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  1. Jaakko

    Piano WIP

    A very good and convincing rendering Des. 👍
  2. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Thanks Allan and Tim! The lights are pretty simple, only five. I put here a printscreen which tells more. Rendering is done by CPU and GPU, quality high. Post work is only some exposure and contrast + sharpening. The girl is some free 3D model. I have found that the models work better than flat images.
  3. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Hi! One of my latest designs and modelling + rendering.
  4. Jaakko

    Portal Light

    Good to know. Thanks!
  5. Thanks John A. Good to know.
  6. Jaakko

    Portal Light

    Hi! It seems that portal light doesn't work in GPU rendering, only in CPU. Is it just me who have this so?
  7. Jaakko

    Toon Material

    Thanks for the answer.😀
  8. Jaakko

    Toon Material

    Hi Thanks for the new Toon Material. It seems to work nicely. Only is that it doesn't work with GPU rendering. Is it intended so? It took some time to figure that out.
  9. Jaakko

    Example Images

    rmulley Thanks for your comment. Your cabinet is very intriguing. I'd really like to know what is in it.
  10. Jaakko

    Copy Unlocked Groups

    I agree. An indicator for locked / unlocked groups would be nice.
  11. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Hi! Here is one project that was finished last year, rendering and final outcome from the shop.
  12. Jaakko

    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    Happy birthday formZ! I want' share couple renderings from year 1997 when I started my long journey with formZ 😊. Version was 2.9 I think. Also a picture of the collection of formZ prochures etc. I'd like to thank you ADS developing us formZ!
  13. Jaakko

    Portal Light

    Hi! I quickly tried Portal Light today. I didn't get it working. Is it just me or is it broken? Anyone.
  14. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Nice image. Especially the background. It looks nordic forest, which is familiar to me. I hope the walls are well insulated and there are triple glazing. 😉