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  1. After two days working it has been working very nicely 👌
  2. Great news. 😀
  3. Jaakko

    Theatrical Stage Lighting for Events

    I hope ADS get Imager working. It would be very nice to have for over night renderings.
  4. Jaakko

    VRay 5 beta progress?

    I'd like to know too.
  5. Jaakko

    Is there a shadow catcher in VRay?

    Thanx Justin!
  6. Jaakko

    V-Ray update

    I thought that V-Ray plugin is made by ADS?
  7. Jaakko

    One click edge to edge mapping tool

  8. Jaakko

    V-Ray update

    Any news about V-Ray 5? 😛
  9. I agree. Waiting V-Ray 5 😛
  10. Jaakko

    First Project with Twinmotion

    Des, thanks for sharing your project and tips. Looks really good. I have installed TM. Really hoping to have time to do my first projects with it.
  11. Jaakko

    wip & recent renders

    Thanks for sharing pipo. It's always nice to see your works. They belong to A class. 👍
  12. Jaakko

    wip & recent renders

    Pipo You have achieved a nice mood into the pictures. Very good work. 🤗
  13. Jaakko

    FormZ License

    Draftsight has a activate/deactivate license system. One can move license to an another computer (home /work). It is handy.
  14. I have same experiences as Des. Very happy so far. Good addition to formZ's toolset. Well done ADS! 🤗