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  1. FZnoob

    form•Z 8.6.3 Update Released

    " and when deleting objects related to opengl" Yep.
  2. FZnoob

    2d people

    Seems to me I tried it a while back and it came in with the maps screwed up. I will give it another. I seldom us them but it could be a handy option.
  3. FZnoob

    2d people

    How do you handle the mapping?
  4. FZnoob

    form•Z 8.6.3 Update Released

    I have been using it for about a week. Stable so far.
  5. FZnoob

    forum Sign In link

    The tabs along the top right aren't working either. The ones where you access your messages, profile, etc
  6. FZnoob

    forum Sign In link

    I thought I was being shadow banned....
  7. Mapping in C4D is a breeze. I also like it's sub-d modeling tools. Unfortunately, in my current position I am not allowed to use it.
  8. The entire "decal map" thing needs to go away. We should be able to apply any map in the same workspace, and see it real time without the need to render it. FZ also needs to support Photoshop layers.
  9. FZnoob

    SubD mirror / symmetrical modeling

    Sub D modelers have a symmetry tool because it's the fastest way to work in that mode. In fact, every program I have ever used has one except FZ. My guess is it was omitted because of cost.
  10. FZnoob

    Two questions

    I have my "ghost" turned off. It's annoying to be.
  11. FZnoob

    SubD mirror / symmetrical modeling

    FZ does not have a symmetry tool as do other sud-d modelers. A glaring oversight. I have asked for this since sub-d was introduced.
  12. You can edit grouped objects by unlocking the group or right click and select "edit group". You can select a face by using the "autopick" while holding down the command key (on Mac), or by using the "faces option" from the "tool options" pick pallet
  13. FZnoob

    8.6.2 Crash --> SubD and Reshape

    It's been doing that since the addition of sub-d modeling. The toolset is ok, but they still need work to bring them up to snuff.
  14. FZnoob

    Texture mapping

    Us Lefties have been ahead of the game all along.
  15. FZnoob

    Texture mapping

    The "decal map" thing is laughable. I feel like I stepped back in time.