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  1. 3dworks

    FormZ to C4D Workflows

    i've recently switched over to C4D and LWO seems the best solution so far for me if you are coming from a lightwave based workflow. just as an additional tip when using LWO: for some reason, latest versions of FZ for some reason don't export a 'clean' LWO format which is directly accepted by C4D. the workaround is to use LW modeler 2015 or earlier (2018 /19 LWO format will not be accepted by C4D at this point), open the exported LWO and just resave the file. then import this copy into C4D, using the "split selections" option to keep proper layer naming and material assignments easier. works like a charm. the problems i've found when importing FZ into C4D R20 with the other solutions presented here are: with OBJ is that you cannot keep layers as in your FZ scene. unfortunately, riptide pro is not yet available for R20, so maybe this plugin can solve this issue when importing an OBJ generated by FZ. DAE seems not to work at all, i only get an endless objects list with all items named 'node', also all materials are set to a shiny chrome ball. 3DS seems not to work at all, there seems to be a fundamental precision / scale issue DWG works well (C4D R20 imports this natively) but all object / layer names will be lost. FBX has huge issues (no correct layer / object names)... there seems unfortunately still no viable / reliable way to bring lights and camera into C4D from FZ. i thought DAE would be the solution, but it seems to have rudimentary implementation and honestly i don't know if it's C4D fault.
  2. 3dworks

    Forum Functionality is broken

    i also noticed now that wen logging in with my credentials for a short time, the site is marked as 'not secure'... this makes my alarm bells ring... can you explain this behavior? i will not login anymore as a user until i'll be sure that my passwords are not intercepted by some obscure site.
  3. 3dworks

    Forum Functionality is broken

    also, the user tab is not working at all anymore. any plans to fix this?
  4. 3dworks

    form•Z 8.6.3 Update Released

    i can confirm as well the stability. a few strange things still happen with components, and when deleting objects related to opengl, but very few crashes until now!
  5. 3dworks

    From Foem Z to Unreal engine

    i guess FZ with a direct export option to unreal engine would attract many new customers. i'm also very interested into this connection, but currently using other 3d packages on mac for this purpose seem to be more promising. maybe FZ can add this in the upcoming V9?
  6. thanks setz, but this will only work (VRML2 format only) with C4D but not with Lightwave, which does support this format only in modeler for exporting object data.
  7. I am currently struggeling when i try to export camera (and to a minor level light information) from my FZ scene via DAE or FBX to other programs like C4D or Lightwave. The exported FBX files have all cameras set at to position 0,0,0. Unfortunately, the DAE export module lost the ability to export cameras when FZ jumped from version 7 to 8.x... So one workaround is to save the scene in V7 format and then export from FZ V7 as DAE. But please could you reintroduce camera and light exports in DAE for V 8.x or - if you consider collada DAE as a dead end - at least fix FBX and make it a reliable exporter for geometry, hierarchies, textures, surface definitions, cameras and lights? The interchange between 3d platforms nowadays is more vital than ever to keep FZ part of production pipelines. Removing features out of existing export modules is the wrong way to go. Keeping updated and bug fixed import and export modules is the best way to convince old and potentially new users to integrate FZ within their pipeline.
  8. With the new version of Lightwave 3D, a new format of LWO is used which is not loaded by current FZ versions. LW2018 can save in the LWO2 format as an option and natively read LWO2, but it makes file handling more complex. I wonder if it would be possible to implement import and export for this format? See here for SDK: https://www.lightwave3d.com/lightwave_sdk/ thank you markus
  9. 3dworks

    open / add project broken in last build?

    thanks for testing! i found out in the meantime: it was related to a specific project file. i sent this file to tech support - hopefully they can fix this issue.
  10. i cannot add any data to an empty project here. all checkboxes are checked and there is a long import process. finally FZ asks to replace some materials but then only materials are loaded, no layers, no objects, no components are in the project. anyone can reproduce this? FZ pro latest build mac os here.
  11. i don't even remember how many times for years this has been reported , also by me. wonder if it ever will be fixed. sigh. we had a repository of feature requests for past version with all these notes. all gone after setting up the new forums. maybe autodessys could set up a sticky feature request thread again here, organized by main topics, like UI, tool requests, import / export of data etc... ?
  12. Mac Pro (Mid 2010) with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6144 MB
  13. 3dworks

    select by criteria - suggestions, again

    sorry, but i'm really disappointed as nothing seems to happen here. this is an important tool to keep up with complex projects. with latest update the materials box containing tiny icons even behaves more erratically than before, making a selection impossible. at least please list materials by name, then we can pick something useful here...
  14. 3dworks

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    if in tool manager mode, i cannot edit any of the docked palettes in the top row. just deleting an entire palette is possible.