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  1. flakie

    Mesh lights

    We I create a mess light it will not allow me Copy and move the new light. Anyone else having this issue.
  2. flakie

    Example Images

    Most exhibit lighting is LED or halogen which run cold. Even the show halls lights are now LEDs which also run on the cool side. I only added warmer lighting if i have incondesance lighting within the space or a lighting rig that the client has requested.
  3. flakie

    Example Images

    Here are a couple of exhibit rendedrings.
  4. flakie

    Vray Cloud Rendering

    Will cloud rendering be added in next update?
  5. flakie

    Example Images

    glare in v-ray
  6. flakie

    Example Images

    Home Exterior
  7. flakie

    Example Images

    Mostly plane lights
  8. flakie

    Example Images

    Here is a rendering of a conference room for a large tradeshow booth.
  9. I have the denoiser set on my file, but when I render the file through imager it does not seem to be applied. Is there a setting I need to use in imager to get the denoiser to be applied.
  10. flakie

    Glass nnd Alfa channel

  11. flakie

    Glass nnd Alfa channel

    I was working on a rendering with a lots of glass , but when I compose the image the backround has the Alfa Chanel but the glass is opaque. Is there something I need to turn on or adjust in the Vray material? Thanks
  12. flakie

    rendering crashing

    Vray has been working very well. But I have a simple project that keeps crashing while rendering, it gets to 8-12 passes then crashes. Please help I do not want to reset in render zone
  13. flakie

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    I have only found where can I get
  14. flakie

    Texture Libary

    I wanted to used the preset textures from the V-ray library, but I need to do some slight adjustments. I get the following error message( see attached) Is this a beta issue or is something not installed correctly.