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  1. Hugo


    I have many issues with this version. Although I know it’s better to report to the support team instead to complain on the forum. It’s just too frustrating.... The main complain is that many ‘solved bugs’ just not solved at all. It’s like a tube filled with balls, representing ‘solved errors’. As soon they put another ‘solved error’ ball in this tube, at the end a ‘solved error’ falls out. This process is going on and on.... I believe there is something fundamental wrong with the process of solving problems.
  2. Hugo


    Asone, i do the same. I felt it has to do with flexibility to change habits. Always handy to be flexible... 😉 Not really complains about the UI... only complains I have about Layout, is the whole concept of layouts...
  3. I create a master layer too, works well. Interesting is you can change a layer under the master layer too. For instance I always make everything white, except the glass layer for windows. This one gets override glass material. Looks wonderful.
  4. Of course, please add it... +1
  5. Thank you for the tip!
  6. Hugo

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    My personal experience is I got always a respond on what I send to the support. It doesn’t mean the issue is immediately solved. ADS is doing their best I conclude about their answers.
  7. Hugo

    Suface solid (two sides)

    Andrew, I follow you perfectly. +1
  8. Hugo

    Being optimistic

    When Des started this thread I asked myself could I add something positive... In the beginning I thought hold on, we are talking about a commercial company ADS is and they deliver software for professionals. It should just work! And of course there will be some reasons why on this forum users get frustrated. Maybe the development team become frustrated as well. And sometimes I think I do understand why. For example I believe the concept draft/layout is just wrong, therefore maybe they are not able to fix things in a reasonable time. Anyway, today I saw a very inspiring presentation on Youtube. I know I know, it's from another company, and maybe far away from 3D modeling software. Although I doubt... The reason I add this post is to inspire the def team with ideas/concepts they could implement in FormZ or to help to get a clue why certain software just works seamlessly. So my point here is to inspire ADS dev team or anyone else on the forum to think a little bit out of the own area/box and combine solutions in a unique way. Not copy them because we are used to... The presentation made me happy! and I saw an interesting approach that could be used to make FormZ just better. Hopefully we see this post as a positive one, one that inspires.
  9. Hugo

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    Tech, The update speed, actually it was not updating at all, had to do with synchronizing the file in Dropbox to the MacBook. The files only stored in the cloud, will not update automatically. You have to store the files ALSO on the computer. The other issues I could not reproduce yesterday either. It's strange, anyway. Today I sent you an answer with issues ADS said they should have been solved. Unfortunately...
  10. Hugo

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    Layout is a bit better, but not great... - dimensions disappear and after reopen the 2D file again, some of the missing dimensions are placed far outside the sheet in an empty area. - takes minutes before layout updates the 3D model. - 2D graphics move within the frame after reopen the 2D file. + printing is better to PDF, nice lines. + 2D looks better. Less missing lines. ADS, thank you for the update. I will continue testing...
  11. Hugo

    Lumion plugin

    TwinMotion, could be a wonderful plugin in FormZ.
  12. Hugo

    Learning Python with fZ slant

    yes, interested too.
  13. Hugo

    Graphics settings - OpenGL?

    about those bugs. You can jump to 9 at this moment. Most of the bugs in 9 you get in 8 as well. But, 9 is the better choice...
  14. Hugo

    Suface solid (two sides)

    When do you use this option surface solid? or for in what situation it is handy?
  15. Hugo

    v9.0.2.1 errors...

    Chris, if tech tell us components are much better compare to the previous version 8,5, then i become curious... testing v9 and found out that i still will not using them.