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  1. allanjl

    Private Residence

    Very nice. I wonder... It looks like it might be Render Zone. Is it?!
  2. allanjl

    Private Residence

    Very nice. I wonder... It looks like it might be Render Zone. Is it?! Never mind, I see it was Maxwell.
  3. allanjl

    Clones - Latest Build 10163

    Yes! Great questions. I've been meaning to verbalize the same for a while. One thing I've noticed is that transforming a clone will only affect that object, and not the other clones. If the object is a controlled object, and you edit one of it's parameters, the cloning function DOES work.
  4. I just sent this email to Support: Recently I posted on the forum about how stable formZ has become. I was very pleased until the last couple of days. I’m modelling the interiors for a hotel lobby. Lots of repetitive furniture, light fixtures etc. So to expedite I began using clones and grouped tables and chairs etc. This was the worst thing I could have done!! After reopening the file formZ told me 60 or more objects were corrupt. I began noticing many objects were missing. These objects had been grouped before, but now many of the objects were gone! Before you think it’s some bad geometry I created, notice this: I opened the same file with version 8.5.7 and only about 20 objects were corrupt. How can I meet deadlines when 30% of the geometry I created disappears?! You guys need to get your act together and fixed this program. Don’t offer clones or groups unless you test them thoroughly and eliminate these devastating bugs. Of course, my boss only looks at his bottom line, he thinks I’m the problem, not your program. I have sent the files before to you, only to be told they are very big files and I need to isolate the problem. Sorry, no, you need to isolate the problem. You will see when I send the file that there are no serious issues with the geometry, there are issues with the program. Allan
  5. allanjl

    form•Z 8.6.3 Update Released

    Yes. Although my perception of formZ is a bit skewed since I used to run formZ using a preference file that caused tons of issues before, I must say, this latest release is almost rock solid. I've been waiting for this for a long time. Congratulations Autodessys!.
  6. allanjl

    form•Z 8.6.3 Update Released

    I completely agree!
  7. allanjl

    Dark Ui

  8. allanjl

    8.6 bugs

    Hi everyone. In response to some of the comments about stability: Not long ago I was plagued by stability problems on windows. So I started using the mac. I was surprised at how stable it was! Night and day compared to working on windows 10. Finally, I realized the key of the problem lied in PREFERENCE FILES. I STOPPED using them. FormZ is sooooooo unstable with them. Even if you create a brand new one from scratch. I tried and tried different options, but got tired of repeated crashes and hang ups. Even on the mac, that by the way it was only stable, because I had forgotten to load up my preferences. Key idea here is: DO NOT USE A CUSTOM PREFERENCE FILE. Stick to defaults. It is very unfortunate, because the dirty, dingy, ugly, yellowish default background is terrible graphically, but it's better than having formZ crash every five minutes. Allan.
  9. allanjl

    Setting render resolution for Maxwell

    Thank you all! The scale control works great. Regarding Studio, the file was last worked on in studio, then saved. After it would crash studio when trying to open it again. If I get a chance, I'll send it to next limit. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks Justin, but I think my point is not the objects were placed inaccurately. It's that some smooth objects, that have planar, parallel geometry, are not measured accurately by the measure between tool. In my work, it is a fact of life that I must work in models created in other software; in this case rhino. The fact that the object was placed .000389 cm off, should not yield a 10cm error by the tool above. I know I have found other smooth objects with faces that are not reported correctly by the measure between tool. Since I'm always in a hurry and jumping from project to project, I haven't been able to take the time to report them as an issue, but I will in the future. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. Allan
  11. Greetings all, When rendering in maxwell, I used to send my files to Studio from FormZ, make adjustments then render to maxwell. I have found that in maxwell version 4.2.x this work flow is no longer reliable (studio will crash repeatedly). So lately I have been using maxwell's plugin the way it was intended, namely sending the render job directly from formZ. One disadvantage I've found is that maxwell will render to match whatever resolution you set your image size in formZ. This is not a very good solution when you have a very big model, and you want to test render.. You have to set your screen resolution small then send it to render. Of course, since you're also modelling, then the screen resolution cannot be small... So I find myself going back and forth between large and smaller screen resolutions. I know what you're thinking: That's what fire is for!... Well, not really. If you use fire, it cannot handle complex scenes, (it's just too slow) and you cannot really see what's going on. Well, maybe you get the picture. I find myself wishing to have a place to set the render resolution without affecting my screen resolution when sending the job to render in maxwell. Maybe this is already something in the works? If so, great! If not, maybe it should be considered? Thanks, Allan
  12. Thanks for the information Marcelo. I didn't know that duplicate points could be so nefarious! I suppose I need to check my model constantly to make sure there aren't even duplicate points so that when I use that tool it outputs the correct information. Of course this is easier said than done, especially given the fact that I share models with other people who use other 3d programs. Allan.
  13. Thanks Vva, Obviously you recreated the object. What still baffles me though is why wasn't it working properly to begin with? I rely on this tool on an everyday basis, and it's scary to think that it may not give me the right result depending on the object's integrity. As I said before, I ran the object doctor on the previous object, it fixed it, and yet, the tool was still producing the wrong output. Thank you all again for helping.
  14. Vva, Yes you're right, one of the objects did have some problems. But after fixing it with object doctor, and measuring between the faces, the distance is still 1.900m, which is still 10 cm off. Thanks Marcelo. In architecture, 0.000389 cm is too small to be signficant. Regardless of the high accuracy, the distance is still wrong. Please see the attached screen captures. It's obvious something is not working right. Thank you all for your input. Measure.zip
  15. Hi Vva, The measure between measures from top to bottom? You mean it measures in between objects, not faces? I specifically selected faces. Isn't that the way one should measure, face to face, not object to object? Something doesn't seem right to me here. I have created two slabs. Each 1' thick. I move one 10' away from another. I pick the faces that are 10' apart. It works as expected; giving me a result of 10', not 11' So if that works, why would it work any differently with two slabs that are more complex with rounded corners and holes. Both of the these complex objects are well formed. I guess Support is too busy to look into this?