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  1. santa

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    Which Threadripper are you running? I am asking, because it may be responsible for some of your woes. Technically, Windows is restricted to 64 cores per processor, BUT the problem is that it sees threads as cores. Because of this anything over 32 cores (64 threads) will give you grief. I have been running dual Xeon workstations for a number of years now, with plenty of RAM, and have never run into anything similar to what you describe. NOTE that I am not a Microsoft evangelist, and am not writing this in order to promote Windows. Yes, it does have issues, but so do the offerings from Apple or Linux! In the end it does come down to personal preference I guess!
  2. santa

    Easter Greetings

    HAPPY EGGSMAS everybody! Don't forget, it's Tax Day in the US this coming Monday. Be honest, otherwise.....
  3. santa

    Off topic-sort of... Metric system users.

    That's not a bolt.....this is a bolt! In all seriousness, is this for real? I do not believe that even bridges employ anything approaching bolts of this size. What would something like this be used for? Is it an advertising prop perhaps?
  4. santa

    Off topic-sort of... Metric system users.

    I think that is your problem! The in-between drills are almost certainly custom made (proprietary) and therefore without published information on the internet. Most of what I find online is standards based, ISO in case of the metric system. I did find, however, some good information on ISO 724 including coarser/finer threads and associated tap sizes at: https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/metric-threads-d_777.html I also found "the Bible", a useful PDF catalogue on everything drill related, which is too large to post here, but the following link will take you there: https://www.stanleyengineeredfastening.com/-/media/web/sef/resources/docs/spiralock/spiralock-catalog--2019.pdf Boy! I'm all tapped out (get it?) after all that. I reckon that for an architect I will make a great grease monkey when I grow up!
  5. santa

    Off topic-sort of... Metric system users.

    One more..... TapDrillSizes.pdf
  6. santa

    Off topic-sort of... Metric system users.

    Will this do? Sutton-Tools-Tapping-Drill-Size-Chart.pdf
  7. santa

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    Hear, hear! There is nothing to fear like fear itself! ADS must be more transparent to maintain user confidence.
  8. santa

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    Form Z 10? Do tell!
  9. santa

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    If I was running ADS, I would seriously consider developing a simple FZ add-on for the likes of Blender. Why? Because it currently lacks good, CAD-like modelling functionality, and it has a VAST user base. The opening is there, and at $50 - $100 a pop, it would sell like hotcakes! Who knows, some of that user base may even progress to our beloved full-fat version as a result! We desperately need fresh blood! From what I see, only a tiny handful of diehard existing (or previous) users frequent this board over and over again, which is a real shame! Where are the other supposed thousands that are meant to exist? The answer is that they have almost certainly gone elsewhere! It's a minute to midnight.....
  10. I missed page 3 of the column tutorial. Here it is with a bonus chair. Column Tutorial Extra Page.pdf
  11. It appears that the resolution was not preserved in the above two images. Here is a PDF instead. Column Tutorial.pdf
  12. How about like this.....
  13. santa

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    Absolutely! I never could understand the fervour of the zealots on either side. I started on the Mac and loved it. Unfortunately, the ability to run certain CAD software required me to switch to the PC and I grew to love it too. Sure, the Mac was more refined, easier to use, and ran on sexier hardware, but so what? Perhaps Linux will conquer both one day!
  14. santa

    Where to report issues and bugs?

    It wasn't always like this.....