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  1. Justin Montoya

    Best Mac-Windows10 Transfer

    Hi Bo, This is easy to do, like most things you want to change in Windows, there are applications for that, just Google ... Mac drive on Windows You'll get a few options from free to cheap. I use the paid Mac Drive but have used the free versions in the past. https://www.howtogeek.com/252111/how-to-read-a-mac-formatted-drive-on-a-windows-pc/ This way you can easily grab any files on your backup drives from your Mac, while moving forward on Windows. I've used this extensively without any issues. I'd recommend using only read-only mode and copying hole folders over to your Windows drive to work from there. I do not like writing to Mac drives from Windows mostly because they are for archive purposes only.
  2. Justin Montoya

    New v9 user questions

    Like the others said, on texture mapping, it is actually even easier now without the classic window from v6 once you get a hang of it. Using Shaded mode the new Interactive mapping is really easy with the 3 tools, Paint, Map Texture, and Edit Texture map. I use these constantly, so I made them permanent places on my tool side bar, as I think digging for them is a bit silly of a default UI choice. I wish these were combined into 1 or 2 tools, as having to pick them individually to perform a single operation is not as intuitive as it could be.
  3. Justin Montoya

    New v9 user questions

    If the file opens without textures showing in Shaded view but are showing in the Material Manager, and you were using RenderZone, then I would try running a RenderZone render and see if the textures show up in a rendering. If they do, you are in luck. After rendering, simply Save the file As a new file and close FormZ. Next time you open, the textures should be there in Shaded mode now as well. This has been a trick we've used for missing files since I started using FormZ in v5. I'm not sure why it happens, or why it's still necessary, but that's what I do if it 'looks' like textures are missing in Shaded view but show up in RenderZone.
  4. Justin Montoya

    V-Ray Clipper - does this actually work ?

    The V-Ray clipper is currently broken for me too.
  5. Upgrade to Windows 10. Support for Windows 7 has long past. Once that's done, then we'll talk.
  6. Twinmotion is an app built on the Unreal Engine. It was designed to simplify using the Unreal Engine for Architecture visualization. It has a couple of programs you should use with it. Quixel Bridge, which is used to manage all your added assets like imported FBX / OBJ files, as well as finding and downloading Megascans models and textures included with any TM (Epic Games) account. The second is Quixel Mixer, which lets you easily modify the textures and map them to any importable geometry. IMHO this tool alone makes mapping textures to complex shapes so much easier that it deserves a serious look.
  7. Sounds like the Live Link plugin is forthcoming, and this Datasmith tool is more just for testing at the moment. With the Live Link, any changes you make to your FMZ model will update live in Twinmotion. However, it should be noted that if you make major changes like changing layer structure, you may need to import the changes separately, because TM does not currently handle that very well in the other Live Links on Rhino and SKP. I'm seeing Twinmotion as more of the secondary scene compositing, rendering, and animation tool after all of the modeling is done in FormZ. It can import FBX and OBJ files directly so its possible to now use these assets with your FormZ modeling without slowing down FormZ, since it would be only inside the TM project. There are some decent tutorials on all of this as well, so you can go ahead and start learning without waiting for documentation from FormZ.
  8. According to their site, You can try Twinmotion for as long as you want for free as long as you aren't using it for paid commercial work. An education license is also free for research purposes as long as you aren't using it on a for profit project. I take this to mean that if you want to download it and complete some tutorials and a sample personal project, that should be fine. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/get-now/twinmotion I'm very excited to see Twinmotion coming to FormZ! I've been taking some of this downtime to learn Twinmotion for Rhino, and while it certainly has some bugs to work out, it's pretty awesome. The Quixel Megascans library is insane! And it's included as UNLIMITED access to all the assets for use with Twinmotion/UE4! https://quixel.com/megascans/home/
  9. Justin Montoya

    Inspector Palette Alternative

    So, I have been so annoyed with this newly added Inspector palette that I made a UI concept that would streamline it back into a single palette sidebar, making the 'Inspector' concept also integrate the Tool Options. All while using the more efficient TAB UI structure than the drop down menu method we had in previous versions. I'm also indicating that these Tabs should have an adjustable height panel (6 dots in lower right corner) and scroll bars so that we can set a fixed height to this panel and just use the scroll wheel while hovering to navigate longer panels, such as some Tool Options like the Stair tool just for example. I think this is a good compromise to our new Inspector panel addition that really just clutters the UI without adding enough benefit as it's own stand alone palette. I'd love to hear some feedback or thoughts from other users in hopes that Tech will also see there is a better approach to the Inspector than adding yet another troublesome palette.
  10. Justin Montoya

    V build A26A

    ariel, First, you should upgrade to the latest release... and see if that helps. I'm having some lag again on these basic tools too, so I'm going to try and delete/rename my FormZ preferences folder to reset it and see if that helps. Try Andrews suggestions see if that helps. Also make sure you do not keep Open the Inspector palette or the Material Parameters palettes while modeling. They add a noticeable lag while working in a project. Hope this is fixed in a future update.
  11. Justin Montoya

    Guide lines Z parameter

    Hi Ariel, I think you may just need to setup your grid and use your snaps appropriately. Do you have your grid setup on a 1ft increment or maybe 1m (not sure where you are from)? Once you have your grid setup at the increments you want to use regularly, Go to your front view (ctrl -) then turn on your grid snap to an appropriate interval as well. Now hit your guide tool and you should be able to snap two points easily in a straight line. Guide not where you want it? Select the guide and Move (M) it any distance you want or type in, say 10? Use your grid as a reference in the front view and its super easy to line up. Were you trying to do it all in the perspective view?
  12. Justin Montoya

    New update 9.0.6

    New update this morning... Seems to have fixed a number of these issues, like the Delete button deleting objects.
  13. Justin Montoya

    Importing 3rd party models

    Good stuff! I agree, and I know they are addressing many of these things, it's just a large task for a small development team, which just takes longer. Draft Layout works fine for my basic needs, but I do miss being able to simply Copy and Paste from my FormZ modeling window into Layout/Draft. Hopefully this can be re-implemented as the Import from Modeling is a bit chunky and slower to use. Rhino does have a Layouts function as well but it's solid modeling and texturing is not quite as fast and fluid as FormZ. But they have great documentation, check out this documentation explaining how to use Layouts for Rhino. We desperately need this sort of documentation for FormZ Draft Layout and other tools. - https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/layouts5 Quick note, the Palette Dock scrolling was an issue for me too, and after reporting it, they fixed it a couple of releases ago, at least on the Windows version I'm using. No need to hold any extra buttons to scroll, and the scroll speed matches with the modeling zoom speed, which I have set to one zoom step per scroll wheel notch. This setup is impossible if you aren't using a scroll wheel mouse with the defined 'notches', but if you are, it makes for a very precise and easy zoom navigation.
  14. Justin Montoya

    Mac OS BigSUR With Issues, Render Zone Not Working

    Santa- Can you share any projects you've cooked up with those behemoths?
  15. Justin Montoya


    Yes, +2 to new videos... I had even offered to create some, but I can't do it for free... Speculation about RenderZone is off topic, but since we actually have an active conversation going here, can we move it over to a more appropriate thread? -