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  1. Des

    Edit Cone of Vision Crash

    Thanks for letting us know 👍🏻
  2. Des

    Edit Cone of Vision Crash

    I use Edit cone of vision every day on really large files without any crashes. I use FormZ on three machines (2013 iMac, 2020 iMac, and 2017 MacbookPro), no crashes on any of them. Just wondering if you dump your prefs and try again. Also, try contacting support through email, you are more likely to get back to you. They usually respond fairly quickly.
  3. Thanks for that Brian although I haven't had any time to play with TM for a while. I think I have to try to improve my TM materials skills before going down that route so I will probably need to get a high end graphics machine just to be able to see how materials look in Ultra setting. Regards, Des
  4. I've no idea if this helps or not. FormZ only exports (in datasmith) textures from the shaded version of the materials. I use Maxwell render so all my materials are referenced mxm material files. They are represented in shaded view in FormZ by the diffuse map but not other maps such as bump, specular etc. So when I am exporting from FormZ using datasmith, I have to make sure that all the materials have the bump maps, specular maps loaded in the Shaded version of the material so they are exported correctly. Maybe this is the same with the Vray materials? Not sure if this has anything to do with your query or not. Des
  5. So good, thanks for sharing! Well done!
  6. Des

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Best wishes to everyone, enjoy the holidays ! Des
  7. Don't know how I missed this until now, it's excellent... https://youtu.be/Z3Czf6csRHQ
  8. Actually, scrap my last post. It's obviously able to run on newer OS's than El Capitan (10.11) seeing that the thread is titled for a hot fix for High Sierra (10.13) 🙄
  9. Not sure, but I think El Capitan. I screen grabbed this just now on one of my older machines... I can't upgrade to any newer OS on that machine so can't be sure.
  10. It just worked for me by putting in the license info from the original registration emails. I have two licenses over three desktops and one laptop, all can run at the same time. I didn't have to contact support (if I remember correctly).
  11. I believe one license allows two computers regardless of platform. Des
  12. Des

    fz 9.2?

    I just did the update yesterday morning and working on a new project. So far everything seems to be working just fine, if anything it seems to be running snappier. Happy so far.. Des
  13. Des

    Apple Silicon M1

    This is very promising, thanks David & ZTEK for sharing.