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  1. Justin Montoya

    Which one display is correct?

    I've seen this as well. Are you using the GPU option turned ON? If the V-Ray Messages says it's Finished, then it's Finished. The VFB window is not updating the status bar correctly it seems when using the GPU option. Nice render BTW!
  2. Justin Montoya

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    FZnoob, just FYI, RenderZone is a plugin as well. A really well integrated one, but a plugin nonetheless. I'd really like to see the same VRay interface that SketchUp, Rhino, Maya, etc all get here in FormZ. But since AutodesSys is handling the development for Vray for FormZ, and not Chaos Group directly, I think we have to compromise. Given the amount of work to get it to this point, I am impressed especially given how small our FormZ user base must be compared to those other giants. Future FZ improvements should address this adoption issue I hope.
  3. Justin Montoya

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    I agree Flosimo, there are things that need to be addressed for a better 'out of the box' experience. There are simply too many default options that need to be changed to get a good workflow with FormZ in my opinion. Everything from the horrible beige background, to the cartoonishly oversized icons, and the unorganized palettes. There are also a lot of settings hidden under Edit>Prefrerences, that should be changed. One big one that you are having issues with is under Project Files > KEEP TEXTURES option that is stupidly turned ON by default. Turn this OFF, and make sure Compression is OFF. Then once you have your file open, goto File>Project Settings> Project Files. Here you can double check that your file has Keep Textures turned OFF as well, and that the Slider for File Optimization is all the way left on Open Fast. These changes should fix some of your built in material editor troubles.
  4. Justin Montoya

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    A better color picker, especially for Windows users!
  5. Justin Montoya

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    A better color picker, especially for Windows users!
  6. Justin Montoya

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    Yes this is a bug, Shaded view is used for FormZs interactive texture mapping technique, and it currently is not correctly reading all vrmat files. For now to work around it, you can load the texture map file into the Shaded material type (switch from Vray type at top right of material parameters). Now you can accurately map the object. When you are ready to render with Vray, just change back to the Vray material type and load your vrmat file. An alternate method is to stick with the generic Vray material type that is customizable in FormZ without needing the separate material editor. That is working well and automatically translates to the Shaded renderer for mapping.
  7. Justin Montoya


    Good idea! But I also think just having a web app that worked on Chrome would provide the most users with this ability no matter the platform. Moving away from all things Apple only makes sense for any 3d design professional since they stopped supporting some of their biggest brand champions. After a dozen years or so of owning all Apple products, I made the same switch last year. Android Pixel phones on Google Fi are amazing and even got an awesome Android Shield TV. They compliment my Windows 10 workstation I built and couldn't be happier with. Windows 10 has probably been the best surprise, as it's so much more MacOS like than the earlier boring and ugly Windows. Make the jump! You'll be happy that you did as Apple continues toward stupidity without Jobs.
  8. Justin Montoya

    Copy or Duplicate Many function?

    Welcome to FormZ Roger, You can also use the Multi Copy for 'Rotate' which can be really handy for making a curved array of objects.
  9. Justin Montoya

    FBX export... let's discuss

    Using the settings above from Shibui Design, I am getting nice clean models and textures into MAX, but the scale is being read as CM when opening the file in MAX. If I can get that problem sorted, then FBX appears to be a bit better than OBJ at this time when sending files to MAX. Unsure about Unreal Engine, since I've never used it, but I would suspect it should be similar with regards to the FBX and OBJ files from FormZ using the settings suggested above.
  10. Justin Montoya

    FBX export... let's discuss

    When I open the FBX file in 3DStudioMax, it says File Units: Centimeters
  11. Justin Montoya

    FBX export... let's discuss

    I'm having an issue where the FBX export is only converting and saving the file units as Centimeters, despite setting the Export as Inches or Feet, or Working Units (which should be inches). Does anyone else have this issue or a possible solution?
  12. Justin Montoya

    interface lag on MacOS

    Looks like MacOS Mojave should be avoided for most 3d users, especially if you are using an Nvidia GPU... https://www.forbes.com/sites/marcochiappetta/2018/12/11/apple-turns-its-back-on-customers-and-nvidia-with-macos-mojave/amp/ All the more evidence that Apple could care less about it's 3d professionals.
  13. Justin Montoya

    interface lag on MacOS

    Since he said it also happens on his Windows workstation, I highly suspect the file has something wrong with it. Unfortunately, you will likely need to try rebuilding the file like I mentioned above. Also, make sure the file does NOT have 'Keep Textures' enabled, as is stupidly enabled by FormZs default installation. To check, with the file open, go to File>Project Files> Keep Textures box should be unchecked and the File Optimization slider should be 3 notches from the 'Open Fast' side. I was told this is the best position from AutoDesSys themselves...
  14. Justin Montoya

    interface lag on MacOS

    Might as well try trashing your preferences folder since it seems to fix so many other problems!
  15. Justin Montoya

    interface lag on MacOS

    It sounds like your file has gotten mangled over time. When all else fails... Open a new project and Copy and Paste all of your objects to the new file, save as a new file name. Close the old project. Then use the open command with the 'Add to Project' option to select your lights and views from your original file. I haven't had to do this in a while, but it used to happen all the time with 'older' FormZ files, so it might be worth a shot! Good luck