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  1. Thanks Chris for this post!!! ...read all!
  2. Hugo

    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    Actually, here my e-mail I sent to Serif and ADS on 2020.02.26. Only ADS gave me their opinion on the idea. "Dear CEO of Serif, I am writing this email because of an idea, a business idea. As an Affinity package user and being an architect/Interior Architect I also work with FormZ 3D modeller developed by Auto Des Sys (ADS) in the USA for many years. On the ADS forum (forum user Hugo) I mention frequently about the possibility of working together with Serif. Now, I thought, I write this email directly to Serif. The Affinity Publisher application is so well developed, beautiful GUI and it’s wonderful to work with. The 3D modeller Form Z made by Auto Des Sys is such a brilliant 3D modeller and also wonderful to work with. But, some tools Serif make better, much better, like Publisher. I am running my own business for more than 26 years now and when started my architect business I decided to work with the Mac for two reasons. The first one in the CAD world not many company’s (at least here in the Netherlands) worked on the Mac at that time and second the publishing/advertisement business produces the best print output. The idea to combine CAD on Mac with high publishing quality to deliver better CAD drawings, became a unique selling point within my work. CAD drawings were not really beautiful because of poor vector orientated. Still today the CAD output is limited. For this reason I believe it would be interesting for Serif and AutoDesSys to scrutinise working together. 3D modelling by FormZ and 2D layout by Affinity Publisher. Or working together to develop the GUI of the FormZ application by Serif. I believe if Affinity Publisher is able to read vector drawings on scale, most of the work is done. I hope to hear from you Kind regards / Gegroet"
  3. Hugo

    Why form•z is not popular any more:

    How interesting, this is my suggestion, more or less, in the recent past... In posts I commented I suggested to work together with Affinity, because their software/development/concept is an answer in many ways. Good to know more people know about the Affinity suite.
  4. I really like the comment Tech gave to explain about development. There are just too many people around who KNOW better and how it should be. My compliments to TECH...
  5. Hugo

    Big Sur

    ...oops, found the version.
  6. Hugo

    Big Sur

    A pre leased 9.1? where can I get that version?
  7. Hugo

    Dimension tool sooooo slow

    see this discussion page 2 for a solution.
  8. Hugo

    New update 9.0.6

    The file reduced to 9,... mb after deleting the reference file. But, the problem is still there.
  9. Hugo

    New update 9.0.6

    Turning off, makes no difference. The problem is much more complicated.
  10. Hugo

    Dimension tool sooooo slow

    Yes, using latest version on Mac Catalina.
  11. Hugo

    New update 9.0.6

    Is there anyone who can manage a file that is 86 Mb large working with the version? My file has a reference file, but this one is unloaded. The file is still 86 Mb but every single click produces the spinning ball and it takes minutes and minutes before selecting the next command. If people are enthusiastic about this version, I do not have that experience at all! I try to figure out the reason, but cannot find one. Maybe a memory leak or video card issue??? My MacPro 2013 8-core model with 64 Gb internal memory and 2 video cards AMD Firepro D500. Hopefully someone got this spinning ball issue as well and having a solution for the problem, because I am not able to deliver my product to my clients.
  12. Hugo

    Build A0D7 is slow and hangs

    Nearly a year further and the issue with the spinning ball is still going on. In my version on Mac it is not workable anymore. It feels as if it has issues with the graphics card or a memory leak. I am completely frustrated about FMZ (already too long) because of this and other issues.
  13. Hugo

    Dimension tool sooooo slow

    about slow: version is terrible! every single click, takes minutes, beach ball... not workable anymore. Not talking about all other errors..
  14. Hugo

    New update 9.0.6

    preview materials missing. MacOS 11.0.1 FZ 9.0.6
  15. Hugo

    what's new webinar

    Or... https://www.bricsys.com/en-intl/bim/