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  1. FZnoob

    undos are still broken

    Mine are not set to unlimited. 20 is what I have.
  2. FZnoob

    undos are still broken

    Yes this also happens to me from time to time. I haven't been able to isolate the cause. Just have to restart the app. There is also the bug with "show controls" in the sub-d mode. Sometimes it won't turn off and I have to restart to cure that too. The other ongoing issue I have is the immediate crash when I try to use the "rounding" tool. That's been going on since V7. Doesn't do it every time. But often enough I know to be sure to save before I click on it.
  3. FZnoob

    FormZ to C4D Workflows

    I miss using C4D. It's still my favorite of all the 3D programs I have used.
  4. FZnoob

    Love the new forum

    "Drag and Drop" Pretty much describes me when I get home everyday...
  5. FZnoob

    Modeling Tool Palette Odity

    I am also on a 27" iMac with the same OS version and this isn't happening for me or anyone else here in our office.
  6. FZnoob

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    I DL the update and it appears to have fixed my problem where it was crashing while the app was hidden. Thanks for correcting that.
  7. FZnoob

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Every time I hide the ap to work in another program it crashes. Was not doing this before I upgraded. I should have know better. 8.5.3 was working well for me
  8. FZnoob

    Form Z error ID: 128: -35

    I am on a Mac so I can't be of any help. I have to say the current build of FZ on Mac is ok, but the earlier versions were really buggy. Not at all acceptable on a pro level software. Good luck in resolving your issue.
  9. FZnoob

    Form Z error ID: 128: -35

    Hi Michele, Sorry to hear that. If you could post more info, someone might be able to help. Some more details about when it occurs, some info about your computer and graphics card. Things like that. Does anyone else in your company have the problem, or are you working solo? I have not seen that particular error code
  10. FZnoob

    Form Z error ID: 128: -35

    Hi Michele, you might want to contact Tech directly via email. They are usually responsive. support@formz.com
  11. FZnoob

    "Show Controls" not working?

    That is a feature that highlights an object when you mouse over it. You can turn that off in the preferences.
  12. FZnoob

    Sharp edges/creases in sub-d models?

    You can turn off "show controls" and work directly with the geometry itself instead of the controls if that's what you are asking. I sort of go back and forth between the two. If you are referring to something else, then I am not following you.
  13. FZnoob

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    I know that RZ is a plugin, that's why it has to be registered separately. My point is, given that FZ is a small company with very limited $$ for development, I hope than other improvements don't come via a plug-ins rather than integrated. I have requested a symmetry tool and someone else suggested a plugin. I don't want yet another license to buy and keep up with.
  14. FZnoob

    "Show Controls" not working?

    That's what I meant when I asked if you had the object selected.
  15. FZnoob

    Sharp edges/creases in sub-d models?

    I started using Strata in 1997. I think it was called "Strata Blitz" or something like that. At that time there weren't many 3D apps for the Mac. Since then I worked in Cimena4D, 3DS Max, and now FZ. Anyhow, I have worked with a few ex Strata users and they all seem to be confused by FZ. There isn't much out there in the way of tutorial stuff beyond the little that FZ provides, so if you are on your own it's a pain. I just hunkered down and through a lot of trial and error (plus what I already knew) I have more or less gotten good at it. See the attachment on selecting points, edges, and faces.