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  1. In my case: on the right of my screen I have two columns with pallets, one is the layer from top to bottom screen. This layout is not saved, after saving the preferences. After restart the program, the layer palette left top corner is in place, but the whole palette has the smallest size posible.
  2. Hugo

    GPS coordinates in points

  3. Hugo

    Interior design advice

    Martin, you have a point. We are on the software forum.
  4. Hugo

    Interior design advice

    Martin, I do not want I client I have no connection with.
  5. Hugo

    Interior design advice

    Peter, If you missed the boat, why not tell your client: hey, i am ready with this! Go for the better client!
  6. Hugo

    Interior design advice

    Martin, Building up a relationship with a client is always ok, but on the other hand you have to communicate to the client what is important. Is it money driven or is it good architectural design. The whole success of the project depends on that difference. Anyway, i wish Peter all the succes he needs.
  7. Hugo

    groups vs booleans

    There is an option for groups that allow you to select individual objects and if you toggle between the option it become group as one.
  8. Hugo

    Where to store Components

    My components are stored on my Synology NAS, it works, but because components are very buggy, be careful with them to use anyway. Last week i lost components spontaneously in the model. Have no idea why this happens. Here on the forum many users complain about components.
  9. Hugo

    formZ and 4K resolution

    Using a 30” 4K LG monitor, no problem at all.
  10. Hugo

    Interior design advice

    Peter, I am an architect and interior architect. From my point of view the client should understand architectural / interior design as a concept. If they understand a concept, then color or kind of chair makes no sence, they are free to choose any and will always fit in the concept. If you are on the level of decorating then Martin’s suggestion is very usefull, it saves time, because the client doubt and the only thing you can do is show alternative colors or chair models... I could help as a conceptuel architect, but I doubt your client is willing to pay for this approuch. You could suggest them and we could start working together. ???? I wish you succes.
  11. Hugo

    8.6 bugs

    Kim, I would go a step further. In the past I suggested ADS to share my experiance in 3D modeling, not using it the way 95% of the market does. ADS never reacted on my suggestion in my mail. Not interested??? Anyway, I am willing to come to the USA to meet users and discuss the future of FMZ with ADS. Lets say a small conference about FMZ. .... What do you users and ADS think of that?
  12. Hugo

    formZ 9

    Any news from ADS? We would like to hear...
  13. Hugo

    Referenced CAD files

    Vectorworks does it too. Is nice.
  14. bbuxton, rename the autodessys preferences folder, add _old to it. Then start up the latest version of FMZ. Most of the time it works.