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  1. Martin Malinski

    Windows 10 on ARM Support

    Pretty sure Apple have a plan ...All the debating about the capabilities of ARM as we know it.... is likely being short sighted. A lot can happen in two years. Developing FormZ for ARM? ....(whatever the eventual Mac development is?) ..... Very likely
  2. Martin Malinski

    V-Ray for FZ update?

    BTW ... Vray V5 for 3dmax is out of Beta and was released a few hours ago....
  3. Martin Malinski

    V-Ray for FZ update?

    I think you are mistaken as Vray FormZ is developed by ADS as an integral plug-in. Which means, for the moment development is behind Chaosgroup releases as it is not developed in tandem. .....So it's unlikely Vray FormZ will ever be a part of a Chaos package deal unless by agreement between ADS and Chaos.
  4. Martin Malinski

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    You can change the extension from .vismat to .vrmat and they'll open in formZ.... If the file contains functions that are available in SketchUp or Rhino but not in FormZ, the file will still open, but without those functions.... generally they work fine.... I've noticed that if you open and save in FormZ they respond better (not so many issues of invisible previews and flickering windows... once saved, the textures are saved to a 'maps' folder by default...so if the original textures were loose; you'll get a double up of textures, you can delete the loose textures. https://vismats.com/materials.html http://www.cadnav.com/vray-materials/ http://sketchupvraymaterials.blogspot.com/ https://www.sketchuptexture.com/search/label/VISMAT VRAY SKETCHUP
  5. Martin Malinski

    Toon Material

    Ooops...My bad. Just found the 'old' email ....now I have
  6. Martin Malinski

    Toon Material

    Am I missing something? I have FormZ 8.6 with Vray (windows) ....No Toon option? Has there been an update I'm not aware of? If so, how do I get it? ...I've checked both websites; can't find anything. Confused Thanks.
  7. Martin Malinski

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    V-Ray for form•Z v3.6.6 released? .....is this just a typo? ...the email sent refers to v8.6.6 but update is labeled 8.6.5? Thanks Martin
  8. Martin Malinski

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    K, I've established the error I reported in earlier posts... If I import .fbx files the textures are mirrored ONLY in renderzone as Justin noted; They are correctly orientated in shade and full shade and also vray. So the error is within the renderzone import settings... I've checked it on multiple files... ALL contain the same display error. I did send the formz and fbx files to tech support; but have received no response other than the receipt of file. I prefer to assume that tech is working on correcting the error in the next update? This does not address the display mismatches in the material editor... but they may be related? Martin.
  9. Martin Malinski

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Justin Thanks...You're right! Thanks for that, it just hadn't occurred to me But still have the issue of some wrong (mismatching) textures displaying in Material Parameters under shaded. I'll send an amended error report to Tech Thanks Justin
  10. Martin Malinski

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Tech Emailed the file and textures thru... Here is the Vray materials parameter ...(didn't previously post as it displays correctly) the issue seems to be a fight between shaded and renderzone? Martin
  11. Martin Malinski

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Tech, Thanks for the response ....The bottom image is Vray (just default product render setting) ....the image above Renderzone. As soon as I can get back on the machine I'll forward you the file.... But this issue is not restricted to this file. +It also happens when Vray is disabled. Martin
  12. Martin Malinski

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    But more critical is the difference between renders. Shaded and shaded full render the same... but renderzone renders a mirrored texture.... this is extremely trying if you want to use renderzone within your production line as Vray renders as shaded and shaded full.... On windows 10 ...1080ti
  13. Martin Malinski

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Thanks Updated fine thru' the app update from Unfortunately still some long standing display issues not resolved on materials and shading display. 1. Shaded often shows different icons 2. Switch to renderzone and it shows the correct icon.
  14. Martin Malinski

    Scale issues importing to Blender

    Changed to actual units (metric or imperial) rather than blender units... Does this solve your issue
  15. Martin Malinski

    Form Z error ID: 128: -35

    Michele, I had a problem that froze my formZ on the opening window; if I unloaded my vray extension formz worked? I also had other version running without problem. So I assumed it was a open gl or other driver issue. Here was my route... run windows update; check all your drivers and update your graphics card from nvidea...(nvidea are always updating) I updated everything I could think of...finally the graphics card....then everything worked fine... Good luck Martin