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  1. Des

    Image Options

    I think there is a limit of 2048 x 2048 when you save out from Shaded full and shaded work.
  2. Des

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    You can do that already by going to Project Settings > Appearance > Select or create and custom style > Select Pre-Pick to change the colour to green or whatever. Des
  3. Des

    .fza and .fzb

    This works fine for me when I save-as or duplicate the file. The backup file won't be saved at that moment unless you change something in the new file and then re-save, then the backup file will be written. Just change a view and back again and re-save. Des
  4. There doesn't seem to be an option to export without lights. Maybe just 'Save As' your FormZ file, delete the lights and export from the copy to keep your original intact? Des
  5. Hi Pylon, I know I asked about this before, but I was wondering if there is any news regarding a components to instances option in any upcoming versions? I realise that it's an issue with FormZ code or something like that, but maybe with all the talk about FZ version 9, that this could be addressed? Thanks in advance, Des
  6. Des

    Components to Instances

    Just wondering if this might help with the creation and control of components/MXS references to instances when 9 comes out? Don't know if these are connected in any way, but to be able to use instances from the Maxwell plugin would be amazing. I'm thinking of foliage etc. Des
  7. Des

    2 Path Sweep

    I agree that the sweep tool needs some attention to make it more intuitive, but I've learned it's "personality" better so I don't have many issues. Regarding your file, the paths have similar curved radii (in fact the out path is smaller than the inner) so I think it's expected that you'll get strange results. I would approach this shape differently such as rounding (to holdline) for example. That's assuming you want the radii sweep not as ADS example (which is more of a natural sweep).
  8. Des

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Hey ADS, thanks for the update to v8.6.5. Do you think you could post the list of changes? So far today the updated version is running fine, nice and smooth.. Des
  9. Des

    Is Maxwell dead?

    Me too! I hope it's not going away. Funny enough that although the NextLimit forum is very quiet, they seem very active on twitter by posting renders on an almost daily basis. Fernando Tella of Next Limit said on their forum last month that it is not abandoned and they will have news in the "short-mid term" Fingers crossed... Des
  10. And here's to another few decades! 🤘 What is it now, 28 years or so? Cheers, Des
  11. I've been trying to perfect the most efficient way to do this for years and every job ends up being done differently depending on the project. Terrain size verses amount of roadways/paths and terrain undulation are some of the factors to consider. In the past for most jobs I used the terrain tool to generate the landform, then chop away to get the roads etc. Accuracy was dependant on the resolution of the terrain as well especially when sweeping profiles (kerbs). More recently I have had success with a combination of nurbs, sweeps, cover wire tool and even sub-division surfaces. When using these objects in conjunction with the "Segment Sequence" pick option (for selection of the sweep paths for the kerbs). After kerbs (curbs?) are formed (swept) I generally boolean split them at driveways and create the dishing of the kerb separately. It would be a big job to create a tutorial, especially for different scenarios. Maybe a snapshot of the type of terrain/streets you are thinking of doing (as a starting point). Des
  12. Des

    Picking Inside Objects

    I think this is normal when using Auto Pick, it is simply selecting the "Closure". But moving the cursor over the object in the middle auto selects that object as well. I find that using the Auto Pick to select closures is extremely handy for example selecting the closure in a window frame, copying and pasting results in the closures being pasted as new surfaces which can be the glass. I'm pretty sure it's been like this since v7. It can catch you out however if you happen to have "Allow Drag" selected in the tool options in which case you can inadvertently distort the wall enclosure. I normally have that unselected. The Auto Pick tool in conjunction with the TAB key is quite powerful especially when there are multiple enclosures inside one another. Des
  13. Different ways, Try the Transform tool which lets to move /rotate an object about it's own axis, OR use the "define reference plane" from the a face of the object from which you can rotate. Des
  14. Personally, I don't think it's mathematically possible to create this particular shape where all the adjoining faces are tessellated, non planer and still have the intersection points and outer edges lining up and still be planer. I believe you would only achieve this if using equilateral triangles (not just any triangulated face). If you are machining this from 12mm ply for example, then you only need to have the tessellated butted faces as planer faces (your red faces shown), but with added thickness of say 1mm (use the thicken tool set to centre) differenced from the extruded faces of 12mm. The outer boundary face edges would still not perfectly line up so would have to be planed after assembly. My 2 cents (euro).. 😄 Des
  15. Des

    macOS Mojave

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has upgraded to MacOS Mojave yet and used FormZ with it? Cheers, Des
  16. Des

    Modeling frames

    Have you tried clones? Maybe if you build the object from parts made from clones, then you could make a change to one and the rest of the "parts" would update? So if the cube side where clones, once you made a change to the thickness of a side, the rest would be the same. You could even make a component of the clone assembly.. Des
  17. Des

    "Unsmoothing" ?

    Or right click the object to get to the attributes (quicker than what I said before)... Des
  18. Des

    "Unsmoothing" ?

    Select the object > select attributes in tool options > select Smooth shading > toggle on "Override Project Smooth Shading" > toggle on "None". Des
  19. Des

    Cars for Maxwell

    I'm in the same boat Imagix. I have the Dosch 2009 cars which I optimised years ago and still use in my renders, but I bought the 2018 cars which come without the maxwell materials. So I've just started importing them (I prefer the low poly versions as I think they are good enough for my purposes) into Z using the LWO format (seems to import the materials and textures better). There are approximately 26 materials in each car model, so the first thing I do is to "save a copy as" in Z to a new designated folder so I have the materials with texture maps together (about 6 image maps per car ie. number plate, logo etc.). The other materials without texture maps can be copied from the older cars for speed, renamed (altered if required) and re-assigned in Z. Then create mxs in Z, open and edit if required in Maxwell Studio and Bob's your uncle. The whole process takes about an hour or so, but if you squeeze one car in every fews days between jobs, you'll have a nice collection ( there are 15 cars in the 2018 collection). Hope this helps, Des
  20. Des


    I think that is a great bargain Phil! I already have two licenses for just me so I won't be buying. I would suggest to anyone who has a single license to snap this offer up. And anyone who's trying out Fz to get it! Des
  21. Des

    How do I create a face?

    It really depends on the type of object which has a missing face/s and whether the opening is planer or not. If object doctor is unable to fix the missing face then you'll have to replace it yourself and stitch it to the rest of the object. The first thing I would try is to use "select sequence" in tool options, move the cursor over the edge of the missing face and if it selects the correct edges around the hole, copy and paste. If the edge you copied pastes in with a surface, then the surface is planer and can be stitched to the rest there and then. If the edge pastes in without a surface, then it's non-planer in which case use the triangulate tool on it and then stitch. If you are unable to use the select sequence (the sequence goes beyond the opening for example) just trace the opening in a 3d view with the vector line (as a 2d surface) snapping to the points. If the closed vector line has no surface then do as above and triangulate it and stitch. You can draw in triangles as well with the vector tool and stitch them together. If you post a snapshot of the object with it's missing face, it'd be easier to choose the right method... Des
  22. Des

    Lumion plugin

    It's very impressive.. Pity it's not for macs though.
  23. Have you checked your extensions manager to see if the SketchUp (SKP) translator is loaded? It's showing up in my FormZ version Des
  24. Des

    Upgrade paid, not received.

    I'd hazard a guess that thanksgiving in the US might have had something to do with it.. Probably nobody in the Zoffice Des
  25. Des


    Surely this is not a question of your opinion of 3d software? Vray is a new implementation in FormZ and obviously needs tweaking, give it time. My advice.. get another job, nobody should be forced to do anything...