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  1. brianharvey

    Cylindrical mapping problems

    (I wasnt sure if I should start a new topic or join on to the end of this one..) The problem I'm finding with cylinders and texture maps is when I reopen the model after saving - the cylinder has lost it's texture or the texture has moved. This mostly happens on cylinders and I've found myself having to draw a curved surface of a similar radius infront of the cylinder and texture map that instead. I also lose texture maps when I've allocated them to single plane surfaces on a multiple faced object or an object that has a curved section within it.] Is it just me? I've only noticed this since moving to V8
  2. brianharvey

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Its been a while since I've logged-in so excuse me if this has been covered already. Today I've just downloaded Form-Z (fresh install) for my Mac at work (running 10.13.2)... and I've got no further than opening a previous model and finding all the tool pallets ghost like crazy to the point that I can't work within a matter of minutes. Is this an 8.6.02 issue? I have 8.5 on my Mac at home that works a treat. How can I revert to 8.5? is there a download link for it? - I've emailed support but thought there might be an answer here.
  3. brianharvey

    Very slow color picker in 8.0.2

    I noticed the same problem just the other day - I had some 3D trees in my model so lots of objects... colour picker slowed right down. If you can ghost or 'hide layer' some of the complex object groups that seems to get round it. I'm on mac with 8.5 too
  4. brianharvey

    strange crashes in newly installed 6.7

    I found a work-around for the beep.. ... Turn off (down) the warning sounds in Mac system prefs.
  5. brianharvey

    strange crashes in newly installed 6.7

    Thanks Rich I really had better get upto speed on 8.5 quickly then and not update the current OS until then. I'm not sure I fully understand how the other user got round the issue he had with the OS reopening and hanging on the corrupted file - was that 're-open after crash' phased out after 'Lion' - I'm just looking for articles about it incase I need to be prepared too. Other than the select area render though - is everything else fairly stable still? I've been working with the newly installed 6.7 on 10.10.5 all day and its been fine so far. ...Although I still cannot find that 'beep when deselecting' (a few posts up) option in my preference windows though!
  6. brianharvey

    strange crashes in newly installed 6.7

    Hi Rich Many thanks for reading - That seems exactly the case, it was the moving of objects combined with 'render area' - not the intersection or import of objects causing the issue. Thankfully the new machine is so much faster that I can live with doing full screen renders (if the model is more complex I'll just turn AO and shadows off). I was just a bit panicked in the early hours to find trusty old V6 acting so unstable! -And I'm sure if I had looked in the forum history it must have been covered before. Got my first job produced today though, so almost back to normal. I've just got to face the V8 migration and get on with it soon!
  7. brianharvey

    strange crashes in newly installed 6.7

    When I click onto the word 'Modelling' - nothing changes in the righthand window (now new option appear - just the same options as were there for the previous section. The same happens for 'project' 'script' and 'system' However I get options for animation, model type, radiosity and textures.. I must be missing something - I've just booted up the old version of 6.3 on the machine that was limping to see if it was in the prefs. there and I cannot find that set of options you posted on either machine, within preferences.
  8. brianharvey

    strange crashes in newly installed 6.7

    Hi Tech Sorry I'm not seeing any 'beep' options - I've been all through the preference menu options - Just incase there might be any confusion, its the 'beep' in my newly installed v6.7
  9. brianharvey

    strange crashes in newly installed 6.7

    Hi Tech Thanks for the swift reply. Well after a quick test that seems to be the answer! Big sigh of relief - I'll just have to get used to working without Set Image size until I complete migration. One other quick question - I can't remember how to turn the 'dong' sound off when you deselect objects. I even checked back when I originally asked in 2009... I thought it was in 'Pick Objects' menu, but I can't see it. (attached)
  10. brianharvey

    strange crashes in newly installed 6.7

    Just as a quick follow up - I've being trying to recreate the same scenario in V8 (as best I can with limited V8 experience) and although it crashed once, other than that its been fine doing 'Render area rectangles'.
  11. brianharvey

    strange crashes in newly installed 6.7

    Thanks Andrew Yes so far this has been all in 6.7 I had been think along the lines of 'try v8.5 to see if fault happens there too' - however when i installed version 8 - formz registered okay, but the renderzone plugin registration won't work. I've emailed operations and I'm waiting for a response to that too. At the moment it renders in v8.5 but with 'trial version' watermarked on the render. I had thought - worst case scenario I could bite the bullet and work through the migration excerices for 8 and hope to get back up to speed. I'll try replicating the issue in V8.5 as you suggest in the morning (UK time here)
  12. Having recently had to upgrade my whole system: new iMac running 10.10.5 and updated to V8.5 along with 6.7 (working in 6.7 until I can find the time to learn 8). It seems that if I import objects from my previous v6.3 projects, when I select an area to render on the new model it causes an instant and complete crash. Having tried various ways to solve the problem (removing textures was my first idea) - It also seems that if two objects in the model are touching each other that also causes a crash! Pulling my hair out slightly, very odd, didn't see any problems like this in all my time working on V3 and V6.3 Other information: Install went fine - its a brand new mac so no anti virus installed, or anything else that I can think might have caused and issue. Everything else seems to be functioning fine (modelling wise). Have tried test renders on my existing models saved from the previous system and they are all fine too.. as long as I don't paste in additional objects from other models. BUT.. and this is the part that really foxes me, if I do a 'full screen render' first - there is no problem. However, if I then move the imported object slightly and do a partial render of the area containing that object - it crashes again. The same crash happens if I add a texture map to an object, or if an object is duplicated then partially rendered. I've stripped out the model (although it seems to effect all of my models, even new ones started fresh on the new system) and attached screen shots to explain: Image A - Renders fine, full screen and partial area Image B - the small box has been moved and touches the taller box - Full screen renders Okay, but a partial render will now crash the whole prog.
  13. brianharvey

    Installing 6.6.2 onto an imac running 10.10.1

    Thanks Tech I will get onto sales as soon as they are available Just to clarify and hopefully clear up my confusion The iMac that is arriving later today is running Os 10.10.1 If I get upgraded today with the latest version - will 6.7.3 (as you say - included in my upgrade) - run on the 10.10.1 - not ideal but a quick fix? And - will V8.5 also run on that machine when I've got time to learn the new workflow
  14. I know I'm a bit behind the times and I do plan to update to V8 later this year when deadlines allow However, quick question - my current macpro is limping along and I've salvaged FormZ 6.6.2 onto a usb drive, along with my current projects. Later today I have an ex Demo Imac arriving which is running OS 10.10.1 (I believe some user have said 6.6.2 runs on this platform) I'm just trying to pre-empt any issues so I can carry on with current projects as soon as possible. Forgive my lack of technical knowledge - but will I be able to copy the application onto the new machine, plug in the dongle and carry on? - I had read a few posts about dongle drivers being required. Or - will I need to talk to sales about an update to 6.7? I have also read a few posts about 6.7 being available to users who purchase the upgrade to V8 This is just a quick fix solution to get me working again - until I can find the time to go through the migration excerises and become an upto date version 8 user - also as many posts on the topic seem to mention, it would be nice to keep a V6 version on a working machine for a little while.
  15. Hello all. I thought I would take this time over the holidays to get the wheels in motion regarding getting myself back upto date - However I've got a few concerns that I'd like to ask about as things seem to have moved on somewhat. Currently I use V6.6.2 Renderzone Plus on a daily basis and love it - so much so that I seem to have got stuck in a rut and time has passed me by. I'm Mac based on OS 10.5.8 with a 2x 2.8Ghz Quad Core 2Gb 667Mhz Mac Pro Tower. Ideally I'd like to keep the Mac tower for other duties and maybe run the new Form Z 8.5 on a new imac. My questions are: A. Is the leap from V6 to V8 going to seem totally alien to me? When I jumped from V3 to V6 there was the option to change the menu to a classic view and I pretty much hit the ground running - I'm assuming this won't be the case anymore. B. Will my previous projects from V6 be able to be imported, modified and rerendered in the new system? C. How are formZ updates done these days? (excuse the obvious question) but I've got the existing USB key for V6 on my Mac tower, all updates seem to be via downloads now (last time I jumped from V3 to V6 I got a CD in the post) So if I buy a new iMac running OS X Yosemite, do I install my existing version of FormZ onto that machine - then download the update of 8.5 to that machine and resign the current Mac tower to other duties as V6 on that machine will become nonusuable? D. Just quickly looking at the current iMac specs, say a Quad 3.5ghz 8Gb - that sounds alot more powerful that my current mac pro (which has been fine for my FormZ projects and render requirements for the last 8 years) would the iMac run V8.5 doing similar work okay? (render zone with A.O - producing A3 size 150Dpi renders and the occasional overnight rendering of a walk-though animation is all my clients need) Thanks for reading, and sorry for the obvious sounding questions - but I've had my head in the sand churning out work for years and FormZ V6.5 has been absolutely everything I've ever needed and pretty much rock-solid reliable.