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  1. I installed the most current tools version, profile and catenary are working, but the spray point tool is not showing up. Mac OS 12.1 Form-z 9.2 thoughts?
  2. Is there a way to turn off the Alfa channel in the rendering. I want to get the environment image that was placed as a texture background to be saved in the completed rendering.. Attached are a screen capture of the rendering that I want to achieve in the saved file. The other image is what gets saved out.
  3. flakie

    Background and Alfa Channel

    Thanks I thought there had to be a way.
  4. If I wanted to edit an existing Vray texture in 3 it was I would launch the vray texture editor. In 5 I want to add a transparency map to an existing vray texture, but that option is not available in the current texture editing set up. Am I missing something.
  5. flakie

    Textures Vray 3 vs Vray 5

    Hopeful the new update will fix this issue. The missing Texture makes adjustment kinda tough.
  6. flakie

    Textures Vray 3 vs Vray 5

    I have to agree. The material Editor in 5 does not compare to 3. When I upgraded to five I paid extra to keep version 3 as I Preferred the way the material editor worked. I found out later I can't use 3 on the same machine as version 5. It's been 4 months and Form-z still has not been able to resolve this issue.
  7. flakie

    Textures Vray 3 vs Vray 5

    Thanks Justin I did realize I had to import a Vray texture as it was already part of the file.
  8. flakie

    Creating sections

    I have not used the app recently put the ability to create sections was hugely important. It seems to not be working currently as the text is mangled and there is no plane control showing.
  9. flakie

    Creating sections

    I have not used the app recently put the ability to create sections was hugely important. It seems to not be working currently as the text is mangled and there is no plane control showing.
  10. flakie

    VRay 5 beta material bug

    Textures do not show up in the material pallet and do not always show up when trying to editing . The editor is slow updating the texture images when it does work. To me the material editor in version 3 had more capability and was easier to modified and create textures for v-ray. Computer I Mac Pro 10 core
  11. flakie

    VRay 5 beta material bug

    +1 the material editor worked better in version 3. Please fix before beta 5 runs out on the 31st.
  12. flakie

    Creating textures

    Is there a Tutorial or manual instructions for creating textures in the new beta V-ray. To me it seemed that you had more control in creating and editing textures in the previous version than you do now having it integrated into the software.
  13. flakie

    Depth of field v_ray

    Is anyone else have depth of field issues in the beta. The focal point does not seem to be reading correctly distance of item selected is blurred no matter how I adjust the sliders of the camera depth of field settings.
  14. flakie

    V_Ray beta lighting

    Is there a way to group lights so they can be adjusted with one slider in light mixer. Also all emissive textures come in as one slider in light mixer is there a way to separate the emissive textures so they have individual sliders.
  15. flakie

    Dimensioning in V 9

    I used the draft workspace in version 8 for quick dim. callouts. Where is it in V9, I don't want to do a compete drafting layout.
  16. So far the beta for formZ and vray seems stable. I have been experimenting with light mix. It works well and is stable. I am not sure if it is available yet or maybe I haven't found it yet but, I have not been able to group the lights. I haven't notice a huge speed increase as I can't access the video card technology. System iMac Pro 10 core
  17. flakie

    Octane Render

    Has anyone experimented with exporting from Form-z to octane render. They are offering it free to Mac users as it can use the macs GPU to render. Any feedback would be helpfully. speed, usability, and quality. Thanks.
  18. flakie

    Maxwell 5.2 Released!

    What is the upgrade cost? just upgrade to 5.1, I hope the are not asking for additional 595.00 for 5.2.
  19. I went on to the portal and form-z is not an option for Maxwell 5. Please try to workout the plug in
  20. flakie

    Glass nnd Alfa channel

    I was working on a rendering with a lots of glass , but when I compose the image the backround has the Alfa Chanel but the glass is opaque. Is there something I need to turn on or adjust in the Vray material? Thanks
  21. flakie

    Rendering Time

    I have a Imac pro with 8 cores and it has been very capable at outputting renderings. The longest has been about 30 mins at 2500x1200 with glass, chrome, frosted glass and grass finishes. I just had a project where the file took over 3 hours to render and suggestions on why that file took so long to render.
  22. flakie

    Rendering Time

    It's an interior scene using plane lights. I have used the same set up in the past, usually with 4-8 lights. I understand about the GPU and CPU configuation dilemma with macs, but the speed so far has been fantastic. just not sure what happen with file file.
  23. flakie

    Mesh lights

    We I create a mess light it will not allow me Copy and move the new light. Anyone else having this issue.
  24. flakie

    Example Images

    Most exhibit lighting is LED or halogen which run cold. Even the show halls lights are now LEDs which also run on the cool side. I only added warmer lighting if i have incondesance lighting within the space or a lighting rig that the client has requested.
  25. flakie

    Example Images

    Here are a couple of exhibit rendedrings.