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  1. Hugo

    Form Z Palette System

    What exactly you don’t know how to do? To get the layout with 2 columns? This is not organised by ADS. You should make the main layout smaller, then pull out the Layer or menu and place it just next to the main layout on the desktop.
  2. Hugo

    Form Z Palette System

    In an other post, I suggested the option to have 3 columns left or right of the working area to store menu's. My setup is a Macbook Pro M1 max connected to a LG HDR 5K 5120x2160 screen, with MacOs 12.3.1 and FormZ
  3. Hugo

    Form Z Palette System

    I agree with your observations. See the attach how I use my layout. By the way, I like the Maxwell Render layout how it is controlled. No surprises where to place menu's. rock solid layout.
  4. Hugo

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    I like the Tech respond, because it shows that so many users who are always 'know better' are probably wrong... Thank you Tech for your communication update on this forum. 👍
  5. Works well on my macs with Monterey 12.3.x, also working well on my MacBook M1 max.
  6. Hugo

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    No problem at all at my macs, works ok on my MacBook 2021 M1 Max as well.
  7. Hugo

    form•Z v9.2.0 (#A46A

    Change log: - now version 9.2.0 is changed into 😉
  8. Hugo

    frustration 3d modelling

    Simbio3D, you are very good in modelling! 👍🏼
  9. Hugo

    frustration 3d modelling

    I think using a real 3D modeller as a 2D tool is not very efficient. Have to explain a bit more. It is essential to think 3D to 2D, not the opposite way.
  10. Hugo

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    Today I downloaded PowerCADD version 9 to see what it is... 🤨 I am curious and hopefully both company's will get benefit. The working together is promising.
  11. Hugo

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    ADS, congratulations!! Seems to me a good step. Thank you.
  12. Could you give me example about ‘2d geometry side’ is slim… as I can remember 2d toolset is as good as the 3d toolset in the modeler. I just watched a video about Rhino 2d toolset, and i am not impressed about it. Maybe I do not get it… 😊 http://www.utsdesignindex.com/tools/rhino-2d-drawingtoolset-commands/
  13. Kim, the tools in the modeler are more efficient than the ones in draft. Think about the color fills faces for instance. Using colors and textures, shades etc. is also a way of communication. Think about DXF, sent to all clients they can manipulate them easily. But you are responsible for what you deliver. It becomes hard to prove when something goes wrong. DXF can be made from the modeler as well, 3D and 2D.
  14. Skip Draft and Qcad and work ONLY with the modeler, make 300dpi images from what you want to present and save those images in a folder for Aff.Pub. It’s more efficient.
  15. Hugo

    Layout and fonts. Again

    By the way, it’s a way of thinking a bit different, when using the modeller only to produce good rock solid layout. But I spoke about in other discussions in the past. When in the mood I will produce a movie about the workflow.