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  1. Martin Malinski

    frustration 3d modelling

    Thank you Brian, If you feel my criticism is wrong? Maybe you'd care to ask the op how he feels about the thread? ..Did he get his questions answered? Having re-read the thread... One comment stands out as being reasoned; understanding the users preference, ''for those saying "use smooth" have to understand in some industries--like the videogame industry--ALL modelling is polygonal and poly count is crucial for a successful project.'' Unfortunately, they, like me, are still using 8.6.5 so have not experienced object doctor destroying a 60 sided extruded polygon. Is there a problem with object doctor and simple facetted objects in v9? ...Don't know, because it's not been addressed....It seems there may be? I wondered when someone may say what have 'you' offered other than criticism? ... My comments are an observation of the tone of the thread, .. I made that plain, re-read it. Maybe, 'people' should consider their responses...before assuming their way is right... questioning legitimate process's and tools, used by a 'seasoned' user. Trying to help the original poster... By criticising their legitimate method and them? Then pushing smooth modelling... When they have clearly stated 'their' preference and why.... Oh well ...obviously I'm wrong to have pointed out there is still no resolution to the op question... ITS NOTHING TO DO WITH SMOOTH MODELLING Smooth modelling is great, yes ...but so is polygon modelling. (Wait till you need it again) ... Does object doctor work in v9?... or does the op have a case? Finally, adieu ... 
  2. Martin Malinski

    frustration 3d modelling

    LOL ... Everything good and to the point, until ... '20 years of experience (????)' It seems people on here have an arrogance...when responding to what should be a simple question from a user (if questioning the users own statement of years of experience isn't arrogance. What is?) BTW ...20 years isn't so long ...I first started using formZ around 1992....It was the preferred app of choice at my University...(mainly due to it being mac and pc) The first personal copy I bought was v2.4, (think that was around '96?) I've used it on and off ever since along with max, revit, Archicad ..et al... I visit the forum from time to time for useful snippets, or if I'm looking to update again. But this visit has been somewhat disappointing. The 'experts' are not helping...but criticising and accusing in their responses. Mostly the responses have been wandering off point from the users query. The question was not about smooth modelling, nor a comparison between smooth and faceted. It was clearly about 'recent' difficulties experienced by the user...Explained well by a user, whose first language does not appear to be English. Yet, the expert users, claiming to 'help' ...reacted like a bunch of fanboys... pushing smooth modelling, totally ignoring his difficulties, but questioning why he would want a strict adherence to Polygons?.. Apparently, that's difficult to understand? Now, the responses are confirmations and support for each other about smooth modelling.. with not so subtle slights against the user. Great forum ... Great help? I'll now withdraw from this thread, as it's not what I expected from a user 'help' forum. Never thought I'd see this here.
  3. Martin Malinski

    frustration 3d modelling

    Ooops, sorry Brian.. My response should not have been directed at you. All the best.
  4. Martin Malinski

    frustration 3d modelling

    Brian, how does the user break a simple extruded facetted object? At least this response is now addressing the users question, instead of some tangent about smooth object modelling being better. I read this thread with interest... As I was considering an update, so looking at user issues with v9. Unfortunately, though the user stated his preference for facetted modelling (and gave his reasons) he was met with a chorus of 'change your methods' ..Not a confirmation, nor denial of whether the tool is working correctly, or broken ... But, a pushing of an unsuitable modelling method for the user... (who judging by his work is a seller on Turbosquid, wishing for tight control on his modelling polygon count) ...But that said... All that has been confirmed. Smooth modelling good. ...Facetted, more difficult and less reliable for well formed geometry? (Really??) Not that hard to model cleanly? ... Why make this comment? or this 'fix crappy modelling'? ... Just an observation... as it was not my problem. All the best.
  5. Martin Malinski

    frustration 3d modelling

    Conclusion, Object doctor still breaks simple faceted objects... But it doesn't matter, because you can use smooth objects? Seriously... If an tool is broken. ...It's broken. Thanks for the report... if it is broken? ...It needs fixing! All the best
  6. Martin Malinski

    Decals are not rendered

    My problem? ... I already know the solution offered in this thread, as I'm sure most users do. Whilst workarounds are good... The question is, are they or should they be a necessity? ..(For support that is offered as a 'new' option in an 'update')...So, the only reasoned response.. would be. Vray 5 decals support works straight out the box... Or, it doesn't? Still no clarification, other than 'should be working' All the best
  7. Martin Malinski

    frustration 3d modelling

    So, are we to conclude that drawing with faceting is no longer a viable workflow? Because there is the better, 'modern' option? Smooth geometry. Or, should we conclude that something is 'broken' that prohibits users drawing simple extruded polygons? Seems regardless of the method chosen... it should work! ... If it doesn't, something is wrong with the app... Not the user. All the best.
  8. Martin Malinski

    Decals are not rendered

    Actually, I think some people just want formZ to do what it says on the label .... Notice, the last 4 words? ... offsetting an object with an applied transparency...is not support for decals. Or am I missing something? ...I have NOT updated to formZ 9 yet. I will certainly not be updating to V-Ray 5 ...If it's still lacking what the PR states it has ... Is decal support working?? ..No work around... Does it work? Some clarity, would be nice before I splurge on double the cost of a formZ update... for a V-Ray 'update' All the best.
  9. I'm PC based now, but my first FormZ dabbling was on a Mac. Way back in '94 ...I remained on Mac until around 2005, then went PC. Over the years I've worked freelance for long periods... All the studios I've freelanced using FormZ have been Mac based. So, at least in the 'Design Consultancy' market, you would lose a significant market if you dropped Mac. Though it may often seem like it, not all industries are PC based.
  10. Martin Malinski


    Hi Des, I have similar issue on Windows ....click to 'Open in Vray Material Editor' in the Material Parameters toolbox window...Default Editor window opens, but as soon as I click the window, it disappears. ....if I check in the windows taskbar there is a Vray icon ....click this, the window opens again and I can edit, it will remain open until I close.. I'm not a mac user... but maybe this helps?
  11. Martin Malinski

    Windows 10 on ARM Support

    Pretty sure Apple have a plan ...All the debating about the capabilities of ARM as we know it.... is likely being short sighted. A lot can happen in two years. Developing FormZ for ARM? ....(whatever the eventual Mac development is?) ..... Very likely
  12. Martin Malinski

    V-Ray for FZ update?

    BTW ... Vray V5 for 3dmax is out of Beta and was released a few hours ago....
  13. Martin Malinski

    V-Ray for FZ update?

    I think you are mistaken as Vray FormZ is developed by ADS as an integral plug-in. Which means, for the moment development is behind Chaosgroup releases as it is not developed in tandem. .....So it's unlikely Vray FormZ will ever be a part of a Chaos package deal unless by agreement between ADS and Chaos.
  14. Martin Malinski

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    You can change the extension from .vismat to .vrmat and they'll open in formZ.... If the file contains functions that are available in SketchUp or Rhino but not in FormZ, the file will still open, but without those functions.... generally they work fine.... I've noticed that if you open and save in FormZ they respond better (not so many issues of invisible previews and flickering windows... once saved, the textures are saved to a 'maps' folder by default...so if the original textures were loose; you'll get a double up of textures, you can delete the loose textures. https://vismats.com/materials.html http://www.cadnav.com/vray-materials/ http://sketchupvraymaterials.blogspot.com/ https://www.sketchuptexture.com/search/label/VISMAT VRAY SKETCHUP
  15. Martin Malinski

    Toon Material

    Ooops...My bad. Just found the 'old' email ....now I have