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  1. Bo Atkinson

    How to add custom jpgs to Material Palette

    Allanjl, Now that you have me looking again. I should add that getting a photo image into the Materials/ Material Type/ Shaded… And not necessarily into RenderZone, but i now see that RenderZone/ Materials Type/Renderzone does have a Color Map under the Color tab. I did not notice that earlier as i was actually needing a raised sand texture for my work. Initially i was keeping life simple, with the Shaded Render for my quick visualization needs. Shaded mode is great for that, allowing quick renders, while modeling proceeds. Agreed, the bumps are sort of a 2d function internally, but they are mapped rather well for ordinary 3d visualization needs, (of ending up with a 2d output, not a 3d output, yes). Advancing physics is another issue, not mine, here. My initial objective was how to get photo images into formZ Materials, to begin with. My thread attempts to explain, though a seek & find mode, how i discovered a solution for my need and how to second guess the terminology, (which i lacked at the outset). The path i initially needed was: Material Parameters/ Material Type/ Renderzone/ Color/ Color Map ...But actually /Bump Map was better for this instance) For anyone seeking, this gets photos into formZ Materials which can be saved and the bumps are great for raised textures.
  2. Bo Atkinson

    How to add custom jpgs to Material Palette

    Thanks Allanjl, Yes, in my third post, the jpg was brought into the custom material, but only through through the Bump Map Material parameter... If there is another route to get personal photos into materials, please indicate the key word to find inside the Manual (and save yourself writing out long explanations).... I found no other way but the bump map option gives excellent results, as material surfaces re 3d, inherently. The word 'bump' does imply 3d, so I reason this was a good word choice, as customized materials are likely to be textures, which also imply 3d. Also, to keep personal modeling criteria, even materials or plain colors, I keep them saved in project files. As my personal work varies so much in the many kinds of things I do.
  3. Bo Atkinson

    How to add custom jpgs to Material Palette

    I see now, the only available procedure is through Bump Maps inside Material Parameters. My approach was backward as one should simply consider customized-image insertion as a bump concept, specifically, followed with texture editing, shading and color… Saving regular needs to “My Library”…
  4. Bo Atkinson

    How to add custom jpgs to Material Palette

    Odd as it may seem, I haven't bothered with this in years, (V6) To just use my own jpgs. I tried following manual but must have the wrong page or terminology.
  5. I searched for a method to add my own, new, customized jpgs to formZ, to use as a custimized materials… The manual had: “Creating and editing materials” but did not mention adding customized images (jpgs). In the really old days it seemed possible. Can i replace a default formZ- Material jpg with my jpg? (I don't mind having the unrelated, default name kept). I don’t need most of the default formZ material looks, so don't mind loosing such. Actually I would like to remove most of the materials I will never use, besides.
  6. Bo Atkinson

    Clones - Latest Build 10163

    Thanks Tech, I finally got it to work as expected and it does work beautifully. I had not rebooted in many days, which affects things sometimes.
  7. Bo Atkinson

    Clones - Latest Build 10163

    Mac OSX 10.12.3 Admitting my difficulties with rare needs for clone functionality, in different years... As of Build 10163, (the latest)… Are not cloned objects supposed to transform about each, individual centroid? Ive tried all visible settings: “as family”, “individually”, both with all pre selected and also by clicking on each one alone, without pre selection. The spheres are supposed to be clones, (made with Move / Make Clone box checked) RE spheres in image: Top-image: spheres were move/copied. Bottom image: each sphere had to be Transform/Scaled one at a time. Where I want Clones to do this for me by one scale action. Also, is there a way to verify if an object is a clone or not? Clones wil not Transform.fmz
  8. Bo Atkinson

    Parallel tool

    Name has changed, action has seemed the same. Forth box-button down on right- Derive 2 . . . . Ofst Surf (forum won't load pics anymore)
  9. Bo Atkinson

    how to "convert..." ?

    If massive poly reduction (work) is worth ones time, one can use the Contour tool to define a new sequential set of cross sections. These outlines can then be reduced in resolution with the Polygonize tool. However a large number of these contour-outlines might be unneeded. Perhaps even most can be deleted, where your greater poly reduction is focussed. Finally a loft Loft tool can be used, depending on style of resulting object you want.
  10. Bo Atkinson

    SubD mirror / symmetrical modeling

    Indeed, symmetry tools are powerful, but not really the most competitive, in that demand is relatively limited. There is a work around, taking a little more time to complete, but less and less time, if one is repeating this enough to get used to the work flow. Use the mirror tools, either with starting objects or with Subt objects or other types...
  11. Bo Atkinson

    Always got this problem

    Did you try simply restarting formZ, (after Quitting FormZ) ? It always helps if you can give the exact version update of your OS and your video driver and the formZ update version. (I possibly saw a similar issue where there existed incompatible versions of one of the above, as intensive computer uses require very close matching of these versions).
  12. Did you try triangulating before reducing?
  13. Bo Atkinson

    GPS improvements since 2006?

    fz forum follow up Gentlemen, thanks for all the thoughts and link. These might eventually inform, with what is working, in some situation or other. (I still have to find that old Garmin GPS device, from so long ago:) In the spirit of sharing: Probably better than adapting formZ… I have since learned about recently available maps online, which may become more interactive and already provide for some tools. My State already has a powerful Department Of Transportation Public Map Viewer link: http://www.maine.gov/mdot/mapviewer/ mssoftware.pdfmssoftware.pdfmssoftware.pdf I also learned of another key word to search in future. Geospatially enabled PDFs As in: https://www.barr.com/maps/examples/HowtousegeospatialPDFs.pdf
  14. Bo Atkinson

    GPS improvements since 2006?

    Re: » Archive March 2006 » GPS - To FormZ http://www.formz.com/forum/old/messages/16/13355.html This sounded like a path to integrate formZ generally with GPS, affordably for a small rural town with lots of dirt roads and generally easy going maintenance practices. Providing that formZ work smoothly with: 1}Drafting, 2}Notes 3}Large Printing 4}Plus some kind of mobile data entry for GPS coordinates... Edit after seeing another post: I see this post might describe success with GPS: http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/6219-gps-coordinates-in-points/ Has anyone got a way to import data, to avoid "human error" ? Insights Anyone?
  15. Bo Atkinson

    Frame: square cross section?

    Or perhaps square-poly-frames whose end centers coincide, but do not attempt Union-izing. Instead optional spheres might be availably made at each frame vertex. Let the modler use that for Unions, or not have these generated at all. I saw the square frame as a low resolution option, needed sometimes to render physical framing plans in general of for piping… Where the perspective effect is the point of displaying a certain modeling. The clean geometry is not always important. If such a tool could use triangular sections, pointing to centroid or away… This would be very useful for advancing spherical structures, in this day of competitive structural ideas.