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  1. Des

    V9 update

    PAL, I did what you described and I'm getting something similar to what you're getting. Basically 'parameters > dimensions are not highlighted to be able to just tab and type in the dims without having to click into one box for it to be selected. I've never had to do this anyway so it really doesn't affect me at all in my general day to day modelling and I'm not sure it's supposed to work that way either. But get this, I had the same versions of two licences of FormZ Pro on two separate iMacs prior to this latest update. Both with the same OS (catalina) but with different graphics cards. One with NVidea GeForce GTX 775M 2BG (7 years old) and the other with an AMD Radeon Pro 5300 4GB (newer). The general dimension boxes at the top of the workspace acted differently on the two machines. On the older machine the highlighted boxes worked as expected and I could change the highlighted box by tabbing. On the newer machine I couldn't which was a real pain having to select with my mouse. But after this latest FormZ update they are both working as expected i.e.. dimensions box is highlighted and tabbing between them works fine). So I guess that was one thing that was fixed... đź‘Ź
  2. Des

    V9 update

    Did anyone else notice that ADS just dropped an update to V9? I've been using it for the last couple of hours and haven't spotted anything different so must be a bugs update.. Des
  3. Des

    Export as 3DM file

    +1 Makes sense
  4. Glad it worked for you AsOne. It would be nice if this could be done at material level while working in Shaded Full. What would be really cool would be visible reflections on glass/mirror materials. Des
  5. You can place the glass on a separate layer, use layer override so the layer does not cast shadows but is still visible..
  6. Des

    what's new webinar

    Woah! Incredible model that Setz!
  7. Des


    Really? RenderZone is not supported? It's still for sale in the shop as part of the bundle. It may be pretty out of date but it still good for some things.
  8. I'd suggest modelling one yourself keeping in mind that trees by their nature are full of overhangs. Most 3d printers can't do overhangs very well. A trunk with some basic branches at a steep angle as a placeholder for sticking some moss to maybe?
  9. Des

    Example Images

    Very nicely done Jaako đź‘Ź
  10. Cycles looks great, thanks for posting. Supports Cuda & OpenCL as well which is good news (GPU rendering for both Nvidia & Radeon). I agree, this is the way forward, especially being multi-platform.
  11. I usually don't upgrade to new OS's for a long time after they're released, I only just upgraded to Catalina a couple of months ago. But with that said, I'm sure ADS are already working on it and your post will give them a heads ups. Des
  12. Des

    Paste in place

    Agreed.. This would be a great feature. I copy and paste on a regular basis just as you described from imported drawings where the data is kilometres from the origin (usually survey drawings). For years I've been able to work around it but it would be nice to be able to do as you say. Just a quick tip using the "Add Reference File" function; This is useful when I get DWG files with xrefs Import the main dwg, > when it's imported move your cursor over the part you want at the 0,0,0 origin, > write down the coordinates at the top left of your screen, > close the file and save. Go to "Add Reference File" in the file menu, > select the file you saved and you'll be prompted with the placement coordinates, > put in the coordinates you wrote down with a minus in front and the file will be placed over your origin. Do the same for all the xrefs and they will all go in place. Any future updates to those dwg imports will automatically update. I usually do a bit of cleaning of the imported files first to get rid of unwanted rubbish and the stupid amount of layers that come with Acad files. Des
  13. Des

    render a deformed cube

    In my experience this is down to object resolution so by converting it you inadvertently increased the res. But you'd need to upload the original model to really tell what's going on. One question about the design. The sides of the object looks concave which is expected when twisting an object such as this (parabola effect). If you want the sides to be at 90Âş, then copy one of the large faces (already twisted) delete the object, paste the face and add thickness. You can add different materials to faces by pressing the command key in conjunction with the paint tool.
  14. Thanks for that setz, I didn't know it existed.