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  2. Shibui Design

    Red Dotted Grid

    Is it a group? Is it a component? Looks similar, except a 3d object would have a dotted outline representing the total 3d volume of the object.
  3. DMclean

    Red Dotted Grid

    Working on this object which was imported as an OBJ then separated into it's various parts. When I select the parts they have this red dotted grid, which seems like some sort of reference plane... like a projection of the outer limits of the object onto the xy plane... have never come across this before... new in formZ9?... isn't in any new objects that I create in the scene, just the imported ones...anyone know what it is and how to get rid of it.. Thanks, Douglas
  4. Bo Atkinson

    Mac/Finder/ Icon-Images

    Does anyone know how to get Mac High Sierra to show image of fmz file, inside the file icons, inside Finder? It was was working well once before.
  5. However looking closely at the extracted primitives the flaws of alignment are seen:
  6. Great work there guys! And now for the lazy way 😁 Version 6x had the original Attach Tool which did result in a decent looking frame version, (which hides the imperfect alignments), but the model is all done with just a few clicks.
  7. 6 subdivisions is the magic number, First eliminate the pentagon "fills" this gives you a kind of nucleus to work around. It really helps to have your pick tool to "crossing always" that way you only need to capture the center of each hex or pent that you want so that you can delete them. Or, you can use what I set up as a starter. HexiSphere.fmz.zip cheers!
  8. Started to play with this, and I kept coming up with a few pentagrams... Hmmm... if you take a closer look at the image, there are occasional pentagrams too. This is pretty manual... but, start with a Geodesic sphere, with a number of subdivisions of 4. create to size. Then pick an arbitrary location (I chose center top) and start deleting segments so that you have a hexagram left over. Adjacent to that, do it again... and keep going. Again, you will run into spots, that the only option is a pentagram. Too, you may need to experiment with higher number of subdivisions. I only tried a value of 4. and it may be possible, that I run into trouble somewhere that neither a hex or a pent will fit.... Hope this helps, and hope even more that someone else will come up with a more clever idea. ¢£
  9. I'm curious about modelling a honeycomb lattice around a sphere. I was inspired by Rode's Stereo VideoMic X. Rode Stereo Videomic X
  10. Chris lund

    formZ models exchange site!

    Tech, I do think that this is one of the things that may hamper the spread of fZ. if Anton cannot continue, maybe it would be a good idea to pick it up and really get it to grow. ¢£
  11. Chris lund

    formZ models exchange site!

    apologies for never contributing more than I did at the very beginning, Had always planned to... ¢£
  12. santa

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    It faces an uphill battle, though! So called professional users tend to stick to industry standard software such as those from Adobe, Autodesk and MS (Word). The introduction of their much maligned subscription models did not result in a significant reduction of their user base either, despite all the doomsayers predicting otherwise.
  13. Tech, For a long time, in my work as an architect and designer, by default I work with 6 decimals of numeric and angles accuracy, in addition to using a very strict criteria with my working methods, both in formZ for 3D modeling and in AutoCAD for 2D drawing. This way, it's very rare that I have to deal with bad formed objects, operations that don't work or geometry with undesirable decimals, among other advantages, and it's not more slow in any way. Unfortunately, working in this more precise way with 6 or 5 decimals, when I have to edit the textures with the Edit Texture Map tool, it's very common for the numbers to show an insignificant error that doesn't match the geometry and that doesn't really mean anything. Especially for the rotation, but it also happens sometimes with the origin. So, my suggestion would be to do the same thing as with the dimensions, that is, to have the option to customize the amount of decimals you wants, or just not consider more than two decimals by default, maybe?. Best, Marcelo
  14. Gary

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Agreed about SERIF, if you built it (and build it right), they will come.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Chris lund

    A0D4 vs A0D7

    Didn't see a post of when D7 went up, and am wondering what are the tweaks? ¢£
  17. Justin Montoya

    Logitech MX3 mouse Zoom option

    If you turn off the scroll wheel in the modeling window, how do you efficiently navigate the scene? Scroll to Zoom and CTRL+Right Click+Drag are essential for navigation in formZ and I can't imagine working without it. Just curious how you are working so that we might learn something new. Cheers.
  18. Justin Montoya

    V9.0.0.1 (Build A0D4) - Detailed UI Design - Tweak Icons

    I know much of this is personal preference and it's great that formZ has the ability to allow customization, but I personally LOVE the colored Icons and details in the interface. I find it easier to quickly navigate with the added color details vs all the grey. Still, it's good you have found something that works for you. Thank you for sharing.
  19. Mike_Concentric

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    One word SERIF!
  20. After seeing yesterday this post from Hugo, I downloaded a new version (build A0D7) using the same link I received when buying the upgrade.
  21. Edit > Preferences; Modeling > Disable Scroll Wheel in Project Window
  22. AHTOH

    formZ models exchange site!

    My pleasure. I enjoyed do this for you guys. And proud to be a part of community.
  23. When I select the update search function from the menu dropdown, a dialog appears that is a bit unclear to me. Do you want to tell me that an update is available? If "yes" where or how? Anyway, nothing happens when I press OK. Besides I have a suggestion for an additional button at the input fields. See screenshot:
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