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  1. santa

    Too many files...

    Are most of the 15,000 image files? This is normal in animation when you render out to a sequence of still images, instead of to a single movie file. Pros like image files for compositing and editing later on, so maybe TM defaults to this. Double check your export settings.....
  2. Thanks Des, but I'm giving up on Draft/Layout until they become usable. It's far from reliable to use in production work, I'm afraid. In my opinion it should not have been released, as it diminishes the good reputation of the software package as a whole. Anyone experiencing it will look elsewhere, for sure.
  3. Well, a solution of sorts, is not to use components. What a pity! Another issue I have come across is that 2d line weights are ignored in layout, which imported perfectly well in 8.6.5!! We seem to be going 'round in circles fellas! This shouldn't be happening in 2021.
  4. Is there a solution to this? At the start of a FMZ file import into the layout module I can hear an intermittent scratchy noise coming from the speakers. This lasts for the duration of the import, but components never come in. Even basic shapes, such as cubes, cylinders, and surfaces fail. Any ideas as to the cause?
  5. santa

    VRay 5 beta progress?

    As they say, "treat them mean, keep them keen".....
  6. santa

    change text, how ?

    The Note Text tool needs a major overhaul! Editing such text does not work in 9.1.0 (A399) for a start. I feel that the concept of resizable text boxes was better in many ways. Things like automatic line breaks, spell checking, and better justification options would come in handy. "Middle Centre" justified text only works at the paragraph level, for example, rather than every line, which bugs me. It's also confusing that a change of font requires the creation of a new a dimension style.
  7. There aren't any. A light only projects a single image texture. Unlike a material texture, It cannot be tiled or edited.
  8. Honestly, what is the true purpose of the current drafting module? It is certainly not for standalone drafting per se, but rather for line editing support in modelling instead. Could the same not have been achieved by the addition of appropriate tools there, like before? Let me expand on this. As far as I can see, there is no way at present to produce a drawing in drafting, and then to open it directly in layout for final touches. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in order to achieve this, the sequence must be: Produce a drawing in drafting (2d model FML file); Import it into modelling (3d model FMZ file), and finally; Import it from modelling into layout (2d layout FML file). This process is prone to error, since the critical direct link between 1. and 3. above is missing. It is impossible to open a drafted FML file directly in layout, which is a disaster. So, my first suggestion would be to allow this possibility. Briefly, here are some others: Improve DWG file importing. In my experience, hatches and layer colors refuse to import, while text fonts come in as dimension styles. As such, they are useless, because layout will not import dimension styles. Therefore, text fonts are out too! Improve layer color support. Currently, layer colors do not stick. They will be different, as soon as the file is saved and reopened. A possible workaround is to change the color attribute of the objects themselves, but the penalty is color printing output. So….. Permit PDF printing as B&W vector output despite layer or object color. This is the norm in AutoCAD, for example, where the output is always B&W despite layer or line color. Permit PDF printing of image hatches with vector output. Introduce object display order support. (bring to front, send to back etc….) Improve the image content tool in layout. At present, an imported image continues to be placed until the pick tool is selected. On a related note, the size by dimension lock does not work in object parameters. The displayed aspect ratio is lost, when changing these values. It has already been said by others, and I wish to reiterate that a good 2d drafting tool is indispensable in a profession such as architecture. Until we reach the day when 3d printed buildings are upon us 2d documentation remains king. Sure, we can turn to other software to do the job, but wouldn’t it be nice if FZ could do it all?
  9. santa

    9.1 Drafting Niggles

    Well, upon further investigation, I found the cause of the AutoCAD font problem. It seems that FZ imported them as Dimension Text Styles 1 (TrueType/TTF) and 2 (Shapefile/SHX), at 10X scale, as shown below: By correcting the Text Size value parameter, the problem was largely, but not fully resolved. I should mention that SHX fonts imported better than TTF, since they at least retained their justification properties. So, it seems that there is a workaround for this, but it’s not a good one. Layers and hatches remain a royal pain, still badly in need of plenty of TLC. Have a look at this poor excuse for a “hatch”: Sad really!
  10. santa

    9.1 Drafting Niggles

    Imported AutoCAD vectors are fine, but hatches and text are not…..
  11. santa

    installation problem

    Did you run the installer as an administrator? Simply being in an administrator account will not necessarily do so. I also found this: https://docs.chaosgroup.com/m/mobile.action#page/60883257
  12. 1. When importing AutoCAD DWG files into 9.1 Drafting, the layer colors are overridden automatically. This can be very annoying when the source file contains a large number of layers, since every Override Attributes/Color box must be unticked individually to retain the original AutoCAD layer color. It would be nice if we were given the choice, either in the Import Options or the Layers Options dialogs to turn off all such attributes at once. 2. There is a typo in the Color tool prompt, as shown below:
  13. santa

    D5 Render

    I do not use RZ either, but simply wanted to take it for a (final?) spin in response to our discussion. My observation is relative of course, after becoming used to GPU grunt!
  14. santa

    D5 Render

    OT, but related.....is RenderZone limited to a single CPU? I am asking because it is still painfully slow on my 72 core dual Xeon workstation. I do not see any way to assign more resources to speed up rendering by it. Any thoughts? PS. FZ is set to use all CPU's in preferences, so it must be RZ.
  15. santa

    D5 Render

    Great! In that case there may be two other factors preventing its adoption: 1. The effort required to modify and to maintain the source code, and 2. The unfounded fear of producing production work in open software. I believe that this is the reason why many pro users are sticking to the likes of Maya, for example. I'm wondering if a full OpenGL implementation is the preferred alternative to RenderZone? In my view the current shaded full option is nearly there. Apart from the abysmal shadow rendering quality, I reckon that it can give RZ a run for its money, as is. A few more tweaks may just do the trick!