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  1. santa

    Happy Holidays!!!

    HO, HO, HO!!!
  2. santa

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    I had a thought: how will the existing PowerCadd user base fit into all this? I can see three possibilities: 1. The CAD functionality will become fully integrated into FZ, ideally as a direct replacement of the current Drafting/Layout module. This is great for us, but not so much for PoweCadd users because they will be required to purchase FZ in order to continue using their old software. 2. The CAD functionality will be offered as a plugin. This is too messy for my liking, because both apps will need to become plugins to the other. Frankly, I can't see FZ being reduced to plugin status. 3. The CAD functionality will be offered as a completely new standalone, but fully compatible new software product This seems to be the cleanest solution to both sides, but likely to cost $$. The most recent price of PowerCadd was $US995 on the Mac, I believe. Any takers if this becomes the case? Interesting times ahead! Any further thoughts?
  3. santa

    Decals are not rendered

    @AHDD Designer Apologies for the canned response, but have you contacted support directly? They usually respond fairly quickly, but judging by the answers above, it can't be done at present. You may have to "fake it", unfortunately!
  4. santa

    Just Great!

    I'm very curious how ADS will implement PowerCadd. Ideally, it will simply replace the existing drafting/layout module, because It will not be popular as yet another $495 add-on. I also hope that it will be delivered without delay, by this coming northern summer, as promised.
  5. santa


    @jldaureil The problem is most likely caused by the textures. There are two things that you can try: First, import the xfrog model into another app, remove the textures, export as a clean mesh OBJ file and then import into FZ. If the import is good, the problem is the file format of the textures. Second, go back to the other app and check the texture file format. I think that you will find that they are in TIF format. If so, change to PNG and try again. Good luck!
  6. santa

    fz 9.2?

    Windows has always been considered a “business” computer, and therefore lacks many of the customization abilities of the Mac. Nevertheless, some degree of built-in control can be found in Settings/Personalization, with additional themes available for download from the Microsoft Store. A host of third party utilities and skins (including one that mimics a Mac I believe) are also available, if you are that way inclined. Personally I do not like them, or use them, preferring instead to accept the limitations of the platform, but it’s really up to you. The basic nature of Windows grows on you……well, it does on me anyway….to the point where even it feels overly fussy. As a result, I have developed a liking for the rawness of Linux. It comes in many distributions, which in reality are all similar. My present favorites are Mageia and Fedora. If anyone wants a try, Mint is the way to go. There is one caveat however….. Linux will not run Form.Z!
  7. santa

    fz 9.2?

    This reminds me of the who's on first routine:
  8. santa

    fz 9.2?

    Huh? The image above shows a DELL laptop running Mac OS. (Not a Mac with an Intel CPU)
  9. santa

    fz 9.2?

    Almost certainly a Mac OS VM, running on Windows.
  10. santa

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    Hope so! Otherwise, it will be a deal breaker for me.
  11. santa

    Please welcome PowerCADD

  12. santa

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    Two thumbs (and toes) up. Finally!
  13. santa

    at Setz finally, finally, finally, your trove

    I agree with you @snow and would like to suggest by user name, in addition. Most of us hide behind them on this forum which makes searching next to impossible.
  14. santa

    at Setz finally, finally, finally, your trove

    I never thought about looking under W, so thanks John and well done setz. Nice!!
  15. santa

    at Setz finally, finally, finally, your trove

    John, I wouldn't recommend attempting that with a mouse! Get a good quality tablet and you should be good to go. BTW, what did setz do that deserves such praise..... I'm clueless.