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  1. AsOne

    Big Sur

    I'm on a Mac running FormZ Pro 9 on 10.14.5 Mojave. Should I upgrade to Big Sur? Is it working well on Big Sur? Thanks.
  2. This is amazing news! Unfortunately I'm absolutely swamped until February, but after that I might be able to check it out.
  3. AsOne

    FormZ License

    I am able to do this with my v9 license with V-Ray, but I would check with sales to be sure.
  4. AsOne

    Inspector Palette Alternative

    I've gotten used to it by now. I actually had to reopen v8 to remind myself how it used to work as part of the Pick tool - which likely still makes more sense. It worked fine as part of the Pick tool. However, since it would save vertical real estate in the Dock and there doesn't seem to be much advantage for it to be its own palette. so +1 sSlow scrolling speed combined with the lack of a Palette Dock scroll bar is more the issue for me
  5. AsOne

    New update 9.0.6

    I am not having issues with currently. Not to say there are not outstanding issues, but it works for me on Mac OS.
  6. Is there a way to make Shaded Work appear brighter? It always seems to dark to me. I know it is not a fair comparison since Shaded Full uses actual lighting, but I find Shaded Work too dark for working. I would prefer some sort of global "brighten" option. Almost like the option to brighten or darken the computer screen. Note that I'm not requesting real world lighting or shadows, we have Shaded Full for that. Simply a brighter look to Shaded Work renders. I can work in Shaded Full, but Work is so much faster for modeling. Shaded Work: Shaded Full
  7. AsOne

    Importing 3rd party models

    In fairness I only use Layout to export my info to Vectorworks. It works quite well for that. I never used the old version so I don't know what I'm missing I guess. More documentation would be awesome. Maybe they can have Evan Troxel implement his videos natively and/or have him do more for v9, + Layout and Vray. An active YouTube channel would be awesome. I set my Mac scrolling speed to the fastest setting and it does seem improved. It is still slower than any other program, but that helped a lot.
  8. AsOne

    Importing 3rd party models

    I am an architect. I use FormZ as my primary 3D modeler on every project. I transfer that information to Vectorworks for construction drawings or anything involving notes, text, formatting on a sheet. I have built a system for the two to "talk" and it's an ok system. It could be a lot better if FormZ had the basic capability to reference other file types (DWG in my case). I would LOVE to see Referenced files that are always placed at the same world coordinates (relative to a 0,0,0, point). That way if I need to import consultant data, another 3D model, or my own 2D work from Vectorworks I can do it ONE TIME and then every time the referenced file is updated I won't have to re import. This would allow fluid and fast communication between two programs. Essentially extending the new Reference file capability to file types beyond .fmz. I know the current Reference file capability leaves a lot to be desired, but at least it is a start. I agree 100% with the need to clean up the UI, fix the bugs, and improve import export. I would rather ditch some of the customization of the UI for stability. Occasionally I have to reset the Workspace and I don't mess around with the palettes anymore now I have them where I want them. For a new user the UI would be difficult. Palettes still can get completely lost and the scrolling speed through the dock is very slow. Even the fact that I have to hold Option to scroll the Dock is unintuitive. Who would know this if you just started in the program? I really miss having a scroll bar in the dock. However I believe the desire to have a "one stop shop" is unrealistic in todays marketplace IMHO. Sure it might work out for one person, but is there a program that does it all - for everyone? There isn't really. Sure some do people find one program that works, but for many a hybrid approach is the best way to go. There are too many diverse needs and workflows out there. I could care less about FormZ adding tools to add notes, dimensions, text. Useless for me. I would rather do that in a program already well suited for that task. There would need to be such a quantum leap in FormZ's ability there to get me to use it given how far advanced Vectorworks is in this regard. There are other priorities in my opinion for FormZ. I understand why they came out with Layout (I presume to compete with SketchUp) and I use Layout to export my information (plans, sections, elevations) to Vectorworks, but I don't need them to spend time trying to make it a full fledged production program. For some the modeling in SketchUp is just enough and so is their layout program. For me it isn't nearly robust enough in either department. Does Rhino, Modo, Cinema have a way to create construction documents, full of notes, dimensions, and specifications? REVIT may be amazing at production work, but it sucks at fast fluid modeling. Is there a program that models fast, also has amazing rendering capabilities, AND produces construction documents? And that works equally well for a one man shop, a small firm, a big firm, product design, architecture, visualization specialists? I hear the complaints about 2D work. Seems legit and it would help my workflow. I guess I don't care that much as I can do that work in Vectorworks. However, until we get referenced DWG files it still takes way too much time to keep reimporting information from outside the program. I would rather FormZ concentrate on its strength - fast fluid solid modeling and quick texturing/rendering. At the same time the weaknesses need to be fixed: bugs, UI issues, and then there needs to be some sort of marketing to expand the user base and outreach of the program. If anything I would rather it become or specialized not more general. Of course I'm biased so I want that to be in architecture. Trying to be a program that solves everyones problems is not possible.
  9. Single click to highlight the Group name. Then single click again on the Group name and it should accept new text.
  10. AsOne

    New update 9.0.6

    I agree with the Inspector palette. In the Dock there is an enormous amount of wasted space , which makes the slow scrolling even more painful. Some tools do fill the space, but not all.
  11. AsOne

    New update 9.0.6

    On Mac 10.14.5, v9.0.6. I don't seem to be having these issues.
  12. The speed of the first ARM chips certainly looks impressive!
  13. AsOne

    Phantom numbers

    Same here. Quit and restart works to solve it.
  14. AsOne

    V9 update

    I also have issues with Control V not pasting. I also have to use the drop down menu at times.
  15. I would love to see if the Shaded Full render engine can be updated to cast shadows through transparent materials. For example currently Shaded Full with the transparent glass layer turned on (Transparency Linear 85%): Shaded Full with glass layer turned off completely: It would be great to get the light/shadow quality of the lower image, but through an actual transparent material. Sometimes rendering it with no glass at all makes it seem a bit too clear. It presents an unrealistic picture to some clients if the actual glass comes with a tint on the exterior. If there is a way to do this now with Shaded Full, please let me know. (I know it can be done with Renderzone or Vray)
  16. AsOne

    Edit Groups versus Unlock Groups?

    Same. No problem working with Groups, including multiple sub-groups. Components were a big problem in v7 and 8. I haven't tested them fully in v9 yet.
  17. AsOne

    Shaded full shadows through glass

    Perfect! Thanks Des!!! It works. Problem solved.
  18. AsOne

    what's new webinar

  19. AsOne

    type input bug

    I found tab to input data to be broken on 9.0.5. Scenes and Views also only work with Animate Transitions checked. I reverted to until things are fixed.
  20. AsOne

    Palette dock FZ v9

    I have Material parameters located outside the dock just for this reason. It is too big for the dock.
  21. AsOne

    Paste in place

    I believe that in v9 FormZ has Paste in Place by default? It works that way when I am pasting between files in the latest build.
  22. AsOne

    Bergen, Norway

    Excellent! Are they structural columns holding up a trellis? Any shots of the FormZ model?
  23. I am looking into outsourcing the building of my FormZ models. These would be single family residential architectural models. I would have a FormZ template for you to work from and would need it built according to my layer and material standards. I would provide PDF or DWG (or Vectorworks if you have it) plans & sections to start building with. I would not need rendering services for these projects, only modeling. I will also be looking for someone to create a library of commonly used elements and materials. Current v9 version of FormZ required. English language fluency preferred for ease of communication. Prefer someone with previous experience in architecture. Position would start in 1-2 months time. Below are some samples: Existing house: Proposed renovation: PM me if interested. Sincerely, Paul Hunnicutt Founder of AsOne
  24. To add to the Reference file features: I would love to see DWG (and possibly other popular file types) referenced. This would vastly help communication with other software. For example I draw a technical cross section of a house (or any object really) in AutoCAD. I want to see that info in FormZ so I can update my 3D model per the technical section. Currently I have import the DWG, then reimport every time I update the cross section. If I could have that file referenced into my FormZ file, when the AutoCAD file is updated - the referenced information shows up automatically in FormZ. I can't edit the cross section in FormZ of course, but I could see it and snap to it.