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  1. AHDD Designer

    Auto Save / 2d DXF Export / Color Pick

    For me it's really sad to read (or get confirmed) that many features that used to work fine under the old MacOS systems are now causing problems. The more I am forced to update my hardware and soft, the more I get left behind... Working with a PowerPC, Leopard and Form.Z 6 10 years ago was almost as comfortable as working with a brand new iMac 2019 and Mojave and Form.Z 8 today
  2. AHDD Designer

    Auto Save / 2d DXF Export / Color Pick

    OK, I have set the setting to "Fast" as suggested by you, but this does not help. It's not really about the fact that the saving process takes too long for me. It's more the way the save process feels. I expect a program to first display a clearly visible message that the project is being cached. Unless this process does not seem to complete in the background can gift. Now it looks like Form.Z crashed because nothing works anymore. After that it looks for a moment like it really is, because the rotating beachball appears (for me not an indication for a "normal" saving process) and only then a progress bar appears at the top left of the screen, which brings the salvation that everything is normal after all.
  3. I work with MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave and Form.Z 8.6.5. The following annoying little things should finally be fixed: 1st Auto Save If this function is switched on and a backup is to be made every 10 minutes, for example, it always feels as if the computer / program has crashed. First everything is blocked (no mouse movement, no changing of the view), then the beachball comes and only then a progress bar appears in the upper right corner (sometimes). 2nd DXF Export 2d If you want to export a 2d DXF from a hiddenline view in order to edit this drawing in another program, this drawing will be exported in any scale. Not twice as large, or 10 times as large, but any absolutely strange. Without a reference measure and a following manual scaling a pure tinkering. 3rd. Materials Color Pick If you use the Gray Scale Slider while editing the materials, it will fall back into RGB mode every time you move it. The same when using CMYK.
  4. Sorry: Wrong thread. Can not delete post.
  5. AHDD Designer

    Fire Crashes at Activation of Render

    Meanwhile I have found it out for my self: In the Fire Preferences I have to check: Engine = CPU Draft / not Engine = GPU Now it works. Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB
  6. After I have moved to a new iMac, the Maxwell Fire Plugin lets FormZ crashes immediately after activating the plugin window. The export to Maxwell standalone Studio and Multilight works properly. Thanks for any ideas. Maxwell for formZ (OSX) | form•Z® Pro v 8.6.5 (Build 10275) | OS X Mach-O 10.14.6 Intel x86 64
  7. Dear Forum Members I have now made several attempts to understand the Vray engine within FormZ resp. to be able to use it correctly. Unfortunately without success: Either the renderings are overexposed or too dark again. If the exposure is okay, there is still no mood/atmosphere in the image. Even the materials don't react as desired. After I didn't find any help on Youtube and Autodessys, I'm now going to make the following suggestion to the community here:I have a FormZ interior design project with 4 simpler scenes. A few screenshots in the attachment. I would like to submit this entire FormZ document to one of you so that you can make the necessary light, material, and camera settings in this document. I hope that with this way I can learn how to do it. Of course I would pay a fee for this service. How high this fee will be, we can then agree bilaterally. Thank you very much for your support. Theo, Switzerland
  8. AHDD Designer

    Request for V-Ray Tutorial or Example Scene

    Dear Andrew Thank you for your comprehensive step-by-step instructions. Your explanations are really a good starting point At the next opportunity I will try to incorporate these inputs. I would still like to see autodessys produce an explanatory movie... Theo
  9. AHDD Designer

    Modeling Tool Palette Odity

  10. Now that I have made several attempts to use the V-Ray plugin with Form.Z successfully, I'm still a bit disillusioned: There are too many settings, the light and the surfaces don't come (or only by chance) as intended. If I am looking for instructions on the internet, the tutorials are mostly based on other programs, such as SketchUp or the native V-Ray program. But the settings within Form.Z seem to be very different to me - or don't work properly... Does anyone know of a tutorial on YouTube that explains the processes in interior design? Or could someone even create one (autodessys ?). Could someone at least share or upload a Form.Z sample scene that contains the most important camera, material, environment and lighting settings? Thank you very much! Attached are some renders, that illustrate my skills so far:
  11. AHDD Designer

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Thank you for your update to 8.6.4 It is nice to see, that FormZ is still alive…
  12. AHDD Designer

    macOS Mojave

    Unfortunately I had to find out that the already somewhat unfortunate UI of FormZ suffered even more under Mojave: Recently, the tools are individually underlaid with white areas, instead of the whole window being uniform in color. See Screenshot. How long will it take until the next version? Don't leave us users alone.
  13. AHDD Designer

    macOS Mojave

    At first sight even the old (and for certain things still proven) version 6.7.3 is running with Mojave. Really really nice!
  14. AHDD Designer

    forum update complete

    Great! Thank you! Next will be Form.Z v9 ?
  15. AHDD Designer

    form•Z 8.6.3 Update Released

    Thank you for your support. Looks good at a first glance :-)