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  1. vva

    OBJ export crashes

    hi Rudy, I have no problems with your file, but used “ObjectDoctor“ before exporting. OBJ-Crash_Object.obj
  2. vva

    Derive Face from outline

    the easiest way to solve this is to use "Derive > Projection" to ground plain. vva
  3. vva

    macOS Mojave

    In the "Open" and "Import" dialog the checkbox for "Add to project" is not available. click on the "Options" button shows no reaction... vva
  4. vva

    Display resolution

    hi JL, there are 3 small holes in your hood (for the cables), they make the faceting a bit complex. work around : derive the contour and rotate it. so you have best control over the faceting. vva
  5. vva

    macOS Mojave

    yes, it runs fine. no problems here...
  6. vva

    IGES difficult to open

    good morning Jean Luc here is the zipped file : https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwukfgcjnovidy3/SKYLOOP.IGS.fmz.zip?dl=0 there was a lot of corrupt geometry in the file it worked with skip point and text objects and "heal corrupt geometry" vva
  7. Allan please try this file: Measure between.fmz.zip vva
  8. Allan, I think your objects have some problems. I did the following: derive the top faces of the objects, use Object Doctor and give them the height again with the Reshape tool. i'm on iMac 10.13.5; fZ 8.6.2 (10099) vva
  9. hi Allan, the distance from top to top is 2,00m but the "Measure Between" tool measures from top to bottom and because the thickness of the upper object is 0,10m you get 1,90m between the objects. vva
  10. vva

    objects won't boolean (union)

    the left part of the tubes has severe problems. delete that object and rotate with copy the other object and then you can union both objects vva
  11. vva

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    yes I can no problems here I use it all the times iMac 10.13.4 fZ 8.6.2
  12. vva

    formZ models exchange site!

    hello Anton, this is not a lamp ! its a hood: have a look at the website of "FALMEC.com" vva
  13. vva

    .sat conversion

    this is the File SAT (acis 19)
  14. vva

    .sat conversion

    here it is... Sophie_54_sempl.fmz.zip
  15. vva

    Improved shadows

    hi asone, today I had the same problem I have two kinds of shadows in one file: the "good shadow" is from an old file and the" jigsaw-shadow" is from an object that was copied from actual file (built with formZ 8.6.1 - iMac 10.13.4) vva