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  1. santa

    Non-destructive workflow

    I nominate our resident genius @¢hris £und. If he can't do it no one can! Hopefully he will read this.
  2. santa

    New update 9.0.6

    One of the biggest problems, is that form.Z has a lot more competition now. In it's heyday it was untouchable because it offered arguably the most comprehensive set of tools on the market, for not much money at $1495. Rivals were thin on the ground and consisted of software either for "hobbyists" (Infini-D, trueSpace, Ray Dream) or for well heeled pros with deep pockets (3DS Max, Houdini, LightWave, Alias PowerAnimator, Softimage 3D). From the latter group, Alias PowerAnimator at $30,000 came closest to form.Z when it came to modelling power. The buying decision was obviously a no brainer. Cinema 4D, Maya, and Rhino were not born untill around 1999, and they signalled the decline of the dominance of form.Z, in terms of power to value ratio. In addition, "The Joint Study Program" ensured a steady stream of future new users, by seriously involving students with the software early on. Rave reviews flooded in from various publications around the world. These were the golden years, and lasted for about fifteen years, 1991-2006, but then the decline began. I believe that the only way back will be to try to claw back the lost respect, but the question is how? Indeed, can it be done..... or is it too late?
  3. @Justin Montoya Here you go! The Big Bopper on the left, and Jr. on the right. Jr. has similar specs, but "only" one Quadro and one Tesla. Perhaps overdue for a Christmas present?
  4. @Justin Montoya, that's why I'm a "PC guy". I started off on a Mac, but that only lasted a year or so. I love the ability to freely tinker with my hardware. My current computer runs twin Xeons (72 cores), coupled with 128GB of ECC RAM, and three graphic cards (one Quadro and two Teslas) for GPU rendering! Vroooom..... It's big, it's heavy, it ain't pretty, but It leaves just about any Mac in the dust where it matters! Oh, and I didn't have to mortgage the house for it.
  5. santa

    New update 9.0.6

    Hear! Hear!! As I said a number of times on this board previously, what we really need is a less complex but rock-solid form.Z. Does anyone really need the myriad of existing tools, options, and palettes? I certainly could happily live without many.
  6. santa

    New update 9.0.6

    Unfortunately, that's not a solution to potential new users, who we desperately need! They will run a mile after experiencing this. First impressions do count!
  7. I'm a PC guy, but I agree. Have a look at this:
  8. santa

    Importing 3rd party models

    So would I, but the problem is that no one seems to be listening. Just look at all the great suggestions that didn't make it into V9! I own a couple of licences, including V8.6.5, but form.Z is no longer on my computer. V9 was eagerly anticipated by many, including myself since I hoped, finally, for the reintroduction of the classic drafting module. From what I have read, unfortunately, what we ended up with pales in comparison. Why the need for drafting? Well, because not everything can be purely 3d! Many architects, like myself, may dream in colourful 3d, but plan in drab 2d due to reality. Compliance with building codes requires this. It's useless having a masterpiece of design if it's a pipe dream. As an aside, I have been preoccupied with an unusual personal project for the past few years. This involved the accurate recreation in 3d of a 19th century town entirely from available photographs. There were no surviving plans. This process required me to set up "reverse perspectives" in AutoCAD in order to then confidently proceed with the modelling. By "reverse perspectives" I mean the manual setting up of old fashioned vanishing points, spectator points, etc. (remember them?) to derive building plans and elevations from them. There was simply no other way, due to the large variety of source photos involved. Eyeballing was out of the question to me. The resulting DWG files were then imported into Z for modelling, and then re-exported, back and forth, for further refinement. This worked well in classic Z, but became impossible in newer versions. But hope is eternal, so it's the sidelines for me, untill a better Z (or other software) comes along, and this includes the UI. "Back to the future"...with V10 perhaps?
  9. santa

    Importing 3rd party models

    How does the architectural modelling capability of Rhino compare to form.Z? I must admit that after many years, I am also looking for an alternative to Z. It's simply not what it used to be!
  10. santa

    Importing 3rd party models

    I agree.....3ds or obj are the way to go. Of the two obj will give you cleaner geometry, but is harder to find. 3ds, on the other hand, is almost universal.
  11. Sounds like a registry issue. No matter how hard you try, a program will never uninstall completely. The registry will always retain some junk. Perhaps there are duplicate entries in there causing your problem. Having said that, I wouldn't advise poking around the registry, unless you know exactly what you are doing. Repeat... don't do it unless you are confident. This is why I like to image my system drive while it's in a clean state. It's easier to then restore such an image and to do a fresh install of form.Z. I normally do this routinely, every time there is a major Windows update (20H1, 20H2....). This way any troublesome program can be nuked completely in case of trouble. Take a breather, because you may be making the situation worse. It's probably best if you contact support directly.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply @pipo, and forgive me for harping on this, but your landscapes blow me away! In the ACC Aboriginal Cultural Centre model, for example, did you use a particle system for the trees? How many are there? What is the file size? I have tried to achieve a similar look (on a very large scale personal project) using an image mapped GIS terrain, but it's nothing like yours I'm afraid! It looks good from high above, but dies at eye level due to distortion, despite high resolution UV mapping. We need how-to "master class" videos from guys like you! Kudos to you and to your other half.
  13. Nice work @pipo! Am I correct in concluding that the use of form.Z is restricted to the architecture? How do you achieve such a seamless fit with those beautiful and vast landscapes? Are they real, or predefined from Lumion libraries? Move over vray!
  14. santa

    VRay Licensing

    Thanks Justin. It seems to be overly draconian. I wonder why they feel the need for such a licensing regime? Anyway, it's something to think about. Is Maxwell still available for Form.Z? I believe it's slower than VRay, but of better quality. How does Maxwell licensing compare?
  15. santa

    VRay Licensing

    I am considering VRay, but must admit that the licensing is putting me off. Is an internet connection really required for the entire time the software is in use? I understand that the licence can be "borrowed" for offline use, but how does this work? Would someone with experience please clarify the process? It almost seems like more trouble than its worth to me!