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    Image Options

    What is the scale your working with? It sounds like you're dealing with very small objects? If so, are there other objects in the scene very far away or very large? That may contribute to the problem. Why do you need the camera to be so close to the object and its shadow? I deal with architectural projects of various sizes; and very seldom are the shadows a problem like you describe. If and when they are, and I need an image of crisp shadows, I do not use full shaded display; I render in Vray. It usually takes as little as seconds to render the image.
  2. allanjl

    Image Options

    Santa, Make sure you don't have large plane objects casting shadows, such as the ground plane. Select the object and make sure that you deselect shadow casting see below. Also, Idk where you get 11 for shadow settings.
  3. allanjl

    Strange Artefacts with Vray

    Very strange. Never seen anything like it. Maybe you can post your file?
  4. allanjl

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    I can't find the link to download formZ 8.6.5. I had created a shortcut to your download page but I lost it. Help would be appreciated.
  5. allanjl

    Is Maxwell dead?

    I hope it still alive! Love their software.
  6. allanjl

    Some maxwell material and grass tests

    To me this is the greatest strength of Maxwell: It makes your renderings look very real. Don't get me wrong V-ray does a very nice job, but not yet up to the level of Maxwell.
  7. allanjl

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    I have Webroot Secure Anywhere installed on my machine. It just told me there may be a memory leak in formZ. This is version Has this been addressed on the latest release for Windows? See attached screen shot.
  8. allanjl


    You remind me of myself when I first started experimenting with Maxwell. But you've taken it to a new level. Looks like you're enjoying it. Looks really good too.
  9. allanjl

    Example Images

    Very nice work!
  10. allanjl

    Example Images

    Flakie, I always wonder why when I see exhibit renderings, the lights are always cold. Is it a personal preference or do clients ask for this? Or is it a hassle trying to get lights to look right given the fact that there are no light temperature settings for Vray?
  11. allanjl

    Example Images

    Nice work guys! I always find it challenging when I have to render clothing stores interiors because of the hanging clothes. Rmulley, yours look good!
  12. allanjl


    Are you creating the final image by overlaying wire frame and rendered images in Photoshop?
  13. allanjl


    Looks like you had fun with these! Very nice.
  14. allanjl

    Render animation in vray?

    Is this being developed right now? My goodness, it would be great! I have an animation job now for which my only option is to produce it in Renderzone. Renderzone has been notoriously buggy and I'm dreading doing it. I'd appreciate a response about vray animation rendering. Allan
  15. I use hidden line still quite a bit. It works fine for me. It's come a long way from older versions and it's much faster. Of course, if you have a very heavy scene, it will be slow, but I have yet to run into something that takes longer than 5 minutes to hidden line.
  16. allanjl

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Also, Justin gave me a great tip a while back: Be sure to go to your workspace manager, under the Workspace menu and deselect "save between sessions". It improved things for me a whole lot.
  17. Question for anyone who knows: I found this render blade and wondered if it could be used for Vray for FormZ. This unit is actually suggested for Maxwell, and I found it from a link in Maxwell's render farm options. Since Vray for formZ works within formZ, I wonder if a machine like this could be used to render in Vray. More specifically, this render blade shows no graphic card, which to me, means that you cannot really open the model on that machine, and then send a command to render. Has anyone tried something like this before to use with Vray for formZ? I'd appreciate some insight. Thanks, Allan.
  18. Oops, forgot include the link! Here it is: https://renderstorm.com/home/renderbladesupervalue/
  19. allanjl

    Example Images

    Very nice!. What do you use for ambient lighting?
  20. allanjl

    Example Images

    Thanks Andrew. Yes, some of the materials are as selected by my client, not much choice. You're right, water would have added a nice touch. Rush job, haha, like most though. The lights are actually modeled fixtures with a very small plain light inside. BTW, it would be great if lights could be set by color temperature; like Maxwell's. You're rendering is awesome! Allan.
  21. allanjl

    Example Images

    Here's my latest design for a Master Bath.
  22. allanjl

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    Sorry to interrupt. I created the material using the vray editor. All resolved.
  23. allanjl

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    I bit unrelated to your topic, but I wonder if anyone has used mirror as a v-ray material. There's no preset now for this material, and so far I've used polished chrome, but its reflections get a little blurry. Has anyone created a mirror material who could help me out? Thanks, Allan.
  24. allanjl

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    The best advice for Autodessys on the upcoming FormZ is to get rid of the bugs! My god, the program seems to be getting more and more buggy. Every day I run into new bugs it seems like. I know this probably isn't the place to vent, but today I found that if you're working using millimeters as units, and export to 3ds or dae, the resulting scale is off! Then to make matters worse, if you switch your units to inches, then most of your texture mapped objects' textures get over twice as big. It's getting harder and harder to work with formZ without it frustrating and stressing me out! Sorry to vent here but it's almost 1 am and it's taking me forever to export my model to sketchup in millimeters because of the aforementioned. Allan
  25. allanjl

    formZ models exchange site!

    I've uploaded some files for everyone's use. A couple of trees and a couple of cars. They come in handy as entourage for your renderings