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  1. Des

    Latest Mac OS for FZ 6.73

    I have it running perfectly on one of my old Mac Pros (2008) with El Capitan (2015)
  2. Des

    [Q] Scenes palette weirdness

    Good to know.. Thanks for the follow up Pobo
  3. Des

    [Q] Scenes palette weirdness

    That's weird. Try playing with the OpenGL settings in the Preferences. There are two options, Enable Multi Threading & Use Advanced OpenGL. You could try turning them on or off but you have to re-open your project each time. I'm not sure if this will help but worth a bash..
  4. That's right, if you select a large object (say a one piece encompassing wall), it will go to the middle as you say. So probably select a window for example on the wall you want in focus. It also works on faces (command select) as well. For doing external architectural work, I usually have my maxwell camera set to F10 (depending on the sun). That gives very little depth of field so you should be good to go with that. The higher the F stop number, the less light is let in so you may have to increase the shutter exposure (smaller shutter number). But that can always be changed after in Maxwell Render at render stage even after the render is complete, just hit refresh and re-save the render image.
  5. Hi Tom, Regarding the focusing of the view for Maxwell, once I get out of Edit Cone of Vision and I'm back in the modelling window, I select a part of the model with which I want to be in focus and then go to Extensions>Maxwell Render>Focus Camera. The view doesn't change but the arrow is moved automatically to the object I want in focus. Only after that do I save the view.
  6. Unfortunately no, it'll always try to snap to the line of view and the orbit. My way around it is to zoom right in with the mouse scroll into the eye point, even though it still snaps the movement in the 3d view is then minimal. It takes a while to get used to it but I find it works well. I have to use edit cone of vision a lot because most of my work is matching perspective to photos and it's great for fine tuning. I use a similar technique (sort of) to allanjl when I don't have to match a photo.
  7. I'm afraid not, you will always have to save a new view. You can double click the saved view and alter the numeric settings, but that's just guesswork. Like you I end up with a load of views. If I have to make a small change to an existing saved view, I name it the same as the original with an "a". Then delete the original and rename the new by removing the "a". It is a little long winded but is solid. Also, when naming the view I use a system (as I have so many) like; "V3-4678-6000x4000-3pt" (ViewNo-PhotoNo-Size-PerpectiveType). The perspective type not with photo matching as they are always 3 point anyway. A long time ago the image size could be set inside the view parameters of the saved view along with some other options, I miss that. Tbh, it's not so bad so long as you have a good naming convention. Des
  8. Des

    Decals in FormZ/Maxwell

    Another suggestion would be to open your Maxwell material editor (mxed), then select the Browser tab, in the Material Filters on the right, scroll down and select metal in the material type. Then loads of pre-made metal materials appear on the left. Select a similar one to the metal type you need, then import it. Go back to the editor tab and the material you selected is ready to edit. You can then replace the textures to suit (say your transparent image from earlier). It's a great place to start and there are hundreds for free.
  9. Des

    Decals in FormZ/Maxwell

    Hi Tom, It's not really a decal, if you imagine a bear label or sticker, that's a decal. The technique you're using above is great for elements with none or close to no thickness such as mesh fencing, netting etc. So if your element will be seen as having thickness then modelling would be better. But regarding your question about the material, I'd make a metal material for Maxwell then just load the transparent image (alpha) you made into Opacity/Mask in the material layer. Then the visible lines will have the metal finish. Btw, you can do decals in Maxwell by using the stacking feature.
  10. Des

    Tool Manager and Tool Palette oddities

    Hi Charles, I agree. The palettes seem to have a mind of their own sometimes. I've never seen that happening though, totally crazy. I would suggest emailing ADS (support) directly with your computer & software details. ADS don't seem to be active on this forum the way they were in the past but their email support is good. Let us know how you get on.. Des
  11. I just tried this out and it's so cool. I did a little test using 3d Scanner App on my iPhone 12 pro of my sleeping dog beside me where I work. I don't think it's too bad considering I just used the low res setting for a few seconds. There were some triangles floating around but I used the separate tool and marque selected them and deleted. Make sure to turn up the Image Textures resolution (at least 2048 pixels) in Display Options. This is so much fun, thanks for posting Kim. Santa, you're being way too harsh, will you move on..
  12. Hi Burney, you could try the following to see if it helps. Turn off certain snaps, especially these; Snap to perpendicular, Snap to Intersection, Snap to Tangent. Turn Specular Factor to zero in shaded for all your materials. In the Display Options, turn off "Show line styles & weights", turn off "show Hatches" and reduce Image textures to say 512 pixels or lower. When you open the V7 file, save as V8, reopen in V8 and copy and paste wanted info into a new file, see if that helps. Smarttec is correct that the technology has moved on but you should still be able to operate at a reasonable speed. Des
  13. Dpi is kind of irrelevant, it's the actual image dimensions which are important so I don't know why it's an option in the first place. I'm not having any problems with this in v9.1.0 on any of three machines. Try setting the pixel size instead of by size and resolution to see what happens? Otherwise I can't think of any other reason.