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  1. Shibui Design

    Scattered textures fix?

    I encounter the same and I just manually copy/paste the texture to the new project texture folder, which is best practice and maintains tight control of your files. When many files need this, I simply use save as copy and have it collect all referenced texture files.
  2. Shibui Design

    Trouble Moving Billboard

    An easy way to do this is to start with grid snap OFF. Select the object with object snapping ON and select the object by snapping to the desired point, i.e. center of face, end or midpoint, etc. Think of this as where you want to pick the object up from. Then being while moving, turn grid snap ON and move/snap to the origin, which is 0,0,0. Very simple and done graphically with two mouse clicks. I have a keyboard shortcut for toggling grid snap on/off as well as object snapping on/off.
  3. Shibui Design

    Scattered textures fix?

    Take a look at your preferences. There is an option to add a "File Search Path." I always add a search path pointing to my project folder. My strategy is for common maps that are used very frequently are set up on folders named by categories. These folders are in a subfolder within the FormZ application folder. Include that as a File Search Path in preferences. Then for maps specific to the project, I always have a folder titled "textures" at the same location as the project.fmz file. Rarely do I experience missing textures using this strategy. If you do, it's easy to relink the textures simply by remapping one of them, as long as the other missing texture files are at one of these locations.
  4. Shibui Design

    Scattered textures fix?

    File menu> Save a Copy As. On the options menu, be sure to check save textures. This save the file and all textures reference in the file to a location of your choice.
  5. Shibui Design

    Stereo Panoramas ?

    Save your shortcuts to file before trashing preferences, then it is a simple reload to get them back.
  6. Shibui Design

    Maxwell vs Vray

    Demands are different by industry. When I'm working on a church sanctuary renovation, my clients expect to see very high quality renderings. Since we are designing with light, we also demand that the render engine is able to paint the picture in a realistic way. We take photometric data of production light fixtures into consideration. In cases like this, and three to four hours generally gives very good results. If the material/light/exposure set up is not correct, time penalties could be worse. I've used both Maxwell and Vray on the same projects in several cases, simply as a point of comparison. Surprisingly, the Vray renders start approaching those same render times due to light bounces. Ask those 3d artists producing those slick interior renderings you see so often how long those vray renders take to process. It's not measured by minutes! On top of that, it takes much more setup time doing test render, tweaking, test render, etc... Total time involved takes longer in my experience using Vray. Consider that once I release a batch of renders on my slave machine, I'm designing other projects. I could then be charging double, but I don't do that... My preference in situations like this is Maxwell because set up time is shorter and quality is higher. When working on event or trade show projects, I cannot spend that much time on a single image. In those cases, I will either use Vray or Cinema 4D Physical renderings. I have developed a very fast workflow to kick these renders out quickly. On a recent, very large project with complex lighting and materials, each image was rendering mostly clean in seven minutes. I was happy with that. Each design iteration had about 12 images. The project saw about 21 design iterations. That adds up to a lot of time! Museum exhibit clients don't expect to see slick photo real images. For this, I simply use RenderZone for color, texture, lighting and overlay composite line work from either hidden line or sketch/doodle styles. I don't like taking the extra time in photoshop to process the images, but this hybrid style communicates very well for this kind of client and they kind of expect that. So, how to earn a living... knowing appropriate workflows for the job requirements and charging appropriately. For sure, there are project budgets or delivery dates dictating what the output looks like.
  7. Shibui Design

    Maxwell vs Vray

    Maxwell has never let me down either, Allan. Nothing beats the Maxwell render engine when it comes to light and shadows, especially for interiors. Multilight is a HUGE difference maker when comparing the two. Apparently Vray already has, or is planning to have a similar feature, but don't think it's available in many integrations. I find the time it takes to set up Vray renders is much longer than Maxwell setups, requiring many, many render tests. I find its integration in FormZ to be very rudimentary, lacking elegance when compared to integration into other softwares. However as so many others note, Maxwell can be prohibitive due to excessive render times. Anytime I have the luxury of time, I turn to Maxwell. On a few projects, I have used both Maxwell and Vray and the difference in image quality is vast, favoring the Maxwell look. It seems their development might be stalled, simply judging from the state of the Maxwell Render website. No new announcements in a long time. Is this one going the way of Thea?
  8. Shibui Design

    Lasso selection

    Have you considered assigning a keyboard shortcut? For example, I assign they "P" key for the pick tool.
  9. Shibui Design

    Object pallette - active object (FZ Jr)

    That would be helpful.
  10. Shibui Design

    surface from segments

    Just realized there are two join tools. You want to use the one on the EDIT palette, not the ORGANIZE palette.
  11. Shibui Design

    surface from segments

    If your geometry is not already a surface, i.e. a collection of lines, arcs, polylines, etc. then you can simply use the "join" tool. Select all objects and apply "join." All endpoints of lines, etc. must be coincident in order for this tool to work.
  12. Shibui Design

    Edit group crushes formZ 8.6.2

    Yes, confirming same behavior here.
  13. Shibui Design

    Texture mapping

    Texture mapping type 'SHOULD' be controlled by settings in preference file. I just tested it and it does not retain mapping type. Perhaps this is a bug?
  14. Shibui Design

    Decal in vray render

    Use texture map. That will carry over to vray.
  15. Shibui Design

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Thank you for the updates Autodessys! Can anyone confirm if export .DWG from Layout is working now?