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    V9.0.0.1 Build A0D4 View Observations

    Not having any of these problems on Windows 10.
  2. Support, Please try this: 1. In a new file, open the components palette. 2. At library, scroll to Bath (or any 3d component) 3. Place any component in file. 4. Select component. Then, on the inspector palette, go to the Parameters tab and check Keep Proportional under the scale factor. 5. Change any X, Y, or Z field. The component will only change in the X field, regardless of anything I tried. Windows 10 Home.
  3. allanjl


    Read the documentation for v9. In it they explain that you need to load the vVay plugin in the extension manager from v8.6. Something I did with the first beta release...
  4. Greetings all, When rendering in maxwell, I used to send my files to Studio from FormZ, make adjustments then render to maxwell. I have found that in maxwell version 4.2.x this work flow is no longer reliable (studio will crash repeatedly). So lately I have been using maxwell's plugin the way it was intended, namely sending the render job directly from formZ. One disadvantage I've found is that maxwell will render to match whatever resolution you set your image size in formZ. This is not a very good solution when you have a very big model, and you want to test render.. You have to set your screen resolution small then send it to render. Of course, since you're also modelling, then the screen resolution cannot be small... So I find myself going back and forth between large and smaller screen resolutions. I know what you're thinking: That's what fire is for!... Well, not really. If you use fire, it cannot handle complex scenes, (it's just too slow) and you cannot really see what's going on. Well, maybe you get the picture. I find myself wishing to have a place to set the render resolution without affecting my screen resolution when sending the job to render in maxwell. Maybe this is already something in the works? If so, great! If not, maybe it should be considered? Thanks, Allan
  5. allanjl

    VRay formZ 8 Animation

    Great animation! I always have trouble getting spinning elements to work right, but you nailed it. Great job!
  6. allanjl

    Views Group

  7. allanjl

    Example Images

    Cool! I'll look that up.
  8. allanjl

    Example Images

    Very nice Andrew. I suppose the image you posted is also done in the way they've asked you. Very well lit, no strong shadows. Real estate purposes. Below is my design for a custom home. Thankfully, I'm not required to light up the building the same way. I like to render with strong shadows to show the three dimensional quality of the design, and the end user is fine with it.
  9. allanjl

    Some work in progress

    Nice modelling. Do you do your own designs, or are you only producing for someone?
  10. allanjl

    logitech marathon m705

    Anyone else every have problem with their mice while working on formZ. Brand new mouse as per title. The middle button never worked to set view no matter what I'd do. Updated the firmware, driver, use defaults on formZ, etc. Older wired dell mouse works fine. What gives?!
  11. allanjl

    logitech marathon m705

    I am on Windows 10 and Windows 8. Thank you all! Sorry to rant, but we have a lot of other software here, rhino, Autocad, Datacad, 3Dmax, etc. None of them had this problem. Maybe it should be something that Autodessys should also address? It makes new users get a bad impression of the software, if they had mess with settings on the mouse while other software works just fine. Last night I went and bought cheaper logitech mice (M310) and they worked fine right out of the box. Thanks again.
  12. allanjl

    form•Z 9 beta

    Please, please, have this version be stable with components! Looking forward to trying it.
  13. allanjl

    Example Images

    Very nice work! Are the pebbles also rendered?
  14. allanjl

    export vrscene?

    Thanks for the reminder! This is good to keep in mind.
  15. allanjl

    Will a solid state drive speed up saving large files?

    Actually the reason why it takes a while prior to the progress bar is because it's preparing to save. Putting everything together prior to saving. The bigger the file, the worse it is. Also, I've noticed that if the file has been worked on for many days, the slower it is to save. If you actually copied everything to a fresh empty file, the first few times it saves it will be leaps and bounds faster.
  16. allanjl

    Example Images

    Thanks! Some trees are. Most of the shrubs are billboard images touched up in photoshop.
  17. allanjl

    Example Images

    Nice rendering Jaakko! Here are a couple of views of custom homes I helped design. Now that I look at these again, I see design improvements needed 😂
  18. I think I may have read something related to this before. In essence, the Vray Sun is not linked to the Sun Position palette. It would be great if it somehow it could be. I am doing several renderings that show how the building shading design works over different times and dates, and I am having to manually change the Vray sun to match the sun position for every rendering. Very tedious.
  19. allanjl

    Vray Sun does not get animated

    Omg! I can't believe I didn't see that, that would have saved me a ton of work. Thank you!
  20. allanjl

    New material naming

    Agree, having it carry the material name carry to the material palette would be very handy.
  21. allanjl

    formZ 9

    Common ADS don't disappoint us. We need to keep up with the big boys of modeling and rendering.
  22. Count me in for Maxwell and Vray.
  23. allanjl

    Slow to respond

    Turn off the intersection snap?