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  1. Tech

    form•Z Viewer first flight

    Its working for us. Please try again, May have been an AWS issue...
  2. For many years we have had requests for a viewer app for form•Z files on a laptop or desktop computer. form•Z Viewer is a new app based on the v9 interface. More mature than a beta, but its never been out in the wild. Please let us know what you think! Click on the icon below....
  3. We are happy to provide free additional form•Z installations for individuals and companies who need additional capacity to accommodate work from home during these unpreceded times. Please email support@formZ.com with your form•Z serial number and we will add extra installation slots to your form•Z v8.6 or v9.0 license. These extra installations will remain in place until the crisis abates. We are able to continue to offer technical support and sales services while honoring the necessary restrictions in place in our local area. We recommend email as the best form of communication with our support (support@formZ.com) and Sales (sales@formZ.com) teams. We wish everyone the best!
  4. The form•Z LAB plugins are available for form•Z v9! A single installer installs all of the plugins for form•Z pro form•Z jr or form•Z Student and Faculty Edition. https://lab.formz.com
  5. Tech

    Reverting to 8.6?

    We are obviously concerned about these issues but have yet to reproduce the problems on any machine that we have tested with. Next time a problem happens like this can you please compress the "formZ 9.0 pro" folder from the autodessys preferences folder and email it to support@formz.com? Please include the details of your OS so we can try and reproduce the problems on a similar system. This is our highest priority at the moment. Please use support@formz.com to let us know about issues that you are encountering. We see email messages much faster than the forum and and we can properly track and follow up with you.
  6. A new page has been added to the form•Z site with more information on form•Z v9 Python Scripting (Click Here to visit) In case you missed today's webinar on form•Z v9 Python Scripting you can check it it out here:
  7. Tech

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    You can. In Model app select "Import From Drafting" from the File Menu, in Draft Layout select "Import From Modeling" from the File menu.
  8. Tech

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    So because Reference files do not have this feature (which is a good idea BTW), you are going to forgo all the other improvements? Really? Components received an overhaul in v9. Did you even try them?
  9. Tech

    what's new webinar

    We had some technical issues with the recording plus we are cleaning up some rough edges (and prepping for this weeks webinar!). Please be patient, its coming but as these views tend to have a long shelf life so we want to get it right.
  10. Tech

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    AHTOH, Sorry that you feel this way. You participated in the v9 beta and yet never mentioned these issues you are encountering. We found 3 tickets regarding v9 issues: 1 was about your registration code and two about palette issues (which have been resolved). There are many additional features besides symmetry not to mention the overall performance improvements. Did you see the list here? You can interchange your drawing with the modeling environment (see Import from Drafting in the file Menu). Also printing and opening classic Draft files with Libraries work with our tests. We would be happy to investigate the issue further to see why these are not working for you. Please email the details to support with the files that are causing problems and we will get to the bottom of the issue. A number of the new features in v9 were suggested in the forum. We could not possibly implement all of the suggestions so If there are specific features that are important to you please be clear in what they are rather than the vague reference in your post. We are working on a couple of other issues that have been reported in v9 layout. We would be happy to work directly with you in a constructive manner to resolve the issues you are encountering.
  11. Tech

    FormZ Free

    We identified an issue that can happen on some systems. We have posted an updated installer that should fix this issue. Please download again and re-install.
  12. Tech

    FormZ Free

    This is caused by the width of your browser window. If you expand the window, the graphics will be fine. We are looking into why this is not dynamically adjusting properly in some browsers. Thanks for the additional feedback. Not as widespread as you made it sound, but obviously things that we needed to correct.
  13. Tech

    FormZ Free

    We certainly do not see the issues you are describing. What browser are you using? What page do you observe the graphics and link issues?
  14. Tech

    FormZ Free

    There was a server cache issues as we transitioned to the live version of the new site. Please reload the page. You may need to force reload the page with shift key while selecting reload depending on your browser. You should now get the proper links.