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  1. R2D2


    You've lost me - I don't understand your point. If you don't want shift, disable it in preference settings ? a bientôt
  2. R2D2


    Hi JL, Luckily I don't have to do this - so forgive me if its not suited to your specific problem - a few things to try: ( I only tested this on a bunch of simple objects though) Shift picking (pick tool) multiple objects and then using "copy attributes" from another object works for me. (But maybe due to it not being imported geometry) - There also is a copy attributes options window which is not seen in your screencast - maybe check what is set there, see pic Usually in V9 I would just select all, hit color and then use map texture to map them all in one go. (this has worked for me using data smith aswell) If you really need UV and the V6 tool (I never used it again) my guess is you have to go and join your desired branches into one object first, and then use "map Texture classic" on it. Finally - isn`t placing trees one of the major strengths of Twinmotion ? (just a thought)
  3. Bump - what is the latest OS X that can run 6.7.3 and WIBU ?
  4. R2D2

    frustration 3d modelling

    kinda hard to follow: this ? in V9.2
  5. R2D2

    fz 9.2?

    I think ADS have done a great job aligning the "look" of the Win/OSX appearance for FMZ. However, given the choice I still prefer the OS X Version, as Icons and Text and general appearance still seems a bit smoother/refined. (for no apparent reason; or because I don't know a fix in Win for that ?) I was hoping that Win 11 would bring a better style for the palette windows but it seems to be the same so far. Observations in 9.2: The closing (red dots) buttons on palettes in OS X have become egg-shaped, in Win resizing the working window resizes the main icon palette it seems. Here are two screens from the same Laptop, BigSur and Win11.
  6. R2D2

    fz 9.2?

    9.2 has been working well so far - thx. Now playing around with the "mobile install": FZ 9.2 plus Vray floating window on the iPad via sidecar... 🙂
  7. Looking good...thanks !
  8. I have not used Illustrator in a long time but it used to be able to import DWG . Heres two quick shots: 1.: FZ Layout Frame, 2.: DWG export opened in Vectorworks (>export dwg, not >export image/dwg) This maintains scale, thickness, style/colour it seems, so it might be worth trying DWG instead of eps. Some cleanup (triangulation) has to be done still but for a quick shot its not bad. Also try the different settings for Graphics in the "Frame Parameters" in Layout. Once you have this set up it will always auto update from your modeling file after you hit save.
  9. I think from V6 on there are no shaded view surfaces to export anymore. Exporting to .eps from a hidden line view directly out of FZ will give vectors but no scale (line/dash, no surfaces) From Layout you will also get colors and scale, but still no fillings - it takes a moment but works quite well, and once setup will auto update which is nice.
  10. Some years later...Bump... 😆 Also the "Profiles_Diagrams.tif" previews seem nor to appear in 9.1 - is this a common issue ?
  11. Test from 9.1 export 2700/1760 to jpg here;
  12. Also check the image options, if your graphics card is somewhat newer and you have 2-3 seconds of patience this allows for much higher resolution output. (may need better mapping quality and check for line-thicknesses) Is that what you're looking for ?
  13. R2D2

    union bug

    Maybe you accidentally moved the upper points of the long roof ? If you don't want to move/rotate all stuff around (and assuming the gable is meant to be centered) extrude the bottom face by 20cm (to point on side) then use "offset segment" (snap to mid of the new object), then move that segment up. Edit: the boolean is still odd: reason is that the bottom Face is not rectangular, one of the long sides is 2mm shorter than the other... fix that and it should work.
  14. So the „Short story“ is: „can I haz your filez....“ ?
  15. The issue is this dialog that I guess many longtime users have experienced; Script: Actor 1: „What 3D Software are you using“ Grumpy old man: „FormZ“ „Oh, what’s this ?“ „It’s software I can do a lot of cool stuff with; like ….this…that…also this …and even that too, plus this…., and… „(Continues) „WTF - awesome - why didn’t´I even know about FormZ?“