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  1. jsiggia

    form•Z 9 beta

    Released January 10th. V9.0.0.3 is the current version. Joe.
  2. jsiggia

    Feels like a beta release!

    Hello Z, Yes, the appearance settings appear to be functional, but without preview. Trying this (file ladder from title bar) on a saved file is producing no result. Thanks, Joe Mac OS-10.15.2
  3. jsiggia

    Feels like a beta release!

    Thanks Z, I'm sure that's what it was. Joe
  4. jsiggia

    Feels like a beta release!

    Things I've noticed so far, not mentioned above. (I think) 1) Project Settings>Appearance>Preview is not displaying any previews. 2). Command clicking the title of a window is not producing the file ladder as it should (standard Mac behavior)
  5. jsiggia

    VRay Next for FormZ?

    Hey thanks for the quick response Justin, guess I'm staying up late tonight... Joe
  6. jsiggia

    VRay Next for FormZ?

    Will the current V-ray work with V9? Thanks, Joe
  7. jsiggia

    In case you all didn't know of HDRIHAVEN

    Very cool, Thanks John. Hope you are well. Joe
  8. Hello everyone, Has anybody had any experience with entering angle information taken from a site survey or plat? Selecting the Surveyor option has no effect. Thanks, Joe
  9. jsiggia

    FormZ on older Macs

    Thanks for that one Des. Joe
  10. jsiggia

    form•Z 9 beta

  11. jsiggia

    please improve the underlay tool!

    Have you had any occasion to use the billboard tool? They are basically an underlay you can manipulate like any other object. I seldom use underlays anymore. Thanks, Joe
  12. Extension manager is suddenly empty, I've trashed Autodessys folder, and restarted, any suggestions? Build 10275 Thanks, Joe
  13. jsiggia

    Extensions suddenly not loading

    Andrew, Thanks for reading and responding. I just trashed this folder again & now extensions are restored. I don't know... maybe it's time for bed. Thanks, Joe
  14. jsiggia

    Can't load textures

    Okay, thanks for taking the time to test, it was just a thought. Joe
  15. jsiggia

    Can't load textures

    Jwiede, I'm not an expert on this file type, but would a progressive need to load progressively on an object as it would on a web page? If so, I can see how this might cause problems in a 3D scene. Thanks, Joe
  16. Anyone have encounter this and know a solution? Thanks, Joe
  17. Well, if anyone is interested, the issue cleared up when I unplugged may USB hub. Funny thing is, the receiver for my mouse was not in the hub, just straight into my iMac. Hub is a "Plugable" 7 port (USB-3). Thanks for reading, Joe
  18. jsiggia

    Layers AND sub layer system

    We can group our layers, beyond that, you can assign colors. Does this help? Joe
  19. My Space Mouse is drifting my modeling view on its own, anyone else ever run into this? Thanks, Joe
  20. jsiggia

    3Dconnexion Space Mouse drifting.

    I have had something resting against the mouse, but not this time. How do you clear gunk from a space mouse, never really looked for a way to get into it? Thanks, Joe
  21. jsiggia

    3Dconnexion Space Mouse drifting.

    Andrew, This is used simultaneously with a standard (non 3D mouse) it can not replace it. With this, you can snap to a point, then drag a polyline while rotating your model. This blew me away when I first started using it all those years ago. I can't imagine modeling without it. You can set it to manipulate your scene or an object. I never had an issue with accuracy. Sorry, never used the CAD mouse they offer. Hope this helps, Joe
  22. jsiggia

    3Dconnexion Space Mouse drifting.

    Okay, I had it plugged into a hub, after connecting directly into my iMac things are back to normal. Hope the helps someone. Joe
  23. jsiggia

    Fmz projects into Mobile

    Sorry, have my answer.
  24. A return to group level selection in the pick tool options would be outstanding. Thanks for reading. Joe
  25. jsiggia

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    I noticed this thread was started in 2017, and I posted my list one year ago, Chris seemed to like my items so since we're doing reminders, here it is again: I've removed a couple during the past year. The first two are pretty much self explanatory and found in many other 3D programs. Your thoughts are always welcome & thanks for reading. Joe UV unwrapping Symmetry tool 1) Object Name Visibility in Object Palette If a layer is hidden, then we should have the option for the objects on that layer to also be hidden in the object palette. The object palette could be greatly reduced in a flash, having only the objects of "visible" layers. A ghosted layer would have its objects names greyed out. 3) Drop down menu for operand destination layer (which, like any other, can be hidden, visible or ghosted). This should be on the uppermost level of the program with its current selection always visible (perhaps as part of the “Input Palette”) The menu could have a "delete", and "ghost on current layer". 4) Template file Manager When a new project is opened from a template file, I think the name should be something other than untitled. Perhaps call it "template: file name". Something to indicate what is being loaded without digging into the preferences. Perhaps a file menu item "Open Template File..." An option in the save dialog to "Save as Template File" would be a nice addition. 5) Change the length of the axis. Changing the size of the grid has no effect on these. In addition, a small set of axis in the corner of the modeling window would be a great help. 6) Snap option check box This was dropped moving to V7, could it return please. Simple checkbox to match the snap interval with the grid.