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  1. R2D2

    New update 9.0.6

    I have no reference file but 135MB FZ file works fine here. Radeon RX570 , Catalina Have you tried turning off the "snap to key point" snaps - I found this helps performance
  2. R2D2

    Dimension tool sooooo slow

    Hm not for me... are you using Build A286 ? Win/OSX?
  3. Same problem on OS X: the install needs to go into: "/Applications/formZ 9/FormZ 9.0 pro/plugins" But it installs into: "/Applications/formZ 9/plugins" and does not work from there. Same problem occurs when installing Vray. I also dragged those folders over and it worked then.
  4. Installed - hope I'll find the time to figure out how it works... 👍
  5. Twinmotion has a 25% discount till end of 2020.... I'm tempted.... Is there a timeframe for V1 release of the Plug-in yet?
  6. R2D2

    Inspector Palette Alternative

    y. e. s. please...
  7. I have been doing some work with FZ to dynamo/revit, and FZ does a great job exporting ACIS/SAT/DWG files for that purpose. My skills in revit are very limited, and it really is a pain to do even basic modeling there. (that is , for me...) That said I think FZ could have a potential use for revit customers, and I was wondering if it might be a smart move to add ACIS/SAT V7 import/export to FZfree. Revit can make use of V7 SAT files (and FZ is even mentioned on their homepage😲) Note: Revit imports ACIS ® solids from SAT ® files. SAT file formats later than version 7.0 do not import into Revit. Determine which version your solid modeling program creates. Some solid modeling products (such as form-Z ®) create SAT file formats later than version 7.0 by default. Revit users/offices already spend approx. 300$ per month and seat, so maybe the hurdle to then buy Jr. or Pro is not as high. The revit user base is huge and maybe that way FZ could start to connect to the world of BIM-users somehow (at least before .rfc file format etc. come into FZ). (or maybe at least step into competition with sketchup importing into revit...) I know FZs team is maintaining 6 different versions now (Pro/Jn./Free, for WIN and Osx) and this is of course not meant to cannibalize any given logic within that. Just a thought.
  8. R2D2

    V build A26A

    I am also using and OS X Catalina now and it works quite well. No considerable lag, it feels quite snappy actually. I also loved V6 and for v9 have taken out the action palette off the top, saving some screen space. Imo the inspector thing has to be worked out, but for most of the rest all seems to work fine.
  9. Pleas ADS just put a text info on the homepage saying "latest Version: 9.06 Build xyz..." I just did a fresh install and found this version (as always) comes in when you use the download link from the purchasing email. BTW there seems to be a new Vray version also, it now says Vray 3.6.8 - I also didn't know that. (this downloads using the chaosgroup sales email) Installed now (Catalina still) Keep it up...👍
  10. Lyric topo...v9 test: Backsaved to v8.6: all works fine no delay whatsoever selection or not. In V9.04 I get a micro delay as setz described when "inspector in the dock with selection + tool option in the dock", but nothing compared to the delay shown in the youtube clips. (same with both palletes dragged out of dock) Making an extra "inspector" palette doesn't seem useful to me; I`d rather have the old-fashioned Query tool back and set it to a shortcut as in v2 to v6 (or keep it as in V8) I only do minimal adjustments to the default workspace; my screen is 2560/1440pix; MacOSX Mojave, Xeon 3,33; Radeon RX 570 4 GB.
  11. I am on OSX - but this seems to work in a combination of spline and straights: So its two steps; draw curve (close), then reshape.
  12. My guess is you have to draw your 2D shape on the surface without "insert", close it in the end, and the use the imprint tool. Click your closed curve, click object. Then push pull as desired.
  13. I am not sure I understand correctly - so basically it works, but it is the auto-closure of the shape (the knot being already there) that is annoying you ?