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  1. Hugo

    please improve the underlay tool!

    Will test this idea, thank you Jsiggia.
  2. Hugo

    Layers AND sub layer system

    I found out it did not work well, using Objects as an alternative. So, I still have my wish for a SUB layer system.
  3. Hugo

    Group for "Views"

  4. Maxwell Render is for me too very important to work with.
  5. Vectorworks integration would be wonderful. But, I doubt if that will happen. 'Commercial' reasons I have heard from my distributer Design Express. They focus on Cinema 4D they told me some years ago.
  6. Hugo

    Layers AND sub layer system

    Ztek, I think it can be done with Objects as you said. Did some test work and it seems a good alternative. Groups in Object palet: FOUNDATION, FLOOR1, FLOORPLAN 1, FLOOR2, FLOORPLAN 2 etc... Layers in palet: wall, door+windows, piping, furniture, etc... Will test with a complex model... 😊
  7. Hugo

    Layers AND sub layer system

    I know we can use groups in Layers, I do as well, but that is not the same as I suggested. Layers and SUB Layers works different and makes it very easy to organise complex models. If we have only the Layers option, then we have to make for everything an unique layer name. This works fine if you use few, not if you use many. For instance: (FLOOR LEVEL 1 (Layer)) group, in this group: walls 1, doors 1, furniture 1, etc... (FLOOR LEVEL 2 (Layer)) group. In this group: walls 2 (walls 1 is not wanted because you want to switch on / off the group completely with all the sub layers) In my suggestion you organise the group Layers: FLOOR LEVEL 1, FLOOR LEVEL 2, ... AND in the different pallet (SUB Layers) walls, furniture, doors, etc. This organisation structure helps us to export easily to BIM standards, IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) Anyway...
  8. agree with it, there are still to many bugs.
  9. if you connect the 2 lines with 2 other and make it 1 vector line, then you can easily slice. The objects stay solid.
  10. It would be very nice if we could have a second organisation system in the future version. Layers are very useful of course, but a sub layer system makes modelling even better. For instance in architecture we could organise foundation-ground floor-second floor-roof as a (main) Layer level. Walls, doors, windows, furniture etc. could be organised in the sub layer level. Organising the 3D model by switching on/off some of the (main) layers makes it very handy because all sub layers stay visible. Switching off some sub layers, will work through the whole model. The 3D model will be less complicated when many floors are in the building.
  11. Hugo

    formZ 9

    Last few months I uploaded several movie’s with errors to ADS support, they were happy to see these bugs in a movie. It makes supporting and solving much easier, they said. I’m using the latest version of the software and I am happy I could help them in this way. Today I have read this complete thread again and again it seems we users lost our interests. More than a year ago today; no input. So I give it a little kick... ADS, how is it going these days with the development of the next version? Is there anything you can bring to the forum?
  12. Hugo

    Drafting and more

    I use scenes in my 3D model frequently, measuring also in my 3D model. Then make an image on 300 dpi let's say 200x200mm. The image is stored in a folder. Affinity Publisher (AP) update the images when they are updated. I don't care about similar workflow, in all my more then 25 years working for my own and with many programs from CAD to DTP, switching between the programs and different shortcuts... I realise those became all together as if it is 1 program I use.
  13. Hugo

    Drafting and more

    I just posted my comment on the Affinity forum as well: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/84027-dwgdxf-export-option/