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  1. vva

    Off topic-sort of... Metric system users.

    and try this: http://www.gewinde-norm.de/index.htm vva
  2. vva

    Off topic-sort of... Metric system users.

    hi Cris, have a look here: if you need translation - I will help you vva
  3. and be sure to have In "Edit" menu the item "2 Click Face/...." unchecked
  4. vva

    Mac OS Monterey & FZ 9

    Thank you tech. this minor bug is no longer present in fZ
  5. vva

    Mac OS Monterey & FZ 9

    the tools :"Round" and "P-Round"
  6. vva

    Mac OS Monterey & FZ 9

    Yes, formZ 9.2 is rather stable. But has minor bugs: in this dialog Never click the "Cancel" button - it crashes immediately !
  7. vva

    Tangent fillets between 2d shapes?

    happy new year to all fZ users! the only way I found out was this workaround: use 3D objects, create a sphere and a cube and use the tool "Round between Faces". Than slice in the center of the sphere and than "Derive Face". the radii one both sides are equal ! If the circle is intersecting the rectangle, use a cube and a cylinder, union both and round the intersecting line. So you can have different radii ! The other way is to use a 2D cad like QCAD and import to fZ. vva
  8. vva

    Curvature continuous rounding in FormZ

    Yes, it is implemented in "Sketch" the radius i divided in 1 arc and 2 nurbs. I made the rectangle in "Sketch", saved as SVG opened in "QCAD" and saved as DXF and imported in formZ:
  9. vva

    Curvature continuous rounding in FormZ

    it would be nice to have it. like this, what I found in the Affinity Forum:
  10. vva

    union bug

    the long roof is not a proper solid. "derive" the gable of the long roof and use the "reshape" tool to build the roof. then the boolean works. vva
  11. vva

    v9 performance issues

    really fast again. even Renderzone is much faster than before (like in former times) vva iMac 10.15.7 ; i7
  12. vva

    New update 9.0.6

    hi Ariel try this link: http://formz.com/fzsite1219/products/formz_v9_pro.html vva
  13. when I had a similar issue I got this advice from Brandon (Tech Support): >>Hello,It's possible it may be a permissions issue.- Close form•Z- In the Finder, navigate to Applications.- Select the "formZ 9" folder.- Select get Get Info from the File menu (or right click and select Get Info).- In the info window, click the lock icon in the lower right to unlock the interface and type your password.- Make sure that the Ownership of the folder which is usually the top line of permissions has your user name (indicated with “Me”) and the permissions are set to Read and Write.- Click on the gear at the bottom of the window and select "Apply To enclosed items” and select OK.- Restart form•Z and try to register. << so try this and Good Luck vva
  14. vva

    Rounding Question

    I use the rounding tool very often for faces and segments. If it is a more complex contour you should select all segments -one by one- with shift key and then use the "Rounding" tool. Otherwise, if you round segment by segment - often the last edge of the contour will not be rounded. I don't know why. And sometimes the tool is broken, when you experiment a lot. You have to relaunch fZ. (but I never had this with fZ 9.0.42) vva
  15. vva

    Bergen, Norway

    cool project and wonderful craftsmanship is it chrome or stainless steel polished ? vva