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  1. Anything possible from FormZ on this? if not lets make it a feature in future I hope - just spent the greater part of last hour redistributing materials to layers manually on a large model. I can find better uses for my time....
  2. Hi all, Before I used to have some wonderful scripts from the Formz Website These were all FSB files. They no longer work with latest release. Is there a similar script out there to do same thing? the one in particular I miss is: Distribute_Based_on_Materials.FSB Distribute_based_on_Materials.fsb
  3. Gwyn


    strange bugs. Working remotely to my desktop at work. 1) some times when i minimize and maximize window throughout the day. I find that some of my menus end up trapped in this upper bar. I have to Reset workspace to get back (as per image below) 2) Some times I find after I return from an extended break say overnight and I've left form Z on I find that all my active windows are gone. The only way to get it back is to save the file (as it is still active although not visible) and then close and reopen the file. Just venting - and reporting.
  4. Gwyn

    Crashed file

    FormZ support - file crashed now not opening - just crashes one opening. Can I send to you the file to see if it can be fixed on your end?
  5. Gwyn


    Hi all I had some fantastic Scripts that a user made with old FormZ These were FSL files from 2007 such as: 1. Distribute objects onto Layers based on Material 2. Fix Normal Script 3. Clear Face Colors amongst a few others. I note that these are no longer readable when I click: Extentions. Now its looking for FZP files. Is there a workaround?
  6. Gwyn

    SKP Import

    update: I rebooted computer - and now the sketchup file translator is on in the manager and the pull down menu shown before now properly shows SKP as option.
  7. Gwyn

    SKP Import

    Actually I see on the main page of Z it says this is possible so must be something I'm missing here.
  8. Gwyn

    SKP Import

    HI here is screen shot - as you can see 8.6 imported SKP files whilst Version 9 doesn't have this option. From the message from ZTEK it seems Mac version allows this. That is strange - perhaps Z support can give some guidance.
  9. Gwyn

    SKP Import

    Hi I just got latest updated version installed - I don't see SKP import? I understood that this was going to be improved in the latest version -but now I don't see the option at all? has it moved?
  10. Gwyn


    Perfect - This is tool I was after. Thanks
  11. Gwyn


    Sorry to be so old school here. But one more item I'm missing is Offset command. This could be used for Surface and For Line previously. Now I see under Derive - Offset Surface, which is great for objects with thickness. but if I want to offset a polyline, I seem to be out of luck. Is there a new command that Offsets Lines? What am I missing. thanks.
  12. Remote computer is a PC. I run it directly on the remote computer. I will check with my IT group tomorrow to see if there is an issue with Open GL 3.2 on the machine.
  13. Works great except for one thing. I have to have the program started before I enter remote desktop. If I do not have it open or if it crashes will working and I have to restart the program. I'm met with the announcement that I need Open GL 3.2 before continuing and it then exits. It is strange in that the program works fine as long as its on already. Is this a bug? fixable? or is there something on my end that I should be doing to make it work.
  14. Gwyn


    hi all, With older version of Formz we had C-mesh. which I used to join a number of polylines together to form a Mesh. I'm doing architectural work so the nice thing about this was that I could for instance draw a series of polylines with points at 5' intervals. I could then have a series of these polylines at 9'8" intervals vertically. C-Mesh would thus create a perfect Curtain wall with 9'8 x 5' panes of glass. I would then render the mesh as visible and it would look great for quick massing studies. With new formz I'm having trouble A: Finding this C-Mesh feature. B: Creating polylines with a spread of Points at 5' interval. I used to model curved lines as FACETTED with an interval of 6' for facet dimension. New interface doesn't seem to allow for Facetted curves. Now only smooth as default with a quite complex menu for faceting. Can you give advice on how to use new version with above task. thanks
  15. Gwyn

    Shadow study issue

    Thanks all - And happy thanksgiving Support and American users - I forgot it was an American holiday! I'll figure it out this Am. Probably something silly, or a bug in this massive file.