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  1. Jaakko

    Form Z pro v9.0.0.2 issues

    I also have seen that multiple open "ghost" projects that cannot close.
  2. Jaakko

    formZ VRay Animation

    Very good. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Very nice rendering Andrew. Very convincing. How you did the snow to the roofs?
  4. Jaakko

    wip & recent renders

    Hi Pipo! Thanks to your info. It really looks challenging project overall. Good luck with it. 👍
  5. Jaakko

    wip & recent renders

    I liked a lot of that Nunduk animation. Great work pipo! I'm curious, how long the project took, modelling and rendering?
  6. Jaakko

    form•Z 9 beta

    Got it! Thanks ADS! It's alive!
  7. Jaakko

    form•Z 9 beta

    I just can't wait 😛
  8. Jaakko

    form•Z 9 beta

    This is great news! 😀
  9. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Very nice. Really hard to say which parts are rendered and what is a photo.
  10. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Thanks! 1. Do a nurbs curve. 2 Make a cylinder = thickness of rope. 3. Give it a cylinder texture. 4. Change texture to a UV coordinates (Edit Texture Tool). 5. Then use Bend Along Path tool to a cylinder, the rope texture should now follow nicely the curves. Hope this helps
  11. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Here is one design for recycling box for the old eyeglasses. Unfortunately it didn't end up to production.
  12. Jaakko

    Toon Material

    Hi! I did a simple test rendering. Here is my toon material settings. Rendering quality was set to high, denoiser was default.
  13. Jaakko

    formZ 9

    Let's see if we get any news about ver 9 this autumn. I hope.
  14. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Nice renderings Allan. My work is mostly interiors. The landscape and all the vegetation must be challenging on these exterior renderings? Man made objects are easier to get right I think. Is that tree 3D-object?