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  1. Why doesn't Chaosgroup develop V-Ray for FZ? Any thoughts or ideas?
  2. No, you misunderstood.....V-Ray 5 Beta is coming.
  3. santa

    Android Mobile VIewer

    Agreed Anwar, as long as it doesn't result in non-functional third party software or drivers, like in the past. To be honest, I am cautiously looking forward to it, and hope that the base code gets some attention (a much needed rewrite).....it must be a complete mish-mash after all the upgrades over the years! I read yesterday, that Microsoft has finally joined Apple in the "Trillion $ Club". Fingers crossed for an Android viewer, but I am not holding my breath! Over to you ADS!
  4. santa

    Android Mobile VIewer

    Yes, an Android viewer would come in handy! Looks like the 21H2 update will in fact be Windows 11. I wonder why Microsoft felt the need to move on from 10? There was talk at one stage that it would be the final version ever, supported by regular updates instead. Is there anything radically new about 11?
  5. santa

    Graphics Cards

    I agree with @Smarttec. When it comes to raw speed, the RTX 3090, or the RTX 3080ti, are near the top of the heap right now.....if you can afford them! However, bear in mind that you may get equal or even faster performance by using two (or more) cheaper cards, including previous generation GTX cards. Multiple Nvidia cards scale almost linearly, so experiment if you can before you splash the cash!
  6. You will have to look elsewhere, because FZ is not state of the art software. Far from it! In my experience, it's a fantastic modeller.....full stop. If you read some of the other posts on these forums, you will find that a lot of existing users are very frustrated with the slow development of already promised features. The importing of Lidar (or GIS) data is not one of them. I hope that I'm wrong, but I feel that the days of FZ are well and truly numbered. It hasn't really changed much over the past 30 years, or so. It's deeply tired and badly in need of a defibrillator!
  7. Do not to believe the marketing hype, and test until you have satisfied yourself! I mean, Big Sur has only been generally available for six months or so.....unless I'm wrong, Apple is not in the habit of releasing it's code to developers until it's well and ready. As such it's next to impossible that ADS wrote 9.1 specifically with full compliance with it in mind. I wish that software vendors were more clear about this and spelled out what will, or will not, work with any new OS release. It will come out "in the wash" eventually.
  8. Very good indeed! Politics did not raise its ugly head this year. I got the impression that the UK was receiving payback (0 points) for Brexit. There was also controversy over winning Italy's lead singer, because he was spotted leaning over the table as though snorting something. A fuss over nothing it seems, since he passed his drug test.
  9. Since we are on the topic of stage lighting, has anyone watched Eurovision 2021 last Saturday? There were some fantastic effects, coupled with an equally expensive power bill, I bet! Who was your favourite? Mine was Ukraine, and a band called Go_A, led by a Matrix Trinity lookalike gal, with a song called "Shum". It's a techno-folk-rave type ditty that really goes off, and demands repeated listening at high volume. It's one of those songs that you either love or hate. Needless to say I love it.....check it out, and enjoy:
  10. santa

    VRay 5 beta progress?

    I think so too. Take a look at the stonework and the shingle siding on the right. The only way to achieve that would be by tedious physical modelling or by displacement mapping, which is too resource hungry for a model like this. My 2¢.
  11. santa

    Too many files...

    Are most of the 15,000 image files? This is normal in animation when you render out to a sequence of still images, instead of to a single movie file. Pros like image files for compositing and editing later on, so maybe TM defaults to this. Double check your export settings.....
  12. Thanks Des, but I'm giving up on Draft/Layout until they become usable. It's far from reliable to use in production work, I'm afraid. In my opinion it should not have been released, as it diminishes the good reputation of the software package as a whole. Anyone experiencing it will look elsewhere, for sure.
  13. Well, a solution of sorts, is not to use components. What a pity! Another issue I have come across is that 2d line weights are ignored in layout, which imported perfectly well in 8.6.5!! We seem to be going 'round in circles fellas! This shouldn't be happening in 2021.
  14. Is there a solution to this? At the start of a FMZ file import into the layout module I can hear an intermittent scratchy noise coming from the speakers. This lasts for the duration of the import, but components never come in. Even basic shapes, such as cubes, cylinders, and surfaces fail. Any ideas as to the cause?
  15. santa

    VRay 5 beta progress?

    As they say, "treat them mean, keep them keen".....