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  1. Bo Atkinson

    Rotation Failure

    Chris, I very much appreciate your input, and regret I could not explain it all much more smoothly, in the in the first post. I even managed to send the wrong 'save' of the fmz, and threw out the one ready for the illustrated rotation. It is possibly more complicated than we wish to trouble over. I'll use my old MacPro and formZ 6 if I need too, as it has has simpler tracing with the Vector Line Tool. Mac support has always been good IMO, but I live too far from the store to get them to analyze the hardware. I still prefer Mac which I came to buy into, only to get formZ in 1995, which was not available on Windows until years later. The current base download was apparently made into 12.1, but I am stopped from going higher with my MacMini, which is mostly for the internet, anyway, and only for simple things which sometimes are not simple. As the years pass, developers will not be able to support all systems as there will be too many rare combinations of issues cropping up.
  2. Bo Atkinson

    Rotation Failure

    PS- I forgot to emphasize that the Vector Line Tool, refused to trace on two sets of faces, even by use of Lock Reference Plane snapping, to get away from the first object which was generated. I was tracing on a tetrahedron, and wanted to trace out two separate parts of the tetrahedron. It sounds as though Justin succeeded in that, whereas, no matter what I tried, formZ insisted on generating the trace on the one and the same tetrahedron part. It refused to let the whole tetrahedron be covered, as a result. I hope that clarifies it. And this is why I stumbled on the rotation problem as a work-around.
  3. Bo Atkinson

    Rotation Failure

    Thanks all of you for the support. I hope the following story answers each of you well, and explains the problem better. I was actually not forming surfaces or solids, but was working around the defaults to generate curves. To duplicate my poor results, it is possibly necessary to use my ill-fated M1 Mac Mini on OSX 12.1. This Mac has multiple quirks in other apps, even TextEdit, (a built in app). It, (Mac), also lost my password so I had to reinstall OSX 12.1. I never heard of this before either! Did anyone have OSX 12.1 running? I can't even update this Mac, the friendly Apple Tech guy said that I probably need a faster connection, faster than my 4Mbs download speed, just to get the OSX Update successfully, so I'm stuck way out in the woods here. My update failed twice, he suspected, due to my download 4Mbs speed limit, even though it was done in the pre dawn hours, on two different days. I'll probably try it on Windows at some point, but this it not urgent. So back to the issue. First of all I was in fact attempting to trace with the Vector Line Tool, to make curves, but Formz 9 insists on automatically forming up surfaces instead of actual curves, (so that one has to uncover the surface afterwards, in order to get the curve). This default is new with version 9. The rotation part seemed a quick alternative until it actually refused to rotate. I would retry this, but I accidentally trashed the original. Perhaps this works better on Windows. The transition to ARM processors leaves us Mac users in a lurch, methinks.
  4. Bo Atkinson

    Rotation Failure

    With version 9 of formZ, more and more work-arounds become needed, but this time I'm stumped. How can one get these two surfaces to enclose the pyramidal space? So that it looks like a pyramidal shape. Version 9.2.01 refuses to allow the snapped rotation result of the left object This is actually a work around because tracing the vertices with the V-Line tool produces the same false result, by refusing to separate the two individualized objects in the correct orientation, and by always glueing them as if superimposed as one object alone. formZ-RotationFailure.fmz
  5. Bo Atkinson

    Isotropic Electromagnet

    I am inspired to reach out to science and philosophy minded people, to freely exchange ideas. Here is an isotropic field effect, figured out in formZ. One friend pointed out it might relate to the so called monopole, but as an effect, I expect the other pole is simply confined to a common center. Here it is: http://harmoniouspalette.com/Tetra-isotropicCoilDevelopment.html
  6. Bo Atkinson

    (Off Topic) Mac Users PowerTool

    Do you find it lets you restore previously lost formZ shortcuts, due to OSX changes over the decade? (I hope it wouldn't be a lot of time spent , which in years to come gets lost, due to OSX changes, and is it the kind of rabbit hole with mushrooms and caterpillars?)
  7. Bo Atkinson

    Mirroring Objects

  8. Bo Atkinson

    Mirroring Objects

    Zteck, On closer examination, your first image does faintly reveal some faceting, while your second image appears fully smooth. ~Bo
  9. Bo Atkinson

    Mirroring Objects

    Yes Ztech! That is the look I was hoping for, (when I was recommending formZ at my meeting some weeks ago). Your post does sound promising , however I made the first model in formZ Pro 9.1.0, (and I was trying to encourage my associates to test my model in formZfree which does many useful functions well besides mirroring), and all of which begs the question, what other option should I check, to get the smooth surfaces in your image? Which settings, in addition to: formZ menu/edit/preferences/modeling/always smooth option on, plus the Display Options, iso lines unchecked ... formz still shows the facets as displayed my images. I just now modeled a version which has made the start-up-tetrahedron smooth, by slightly rounding its edges. The original tetrahedron was facetted, and was not smoothed. The spheres were all smooth too...The result still appears facetted. So please let us know what else can be done in formZ to avoid the facetted results in todays, attached fmz smooth object? Smoothed Spheric-Voids.fmz
  10. Bo Atkinson

    Mirroring Objects

    Ahah, so that is it. Always check for possible ambiguity, as in the word-name- 'face'. Make a new face, and don't plan on mirroring from the face of the object to be duplicated. They ought to add this explanation to the manual. Thanks Chris, I was trying to show this to an informal institute online, but got stuck, and the formzFree version doesn't have that tool anyway, (for them to try); and embarrassingly, Autocad had a free version which did the mirroring! Furthermore, the Autocad seemed to allow the smooth Booleans to remove the isoline-display, and therefore to look smoother. Whereas, even with the formZ menu/edit/preferences/modeling/always smooth option on, plus the Display Options, iso lines unchecked, formz still shows the facets as in this image.
  11. Bo Atkinson

    Mirroring Objects

    Is there a sure way to mirror an object about one of its faces? I have noticed a tool labeled somewhat similarly, but never could see how that tool should function. Does a formZ video show that? The attached fmz opens with Layer 2 containing an object and its copy "mirrored" but I had to take multiple steps to get the copied object attached at its face. Is there an easy way to mirror the second object? Layer 1 of the fmz show how the object was differenced from spheres. SphericalDifferencingObjectCopy.fmz
  12. Hey, that ASCI looks good to borrow! Thanks! In any event, a global limit to digital space has seemed probable, and memory costs for HDs looks higher these days. Perhaps a market threshold has been crossed.
  13. Bo Atkinson

    Version 9.1

    Thanks for continued version update work! Unfortunately some of my shortcuts are not working, as was also happening in the last version as well. I tried several things, reset workspace, deleted library folder and open-closed a project, (things which were helpful earlier in version 9) I will send in the set file, in case that helps.
  14. Bo Atkinson

    Nurbz surface help needed - Please!

    Yes, because beginning with two identical curves, which are lofted into one surface, assures consistency from left to right, providing the subsequent editing, does snap to a plane which is based on the closed curve which is being edited.
  15. Bo Atkinson

    Nurbz surface help needed - Please!

    After more thought: It might be possible to make the NURBS surface with both ends identical, and then use Independent Scale Tool on the concave end.