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  1. Justin Montoya

    Theatrical Stage Lighting for Events

    Hey! I haven't run into the sphere light issue, do you have Specular turned OFF? You could also likely use some box mesh lights instead of the sphere lights if you absolutely need that type of small area light. VRay cone lights are tricky in completely dark situations. Did you try using an IES file for the spot lights? This will give you a much more realistic blend and softness. I downloaded a bunch of free Blender IES light files and they work fine in VRay for FormZ. Bloom in Imager? Nope. Currently FormZ Imager is broken for VRay if you want to use any advanced rendering settings like Bloom. It only renders the basic VRay image, and not the other advanced passes like denoiser, bloom, etc. You will need to render each image in the VRay Frame Buffer in FormZ without the Imager app to get the much needed advanced render settings. Complain to support about this, we desperately need them to hear more people are struggling with this shortcoming. Hopefully VRAY 5 is coming any time now and will resolve some of these issues. I will have to check on the gobo tiling issue, I don't seem to remember that being a problem here. Were you using an alpha channel equipped TIF file?
  2. Justin Montoya

    Two texture sizes in one mapping... Possible?

    I think the only way to do it is as you did in Photoshop... Warning, Decals do not work with or render in VRay...
  3. Justin Montoya

    Is there a shadow catcher in VRay?

    Howdy! Yes, It's under the Material Options, Affect Alpha, Black Alpha (-1):
  4. Justin Montoya

    installation problem

    My guess is it installed in the old plugin directory. This changed in v9 yet our VRay plugin is still old v8. I have had to relink mine but I figured it was just because of beta testing. Using Windows file explorer go to 😄C > Program Files > formZ 9 > formZ 9.1 Pro > Plugins Do you have a V-Ray for FormZ folder there?
  5. Justin Montoya

    Theatrical Stage Lighting for Events

    I agree about the missing VRay light group controls. Very frustrating! You can try making clones, but I'm unsure if that currently works either. Look forward to seeing your progress.
  6. Justin Montoya

    installation problem

    Strange. So your VRAY is installed but you can't find the V-Ray palettes under the Palettes menu? As always, you can simply email support at FormZ.com for these sort of problems too. This forum is more of a user supported forum these days.
  7. Justin Montoya

    installation problem

    Been there, try to restart the computer. Did that fix it? Reset the FormZ workspace to default. Fix it? If none of that works, try reinstalling VRay, make sure you are on an Administrator account. Did that fix it?
  8. Justin Montoya

    Theatrical Stage Lighting for Events

    The short answer is YES, but you need to approach VRay lighting like real world lighting. Since this type of scene is only lit by the spots, gobos, and screens, that's the kind of lights you need to use in VRay. A basic dome is fine, but since you are completely inside a room, it won't actually affect much. Start with you dark room and add a single spot light in color to see how you might need to setup the dozens of others. Know that they multiply as more are added, so will likely need to be a tad darker than a single light, so the multi lights aren't blown out. Gobo's are the same as spot, just with an alpha Tiff for the cutout. Screens should be done with emitter light materials.
  9. Justin Montoya

    D5 Render

    I think you are right about the OpenGL based Shaded Full, it could really just be updated to give RZ a run and maybe replace it too! RenderZone is still multi threaded as always. I haven't really used it in years, but I just tested it for you and it appears to be very fast and running on all cores on my 24 core / 48 thread AMD Threadripper. Still the quality is so bad compared to VRay, that I won't ever actually use it again. I would try a restart and maybe reinstall to see if this clears up for you, otherwise email formZ support.
  10. Justin Montoya

    D5 Render

    Actually Cycles is being used outside of Blender without nodes. It's been incorporated as the default renderer in Rhino 7 now and uses PBR materials as default. These physically based materials are very platform agnostic and cross-platform compatible and are much easier to use and very similar to what we're used to with V-Ray, Twinmotion, Unreal. This should make it very approachable to old school RenderZone users as well. More info: https://www.rhino3d.co.uk/rhino-for-windows/rhino-3d-v7-rendering-denoiser-and-physically-based-materials/
  11. Justin Montoya

    Mesh lights

    Andrew, I agree. Mesh lights have their place and your recommendation for adding ambience with HDRI attached makes mesh lights a very nice feature. But for LED lighting details like under cabinet lighting, logo or art backlighting, etc, then emitter materials work better than mesh lights in my experience, and are a lot easier to use and edit in this purpose. For live event environments, they typically want dramatic lighting with dark overall backgrounds and lots of highlights to add interest. I can get away with a simple studio dome light and a handful of sphere lights to provide all the illumination needed because there are so many other glowing light elements in the scene. I love hearing everyones approach to these situations and it's great we have that flexibility.
  12. Justin Montoya

    Mesh lights

    cobrien- I think you should try using emitter material lights for this sort of LED lighting detail. I also use a lot of LED strip lighting on counters and displays, and after many tests and projects, I've found the emitter material lights to be far more efficient to use for this purpose. You can then much more easily adjust the various material lights for the many objects/faces without using the chunky light palette editor. Hopefully our OpenGL based Shaded renderer will support this in the future as well because it is already possible with the OpenGL API, but not implemented because silly RenderZone doesn't support it. Here's some examples of using only Emitter material lights for detail lighting:
  13. Justin Montoya

    Can you make a way for VRay to reduce render time?

    Nice John! Thank you for sharing your workaround... That's FormZ ... you workAROUND it. So when you are exporting your animation from FormZ, may I ask what settings you are using? I find FormZ lack of modern codecs like mp4, and h.264/265 really bothersome. AVI is ancient and the uncompressed version is buggy. I also found exporting VRay animations troublesome since it would not use the Denoiser (Mild), which greatly speeds up rendering each frame. Are you utilizing your RTX 2070 to speed up your rendering? Hopefully when V-Ray 5 finally drops, we will have several new tools that will make this sort of job easier. First, there is the newer RTX based engine for RTX GPUs. This is supposedly significantly faster, though like the GPU engine, not all features are carried over from the traditional VRAY CPU engine. The faster RTX GPUs you have, the faster the rendering. Then there is the new VRay VISION, their real time engine. - And the new VRay Cosmos looks pretty sweet for integrating outside assets too - Now I have no idea if any of these will be implemented in our upcoming VRAY 5 for FormZ but I hope they are and especially if it adds enough interest here under the VRay for FormZ forum. TwinMotion is impressive and I'm happy it's coming to FormZ as a live link one day. Until then, I already know VRay pretty well and these new tools are exciting to expand our arsenal.
  14. Justin Montoya

    Mesh lights

    Under the lights palette, you should be able to turn them 'Not Visible' like any other light by clicking the 'Eye' column next to the Mesh lights. You could also just make them 'Ghosted' if that's your shtick.
  15. Justin Montoya

    D5 Render

    At this point, we already have VRay (v5 Update coming soon), Maxwell, RenderZone, Shaded Full, and now TwinMotion is coming soon. I don't see how another option is going to really work out well for our already swamped developers. I do believe they each have their place. However, RenderZone should likely be replaced with an updated High Quality open source render engine... Cycles. That would really add to selling FormZ's core product, which is fast and efficient solid modeling. Shaded mode could also be updated for higher quality and better lighting support (Emitter light materials are available in OpenGL, but not implemented in our Shaded render). There's dozens of other great rendering platforms out there, but there's simply no point in chasing down the obscure engines with our already small user base that is barely supporting the options we already have. Maxwell almost stopped making their plugin for FormZ because there had been so few users! So first we really need to add users to FormZ, then maybe one day they can chase after those cool new engines and plugins.