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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Paul was a valuable member of our team as our tech support lead for many years and we miss him professionally and personally. Paul was enthusiastic and always someone who would be the champion of the end user to our team. However, he was never a developer of form•Z. False rumors like the lead programmer is dead simply do not help our situation. form•Z was created by Chis Yessios and David Kropp. Chris has retired but is still a valued advisor. David continues as president and leads the development team (not the rumored sole developer). The Joint Study Program still exists and between this program, the form•Z student edition and form•Z free there is a solid install base in schools (but it could always be better). We stopped the Partnerships in learning publication as it became increasingly difficult publish, as a younger generation of faculty became less interested in providing the student feedback that made the publication interesting. In general schools no longer teach software leaving the student to pick their own solution often without much guidance. We give the software to students and faculty for free (in Switzerland as well), yet others charge (some significantly). We are not sure where these market share numbers come from, but form•Z is used at a lot more than 930 companies, this number is at least an order of magnitude off. Are we a small team at the moment? Yes. But we challenge you to find another group that is as dedicated and believe in what they do. Do we make mistakes, sure, but we will always try to address the issues as fast as possible. Are we great are marketing? No. Andrew has provided some stunning images and kindly allowed us to use them in promotional material. We need to get better at marketing and ideas are always welcome. Thank you for everyone’s feedback, it will only make us better and we believe that the best is yet to come.
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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    I love FormZ!!! I'm very impressed with the v9 release. Yes, less "sexy" with more under the hood improvements, but so many were so necessary. I was first taught it in the early 90's in school. I would love to help promote the program as I want to see it succeed. I haven't found another program like it. I explain it to other architects as a love child between SketchUp and Rhino. Speed of SketchUp + power of Rhino. (minus Grasshopper, which would be great to see addressed) Some ideas: Updated YouTube channel would be great. More short tutorials on how to use each tool. More tutorials on how to produce a specific thing or rendering look. Perhaps guest vlogs with real Z users illustrating how they use the software. An Instagram channel. An improved showcase on the website. Maybe a showreel video each year. All efforts should be targeted at the target users of the program. The more specifically targeted the better. I now teach architecture at the University of Colorado. Happy to help implement there if I can in some way. SketchUp, Rhino, AutoCAD (hard to believe anyone still teaches this), and REVIT dominate. I don't have any input into the software options students use, but if there is a way to get a foothold there I would do it. Perhaps if someone from Autodessys came out for a free training for students I could help facilitate that. It may be hard to convince the faculty given Z's small market share currently, but maybe they just don't know how great it is. Most of the faculty still think of it as a program from the 1990's and can't believe I still use it. sadly. This year I finally have my work in order to start producing some great renderings and animation! The more we can produce as users the more Z has to work with. Hopefully I can start pulling my weight.
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    Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all 🙂 Tradition (without fail) since 1997, the FormZ modeled season's greetings card: Bernd
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    I'd rather look at it this way: How can we make formZ more popular? Please share your ideas so that perhaps we can come up with a collective idea or two that may make a positive impact. Sharing renderings is a great start, but it doesn't really highlight why so many of us prefer formZ, which for many is the simple yet powerful and flexible Modeling! In addition to providing free formZ software to students (give them 1 year out of school for free too), we need faculty on board who can support and teach formZ hands on. That means getting more faculty trained and fluent in the power and flexibility of formZ. I propose a yearly training conference at each school. It should be free for faculty and students to attend. We can use their computer labs with formZ installed, or simply send out the install the week before to all that have registered so they can bring a laptop with it installed. Maybe even a couple of formZ champions (marketing term) experts can travel to these schools and help to instruct and answer questions while editing a live, relevant, project for the particular school. These are either Autodessys staff or professionals that could be paid for the trip. Showcasing the workflow and modeling is an important step to wider adoption. The final image results are inspiring, but they are in so many other platforms as well. So we need to highlight what differentiates formZ from the other 3D packages. I also propose a formZ Extension Store. Similar to the Extensions people buy for other software packages like SketchUp. This would open up formZ to further development from other software developers using the formZ SDK. I suspect that some existing extensions for other software can easily be adapted to formZ, making it easier for developers to get a wider audience for their extensions and make more money. This would add to the formZ development team without actually adding staff. I do love how powerful formZ is out of the box, but for some looking for more, like BIM for example, a paid extension could get you there like it does for other 3D software packages. Thoughts?
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    Where's the info on 9?

    We are very excited about this release! We are wrapping up a few final details and expect v9 to be available by the end of the week. Thank you to those who have placed pre-orders. Your license codes and download instructions are at the front of the que and will be sent as soon as the app is posted.
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    Chris lund

    Rotating from a selected plane

    Currently, you need to create an arbitrary plane that matches the perpendicularity to the axis you want to rotate on. which means, you need to create some "tool" objects to get you there. then from there you can use the tool to create the arbitrary plane. I have been considering making a script that will allow rotating about an arbitrary axis, like the revolve tool does. But my linear algebra skills have withered many years ago. When scripting is available again, I will look into it (after some priorities) Cheers! ¢£
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    Next Limit

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    We are happy to inform you that after considering your requests, we have decided that we will continue supporting and developing the form·Z plugin. We estimate that Maxwell 5 for form·Z 8 will be released before the end of the year, and when AutoDesSys launches form·Z 9, we will start developing this plugin for Maxwell 5 too!! Thank you for your patience, understanding and trust. LEARN MORE Now, Maxwell 5 is yours. Now, the time is yours. Be Maxwell 5's campaign image! If you would like to be Maxwell 5's campaign image, send your Maxwell 5 render to: maxwelldesk@nextlimit.com The contestants will be featured on our Social Media every week! Finalists will be featured on Fridays and the winner will be the image of one of Maxwell 5's campaigns! Don't miss this opportunity and send us your work now!
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    Justin Montoya

    Layer Control for Reference Files

    What I would do: In the reference file, create a layer group named for the reference file an put all reference file layers in that layer group. Now when you place the reference file, it should place everything neatly in the layer group. Ideally this could happen automatically whenever placing reference files. This highlights the need for allowing multiple layers to have the same name when inside of different groups.
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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Ariel is right! We use or try a lot of different modelers, and we do not find a Fz equivalent. We use it as a primary conceptual tool, for almost 20 years now, and are still satisfy by the app and the customer support. Manythanks ADS
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    formZ models exchange site!

    That is a shame Anton but you have no choice and I completely understand. You are correct, there are many more takers than givers. Maybe Autodessys should do something for you? Thanks for all your hard work 👏
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    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Form Z and the team who makes it, are simply amazing ! It is hard to even start to describe how amazing Form Z is. I have never seen a company who puts so much attention to customer support and actually address each and every issue users raise. I have never seen a company who actually answers the phone, allows you to converse with an actual tech/sales team live member, and spend the time with persistence and dedication to assist you with anything you can think of. Paul BTW.. helped me personally with tech issues on many occasions. I have been using FormZ since my architecture school days on 1996 and up until this day. Back then it was offered as a full semester course, thought by one of the studio instructors. I got hooked right away and never found a better tool to portray and communicate my vision as an architect, to my clients and to the world. I think you guys at ADS are doing an unparalleled job in providing us one of the most sustainable, capable, smart, logical and intuitive 3d tool. And for that I am grateful !!! FormZ is an important integrated key element in my design process and thanks to its amazing openGL visual capabilities, also in our presentation proficiencies. And in many ways shaped my approach to 3d modeling. It has become part of the language we are using in the studio. I wish there was really something we can do to help distribute this magnificent tool to the rest of the world. I am ready to assist in any way I can. I feel we owe it to ADS team. ADS Thank you for continuing developing FormZ. I hope it will linger for many more years. Ariel Franco – Architect
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    VRay formZ 8 Animation

    Wow thank you for all the detailed info Justin! And here I was still thinking Macs were the best and you always get what you pay for 😕 I'll be sure to share all this info with our creative director as he will surely find it informative as well. The thought of switching my computer (& life) back to PC gives me anxiety already but if that's what will make my work life easier it just might be time for the switch again. Thanks again, I'll be in touch if I have further questions. I just might get a budget number and ask you what the right build would be in your opinion if you're ok with that?
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    Where's the info on 9?

    I hope that 'family plan members' will also receive notification as soon as it is released. My current version of FZ 8.5 not happy on Catalina and I don't want to spend the time reinstalling 8.5 when I will need to do the same for 9. Hopefully, 9 can be released today which will allow for folks to contact Tech support if things don't go right. Releasing on Friday with no tech support available might end up being frustrating to those who run into installation and registration problems. But Friday better than Monday for those of us who are having a crashing time with 8.5 :-). Looking forward to seeing what FZ9 brings to the table but have been very happy with 8.5 modeling but not layout. Thanks to everyone who has worked hard on bringing the new version of FZ9 to fruition, and that includes the beta testers!
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    Where's the info on 9?

    Yes, this is most unlike the "good old days"! Those who remember receiving in.form.Z, the newsletter for users, will recall that the future of form.Z was openly discussed back then, sometimes one or two versions ahead of time. I do not understand this apparent need for secrecy either.
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    Andrew West

    slope a spline

    I use the ramp tool (stair) when I have a uniform width slope. When the width or shape of the ramp is non uniform then I create a spline on the XY plane, move the control points up to their desired positions, offset the spline for the inside of the curve, adjust the control points to where I need them, Then form a nurbz plane between the two splines. Now that I have my nurbs plane I can extend and add onto it pretty easily to complete my roadways. The terrain tool works as well but it feels so antiquated. Probably because it has been around for at least 25 years in its current state.
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    Mesh by # of divisions?

    Hi everyone and Happy New Year! Is there a way to mesh by # of divisions rather than by distances? For example, I have a square and I want it divided into 14 horizontal segments and 11 vertical segments. I seem to remember seeing something like this but don't remember where. thanks! Andrew
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    Chris lund

    slope a spline

    A tool could be made that distributes the control points between a distance. I could add something like that to my list of point manipulations.
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    Chris lund

    slope a spline

    Could you get away with building your slope, then trim it with the 2D shape? ¢£
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    New material naming

    to the OP instead of dragging the library material to the new material dialog. Drag the library material "Brick8" to an empty spot in the material list See if that works better
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    Andrew West

    Offset Nurbs Edge Like in Rhino

    Like this?
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    wip & recent renders

    Hey Guys Here is another animation modelled in fz and lumion rendered....unfortunately not enough time as usual hence the few errors A competition for a project in Vietnam.....
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    Some work in progress

    and some more
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    We are now finding the conversion of our FormZ bill of materials csv output to a format which Cutlistplus can import a very simple process by use of a macro recorded in open office calc. Please note that the parts are organised in numbered 2 digit assembly groups and 2 digit part numbers (serial numbers) which are produced with the FormZ rename objects labs extension tool. It puts a space in between the group number (suffix) and the serial number which is placed after that, so our parts have 5 digits including the space, which works well for us. (Set the appropriate padding in renamer serial numbers to include any required leading zeros). Others might prefer 6 or 7 digits in total depending on how many objects you have in your assembly groups, and the macro would need to be adjusted for this to take 6 or 7 digits across to the part number column using the RIGHT function instead of 5. Here is the macro we use in open office 4.1.6 calc, attached here as a rich text file. Even those of us who are not familiar with programming can recognise a logical process and command pattern structure within it. Please note that just before we apply the macro we have to select all cells in the csv file. I hope this encourages more woodworkers to use the combination of FormZ pro 8 and above and Cutlistplus FX (gold or platinum) as they make for a superb workflow and help to keep material waste to a minimum. OpenOfficeMacroCutlistplus190210.zip
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    Some work in progress

    Hello there. It`s been a while since I posted any new stuff made with FormZ. So here is an oriental style caffe. Modeled in FormZ , rendered with Thea for FormZ Plugin
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    formZ models exchange site!

    Hi Anton. Thanks for great work. unfortunately the site isn't loading anything for me. is it under maintenance or something ? Thanks, Ariel