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    Polygon cages for smoothing

    Thanks for posting that Chris, the sub-D method gives better results, the geometry just looks better. When I tried the other splines/nurbs method, I had initially wanted to do a sub-D of 1/8 of the revolve created from the swept splines but couldn't spend more time on it so used nurbs in the end. If I get time later I'll try to do a combination of the two maybe. Just wondering if anyone has an actual classic coke bottle at hand that they could measure accurately and post the sizes here? I think the exercise here is to be able to model it accurately so we'll need measurements. I'd be interested to see this exercise develop to a conclusion of the nicest (not necessarily the quickest) method.
  2. Des

    Polygon cages for smoothing

  3. Des

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    There are some here who are very good with sub-Ds (you know who you are!) and I'm sure they could come up with a workflow for those. However, I made my first attempt using splines and nurbs, here is the result so far. It needs more playing around with the splines (see the indents) but it shows that this approach works fine and produces a nice smooth surface. I made two splines, one for the indent, duplicated it and edited it for the bumps. Multi rotated them within 45º (using 45 as I'm thinking 8 sectors in a coke bottle?). Nurbs lofted them (selection order is important), rotate duplicated 7 times and stitched them together. CokeBottleAttempt01.zip
  4. Des

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    I think this is a good discussion and I'm interested how other people would approach this. I remember doing a large Fanta bottle many years ago but it was less detailed than the coke bottle. It was created using similar process described above (revolve, booleans, rounding etc.). One thing I am sure of is that any splines to be used initially must be good quality (not imported) and good information of the object (decent photos). When taking photos of an object for reference and tracing I usually use a zoom lens and take from really far back and zoomed in to reduce the perspective (narrow cone of vision). Otherwise I think FormZ could produce a beautiful model using the tools available. Clean modelling is what interests me without breaking the bank regarding poly count, preferably smooth geometry for adjustment. Watching with interest and if I find time I'll jump in as well.. Des
  5. Des

    WEIRD SCIENCE FEM Solver leg modeled in form.Z

    So good! Thanks for sharing 👏
  6. Des

    Maxwell 5.1 Released!

    Just want to say I installed Maxwell with FormZ9 a few days ago and all is working well. I started my first paying job with FZv9 and Maxwell V5.1 and so far there are no issues. In fact it seems to run better than ever. Des
  7. Thanks for this, I've always wanted to be able to hide FormZ with a shortcut...... still learning 😄
  8. Des

    Being optimistic

    I like to visit this forum very often to pick up tips, see what others are doing and if I can help other users in any way, it's like a daily habit. As an avid user for many years, I can't help but notice that there has been a lull in the amount of modelling tips, queries regarding to the actual 3d modelling and rendering. I realise that many users here have been around a long time, are seasoned users of FormZ and don't need the advice as much as before, but there is so much talent at our disposal here relating to varying disciplines. I think ADS need encouragement too and it'd be nice to see some good things now and again from the users (Antons FormZ models and Pipos WIPs for example), especially in the times we're in at the moment. I know some of you are trying to help ADS with bug submissions and suggestions but maybe try to deliver it in a more positive way? Some here are like spoiled kids crying because they have to do four clicks instead of one and expecting a magic red button that does all.. And no, I'm not having a bad day today 😁
  9. Des

    Texture mapping

  10. Des

    Lumion plugin

    Yes, a TwinMotion plugin could be a massive selling point for FormZ (or at the very least a training vid showing Fz to TM workflow). I think realtime renderers are the future and a no-brainer. I haven't tried it out yet but the videos on-line are very very impressive. I'm a Maxwell user and had intensions to get Vray in my workflow but to be honest I'm starting to think I should go this direction instead.
  11. Des

    Graphics settings - OpenGL?

    Not sure why it's sluggish on your machine. Maybe there's an issue with the installation or something else going on. My 7 year old iMac runs fine with Fz and has a much lower spec than yours (with the exception of RAM, mine has 24Gb). Of course, whichever model I'm working on has a lot to do with the responsiveness with transformations. I like to keep image textures as low in size as possible and switch off both "keep textures and Keep Ghosted Tool Operands in File" in project settings. When working on subdivisions I keep the "Iterations" to something lower than 3 and only increase it if faceting starts to get visible when rendering. Also, when using components, it is set by default to "Align with view", turn this off unless you specifically want that for billboard people and trees. In preferences, I have "Enable Multi Threading and Use Advanced OpenGL" turned on as well. Query; if your making the jump from 6.x to 8.6, why not go straight to 9? Des
  12. I'm interested too Chris.. Des
  13. Des

    Bend along path tool

    Thanks for posting Craig 👍
  14. Doesn't matter Chris, that's some seriously nice modelling there, always a pleasure to see! Des
  15. That kettle looks quite easy to do in FormZ, but you are right, it's about choosing the best tools for any particular job. That comes from experience with Fz but I'd suggest visiting the tutorials page for some samples. This page has disappeared from the web site and some are very old but I think the approach to each which is informative. Also, try the YouTube tutorials as well. Even though I've been using FormZ for many years, I always find something that I didn't know or have forgotten. And of course the updated Tips & Tricks page. The manual is good too as some of the tools can be "sensitive" 😉 Des
  16. Hi Steve, If you know where the seams are on that chair, you can trace their positions. Do only one side and mirror later. I would use the NURBS by U/V Curves tool. That will allow you to accurately model that shape and still be able to adjust it. I've attached a car I started years ago but never had the chance to finish but it is the same process. Trace the splines, manipulate and make sure they touch accurately, add intermediates and shift select them and hey presto. Hope this helps. Des BeetleTest.zip
  17. Excellent! Thanks for that ADS 🙂
  18. Des

    Surface to solid

    Sounds like you're missing some faces Walter. Use the object doctor first to see if it can fix it. Depending on how complicated the object is, once you find the missing face and if OD can't fix it, draw in another face triangle and stitch it to the main object to make it a solid again. Des
  19. Des

    Display Resolutions

    Agreed.. I model at low resolution all the time and only turn it up when needed. And thanks for the resolution file Setz, I'd been planning on doing something similar for years... 🙄
  20. Des

    Form.Z file for maxwell

    Hi Cuno, You can have this simple studio setup, you just have to drop your piece of furniture into it. I wouldn't say it'll do "perfect" renders, but it's a start. You might have to re-assign the maxwell textures. I normally use multi-light, so allows playing with the lights after the render is done. Des Studio.zip
  21. Des

    form•Z Viewer first flight

    This looks good. It'll be handy for clients to view files etc. I would say it's fine to share the link for download so the most up to date is always available. Des
  22. Des

    what's new webinar

  23. Des

    Concrete texture needed

    Ariel Here's one (Maxwell 4). Not sure if it's good enough though. Des PanelConcrete.zip
  24. Des

    wip & recent renders

    Beautiful !
  25. Des

    Exciting times

    With the onset of Fz9, it's variations and all the newness it brings, it is also nice to wake up to the new slick web-site too. After a time of stagnation, it makes me happy to see the new drive which I hope brings success. Well done AutoDesSys 👏 Des