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  1. Timgarner-10, You don't need to redo everything. Bringing your formZ models to Lumion via sketchup retains the textures. Now, Vray materials are a different matter. Once in Lumion you can tweak the materials as you want, but at least you already objects texture mapped and the materials just need a little tweaking. Also, Lumion comes with it's own library of materials. like glass, wood, metal, etc. Animation is very easy. Just a matter of creating snap shots by moving the camera where you want it. Lumion creates a path based on this. You can edit them after the fact and refine them.
  2. Forgot to mention. Lumion's renderings are almost as good as Vray's, except they take a couple of minutes at most. Even when they are over 7k pixels wide. The advantage of Lumion is its large library of assets. In my case, trees, shrubs, flowers, cars, and people make Lumion very attractive. Files can get large though. I have a model of a five acre project. Complete with three buildings, parking, planting, cars and people. Some of planting has heavy geometry, yet it is still easy to navigate (must have a higher end video card). My project is 1.1 GB.
  3. As new options to render within FormZ come along, I have tried quite a few of them. One of them, which I think can be very powerful and convenient, is rendering in Lumion. While the software is expensive, it makes rendering and doing walkthroughs painless. Since it's so fast and intuitive (once you get the hang of it) it's virtually stress free. To use Lumion now I export my model via Sketchup. Once in Sketchup, using the Live feature, I am able to update my Lumion model by updating parts of my sketchup model. Having the Live feature incorporated straight into FormZ would be great!
  4. allanjl

    Export as 3DM file

  5. allanjl

    FBX export - no layers

    Rich F. I have been writing Sketchup files from FormZ. Most of the time it is painless. Sometimes, if I've wrote several files to skp from Z, FormZ seems to get stuck in an endless loop writing the file. I have no idea why. A computer reboot seems to fix the problem. But if you want layers and textures via Sketchup, this works very well 95% of the time.
  6. allanjl

    Shaded full shadows through glass

    AsOne, another option to have objects not cast shadows in full shaded as well as in Vray, is to uncheck "cast shadows" under the object's attributes.
  7. allanjl

    Shaded full shadows through glass

    Justin, Self illumination can be achieved by setting the material's reflection to constant. I believe this is default when you use the billboard tool.
  8. allanjl

    Learning Form Z 9

    I remember seeing some of those videos and they excellent. I think for me, the biggest difference from 6.7.3 to 9 is the fact that in v.9 FormZ is really meant to be worked on in shaded mode. It's far more graphically oriented than 6.7.3. Watch the videos from Evan Troxel. They will be very helpful.
  9. allanjl

    Example Images

    Jaakko, are the two last images photos of the finalized project?
  10. allanjl

    Example Images

    Awesome work! Looks like you enjoyed it too.
  11. allanjl

    Palette dock FZ v9

    David, Your palettes look very messy. Even though I'm not on a Mac, I have never had such a mess of palettes. Have you tried resetting the workspace? I used to work on a mac daily, until last year. Now only sporadically; and I never had such messed up palettes. Something is definitely wrong. I would try reinstalling the program.
  12. allanjl

    Roaming controler

    No solution yet that I'm aware of. That bug annoys the heck out of me too.
  13. allanjl

    Palette dock FZ v9

    Do you have your latest video driver installed. Have you restarted your machine?
  14. allanjl

    Maxwell Cloud Rendering

    That sounds really good. It's very encouraging. I will eventually buy Maxwell for my own business. Meanwhile, by full time employer doesn't have the need for it.
  15. allanjl

    Bergen, Norway

    Very nice! I found, from personal experience, that in China they can make just about anything.