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  1. Des

    STEP Import not available!!!!

    Go to the Extension Menu > Extensions manager and see if the STEP translator loaded and is switched on...
  2. Des

    Thumbnail Preview

    Not sure about the windows version, but with the Mac version you only have to switch to icon view to see the thumbnails.
  3. Des

    Example Images

    Gonna have to get my act together with vray 🤔
  4. Des

    Missing Tools from 6.7.3

    I see what you mean, there are more options for the parallel tool in version 6.7.3. Maybe if you use the thicken tool which has some of those options. And then copy the resultant faces, undo the thicken and then paste the faces back? You are correct though, there are some handy tools from v6.7.3 which are not in v8.6.5 but there are many workarounds and other options. Des
  5. Des

    Missing Tools from 6.7.3

    Hi Walter, 1) Yes, go to workspace Rendering/Animation and it's the "Deform" tools. 2) Yes, go back to the Modelling workspace and it's in the "Derive 2" tools.
  6. Hi all, I just thought I'd post this to see what your experience is lately regarding our 3d modelling work being affect by the onslaught of BIM in architecture. I am definitely being affected as more architects are using the likes of Revit for more and more projects. As a result they are tending to do their 3d imaging in-house and are less reliant on 3d modellers. They also have many rendering engines to choose from with built-in assets like trees, planting and other entourage which are of a very high quality. Yes, they still require specialist work sometimes but it seems less frequent these days. I've never been a fan of this approach in architecture as I believe designs can be limited and more rigid, but I can see great improvements as the software (and the users for that matter) get better. In this part of the world there is a lot of work in the architectural field at the moment, but every single practice (both large and small) are now using Revit (mostly) exclusively and require people with that skill base. While I will always use FormZ for its amazing modelling abilities, but I think I will have no option but to go down the BIM route using Revit (the thought makes me wretch as I have tried it out before) and still use FormZ along side for when real 3d modelling is needed. To keep marketable at least. I'd love to hear what you all think... Des
  7. Yes, I really hope FormZ V9 comes out soon along with something from Maxwell. I've really tuned my workflow over the years for the two. I'm still playing with Vray but still haven't included it into my workflow yet, I should really get my skates on! Regarding Maxwell Render; even though it gets a bad rap with rendering speed, it has a very quick setup directly from Fz and some killer functions. Namely, multiLight, instances etc. The scatter function (for planting etc.) is so good. It doesn't slow up the FormZ model at all as they only come into play at rendering time. I mentioned in another thread that Maxwell are very much alive on Twitter & LinkedIn and seem to be posting more often so hopefully that's a good omen. Fingers crossed for the future.. Des
  8. Maybe Pylon could chime in? After all, he did create the Maxwell plugin for FormZ..
  9. Yup, me too for Maxwell still being supported as well as V-ray 🖖
  10. Des

    Piano WIP

    In between jobs again so I decided to model our old piano. Modelled in FormZ (obviously!) and rendered in Maxwell. Hope you like... Des
  11. Des

    Piano WIP

    Thanks for your comments guys. Here's an update with the stool added. This is up for sale now on turbosquid Des
  12. 8.5.x is 64bit so you should be ok. I think version 6.7.x is the one to worry about if you have it. If you go to "About This Mac", click system report, go to Applications, you'll be able to see all the applications which are 64bit and not. They'll be shown as yes or no on the right hand side column. Yes being 64bit.
  13. Des

    UHD Resolution Monitors - Blurry

    Sorry I can't help Walter, other than to suggest emailing Support directly with a description of your system and maybe some snapshots. Maybe try going to Preferences in the FormZPRo menu > Select OpenGL > and check "Enable Multi Threading and Use Advanced OpenGL". But tbh I think that only effects the working space rather than the FormZ interface.
  14. Des

    UHD Resolution Monitors - Blurry

    I'm no expert but have you checked that the graphics card in your computer is able to display at UHD? I did have an opportunity to work on a system last year using a UHD monitor with FormZ and all was well.. Des
  15. Des

    Piano WIP

    Hey thanks Jaakko 🤗
  16. I've had Vray for a while now on a laptop but I want to move the license to my main machine where all my jobs and materials are. I can't find where I have an option to deactivate one machine and set to another. I have the license server and FormZ Vray installed. Can anyone give me any advice? Cheers, Des
  17. Des

    Weird component behaviour

    Did you make a component of a clone? That would be expected behaviour if you did. Des
  18. Seeing that I'm in between work at the moment and was watching some world championships snooker on tv, I decided to model a snooker table, so there... Happy Friday. Des
  19. Des

    Paint tool

    Yes, it is great. I use it a lot for placing plants on a ground surfaces.
  20. Des

    undos are still broken

    I'm just wondering if you have your undos set to use Unlimited or not. I have mine set to 12 operations and don't get any problems. When I'm sometimes working on very large files (especially with imported data) I can get a slowdown on functions, but resetting the undo/redo solves that instantly. Des
  21. Des

    Useful time wasting WIP

    Hi John, I just got around to sending the file to Anton so he can share it on the https://www.formz.xyz site, but if you need it quicker, PM me and I'll send you a direct download link. It's way too large for posting here. I had to remove some of the wood textures as they are arroway textures which I'm not allowed to share but I'm sure you have plenty of your own. The rest are maxwell materials. The file is large so I set all objects to low resolution to try to reduce it, but you can increase again if required. Des
  22. Des

    Useful time wasting WIP

    Sure John and thanks Allan! I'll post it with Anton on the form-models site so anyone can have it. Give me a few days as I'm kind of holidaying at the moment cos of my towns racing festival is on and so on.... Remember though that this is a snooker table, not a pool table. Snooker tables are 12' x 6' (very big!)... Dezzzz
  23. What Justin said....
  24. I think the texture files are stored in the native fmz file when "Keep Textures" is selected for easy transportation but not in an export format. If it is not selected, the file is smaller but the paths to the textures can't change otherwise you have to relink. From my experience any FormZ file which is exported to another format such as FBX will have to be relinked when imported again but the materials will be there for all the objects so re-assigning the textures to those materials will need to be linked again to the textures. I also think this is normal as I have to relink textures even in another 3d package after an import. Des