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  1. I have the denoiser set on my file, but when I render the file through imager it does not seem to be applied. Is there a setting I need to use in imager to get the denoiser to be applied.
  2. 8 Core I Mac Pro
  3. flakie

    Glass nnd Alfa channel

  4. flakie

    Glass nnd Alfa channel

    I was working on a rendering with a lots of glass , but when I compose the image the backround has the Alfa Chanel but the glass is opaque. Is there something I need to turn on or adjust in the Vray material? Thanks
  5. flakie

    rendering crashing

    Vray has been working very well. But I have a simple project that keeps crashing while rendering, it gets to 8-12 passes then crashes. Please help I do not want to reset in render zone
  6. flakie

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    I have only found where can I get
  7. flakie

    Texture Libary

    I wanted to used the preset textures from the V-ray library, but I need to do some slight adjustments. I get the following error message( see attached) Is this a beta issue or is something not installed correctly.