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  1. I did some test renders on a larger file. It crashed after a few tests. This maybe due to the fact that I was on a different computer with different paths for the resource textures and vray files.
  2. I am not using it on my everyday workflow. I don't want to take that risk. I have been testing it after work on a separate machine.
  3. I agree. It seems stable. I will test with some old files I have rendered before and report. It seems the lightmix parameter shows after the image is completed. It seems it wasn't showing up before. I will check further though.
  4. Sweeeet! I have my hopes up for this!
  5. allanjl

    Measure Distance Curve

    Simpler yet: Once you have your curved segment selected, simply look at or open your inspector palette. Under the info tab, look at Length.
  6. allanjl

    [Q] Scenes palette weirdness

    Does not occur on my PC. Do you have your latest video drivers installed?
  7. allanjl

    V-Ray update

    YES!!!! Finally. Almost bought the latest Maxwell Render. I'm glad I held off. Second thought, may still buy Maxwell later anyway.🤣
  8. HI Pobo. I never use the cone of vision anymore. I find it awkward and time-consuming and also extremely slow. Instead, I simply go to "view" on the menu. Go to 3 point perspective. Then hit F11 which takes me to the view parameters palette. I change my focal length to 18 mm for wide angle or a larger number, never over 35 mm - personal preference. Then I orbit around until I am close to the view I want using the set view tool, left of the "eye" buttom on the top of the screen. Then I like to use the walkthrough tool (to the right of the eye) and set my camera to about 5' and make sure I hit the "look straight ahead" button on the tool options for walkthrough. That sets my camera completely horizontal so I get no distortion. From there I use the walkthrough and "eye" (swivel) tool to fine tune. This works mech faster than the edit cone of vision.
  9. Very nice! Is it a showroom? The only thing I think I would do differently is that I would use a warmer light. After all, it's for home use. Other than that, I think it's awesome!
  10. allanjl

    v9 performance issues

    I must admit that I haven't used that tool for a long time. Ever since V. 8 came about, I find it a bit superfluous. I move my camera in shaded mode using the different tools made for that purpose, and if really need to see where the camera is in the scene, I turn on the camera, go to wireframe, and use the move tool accordingly. Nevertheless, I can see that all of the benefits of the cone of vision are not available by using shaded mode alone. Support, please fix this.
  11. Yes I am on windows 10 pro. I went through the plugin path and so forth before and I did it again. When I first installed it, it did warn me that some redistributables didn't install correctly. That's why I installed it again. At this point I have reinstalled 3 times to no avail... I will try my other windows 10 machine and will let you know.
  12. I hate to be the one guy here who is having trouble, but after installing the plugin, I do not see "Datasmith" as an export option in the form.Z export menu. I checked, and the plugin has been put in my plugin folder. However, It doesn't show up as an export option. I have rebooted, but still no dice. Any advice will be appreciated.
  13. What type of glass material did you use in Maxwell? It looks to me a bit like a Renderzone rendering. I don't mean this to sound like a derogatory remark.
  14. allanjl

    New update 9.0.6

    I've already contacted support over this. But I thought I'd bring it up in case anyone else is experiencing the same issue. 2D reference objects in previous projects do not show up on v. 9.0.6. They're simply gone. Their layers are still there, but the 2D geometry is gone.
  15. allanjl

    New update 9.0.6

    I seem to have issues deleting geometry with this version. Selecting an object and hitting de delete key, doesn't seem to work. More alarming, and definitely needing a fix: 99% of my 2D plans saved as a layer inside my model have disappeared. Yes, disappeared! PLEASE FIX THIS. I reverted to the previous version. Cannot work without my 2D cad plan layers. Windows 10.