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  1. Justin Montoya

    New update 9.0.6

    New update this morning... Seems to have fixed a number of these issues, like the Delete button deleting objects.
  2. Justin Montoya

    Importing 3rd party models

    Good stuff! I agree, and I know they are addressing many of these things, it's just a large task for a small development team, which just takes longer. Draft Layout works fine for my basic needs, but I do miss being able to simply Copy and Paste from my FormZ modeling window into Layout/Draft. Hopefully this can be re-implemented as the Import from Modeling is a bit chunky and slower to use. Rhino does have a Layouts function as well but it's solid modeling and texturing is not quite as fast and fluid as FormZ. But they have great documentation, check out this documentation explaining how to use Layouts for Rhino. We desperately need this sort of documentation for FormZ Draft Layout and other tools. - https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/layouts5 Quick note, the Palette Dock scrolling was an issue for me too, and after reporting it, they fixed it a couple of releases ago, at least on the Windows version I'm using. No need to hold any extra buttons to scroll, and the scroll speed matches with the modeling zoom speed, which I have set to one zoom step per scroll wheel notch. This setup is impossible if you aren't using a scroll wheel mouse with the defined 'notches', but if you are, it makes for a very precise and easy zoom navigation.
  3. Justin Montoya

    Mac OS BigSUR With Issues, Render Zone Not Working

    Santa- Can you share any projects you've cooked up with those behemoths?
  4. Justin Montoya


    Yes, +2 to new videos... I had even offered to create some, but I can't do it for free... Speculation about RenderZone is off topic, but since we actually have an active conversation going here, can we move it over to a more appropriate thread? -
  5. Andrew, FormZ Tech does not recommend upgrading to Big Sur yet.
  6. Justin Montoya

    Mac OS BigSUR With Issues, Render Zone Not Working

    I have to completely disagree here. The new Apple chips are pretty low scoring for professional work applications compared to a normal desktop CPU or even other mobile laptop CPUs like the awesome AMD Zen 3. Sure they have a long battery life for mobile computing but who is actually doing 3D work unplugged?? Apple shoving mobile parts in desktop computers is just a silly and unnecessary obsession with thinness. Much like the same unhealthy obsession in the fashion industry. I have decommissioned countless iMacs, Macbook Pros, and Mac Pros that all died early deaths in professional environments due to poor thermal design. Professional work deserves professional hardware, not mobile parts in a silly thin chassis. These M1 computers should be great for those doing basic web tasks on the go with great battery life. Much like an ipad, or chromebook. They'll get better performance eventually but they are a long, long ways from being competitive for professional apps like 3d modeling, rendering, Photoshop, and video editing. https://wccftech.com/intel-and-amd-x86-mobility-cpus-destroy-apples-m1-in-cinebench-r23-benchmark-results/amp/ https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Apple-M1-MacBook-vs-PC-Desktop-Workstation-for-Adobe-Creative-Cloud-1975/
  7. Justin Montoya

    Energy Wave Theory & formZ

    Very cool Bo! Thank you for sharing! I'd actually love to try and animate one of these one day. Would you care to share your model for testing?
  8. Tech, ariel is asking about material GROUP names... ariel- This is an issue and it is not currently possible to rename the material group in the default Material palette view. You must change the material palette to List View and then you can change the group name: Cheers.
  9. Justin Montoya

    New update 9.0.6

    I'm still having some painful issues with v9 and this release seems no different. The Cone of Vision is still very buggy and basically broken to the point of being unusable. Launching and exiting the COV takes an absurd amount of time and the View parameters palette doesn't update to the selected views making it worthless. This painful, new Inspector palette still acts up when docked in the sidebar. It won't stay collapsed, and it changes it's docked location upon restart. It's a super buggy implementation for a fix of a problem that never existed. Please give us a way to revert back to v8 type where these tools were integrated in the Tool Options palette! The last thing FormZ needs is another palette! Less is more! I don't know who asked for this, but it's not helpful, and only hurting the overall FormZ experience! I know that v9 was a total rewrite on a new core and it has a lot of under the hood improvements. But what we are experiencing using it is anything but improvements. The new UI is still very buggy when trying to do the customization allowed by FormZ. Either fix it or remove the ability to customize and deal with us complaining about the poor default UI setup. Long term FormZ supporters like myself have created custom FormZ UI's for dozens of years and are used to the quirks of the FormZ, but this newest implementation needs a closer look.
  10. Justin Montoya

    Importing 3rd party models

    I love FormZ for it's general solid modeling quickness. Especially, tools like the 3D Wall tool, Hole Tool, and Reshape are incredibly fast and powerful due to their visual interactivity. The same goes for the basic texture mapping and it's great visual interactivity. But recent changes to the UI (Stupidly separate and BUGGY Inspector Palette, Tool Options palette that won't stay still, Missing and ghosting palettes, cut off text, etc) have made even modeling quickly in it an annoyance that it doesn't need to be. FormZ's UI is now so oddly put together that it looks like pieces from completely different puzzles. It's entirely fixable, but we are rarely seeing these updates despite many requests from all sorts of users. This worries me because UI changes should be some of the easiest to rectify. Then there's this importing 3rd party models problem. It's interesting to see how many other people are starting to really struggle with this in FormZ. There's many things that import better into FormZ 6,7,8 than 9, and many things that just never imported well to begin with. Given the likely future of 3D work requiring collaborating with all sorts of 3D assets, this should be of particular focus on any future formZ update, as without it, there may be no future for FormZ outside of basic modeling and texturing. Sad but true. You will laugh at how easily Rhino imports outside file types compared to FormZ. Even basic things like floorplan DWGs come in to Rhino perfectly just like they would in AutoCAD, with all the Blocks, Text, Hatch, Colors, etc, and you can easily have multiple, complex plans visible in the modeling window without it slowing to a crawl like the same file does in FormZ. Why does FormZ slow down with just imported lines from a DWG? Mesh 3D files like the furniture models we commonly need, come in great to Rhino and don't choke up the program at all like they do in FormZ. This whole issue has become the achilles heel of FormZ. It's an amazingly fast and fluid modeler, but it's inability to play nice with outside geometry is really hurting its capabilities now. Like Andrew said, I believe this is due to the 'solids' nature of FormZ and most other popular modeling applications are surface modelers. Still, formZ will need to fix this quick to stay remotely relevant. Santa- Architectural modeling is OK in Rhino, but it sometimes requires a slightly different approach than super speedy FormZ. It's a Surface modeler originally, but has a solid ... solid toolset too. Many of the solid tools we use are in there, with different names. But some will require an extra step or two to first draw the 2D shape you will turn into 3D. Take the Slab tool in Rhino for instance. This is most similar to FormZ's 3D Wall tool, but first requires you to draw your line, polylines, curves, before you can then start the Slab tool to make it an extruded 3D wall with both height and thickness. Whereas FormZ can often do that on the fly in a single tool depending on the shape. BUT, anything you want to learn is easy to find because of the incredible online documentation in Rhino. Videos GALORE detailing anything you could possibly want to learn in Rhino means becoming self taught is a real possibility. Lynda.com (free with local Library card) has a nice selection of courses from Dave Schultze on Rhino and VRay for Rhino. This sort of accessibility is really intriguing when it can be very difficult to figure out how to use a new software. Just Google "Rhino ______" and you'll find whatever you need. Rhino also has a huge library of plugins and a very active and vibrant community. I wish the modeling and basic texturing was a bit easier, but it's not bad once you get into it after a week or so. I've taken tutorials on many other 3D programs and understand the basics in them. After 15 years of professional work with FormZ, no other 3D software offers the combination of speed and truly accurate and visual modeling that FormZ does. Rhino comes the closest, but needs a little more input to do the same thing. SketchUp comes close but is a purely surface modeler and a very basic one at that. So, I'd ask you how much time do you spend on modeling vs the rest of the process? At some point, the time saved modeling gets easily wasted on these other FormZ problems. Hope this helps you all out there struggling with the same things. I'd truly love for FormZ to be our 1 stop solution to all things 3D and Rendering, but until these problems get recognized and resolved, we all need to be more vocal about it.
  11. Hey Allan, I haven't tried Lumion, but I have used TwinMotion which is similar, but built on the Unreal engine. Similar to you, built and textured in FormZ then I exported into Rhino and used the FREE TwinMotion Live Link to create a quick presentation. The cool thing about TwinMotion was that it translated all my VRay materials, so I didn't have to redo them in Twinmotion. Enscape is lacking in that area among others. I'm curious if you have VRAY for Sketchup and can test if Lumion does this as well? Lumion was the king of this real time type presentation, but much more affordable options like TwinMotion have me testing those. Maybe you could download Twinmotion and give us a comparison? I agree a Live link in FormZ would be amazing too.
  12. Justin Montoya

    White Background Rendering - Cracked it!

    Good job. This is a pretty common 'studio' scene you've built. If you look up tutorials on how to create a studio scene in VRay, you will find many other options. Some where you create a large sphere with a floor (turn off shadow casting on these) to incorporate your whole scene. That way you you can quickly create views from all sides of your project without needing to rotate it. Now if we could just get back a properly functioning Cone of Vision...
  13. Justin Montoya


    Windows user here, but I think this behaviour is a part of our old VRay version that has been rectified in the newer release on other platforms. Hopefully we get and update soon too. The new VRay Asset Editor is incredibly more useful and efficient than our piecemealed version. I was told that this behaviour is out of ADS hands in our current version. I just got used to using the Generic VRay material editor built into formZ since the pop up editor feels cumbersome. That being said, once you get used to having to click on it a second time to get it to stay visible, it's a necessary workaround. If it's disappearing perhaps it's just 'behind' the FormZ window or minimized. You should be able to use Task View in Windows or Mission Control on Mac to find it again. If it's not there, then it sounds like it is crashing in your MacOS version and you need to report that.
  14. Justin Montoya

    FBX export - no layers

    Allan, Strange, when I try to export SKP files, they are always empty. Can you share your SKP file export settings please?
  15. Justin Montoya

    Shaded full shadows through glass

    I think this is technically capable in our OpenGL based Shaded Full mode, but it is not implemented. OpenGL can also show Self Illumination, but it is also unfortunately not implemented in FormZ. Our Shaded Full is pretty powerful as is, but it needs some upgrades to be taken to the next level if we are going to compete with other modern 3D packages.