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  1. Des

    wip & recent renders

    Wait.... Lumion with FormZ? That's so impressive. Beautiful design, modelling, texturing and modelling, well done!
  2. Des

    formZ models exchange site!

    Anything I've uploaded for sharing here was modelled completely in FormZ by me, I'm pretty sure anyone else who's uploaded here is the same. Once the person who created the model is happy sharing then no problem. I wouldn't advise taking someone else's model, whether from another program/website even if altered in FormZ and re-sharing it. That wouldn't be fair.
  3. Des

    New material naming

    Temporary workaround for that is to use your maps as billboards, the image names come in exactly in the materials palette.. Then delete the billboards and edit the imported materials to suit. Des
  4. Des

    form•Z 9 beta

    YES 😂
  5. Des


    I get the texture map to update by > In material parameters select shaded > Select the reflection tab > Change the Specular Factor to something different and back again. Works 99% of the time. I believe the Specular factor has a lot to do with slowing up responsiveness in materials as well. So as I normally use referenced Maxwell materials, I almost always turn the specular factor to zero in the shaded view. But even when set to zero I still have to use the specular slider to get the previews to update as above.
  6. Des

    STEP Import not available!!!!

    Go to the Extension Menu > Extensions manager and see if the STEP translator loaded and is switched on...
  7. Des

    Thumbnail Preview

    Not sure about the windows version, but with the Mac version you only have to switch to icon view to see the thumbnails.
  8. Des

    Example Images

    Gonna have to get my act together with vray 🤔
  9. Des

    Missing Tools from 6.7.3

    I see what you mean, there are more options for the parallel tool in version 6.7.3. Maybe if you use the thicken tool which has some of those options. And then copy the resultant faces, undo the thicken and then paste the faces back? You are correct though, there are some handy tools from v6.7.3 which are not in v8.6.5 but there are many workarounds and other options. Des
  10. Des

    Missing Tools from 6.7.3

    Hi Walter, 1) Yes, go to workspace Rendering/Animation and it's the "Deform" tools. 2) Yes, go back to the Modelling workspace and it's in the "Derive 2" tools.
  11. Yes, I really hope FormZ V9 comes out soon along with something from Maxwell. I've really tuned my workflow over the years for the two. I'm still playing with Vray but still haven't included it into my workflow yet, I should really get my skates on! Regarding Maxwell Render; even though it gets a bad rap with rendering speed, it has a very quick setup directly from Fz and some killer functions. Namely, multiLight, instances etc. The scatter function (for planting etc.) is so good. It doesn't slow up the FormZ model at all as they only come into play at rendering time. I mentioned in another thread that Maxwell are very much alive on Twitter & LinkedIn and seem to be posting more often so hopefully that's a good omen. Fingers crossed for the future.. Des
  12. Maybe Pylon could chime in? After all, he did create the Maxwell plugin for FormZ..
  13. Yup, me too for Maxwell still being supported as well as V-ray 🖖
  14. Des

    Piano WIP

    Thanks for your comments guys. Here's an update with the stool added. This is up for sale now on turbosquid Des