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  1. santa

    Wanted: Form.Z Renderzone 5 or 6

    DennisA, I just sent you a message. Please check.
  2. santa

    Wanted: Form.Z Renderzone 5 or 6

    Thanks Chris. I see that Mac and Windows installers for 6.7.3 are still available for download on another part of this site, provided that you have a valid licence. Are you thinking that a valid licence will work with both of them? Did 6.7.3 use a physical dongle or a "keyserver" key? P.S. I have a licence for 8.6.5. Will this allow me to download and use 6.7.3? I do not believe so, but you never know.
  3. santa

    Wanted: Form.Z Renderzone 5 or 6

    Thanks DennisA! I believe that two distinct versions existed when 5 and 6 were released (Mac and Windows). Perhaps someone can clarify? Is your dongle USB and working?
  4. I'm interested in buying a licence for either of these classic versions, to run on an old Windows XP machine (don't ask). The box or the manuals are not needed, only the software CD, dongle, and transfer authority. Anyone? P.S. I'm not in the US.
  5. santa

    Windows 10 Home & FormZ Pro

    The missing features, mentioned by Justin, are mostly to do with computer administration which may or may not matter to you. The Pro version offers a more robust way to delay the installation of updates, for example. As far as the GPU is concerned, I would also go with an RTX NVIDIA and CUDA for speed, unless you have a wide gamut monitor and want support for 10 bits per channel color. In that case, your only option is a more expensive QUADRO, because the RTX cards max out at 8 bits per channel.
  6. santa

    form•Z 9 beta

    There is probably a gag order of some sort that the testers must comply with, otherwise someone would have commented by now. Personally, I hope that V9 is not simply a lick of paint! Come on Tech, give us a preview of what to expect.....
  7. santa

    Image Options

    Justin, up until a couple of days ago I was trialling Form.Z on a HP ZBook with a 4GB Quadro graphics card. After an 18 year absence, I am once again returning to Form.Z, and am in the process of registering with sales. As soon as I get the chance, probably over the coming Easter break, I will install Form.Z on "the beast", which is my Dell T7910 workstation with two 18 core Xeon processors (72 threads in all), 128 GB of ECC RAM, and two Quadro graphics cards containing 12GB of RAM each (24 in all). I do not expect that this will resolve the shaded full shadow issue, however. Shaded full is a rasterizer, not a raytracer and in all probability, the jaggies will persist. Only a complete rewrite of the code will fix it, which I do not see happening. Other rasterizers, such as Eevee, do a much better job I'm afraid!
  8. santa

    Image Options

    Thanks snow! I am glad that my attempt at humour didn't go over everyone's head! Thanks also for my very first like, if it was left by you! I was beginning to feel like the runt of the litter!
  9. santa

    Image Options

    Thanks for the suggestions allanjl, but I have already done both of those things. Distant shadows look acceptable, but ones close to the viewpoint are very jagged. In your example, move the camera close to the object, and see what the shadow looks like! Not nice, I can tell you. The reference to 11 was my attempt at humour! People usually refer to things on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the maximum, or the ultimate etc... Well, 11 is even beyond that. Anyway, I'll stick to my daily job, which, thankfully is not being a comedian!!
  10. santa

    Image Options

    setz, sounds like you have a beefcake of a graphics card! How do you control the jagged shaded full shadows at such large sizes? Is your card helpful in taming them, or do you simply avoid any that are up close? I have all the shadow settings up to 11, but those jaggies simply won't budge!
  11. santa

    Edit Group Problem

    The problem seems to be the complexity of my file. It's an old version FMZ file, which consists of 16 groups containing 7820 objects and 107 sweeps, and Form.Z 8 Jr is not quite coping with it. The only workaround is to ungroup and regroup continually, but this is way (!!!) too slow and prone to errors. I know that Form.Z 8 Pro ( like the old versions) has an "unlock groups" feature, which is great, but I feel that this should also be made available further down the pecking order. This is essential! Form.Z used to be renowned for being bulletproof and industrial strength, but no longer to everyone, it seems. What do you think?
  12. santa

    Image Options

    Yes, I remember that dialog. I seem to recall that it is a limitation of your graphics card and it's open GL driver. I believe that it can be disregarded though.
  13. santa

    Edit Group Problem

    I am trialling Form.Z, but am experiencing great difficulty while trying to edit and then recover a group. Drilling down the group hierarchy using Edit/Edit Group Component seems easy enough, but Group/Component Complete does not work at all. The group hierarchy is not restored. The final level is all that remains. I even tried to save the file in the hope that reopening it would fix things, but upon reopening, I am greeted with an ID=01 error message, saying "File is damaged/corrupt". Clicking OK reopens the file with a completely messed up object list. This is not a first good impression, but it's probably me who is at fault. Help!!! Any ideas? By the way, if this is useful, I installed Form.Z onto my HP ZBook, with a Quadro graphics card.
  14. santa

    Image Options

    Does the display menu include "Image Options" in non-renderzone installations? I'm looking for a way to control image size with the shaded full display.
  15. Hello everyone! Will V-Ray take full advantage of all hardware resources when rendering? I am a potential new Form.Z/V-Ray user, and plan to install it onto a powerful Windows 10 workstation. On the CPU side, the workstation has 72 cores (2x 18 core Xeons), while on the GPU side it has 2x Quadro K6000 plus 1x Tesla K20 co-processor. It also has 128 GB of ECC memory. My understanding is that the current version of V-Ray uses CPU+GPU for rendering. Will V-Ray see the two Xeon processors as two nodes, and therefore require the purchase of a second node license? I would welcome comments from anyone with a similar hardware setup. Thanks in advance!