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  1. Shibui Design

    Red Dotted Grid

    Is it a group? Is it a component? Looks similar, except a 3d object would have a dotted outline representing the total 3d volume of the object.
  2. OS 10.14.4 When opening files, there's a blank window. The files have views already created and saved in views palette. Activating views does not change display. Only way to affect views is to Edit Cone of Vision (cmd+E) and then upon exiting, the view appears. Happens every time when opening files created in prior versions or created in V9, when closing and reopening. This is very annoying. Also when in Edit Cone of Vision, the display flickers when adjusting views. Anyone else experience similar problems?
  3. Shibui Design

    Sketchup model woes

    Andrew, I cannot wrap my head around how MAX and C4D model. I could see coming from a gaming or character modeling environment, but for architectural type projects, the modeling methods don't make sense to me, yet I know many people using it for such. Typical workflow for me: Model in FMZ. Exclude high polygon entourage since FMZ struggles with lots of imported polys. Texture as much as possible in FMZ. Export as .FBX. Nearly ALL maps translate correctly when imported into C4D. High poly entourage is best managed in C4D. Import into C4d. Apply lighting and cameras. Slight editing of materials might be necessary, especially for reflection. Sometimes I use C4D Physical render engine, sometimes I use Vray or increasingly, Corona Render. Corona is very similar to Vray, except it's easier to set up. Not as many settings to tweak. Quality and speed is exceptional in Corona with little set up time. To manage changes, I will go back to FMZ and create a new layer or series of layers containing only newly changed geometry. Export only that layer as .FBX and merge it to the C4D model. Once the scene is set up, it's really easy to manage geometry using this method. I find this workflow to be very efficient. If ONLY there was a single software with modeling fluidity and accuracy, with SOLID layout program for documentation and native rendering equaling that of Vray, Maxwell, etc. Until then, I use three different programs...
  4. Shibui Design

    Sketchup model woes

    I agree with stability of C4D. Base model building for my workflow is done in FMZ while entourage elements are managed inside C4D by importing many different model formats. Extremely stable and capable of handling more polygons than FMZ. While I'm not efficient building models of any complexity within C4D, the management of all elements is very fluid.
  5. If you go to BUY the product, add Maxwell for FormZ to your shopping cart, it appears as v4, NOT v5. If you do the same with some other popular titles, it loads v5 to your shopping cart. Hope this only means they do plan to offer it, but it's not ready yet.
  6. Shibui Design

    form•Z 9 beta

    Welcome news at last!
  7. Shibui Design

    Importing Vectorworks OBJ's

    Not finding any means to control export options here. Are these custom textures created by the model author or are they stock materials in a Vectorworks library (referred to as 'resources") in VWX?? If they are custom textures, it should be easy to just replace them with the original higher-res versions simply by managing files.
  8. Shibui Design

    Renaming Clipping Planes

    I observe the same behavior. It should be much more fluid to rename clipping planes.
  9. Shibui Design

    New material naming

    +1 to this. Never understood why it behaves the way it does.
  10. If Maxwell support is removed, I must move on to a different modeling program.
  11. Shibui Design

    Can't load textures

    Image file should also be RGB color mode. CMYK files will not load.
  12. Shibui Design

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    +1. This was much more efficient.
  13. Shibui Design

    FormZ to C4D Workflows

    I will add that using .FBX export from FMZ is extremely efficient and reliable. Simply import into C4D. All materials/textures come in as they are in FMZ. I add cameras and lights, adjust bump and/or reflectivity and hit render.
  14. Shibui Design

    FormZ to C4D Workflows

    Using C4D brings me joy, every time.
  15. Shibui Design

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    This is the method I follow as well. One needs only make this mistake two or three times to change that habit.