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  1. Here is the old script for 3 point align. Is is possible to script a tool with the current SDK? If so, ¢hris, do you want to take a shot at it? tool_3pt_align.fsl
  2. setz

    union bug

    Sometimes it’s just easier to move an object to the origin and Cartesian to work on. It is possible to work at weird angles using custom reference planes but great care is required when doing this. The “three point align” script was invaluable at aiding in building skewed objects by moving them to origin and then back into position. Would love to have it back working again or have it incorporated as a proper tool. A righteous Development Team project?
  3. setz

    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    Why not just promote stealing better software?
  4. setz

    Can't draw with line on a surface...

    Option 3: Draw a line snapping to points and extrude up (perpendicular to plane) to create a surface. Use the Section Tool to first click on the object and then click on the surface (cutting plane). Reshape. Boole Union two pieces back together. Option 4: Use Vector line tool to draw a concurrent shape over the face you want to reshape. Extrude up or down and Boole Difference this object from first. Reshape depression/extension to desired position.
  5. setz

    Can't draw with line on a surface...

    There are a lot of different ways of accomplishing the the same end results in FZ. As you become more familiar with the program, you will find that if one tool is not giving you the desired result, there will almost always be multiple other options for achieving your goal. Option 1: Draw a line between the two points with Insert option turned off and snapping to points turned on. Select Imprint Tool and click on line segment then on object. Reshape. Option 2: Select Insert Segment Tool. Draw line segment snapping to points. Reshape. Snapping / Stick to Edges is not required, but it does make working faster and more efficient. It is located in the Snaps Palette under the Palettes Menu. If you select this option and then save your preferences it will be remembered for future projects. Snapping to Endpoint was added in V9 and has similar functionality to Snap to Point used in conjunction w/ Stick to Edges.
  6. setz

    Dynamic Extend

    My lazy typing fingers, that was likely V9.0.4.
  7. setz

    Creating facetted with number of poly

    Simbio, this was a tricky transition for me as well. Low poly count is very important in my workflow. I made a template file with various predefined settings, and while they don't solve for your specific request, they are useful in getting polycounts down. The problem I was having was that on objects with both very large and very small radiuses the poly count would be inefficient; these presets keep counts low for these types of objects. Attached is a copy of the file with the presets. They are listed as ".05" - ".00002" which represents the size of a poly in relation to the size of the object. Each preset roughly doubles the resolution. .05 is very coarse - .00002 is quite fine. Make sure that your Project Settings/Working Units allow for FZ to have "Number of Decimal Places" be at least 6 for the finer presets to function correctly. You can easily add these to any file (including your Template File) by clicking on the folder button shown in the screen grab. Hope this helps. Resolution Presets.fmz
  8. setz

    off topic

  9. setz

    Nurbz surface help needed - Please!

    Try exporting out of rhino using the .stp format. Especially for solids stp is usually the best way to go and the surfaces will be identical to the ones in rhino. If not, you can try cleaning up the curves and re-lofting. Derive the two curved segments using the Derive Segments tool and then, on the one that is more complex, use the Curve Reconstruct tool. Adjust the number of control points and the tolerance until you get a close enough result. you can get a visible indication of how much the curve is different that the original by selecting the Show Deviation option and zooming in. Once you have the first curve cleaned up, use the identical settings on the other curve and then loft between them. Note that the new surface will be very slightly different than the original but if it is not critical this will clean it up nicely. Also, be aware that if this part is connected to other curved parts you may need to be aware of the continuity of the rebuilt surface to the adjacent parts.
  10. setz

    Is FormZ working on M1 Macs?

    I am running a 2010 12 core Mac tower with OS X 10.11 and a flashed 980Ti 6GB video card. You can get one of these machines online w/32GB and 500GB SSD for about $1750. I use lots of textures, most work is presented with Shaded Full and I render with Maxwell when required (2-8 Hrs per 4K image). Very happy with the old hardware, I spend almost no time messing around and wasting time on updates shenanigans. I use FZ more than 50 hrs a week and this old stuff still works great for me, fingers crossed that it will last awhile longer. I do have FZ installed on a 2019 5K iMac as well, but the video FPS is slower and jerky on my poly and texture heavy models (±500MB files), something that is not apparent on my tower.
  11. setz

    Happy Holidays…

    I was saddened because I thought we weren’t going to see one this year and was happily surprised Christmas morning. Cheers and Merry Christmas Bernd!
  12. setz

    Inspector Palette Alternative

    Yes please. Re-itegrate the Inspector palette back into Tool Options, or even as you have illustrated it would be more efficient.
  13. Also, once you get a workspace which you like, make two copies of it and then export from the workspace manager. When things go bad you can then re-import that file and you will be back up to speed right away. I save an A and a B (both identical) so that if I mess one up I still have a backup.
  14. setz

    Export as 3DM file

    +1 w/textures please!