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  1. pkcn

    V-Ray for FZ update?

    V-Ray 5 is announced for 3D max and V-Ray Next has been issued for several months... What about V-ray for FZ update?
  2. pkcn

    Bergen, Norway

    Great project! Congratulations
  3. pkcn


  4. pkcn

    WEIRD SCIENCE FEM Solver leg modeled in form.Z

    Great!!! Thanks for sharing. FZ needs more works like this to enlarge his audience!
  5. pkcn

    Maxwell 5.1

    We received yesterday the Mxw5.1 update for Studio and FZ9 plugin. Not tested yet.
  6. pkcn

    SKP Import

    This is file downloaded from 3D Warehouse, in 2019 .skp format we are not able to open, but all our .skp files since 2016 dont work. They worked on FZ 6 and 7, I beleive. We have no problem with .3ds, .dwg or .obj files Aalto_Stool.skp
  7. pkcn

    SKP Import

    It is even not recorded in "import recent"
  8. pkcn

    SKP Import

    We tried with different .skp files, 2019, 2018, 2017... Allways blank screen. it seems not working at all
  9. pkcn

    SKP Import

    We have checked the extensions manager and the SKP file translator is on... We had allways the same problem with the previous versions of FMZ; is it a Windows 10 configuration issue (ie: virus detection, firewall...)?
  10. pkcn

    SKP Import

    We were never able to import SKP objects. We tried different FZ versions (8, 9, Free and Pro) on different computers (Windows10). We checked the extension manager; the sketchup translator plugin is on. When we try import a .skp file, the screen remains blank and nothing happens. Any idea?
  11. pkcn

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    Thank you so much for that video!
  12. pkcn

    form•Z Viewer first flight

    Thank you ADS! We installed the app that seems working well.
  13. pkcn

    AutoDesSys Coronavirus Update

    Very nice! The only software editor to provide this offer. Thank you so much, Autodessys. How is it work for V-Ray?
  14. Hello Pipo, Thank you very much for that tutorial. What kind of mxs object is for grass models? A 2D textured plane or a 3D textured basic object?
  15. pkcn

    Maxwell 5 for formZ Resources

    Many thanks!
  16. pkcn

    form•Z v9.0.1 now available

    Hi Tech, We were not able to update by menu/help/search for update, as we received the following message: "no available update". We updated with the link we received with our V9 codes; we are now FZ 9.0.1. By the way we updated too, our maxwell 5 plugin for FZ9 freshly published the 02/06. Everything works fine! Thanks.
  17. pkcn

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    By the way, Maxwell 5 FZplugin has been updated for FZ9 the 6th of Feb.
  18. pkcn

    form•Z v9.0.1 now available

    When we use the link that we received with our V9 codes, we download the 9.0.1. is it OK? Why the update item in the menubar does not work?
  19. pkcn

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    Node locked version. We don't seen any promotion to get both plugin and studio together, unfortunately.
  20. pkcn

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    We bought Studio and FZPlugin...
  21. pkcn

    Maxwell 5 for formZ Released

    The new option to export in render/studio apps, directly from the plugin is a realy nice feature!
  22. pkcn

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    We have installed both Studio and FZ plugin. Everything seems working nice, even on FZ 9.03!
  23. pkcn

    Maxwell 5 for formZ Released

    Thank you Next Limit. We have installed both Studio and FZ plugin and everything seems working nice, even with FZ 9.03.
  24. pkcn

    FormZ Free

    Regarding the viewer, which is very good for that purpose, we are still waiting for an Androïd version.
  25. pkcn

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    Contacted today, Next Limit told us that the Maxwell 5 plugin for FZ 9 would be ready next week. Be patient...