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  1. Dear Forum Members I have now made several attempts to understand the Vray engine within FormZ resp. to be able to use it correctly. Unfortunately without success: Either the renderings are overexposed or too dark again. If the exposure is okay, there is still no mood/atmosphere in the image. Even the materials don't react as desired. After I didn't find any help on Youtube and Autodessys, I'm now going to make the following suggestion to the community here:I have a FormZ interior design project with 4 simpler scenes. A few screenshots in the attachment. I would like to submit this entire FormZ document to one of you so that you can make the necessary light, material, and camera settings in this document. I hope that with this way I can learn how to do it. Of course I would pay a fee for this service. How high this fee will be, we can then agree bilaterally. Thank you very much for your support. Theo, Switzerland
  2. AHDD Designer

    Request for V-Ray Tutorial or Example Scene

    Dear Andrew Thank you for your comprehensive step-by-step instructions. Your explanations are really a good starting point At the next opportunity I will try to incorporate these inputs. I would still like to see autodessys produce an explanatory movie... Theo
  3. AHDD Designer

    Modeling Tool Palette Odity

  4. Now that I have made several attempts to use the V-Ray plugin with Form.Z successfully, I'm still a bit disillusioned: There are too many settings, the light and the surfaces don't come (or only by chance) as intended. If I am looking for instructions on the internet, the tutorials are mostly based on other programs, such as SketchUp or the native V-Ray program. But the settings within Form.Z seem to be very different to me - or don't work properly... Does anyone know of a tutorial on YouTube that explains the processes in interior design? Or could someone even create one (autodessys ?). Could someone at least share or upload a Form.Z sample scene that contains the most important camera, material, environment and lighting settings? Thank you very much! Attached are some renders, that illustrate my skills so far:
  5. AHDD Designer

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Thank you for your update to 8.6.4 It is nice to see, that FormZ is still alive…
  6. AHDD Designer

    macOS Mojave

    Unfortunately I had to find out that the already somewhat unfortunate UI of FormZ suffered even more under Mojave: Recently, the tools are individually underlaid with white areas, instead of the whole window being uniform in color. See Screenshot. How long will it take until the next version? Don't leave us users alone.
  7. AHDD Designer

    macOS Mojave

    At first sight even the old (and for certain things still proven) version 6.7.3 is running with Mojave. Really really nice!
  8. AHDD Designer

    forum update complete

    Great! Thank you! Next will be Form.Z v9 ?
  9. AHDD Designer

    form•Z 8.6.3 Update Released

    Thank you for your support. Looks good at a first glance :-)
  10. AHDD Designer

    Forum Functionality is broken

    For some reason the function of some Forum functionalities are broken nowadays. E.g. I am not able to show up the pull down menu under my Account Name in the top right corner. Also the other buttons do not work anymore. I use Safari with MacOS High Sierra latest and latest Firefox.
  11. AHDD Designer

    8.6 bugs

    In the latest build of FZ, unfortunately, I had to find difficulties when exporting STEP files: Basically, the STEP Esport takes a long time. If the file path is very long, the file can not be saved. I have to save on the desk. Often, FormZ freezes. It only appears the beach ball. These problems occur with different files, not just one. MacOs 10.13.6 High Sierra FormZ 8.6.2 Build 10099
  12. AHDD Designer

    Display > scale

    +1 YES! I miss the possibility of a scaled rendering in FormZ 8 too. That was so good in Version 6 – and I have reported this to Autodessys before – without any feedback… :-(
  13. AHDD Designer

    2D CAD functionality

    I'm used to draw very often in 2d. Either at the beginning of a project to get the proportions under control or at the end of a project to get explanatory illustrations. Unfortunately, the software tools that they have fulfilled a few years ago are disappearing with time, because they can no longer keep up with the developments of the new computer systems, or are no longer being developed further. I used to like «Graphite» from Ashlar so far. But the current version is very inadequate under High Sierra. Unfortunately, the current 2d environment of FormZ is no longer as useful for me as it was under FormZ 6. It would be great to get a simple 2d environment with version 9, which features intelligent drawing tools similar to the «Drafting Assistant» in Graphite.
  14. AHDD Designer

    8.6 bugs

    Issues I discovered in FmZ 8.6.2 Build 10099 in MacOS 10.13.4 so far: When opening an existing Form.Z file, Form.Z makes an Auto-Save in the very first second after fully open the file. If prepicking segments with the Pick Tool, the selection is gone when changing over to the Derive Segment Tool. The Line Editing Tool is working irregularly. Especially the Trim Tool: Sometimes I can trim lines that do not cross - and sometimes they have to be lengthened manually beforehand. Trim/Splt Tool: The option «Construct result by Click Point» does not work properly. It is always the «wrong side»… Nurbs by Boundary Tool: It would be great, if the degree could be set in the Tool Options in advance. Now I have to use always the Nurbs Reconstruct Surface Tool after to adjust manually. It would be great to have a button nearby the coordinates, to set all values to zero at once. These points complete my report, which I already posted in this thread on 1. June 2018 @ 02:52 PM
  15. AHDD Designer

    8.6 bugs

    Issues I discovered in FmZ 8.6.2 Build 10099 in MacOS 10.13.4 so far: The List of Undos just shows one entry. Never the less it is possible, to undo more than one step. But just on after the other. The Maxwell Fire Viewport (window) does not match the view of the FmZ Window or Camara (before that was better.) Working with single 2d lines is still a hassle: Sometimes it is possible to trim lines, that are not crossing on 2d plane (as intended). Sometimes they do not, and I have to extend them manually. Still I can not extend a single line to a surface. (This, and the topic above worked fine in Version 6.) The display of the points (in wireframe) slows down the speed dramatically. Sometimes the points are displayed in white (same color as my project background). Tool Manger is still faulty. E.g. a lot of Icons have the default PlugIn Icon. Extension Icons can not be placed in a collapsing palette an so on…