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  1. This could also possibly work using a texture. Find a seamless hexagonal pattern, derive transparency and bump maps from it and simply map to your object. Not a modelling solution, but it may be good enough.
  2. santa

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    It faces an uphill battle, though! So called professional users tend to stick to industry standard software such as those from Adobe, Autodesk and MS (Word). The introduction of their much maligned subscription models did not result in a significant reduction of their user base either, despite all the doomsayers predicting otherwise.
  3. santa

    How to export to Draft

    That's a bit odd! Am I correct in assuming therefore, that the only way to return to layout is via copy/paste again? What happens if one of the views requires modification in draft? Surely the other views will not update also, unless the 3d model itself is modified first. Such a workflow seems to me like the proverbial dog chasing its own tail!
  4. santa

    How to export to Draft

    Hi Kim, Did you get this sorted out? How does the new V9 drafting environment compare to what we used to have? Are there any added features?
  5. santa

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    One of the reasons I chose form.Z was the consistent rave reviews it used to receive when compared to other software. I do not see those anymore. How about some head to head videos on YouTube, for example, in addition to the current tutorials, that will drive home its strengths and benefits?
  6. santa

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Andrew, they used to be very active in this area, with their "Joint Study Program". I have in front of me a copy of "Partnerships in Learning 5" which runs to 168 glossy pages plus CD, showcasing the wonderful work of many-many students in various categories such as architectural design, urban and landscape design, to name just two. The inside front cover indexes over 100 participating schools/ universities. No more! As I wrote in one of my other recent posts, there also used to be a much more open feel, almost a buzz, about form.Z and it's future. This is also gone, and that's a real shame! Although there is still great expectation for every new version, disillusionment soon follows.
  7. santa

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    An almost insignificant percentage, I would say. According to a quick internet search there are 30 million small businesses in the US, which figure represents 99.9% of all businesses.
  8. santa

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    I am not sure how up-to-date or accurate this information is, but according to technographics company HG Insights 930 companies are currently using form.Z.
  9. santa

    Where's the info on 9?

    Yes, this is most unlike the "good old days"! Those who remember receiving in.form.Z, the newsletter for users, will recall that the future of form.Z was openly discussed back then, sometimes one or two versions ahead of time. I do not understand this apparent need for secrecy either.
  10. santa

    Auto translate Units on Input boxes?

    Can't see why not. Although it's impossible to work in two different world units at the same time, all that would be needed is an automatic custom scale option. Once set, it would then resize an object appropriately.
  11. santa

    Wanted: Form.Z Renderzone 5 or 6

    DennisA, I just sent you a message. Please check.
  12. santa

    Wanted: Form.Z Renderzone 5 or 6

    Thanks Chris. I see that Mac and Windows installers for 6.7.3 are still available for download on another part of this site, provided that you have a valid licence. Are you thinking that a valid licence will work with both of them? Did 6.7.3 use a physical dongle or a "keyserver" key? P.S. I have a licence for 8.6.5. Will this allow me to download and use 6.7.3? I do not believe so, but you never know.
  13. santa

    Wanted: Form.Z Renderzone 5 or 6

    Thanks DennisA! I believe that two distinct versions existed when 5 and 6 were released (Mac and Windows). Perhaps someone can clarify? Is your dongle USB and working?
  14. I'm interested in buying a licence for either of these classic versions, to run on an old Windows XP machine (don't ask). The box or the manuals are not needed, only the software CD, dongle, and transfer authority. Anyone? P.S. I'm not in the US.
  15. santa

    Windows 10 Home & FormZ Pro

    The missing features, mentioned by Justin, are mostly to do with computer administration which may or may not matter to you. The Pro version offers a more robust way to delay the installation of updates, for example. As far as the GPU is concerned, I would also go with an RTX NVIDIA and CUDA for speed, unless you have a wide gamut monitor and want support for 10 bits per channel color. In that case, your only option is a more expensive QUADRO, because the RTX cards max out at 8 bits per channel.