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form•Z 9 beta


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More than likely, they will respond with a follow up email with a link, otherwise they probably would have left it open on the forum and not bothered with the first email.

Still have the rest of the day...  There are always last minute details on a roll out.


It is possible too, that they hit their quota for testers.   Do hope that isn't the case, I too have not received a follow up email.  Though would understand, Not practical to have everyone be a beta tester.  Were that the case, why not just release the software?



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The formZ v9 beta went live late last night! If you signed up you should have received an email with the download details. We had a few emails bounce and some that had previously unsubscribed from our email lists so If you did not get the email please contact support@formz.com. 


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On 9/10/2019 at 9:12 PM, FZnoob said:

So anybody had a chance to try it, and give some first impressions?

There is probably a gag order of some sort that the testers must comply with, otherwise someone would have commented by now. Personally, I hope that V9 is not simply a lick of paint! Come on Tech, give us a preview of what to expect.....

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I missed seeing this beta availability earlier, tried installing just now, Sept 14... It asks for license-code  but my valid serial# is refused and there are many past 'codes'... is there a special way get this right on Mac? Or does a new set need to be applied for?

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