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  1. Des

    Paint tool

    Yes, it is great. I use it a lot for placing plants on a ground surfaces.
  2. Des

    undos are still broken

    I'm just wondering if you have your undos set to use Unlimited or not. I have mine set to 12 operations and don't get any problems. When I'm sometimes working on very large files (especially with imported data) I can get a slowdown on functions, but resetting the undo/redo solves that instantly. Des
  3. Des

    Useful time wasting WIP

    Hi John, I just got around to sending the file to Anton so he can share it on the https://www.formz.xyz site, but if you need it quicker, PM me and I'll send you a direct download link. It's way too large for posting here. I had to remove some of the wood textures as they are arroway textures which I'm not allowed to share but I'm sure you have plenty of your own. The rest are maxwell materials. The file is large so I set all objects to low resolution to try to reduce it, but you can increase again if required. Des
  4. Des

    Useful time wasting WIP

    Sure John and thanks Allan! I'll post it with Anton on the form-models site so anyone can have it. Give me a few days as I'm kind of holidaying at the moment cos of my towns racing festival is on and so on.... Remember though that this is a snooker table, not a pool table. Snooker tables are 12' x 6' (very big!)... Dezzzz
  5. Seeing that I'm in between work at the moment and was watching some world championships snooker on tv, I decided to model a snooker table, so there... Happy Friday. Des
  6. What Justin said....
  7. I think the texture files are stored in the native fmz file when "Keep Textures" is selected for easy transportation but not in an export format. If it is not selected, the file is smaller but the paths to the textures can't change otherwise you have to relink. From my experience any FormZ file which is exported to another format such as FBX will have to be relinked when imported again but the materials will be there for all the objects so re-assigning the textures to those materials will need to be linked again to the textures. I also think this is normal as I have to relink textures even in another 3d package after an import. Des
  8. Very impressive sheet setz.. technical art 😮
  9. Des

    Image Options

    I think there is a limit of 2048 x 2048 when you save out from Shaded full and shaded work.
  10. Des

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    You can do that already by going to Project Settings > Appearance > Select or create and custom style > Select Pre-Pick to change the colour to green or whatever. Des
  11. Des

    .fza and .fzb

    This works fine for me when I save-as or duplicate the file. The backup file won't be saved at that moment unless you change something in the new file and then re-save, then the backup file will be written. Just change a view and back again and re-save. Des
  12. There doesn't seem to be an option to export without lights. Maybe just 'Save As' your FormZ file, delete the lights and export from the copy to keep your original intact? Des
  13. Des

    Components to Instances

    Just wondering if this might help with the creation and control of components/MXS references to instances when 9 comes out? Don't know if these are connected in any way, but to be able to use instances from the Maxwell plugin would be amazing. I'm thinking of foliage etc. Des
  14. Des

    2 Path Sweep

    I agree that the sweep tool needs some attention to make it more intuitive, but I've learned it's "personality" better so I don't have many issues. Regarding your file, the paths have similar curved radii (in fact the out path is smaller than the inner) so I think it's expected that you'll get strange results. I would approach this shape differently such as rounding (to holdline) for example. That's assuming you want the radii sweep not as ADS example (which is more of a natural sweep).
  15. Des

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Hey ADS, thanks for the update to v8.6.5. Do you think you could post the list of changes? So far today the updated version is running fine, nice and smooth.. Des