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  1. Des


    Surely this is not a question of your opinion of 3d software? Vray is a new implementation in FormZ and obviously needs tweaking, give it time. My advice.. get another job, nobody should be forced to do anything...
  2. Des

    macOS Mojave

    Thanks PAL, I've updated one of my machines and so far so good.. ?
  3. Des

    macOS Mojave

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has upgraded to MacOS Mojave yet and used FormZ with it? Cheers, Des
  4. Des

    forum update complete

    Works very well on desktop and devices. Great stuff ADS ??
  5. Hi Spanner, It displays fine on my machines, have you contacted Support directly? Just thinking out loud, maybe try playing with the Fz OpenGL preferences? Try toggling the Multi Threading and Advanced OpenGL. Don't know if that would help though...
  6. Des

    surface from segments

    As per Shibui's description, use the join in the Edit palette. But unless the points of the shape are planer, it won't automatically create a surface. I've list a few methods among many below for non-planer surfaces. Assuming the wire edges are all joined to one object. 1. "Cover Wire" tool in the "Derive 3" palette which will make a smooth surface. This can then be converted to a nurbs surface if you want. 2. "Nurbs by boundary curve tool". 3. Facetted surface by using the "triangulate tool" using your preferred triangulation option. 4. "Cap tool" in the Derive 3 palette. There are other ways depending on what you want. Hope this helps, Des
  7. It's running very smooth, happy is me
  8. Des

    forum Sign In link

    hello stranger
  9. There is a migration guide video which might help you.. It's old but even still... http://www.formz.com/webinars/webinars_html/formZ_Fast_6_to_7.html I switched years ago and although I missed some things in v6, I'm happier overall with the latest version and have no reason to go back. Modelling is way quicker now. Des
  10. Des

    2d people

    Just do a search for "cutout people". There's loads out there, just make sure they're transparent (png for example) or with an alpha channel. Here's one I found just now https://visualizingarchitecture.com/cutout-people-2017/ Then just apply the texture to a flat upright surface of the same proportion and select align to camera in FormZ so they always face you. Hope this helps Des
  11. In addition to Setz suggestions, you could try leaving your screen resolution in FormZ to what ever your preferred final size is. Then when you want to do a test render, in the Display Options > Maxwell > Image > Scale, set it to 50% or 25% for example. It's easy to just switch it back when you are doing your final image. Des
  12. Objects which have been Subdivided have there own equivalent known as iterations, the default is 3 iterations. Once you click on the subdivided object with the SubD tool, the info is displayed in the Tool Options palette. You can also play with the sharpness of the whole object or individual points/edges/faces as long as the object has been selected with the subdivide tool.. Des
  13. Des

    animation score palette

    Sorry about the multiple attachments, there's something weird happening when I try to post..
  14. Des

    animation score palette

    I believe the "score" palette is the area to the left of the Animation Editor pallette. You may also wish to switch workspace to Rendering/Animation so you can access the animation tools. It works exactly the same as v6. Hope this helps.. Des