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  1. FZnoob

    New update 9.0.6

    "Thanks so much to all you guys who are effectively beta testers" ...and who effectively paid for the privilege.
  2. FZnoob

    New update 9.0.6

    I don't see FZ as ever being more than a niche company. They just don't have the developmental or marketing dollars to compete with the big boys, and I don't think they have anything special a larger company might consider buying out. My employer dictates that I use it, and I am ok with that. It's a decent software and for the most part I can do my work. However, If I had my choice I would not be using it. I'm not being harsh it's just my honest opinion. Since I started using FZ with V7 it seems to follow the same pattern that it takes a while for them to get it sorted out. With that being said everyone stay safe and happy holidays.
  3. FZnoob

    New update 9.0.6

    When they get to V9.5 let me know. That seems to be when things are sorted. Until then I will stay with 8.5.6
  4. FZnoob

    V9 update

    I don't use V9 unless I get a model someone has created it in. It's just easier to leave it as it rather than back-save it. I do have the" select all" issue noted above, and if I resize the project window the modeling toolbar mushrooms off the page. The only is to fix it is restart the app.
  5. FZnoob


    I still use it for my day to day. It's fast and I end up doing lots of revisions, so it works well for that.
  6. FZnoob

    FormZ Free failing to install

    I would suggest contact them via email: support@formz.com
  7. FZnoob

    optimising PC performance

    I've used a variety of 3D packages over the years. The majority of what I do is concept work. and I primarily use sub-d for product modeling. For me, C4D is the best at this. It's fast, clean, and has a lot of options that FZ lacks. But with that being said, I do find work-arounds for most of FZ's shortcomings, and I can get some pretty decent results.
  8. FZnoob

    Match view question

    I guess this explains why I never seem to be able to get this to work. All I ever get are cell phone pics of store interiors. I have had better luck just eyeballing it. What I am doing is pretty simple to what you all are though.
  9. FZnoob

    Rounding Question

    I have had problems with rounding and crashing going all the way back to the original V7. Even something as simple as rounding a cube, or controlled rounding of a single edge. This has been across several new iMacs and flavors of the Mac OS. I will say that in my case it usually doesn't crash several times in a row. Usually only once. The one thing I have learned is always "save" before attempting any type of rounding.
  10. FZnoob


    When I resize the modeling window the toolbar mushrooms in size and runs off the page. Restarting the app fixes it. Annoying as hell when you are busy.
  11. FZnoob

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    Anywhere you don't have a continuous "loop" you are going to get triangles. Like on the arm of your chair.
  12. FZnoob

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    Yes a quad mesh is preferable. I actually had this discussion with a FZ Mod at one point. One of their tuts shows an area divided into triangles. That's always a no-no in my book because triangles can't be further subdivided. You essentially paint yourself into a corner.
  13. FZnoob

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    That doesn't happen to me. The "edge hardness" is retained even after swapping back and forth. One thing that DOES occur is if you apply mapping to a face in sub-d, the mapping is lost when you swap it back to a poly
  14. FZnoob

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    Yes, I switch back and for between the sub-d mode and swap. In addition to using the sub-d "controls" you can also select points directly on the geometry using the"pick tool" set to point mode. I really don't care for the sub-d controls. Feels sort of like a puppet on a string but I have gotten used to it.
  15. FZnoob

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    C4D is my all time favorite 3D software! I used it for quite a number of years. I would still be doing so, but my current employer uses FZ, so I just learned to love it. Matter of fact I have sort of become the main "instructor" at the Enterprise level. Which I would not have thought could ever happen as I absolutely hated FZ the first few months I used it.