and looks better too! If you experience any issues with the new forum, please click "contact us" at the bottom of the page and send us a note. Sorry but posts from the last 24 hours may have been lost in the transition, please re-post. Thanks for your patience, we think it was worth the wait.
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    Clones - Latest Build 10163

    Clones can be transformed "individually" or "as a family". This is controlled by the option in the transformation tool options. "Individually" apples the transformation to each clones instance about its own local axis and the "as a family" option is applied to the while family as a set. Changes to a parameter of a clone are propagated to each instance individually. What we have observed is that in v8.6, the dynamic display during the transformation always functions "as a family". Once the final click of the transformation is made, the transformation is applied each object when the "individually" option is selected. See images We have logged this aa an issue and also have added suggestion to be show if an object is in a clone in the information tab (and how many siblings it has).
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    Please add support for Allegorithmic Substance.
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    AHDD Designer

    forum update complete

    Great! Thank you! Next will be Form.Z v9 ?
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    2d people

    There is also a small set of 2d people (and trees) in the default components that ship with formZ.
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    Andrew West

    Turquoise artifacts

    I am in desperate need of some help and hope that someone out there has seen this issue. I have a huge project that is due Monday and the program just started glitching out on me. Everything was rendering just fine in test images and then suddenly my whole render image went turquoise blue. I restarted the program and the color came back to normal but now many of my materials have weird turquoise blue artifacts. I restarted my computer several times and each time the image is different and corrupted. It is worth noting that the only thing I changed in my model was the addition of two people that are scene files. They do not have lights associated with them. Anyone else ever have this issue? Is there anyone other than Justin and I even using V-ray? Thanks for any help you can offer AW
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    formZ models exchange site!

    Hello folks. You might find useful men silhouettes in FormZ format found on Various page and kitchen corner cabinet carousel from italian manufacturer VIBO at furniture detail page. Also there are proper models of some other furniture details: drawer box system BBox from Boyard and sliding cabinet doors from italian manufacturer Aristo. All models in precise dimensions and Enjoy, Anton.
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    Andrew West

    Example Images

    Here is another example of exterior and interior lighting. The final render at 4500 pxl wide took about 14min. I am very impressed with the speed and quality of Vray these days but there are still a few bugs to work out. I also wish they would fix this forum so that my images can be viewed at full res.