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  1. last week I got version 9.0.2 as an update, I am working with MacOs 10.15.4 and I have to say: It's not getting better... even worse. I could start again making video's about all the crashes, bugs and so on. But I do not have the energy at the moment. So, +1 for Andrew and others who are asking... why, why, why...
  2. Hugo

    key shortcuts stop working

    I work with and the issue mention still exist.
  3. Hugo

    key shortcuts stop working

    Actually, yes this happens here as well. v9 on MacOs 10.15.3
  4. Hugo

    Reverting to 8.6?

    Working with MacOs 10.15.3 and in the Modeller works 97% stable. Some issues I have anyway. But no crash. I had crashes with the Maxwell 5 plugin, but that problem is solved with Maxwell version (FormZ v9 crashed at the moment you save.)
  5. Maybe we can discuss here?  Or we could exchange emails.

    Should first consider that I am not a full time developer, and I have my own business to operate. Timing may not be to your desire, if you expect to wait solely on me.

     But, I am open, especially if it is of use to me.




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    2. Chris lund

      Chris lund

      Since I have never gotten around to using it, I will have to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they have further intent for it.

    3. Hugo


      What kind of steps you take to get output? Let’s say getting a nice PDF.

    4. Chris lund

      Chris lund

      I would do a Hidden line and export a DWG to Illustrator and clean it up there.   I wanted color in my output.

      But it too would become segmented, So I would always join the segments together so I could fill faces.

      What I really want is something like a hidden line, but with solid color fills that can be exported. Raster based images don't do me a lot of good.

      When I get more scripting under my belt, I will look into it.

  6. Hugo

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Chris, I would like to discus certain workflow with you because you are able to script. Let me know if you like that.
  7. Hugo

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    3D scenes are powerful to change the screen. just make a screen dump on 300dpi, or print to PDF with vector possibilities and use the result in ANY publishing app. one big advantage here: you have complete control over what you want to export. The nice thing about making your screen, for instance 19,2 by 19,2 cm, you select the 3D model in that screen, you can easily toggle between TOP-FRT-LFT-RGT view and just print them without scaling/changing between your toggle action. In the publishing app you can make place holders to fit the PNG, PDF, SVG or whatever format. The power of creating a template publish/layout document is also very handy. After an update, you select the scene again, make a screen dump or print to PDF, override the file and the publishing app do the update. And again, with full control of what you want. The fact of the decision to cut 3D and 2D, probably for good reason, is introducing problems in 2D if it is not rock solid connected to the 3D model. You have simply no control over the printout.
  8. Hugo

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    I read some older threads about Layout or Draft or... The more I analyse why it's a hot item, I believe the concepts result is not the right one. As I understood from Tech, they wanted to keep the 3D modeller as clean as possible, therefore they split 3D and 2D in two different programs. Now I understand why they decided to do so. Transforming a 3D model to a vector based layout/draft, (grouped segments) is not very sophisticated. A CAD program based on pixels is far more intelligent. Maybe I am wrong, but I think object oriented is better than a vector based program. Look what we get after transferring the 3D model to 2D layout /draft: grouped segments. To understand the object concept; simply lay 1 piece of paper over the other one. The lower one is covered by the upper one, you can easily move, you do not have to trim or extend or anything to get a new composition. And pick on the object anywhere... (is very handy) In another thread in 2017 I suggested using the 3D modeller for 2D as well. All the bells and whistles are already in the modeller. So to speak, people who still want to draw in 2D, still can. And, even in a more sophisticated way by using the modeller with shaded objects and use override layers to controle the objects with colour, fill, hatches, etc. Actually, the option 'make a permanent cut from a clipping plane', could be used to copy into another 3D model. As I explained in the thread below. In my opinion the focus should be on making some of the tools usable to get the 2D output we want. For example; after using the option 'make a permanent cut from clipping plane' the following action could be: open a 3D reference file to place that cut on a Z level, work in this file the way you want. What's left is making the layout of a drawing. Well, others invented that wheel already, and it rolls brilliant! Brandon, I told you ask them to help... Another idea I had is to organise a small conference in the town ADS is seated. Small scale and very interactive with ADS. The reason why it should be on a small scale is the impact it could have on the ADS team and on us users. Not bigger, not more, but based on uniqueness and quality. Creating small work shops, discussing some main topics like in the old day at my art academy... ADS can easily take the ideas. Chris, I understand what you said about only complaining but not giving the dev team any direction'. I do have good feedback from the support and I see they are taking issues seriously. But, as they told me, making screen movies about bugs are very helpful. If other users can do the same, send it to the support team. It absolutely make a difference. No more words, but WYSISWYG. I am not sure If my commend makes sense why it should be quality and uniqueness as the main selling point to get new users on board. It's absolutely worth to keep FormZ alive!!
  9. Hugo

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Mike, I do not believe in another 2D CAD company, because FormZ is already a program acting in the same field. (All 2D options are already in the 3D modeller) The idea of the concept working together with a company active in another field brings the benefit. As Alan Cooper said; Do things different... and go beyond 2D thinking.
  10. Hugo

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Justin, I stopped using Adobe products, and I do not miss them at all. Since then I am using Affinity Suit with enthusiasm. Actually I do not use Layout the way ADS intended, because it is still not on par with the 3D modeller. I use for my CAD drawings 3D modeller FormZ, make a full shaded screen dump on 300dpi, and get them in Affinity Publisher to create PDF's for my clients. Perfect output with full control of WYSISWG. Try this with Layout... Pfffffff. Today I wrote an email to Serif and AutoDesSys to tell them what could be a nice idea: They should working together as they are small company's and create unique and very good tools (AF suit / FormZ 3D). I really do believe it's a way small company's could do. Small is more flexible... I am not that enthusiastic to see the Autodesks, Nemetschek's, Adobe's on this globe. Those company's became just too big.
  11. Hugo

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    I believe it would be a good idea if ADS (as a small company) work together with another small company, Serif. Instead of trying to make Layout work or copy (bad) tools/concepts from other CAD developers, ask Serif to join. ADS can focus on what they do best: making the 3D modeller. V-Ray is already on board. The only thing Serif has to do is make it possible to import DWG/DXF files and that's it. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/publisher/ Working together in different fields make the strength of both 'small company's'. It's unique. Why I talk about Layout in this discussion? Because I think it's the metaphor of what went wrong with ADS and FormZ. On the other hand I still believe in this company ADS.
  12. The new Maxwell Plugin on Mac is not working fine at all! Constantly crash the moment of saving the file. Maybe I am the only one... Pylon told me to wait for the next update plugin. But, till now I am not satisfied...
  13. Hugo

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    Ok, interesting! It become a patron I believe. Hope to hear from others about the experience with NextLimit and their policy and support.
  14. Hugo

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    I asked because I have only problems with floating point license. With version 4 i had bought formz plugin and they gave the studio version as well. Now with version 5 only the plugin or the studio. the problem with licenses is terrible, nearly all my support cases are going about it. Unfortunately never had a solution!!! The node locked version license is always working for you? and, I really be curious if users have problems with maxwell licenses as well. Hope to hear from all of you.