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  1. Hugo

    Big Sur

    ...oops, found the version.
  2. Hugo

    Big Sur

    A pre leased 9.1? where can I get that version?
  3. Hugo

    Dimension tool sooooo slow

    see this discussion page 2 for a solution.
  4. Hugo

    New update 9.0.6

    The file reduced to 9,... mb after deleting the reference file. But, the problem is still there.
  5. Hugo

    New update 9.0.6

    Turning off, makes no difference. The problem is much more complicated.
  6. Hugo

    Dimension tool sooooo slow

    Yes, using latest version on Mac Catalina.
  7. Hugo

    New update 9.0.6

    Is there anyone who can manage a file that is 86 Mb large working with the version? My file has a reference file, but this one is unloaded. The file is still 86 Mb but every single click produces the spinning ball and it takes minutes and minutes before selecting the next command. If people are enthusiastic about this version, I do not have that experience at all! I try to figure out the reason, but cannot find one. Maybe a memory leak or video card issue??? My MacPro 2013 8-core model with 64 Gb internal memory and 2 video cards AMD Firepro D500. Hopefully someone got this spinning ball issue as well and having a solution for the problem, because I am not able to deliver my product to my clients.
  8. Hugo

    Build A0D7 is slow and hangs

    Nearly a year further and the issue with the spinning ball is still going on. In my version on Mac it is not workable anymore. It feels as if it has issues with the graphics card or a memory leak. I am completely frustrated about FMZ (already too long) because of this and other issues.
  9. Hugo

    Dimension tool sooooo slow

    about slow: version is terrible! every single click, takes minutes, beach ball... not workable anymore. Not talking about all other errors..
  10. Hugo

    New update 9.0.6

    preview materials missing. MacOS 11.0.1 FZ 9.0.6
  11. Hugo

    what's new webinar

    Or... https://www.bricsys.com/en-intl/bim/
  12. Hugo

    type input bug

    I reverted too to, although many other issues still not solved...
  13. Hugo

    type input bug

    Toggle input does not work on my MacPro, but works on the MacBook Pro. I deleted all preferences and setup FormZ 9.0.5. but I cannot use my TAB key to input distance to move the object after move selected. What a disappointment again... pfffff
  14. Hugo

    what's new webinar

    Yesterday I started to discover BricsCAD, and I have to say, it looks good. Their approach to get a BIM model is what I like compared to what Revit, Archicad, Vectorworks, etc. doing, because modeling is prior to a database with codes and it is working with Grasshopper as well. Maybe I will get myself a 30 day trial version. 😊 I also feel there is not much of development or news about FormZ. Since my last bugs upload to the def team, I think the latest version is poor. All the bugs and more are still in it, not solved at all. Unfortunately! This is my motivation to seek for serious alternatives.
  15. Hugo


    I have many issues with this version. Although I know it’s better to report to the support team instead to complain on the forum. It’s just too frustrating.... The main complain is that many ‘solved bugs’ just not solved at all. It’s like a tube filled with balls, representing ‘solved errors’. As soon they put another ‘solved error’ ball in this tube, at the end a ‘solved error’ falls out. This process is going on and on.... I believe there is something fundamental wrong with the process of solving problems.