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  2. By the way I mean that after formZ 9 release we will see V-Ray Next soon after.
  3. All I know is that formZ & Maxwell Render are due for a new release very shortly and I expect there to be a new Maxwell - whatever that means, but they have taken a while to add any new updates and substantial new capabilities are expected and with V-Ray now moving rapidly towards the 'NEW' spec. So it is up to us that are keen to see Maxwell support continue to ensure that NextLimit works closely with Autodessys and and share specs now for all the new changes still unannounced from both parties. Interesting that Autodessys are in discussion to take of support for the future plugin? Does that mean that Pylon is out of the game?
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  5. Maxwell Render is for me too very important to work with.
  6. Hello Support, Thanks for providing input on this. I fully understand what you are saying about future development on the plugin. To be clear, my hope is that Autodessys would enhance the FormZ api to accommodate existing Maxwell features that are either currently unsupported or have broken over the years (support of z clipping planes for instance). This is what I believe Pylon has a tracking list for. I will reach out to Next Limit and make my desire and interest in continued integration with Z known, as well as my satisfaction with the work Ben has done to date. Thanks, Gary
  7. Thank you all for your passion on this issue. The plugin for Maxwell is owned by Next Limit and more recently maintained and improved for them by the Pylon team. While we have made a number of enhancements to the formZ API to support Maxwell over the years, we have no control over the development of the plugin itself. As the formZ API is forward compatible, the current plugin is expected function with v9 and hopefully beyond. We are in discussion with Next Limit about picking up support of the plugin for future versions of Maxwell, however we do not yet know if this will be viable. A lot will depend on how significant the changes are in the next Maxwell API and how much support we can get from Next Limit and Pylon. I encourage everyone to let Next Limit know how important this is to you. If you are into coding and interested in contributing to this effort, please let us know.
  8. But the key part is Maxwell Render is about to have a major upgrade?
  9. Last week
  10. I know Ben/Pylon has a tracking list of items Autodessys could address to further the integration between Z and Maxwell. Hopefully we will see some of these items addressed in future releases! Gary
  11. Andrew West

    Mesh Light Question

    I always wanted to ask that question as well. The weird point in space away from the mesh always throws me off when I select the mesh and then want to switch to another view to move it somewhere. The screen centers to that point first rather than the object. As for the controller I just rarely use it for transformations. For what its worth I create light bulbs by giving them an emissive material. Then I create either point or cone lights for the power which don't have those weird points out in space. I still find that emissive materials in Vray just don't work as well as they did in Maxwell. But again, there is always a work around. Which is something I have gotten used to saying a lot over the years.
  12. Andrew West

    Model no responding to Reshape

    I often have the same problem. I find it ironic that the very thing I hate about Sketchup models has been introduced into Form.z with the Reshape Tool. Namely that it allows for the creation of non planar geometry and missing geometry. I am not sure why all of a sudden the reshape tool no longer works but it is often a case of my working quickly on a model and then something random happens. If you explore the attributes of the object in question you might find that it is suddenly an open shape or non planar. Thankfully there are a lot of work arounds. The other thing I hate about Sketchup as well is the fact that people constantly build geometry from faces of existing geometry, which is also a Reshape issue. Once everything is attached to each other it makes it very difficult to both texture map and to modify. Things get messy in a hurry.
  13. Last night I had a problem with part of a model that would not respond to the Reshape tool. I tried Object and Project Doctor but could not find anything wrong with it. So I sent it to Tech Support. I had an almost immediate reply with this work around........... "What I've done is selected all of the faces on the object and used the Derive Faces tool on it. It basically split it up into ~20 objects, which I then used the Join tool to stitch back together. At this point it was essentially the exact same shape, but I still used the Object Doctor to fix any strange geometry." Great response from tech Support and this worked ok.. However, I also found I could cure the problem by exporting it as a STEP model and then reimporting it into FormZ. I suspect the problem may be that the model ended up being composed of faces rather than solids, although the Attribute menu stated it was a solid. Exporting it as a STEP rebuilt it into a solid. Useful work arounds for anyone with similar problems.
  14. Shibui Design

    New material naming

    +1 to this. Never understood why it behaves the way it does.
  15. Tech

    Are there any future updates for FormZ?

    Hello, Though we aren't directly integrated with Unreal, TwinMotion, or Lumion, form•Z files can be exported into various different formats to work in each: Unreal: DWG, FBX, IGES, 3DM, SAT, STEP. TwinMotion: FBX, DAE, DWG Lumion: DAE, FBX, DWG, DXF, 3DS, OBJ We are working on incorporating BIM information into our importers but currently do not have a timeline for when it will be included. We will support VRay Next shortly after the version 9 release.
  16. bbuxton

    Are there any future updates for FormZ?

    Unreal Studio imports Step, SAT etc via the Datasmith Plugin for Unreal. FormZ exports FBX and OBJ both of which work well with UE4. FormZ supports VRay For BIM and links to other systems like TwinMotion and Lumion, you are better off using Vectorworks or Archicad on a Mac or giving in to Autodesk subscriptions if you are Windows-based. Rhino is good if like me you need to work with point clouds it also has a live link to Lumion. The alternatives are unlikely to match FormZ for fast concepting, but for links to other software and current architectural workflows maybe you need something else to run alongside FormZ. My set up is to go from FormZ to Modo via the Power-Translators plugin. Modo has a direct connect with Unreal.
  17. Maybe Pylon could chime in? After all, he did create the Maxwell plugin for FormZ..
  18. Don't worry Maxwell Render development has been occurring in the background and I believe you will see very shortly a major new release of Maxwell Render. By the way it was never the formZ team that developed the Maxwell plugin as time marches on both programs formZ & Maxwell need some updates. All we can ask is that they are talking with the plugin developer so it is ready when their major updates get released shortly. formZ & Maxwell Render continue...
  19. •Martin

    New material naming

    If you look at the image below, I just created a new project material by dragging "Brick 8" from the library onto the materials palette. As soon as I did that I would like the material name to automatically update to "Brick 8" rather than remain as "Material 6."
  20. Tech

    New material naming

    Could you help me to understand what you mean by "have default naming be the name?" What should the name default to instead in your opinion?
  21. Andrew West

    Lamp Shade

    If you watch this video you will understand what I am after and why I need it:
  22. •Martin

    New material naming

    When creating a new material have default naming be the name in the library rather than "Material 1, Material 2, etc."
  23. Smarttec

    Example Images

    Looking very good but still needs substantial noise reduction
  24. ariel

    U unique Layer Naming issue

    Hi z, thanks. I think it is an essential element in organizing project files. I would sure love to see that happen. bare in mind that the mobile app (which is amazing btw) needs to be updated accordingly for it supports single layers right now. So will definitely have a conflict there. ariel
  25. Tech

    U unique Layer Naming issue

    That is a legitimate suggestion! As of right now the layers will need to have unique names, but this would make a nice improvement. Thank you for your feedback! If you have any more, please submit them to support@formz.com.
  26. Hi, I am a Japanese architectural CG designer. FormZ is not compatible with recent architectural CG software such as UE4 unreal studio, twinmotion, LUMION and BIM. 3dsmax, sketchup, rhino and c4d correspond to them. I have been using FormZ for a long time, so the late appearance of FormZ is very disappointing. Will FormZ not develop UE4 unreal studio, twinmotion, LUMION and vray next from now on? As a result, I am wondering whether to change the software used in the main modeling from FormZ.
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