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  1. 3dworks

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    After seeing that you added a minor feature to the underlay function, which is always good, the question raises again: can we expect any real improvement to the workflow of this tool? This was one of my many unfulfilled expectations for V9, a well working underlay management... The best thing we ever got was the Pylon plugin years ago, but with the discontinuation of it, we never got an alternative to number typing. Right in these days I am again struggeling with lots of image underlays which need to be aligned. Just frustrating. What I would expect from a professional application is at least that level of functionality: place, scale and rotate with the mose the underly until it is matching, so we can match any imported image in less than a few seconds. Honestly, the current way to type in data by trial and error is something which i would accept 30 years ago. Sorry for being so harsh, it's just that I still had hopes for FZ9 and expected also other important improvements which I/we requested over years. Not sure if it was even worth the upgrade price at this point. I'm still working with 8.5 because of stability issues on my system. Also, I agree with some other remarks here in the forums. I'm not reporting bugs much more for a longer time already because I have the impression reports are not followed up well since Paul's sad departure.
  2. when i export my scene as SKP 2017 and reopen this in sktechup make 2017 edition, all cameras are missing in the imported scene. same happens if i import this SKP directly into C4D R20. is this a bug or a missing feature? if it is a missing feature, please add this functionality ASAP, because it's the only way to get cameras out of FZ to other 3D apps currently. FBX or 3DS are not working properly, DAE export from FZ does not support cameras (or even materials) and WRL is nowadays obsolete and not supported by anyother 3D apps we are using here.
  3. 3dworks

    from point cloud to terrain?

    a native / plugin solution for FZ would be best imo. something which would be integrated to the existing terrain tool would be my greatest wish and allow for smooth workflow. most third party options are limited, for example not available on macos or quite expensive (like the c4d plugin)...
  4. 3dworks

    from point cloud to terrain?

    maybe something like this old tool for sketchup a plugin which is called topshaper.
  5. 3dworks

    from point cloud to terrain?

    will there be a tool / plugin for cloud modeling / terrain forming from point clouds in FZ9? this kind of situation is recurrent and most time it is a lot of work to do it by hand.
  6. could not edit my previous post, but here it is: you still need to add 180 degrees to the camera's and lights "B" values manually in the coordinate manager, once the scene is imported into cinema. found no other way to fix this, but at least it will work consistently.
  7. interesting topic! i would like to confirm it is working with cinema 4d R20 and FZ 8.6.x at export you need to set options as per screensot. import in c4d per standard settings and units set to meter (in my case). there is an issue with UV mapped textures, but i am using this only for cameras. for objects, the LWO format is reliable, but you will need to open in LW modeler and resave the file once before importing into cinema for not getting any issues.
  8. 3dworks

    export vrscene?

    nevermind, found it by myself, it was only available in the vray toolbar, not in the file menu...
  9. 3dworks

    export vrscene?

    is it possible to export a vrscene from formz? i don't find any export option in my setup...
  10. 3dworks

    Components and Symbols

    unfortunately, this is still an area where FZ needs to get stable and reliable again compared to old version 6.7.x... i am using FZ mainly because of this feature and try avoid issues when handling components with following tips: * always just use embedded library. most handling of external libraries got me into troubles. * after copy and paste of components from one to another scene, save scene, quit FZ and reload before editing further. * don't ever nest components (this was possible in old version 6) - hope this will come back as reliable feature in version 9? * after updating components or committing a series of changes, save file under a new version, quit FZ and reload scene. many times this fixes unexplainable issues. * try to be very careful when using layers within components. if you delete components which use an inactive layer weird things can happen. in this case, better go back to backup and retsart operations. * did i say to backup as much as you can? use the save incremental file function to do so, and do it specifically before and after creating a new component. hope that helps markus
  11. 3dworks

    please improve the underlay tool!

    unfortunately, using billboards is only an option in certain cases but no a good workaround in most cases, imo. also a simple plane with texture can work, but has same problems. what we really need is a precise and interactive tool...
  12. 3dworks

    rotate and scale while move

    hi marcelo, i was talking about an *interactive* placement tool, not repeat last transformation or fixed macros... thanks anyway.
  13. it has been said many times: please improve the way we can place underlays. this is SO important if you need to model based on scanned drawings or any photo reference. the current system is so cumbersome. open the reference plane parameters box, set up parameters, close the box to see if underlay is matching. rinse and repeat for the next 15 minutes. a simple 'screen update' button already would help a lot and reduce time to a minute. better than that, scale, size, move and rotate handles could make this tool really helpful and reduce setup time down to maybe 20 seconds. i just remember the good old times when pylon's plugin did this job in seconds... currently working again on a project where i have to setup dozens of underlays. it is just frustrating!