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  1. Have you tried to email support@form.com? I find that they respond to emails every time. I use components all the time without problems (as long as I stick to my own criteria), but only in the 3d environment so I can't help in regards to Layout. Des
  2. Des

    M1 Impressions

    Thanks for sharing, I'm quite interested how they (M1 macs) would perform in our environment. I don't think that there will be any speed improvement when doing actual 3d modelling (just as long as it's not slower while running under Rosetta2), FormZ like other 3d softwares are only capable of running operations on single threads. Also, unless the software is optimised for the M1, there won't be a speed increase. There is a little article here of the M1 for cad & 3d users. It is promising that other 3d software companies have been quick to optimise for the M1, such as Maxon with Redshift. I think this is a sign that at least they have spotting the benefits of the M1 and have moved quickly. Others will follow and I hope FormZ does too (in my case Maxwell as well) and I believe AutoCad will be as well as Maya, and others such as Blender etc. Apples own software such as FinalCutPro run operations blazingly fast according to the web thingy and as others adapt and the chip evolves, it can only be beneficial to us all (there are even Twinmotion M1 tests on youtube). Can it compete with the nVidia in the future, that's the real question imho as I believe realtime rendering is becoming the norm.
  3. Des

    Maxwell 5.2 Released!

    Glad you got it sorted. Regarding the OS requirement and as mentioned in my last post, I did say that I was running the latest versions of Fz & Maxwell on one of my machines not using Big Sur. I only mentioned Big Sur as a requirement for FormZ because that's what AutoDessys say on this website in the system requirements for V9.1 while I was trying to think of a reason why your installation would not work.
  4. Des

    Maxwell 5.2 Released!

    Could be that you have GPU instead of CPU selected in the Maxwell render and Fire options, only Nvidia cards and CUDA supported I believe. Also, FormZ 9.1.0 requires Mac OS 11 (Big Sur). These could be contributing to your crashes although one of my machines (2013 iMac) is running 10.15.7 (Catalina) which seems to run Fz 9.1 with Maxwell 5.2 just fine (with GPU selection turned off of course). Hope this helps, Des
  5. The option to use TM with FormZ has given me renued optimism. I still use Fz with Maxwell mostly but to be able to make animations so quickly is great. With regard to terrain modelling, l still use the terrain tool but occasionally I literally draw a flat plane (surface) in plan, convert it to a nurbs object with around 12 x 12 controls. then I show the controls and with snap turned off and perp to ref plane selected, I move the points so it pretty much matches the supplied contours. Then I slice and dice it for kerbs and paving etc. The beauty is that they retain their control points for further manipulation. I have even used a subdivision surface for landscape and can work very well. A thing to note is with TM you need a really good and large video card to get the quality. I'm limited to an iMac with 4gb vid ram so that reflects in the quality of my animations. They recommend a card of at least 16gb for good quality. D
  6. Des

    Can you make a way for VRay to reduce render time?

    Very nice image that and thanks for sharing your technique regarding the animation, I must try that! Have you tried Twinmotion yet? That might be an option to get animations in a matter of minutes. Although to get it as sharp as your image, you'd need a super duper graphics card.
  7. Des

    Simple Snapping Question

    There are a few ways to do this. 1) Go to TOP view and with centre snap on move it to it's new position. It will only move in the XY plane because you are in TOP view. 2) With 3D Delta selected in the coordinates, snap to the centre (top or bottom) of the object, move to it's new position and tab to the Z in coordinates and hit 0. It'll move without moving in the Z axis. 3) Start moving the object (snapping to wherever on the object), hold shift to snap it to a temporary guide along whichever axis (say the X axis). You may need to move it again in the Y axis the same way. You can also draw guides and points which you can snap to as well but switching views is also very handy depending on the object. And using the "Perpendicular To Reference Plane" toggle (command) while in the move tool is also good. I tend to leave open the "Snap Options" palette where I mostly have snap to ghosted & stick to edges selected. These come to mind for me but I'm sure others will chime in with alternative methods. Des
  8. Des

    FzV9.1 HiddenLine better

    Ok, I spoke too soon. Although the Hidden Line process works fine and displays correctly on the screen, when I export to a raster format like jpg, tiff, png, targa, bmp, they all come out black. The only one that exports to an image is PDF but the image size is not what I set up the image in Image Options to be.
  9. I only managed to install the latest update on my machines a few days ago but so far I'm happy. Hidden Line display is much better with a live update to the image as it calculates. Very handy on a large model to see the progress. Des
  10. Des

    formZ Still SLOW...

    I agree with what Chris & Justin said above, the extra hardware you mentioned will not help with importing of CAD files. Usually in my experience the problems are with the cad file itself. I get autocad files from different architects on a daily basis and rarely have problems importing them. But when I do, it's always because of the bloated nature of the file, usually caused by the massive amounts of fills, hatches, trees etc. While working for a while on Revit (ugh) last year I had similar problems bringing some dwg files into that as well. The laziness of some who create files like this is astounding to me when I import these files and see the stupid amounts of layers usually caused by copying and pasting from one drawing to another over and over (got one the other day with over 800 layers!). Anyway, if I get one that is causing me problems, usually a phone call asking the creator to save a copy of the file and just copy and paste the visible entities into another file, purge and audit. You are probably only interested in the geometry anyway. The biggest culprits in my experience are the landscape designers (sorry guys!) just because of the nature of their cad files with massive amounts of trees, shrubbery and general fills.
  11. Caught by the short & curlies... 😆
  12. Des

    Live Walkthrough

    I agree. I use these tools frequently myself when sharing my screen on video meetings. The feet should disappear after the mouse button is pressed. I get around it by using my 3dconnexion controller which works great once practiced.
  13. Try "allow snap to original" in the move options
  14. The point I was making is that we shouldn't be making the comparisons that are so often with other packages on this forum. My apologies if that wasn't clear or if the prices I mentioned are not correct ( I did a quick google search). Anyway, I think that the likes of those other 3d packages are exorbitant for people (freelancers) in the arch viz industry. I certainly could not afford to be paying such large amounts per year for something like revit and max. FormZ does a lot for what we pay for (for me anyway), but I see others here constantly comparing it to other softwares which cost a lot more and have an inferior modelling tool set imho. Yes, some may do other things better than FormZ (drafting) but for me it's 3d tools are incredible for what I pay for (as an all round 3d modelling package anyway). Anyway, I've caused this to go off on a tangent with my previous post by making comparisons by which I was trying to make the point of not making comparisons, so my bad. 😕 Ok, I'm confused now... More coffee...