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  1. AsOne

    Windows 10 on ARM Support

    or a Mac?
  2. AsOne

    Bergen, Norway

    Excellent! Are they structural columns holding up a trellis? Any shots of the FormZ model?
  3. I am looking into outsourcing the building of my FormZ models. These would be single family residential architectural models. I would have a FormZ template for you to work from and would need it built according to my layer and material standards. I would provide PDF or DWG (or Vectorworks if you have it) plans & sections to start building with. I would not need rendering services for these projects, only modeling. I will also be looking for someone to create a library of commonly used elements and materials. Current v9 version of FormZ required. English language fluency preferred for ease of communication. Prefer someone with previous experience in architecture. Position would start in 1-2 months time. Below are some samples: Existing house: Proposed renovation: PM me if interested. Sincerely, Paul Hunnicutt Founder of AsOne
  4. To add to the Reference file features: I would love to see DWG (and possibly other popular file types) referenced. This would vastly help communication with other software. For example I draw a technical cross section of a house (or any object really) in AutoCAD. I want to see that info in FormZ so I can update my 3D model per the technical section. Currently I have import the DWG, then reimport every time I update the cross section. If I could have that file referenced into my FormZ file, when the AutoCAD file is updated - the referenced information shows up automatically in FormZ. I can't edit the cross section in FormZ of course, but I could see it and snap to it.
  5. An SSD should open everything much faster. If you are staying in the Mac ecosystem and looking for a very fast machine with SSD I would recommend an iMac with the i9 8 core chip. Mine runs FormZ very well and is going to be much faster than a 2010 Mac Pro at both single and multi core tasks, at a pretty decent price point. v9 opens in about 4 sec. on my iMac.
  6. AsOne


    No crashes to report here in
  7. AsOne

    type input bug

    working for me on Mac 10.14.5 Unless you pan the screen or drop a guideline, then the input field is no longer highlighted. An error I've been trying to get corrected since v7 beta!
  8. AsOne


    I would love to see backgrounds imported into the mobile viewer. Or a sky option with controls for height of ground plane, color control for ground plane & sky, clouds. Currently it is just a white sky in all my models.
  9. Now that the kinks have been worked out, more or less, I'm really liking the new UI. There are still a few areas of improvement. One is scrolling the palette dock. It is very tedious to scroll the new palette dock on the right side of the screen. I would love to see a scroll bar return to allow for super fast mouse based scrolling. I realize it takes some screen real estate, but it would greatly improve workflow IMHO.
  10. AsOne

    Palette Dock scroll bar

    Glad to hear they are looking into it already. Thanks Justin.
  11. AsOne

    Palette Dock scroll bar

    Yes I also realized after posting that I can hold Option key and mouse click to scroll. Works well. I might write Support to see if scroll wheel scrolling can be sped up. I gave up on Apple mice years ago. I use a Kensington. A few times over the years when I used to freelance I would bring my laptop and mouse into the office for a few weeks at a time. I would leave my mouse at the office and it always was gone the next day as someone wanted to replace their Apple "magic" mouse with something that actually does just work.
  12. AsOne

    Dynamic Extend

    Got it. +1
  13. AsOne

    Palette Dock scroll bar

    I searched around and realize that holding Option key on Mac scrolls the full palette. That is SO much better. However, scroll speed for the overall palette is still very slow compared to scrolling within a palette or a web browser.
  14. AsOne

    Dynamic Extend

    How is this different than the Reshape tool?
  15. AsOne


    Old habits die hard. Glad to hear it more or less seems to be working. For me I have decided to do minimal workspace alterations to the default v9 workspace and adjust my habits to the new UI. That way if I need to rebuild my workspace it takes only a couple minutes to be up and running again. So far so good.
  16. AsOne

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    I would email support directly with bug reports. They have a ticket tracking system and I have had very good success in reporting and solving many v9 bugs so far.
  17. Is anyone else having trouble locking onto an axis while moving an object? Move, hold shift to lock the axis. It takes me several attempts every time and I have to move my object into clear space to do it. It was the same in v8 and seems a bit worse in v9. I wish there was simply an Axis lock option...one we could toggle on/off with a key shortcut. It would save endless amounts of time. Is there a trick to get it to work right that I just don't know???
  18. AsOne

    Being optimistic

    It is a bit of an odd time in the world. Maybe not the best time to draw conclusions from how many people are posting to the forum?
  19. AsOne

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    For me the new Give Guides Snap Priority is working great. Mac OS. It locks on right as I hit shift and the guides display above all objects.
  20. AsOne

    Display Resolutions

    cool. thanks
  21. AsOne

    Layout not working?

    I have a v9 file. I have a v9 layout file. I have the v9 file linked into Layout. I try to edit a frames parameters, because the v9 file is not showing up in my frames. I get this message: What's going on? Any have any thoughts? I believe this was working during the Beta of v9.
  22. AsOne

    form•Z Tips and Tricks updated

    Awesome. I will take a look!
  23. AsOne

    Locking onto an axis issues

    If you can find the axis to snap onto. Once I have a lot of objects the axis gets "hidden" behind objects. I have to switch to wireframe or move into empty clear space with no objects to find the axis to lock onto. Again, it's a great feature, but ends up being very inefficient as the only option . See video below. If I am not doing it right please let me know. I would love to improve performance in this area! As you can see for me it is difficult to use and frustrating given how often I use it. FormZ-Shift lock issue.mp4
  24. AsOne

    Locking onto an axis issues

    Yes, I have guide snaps turned on. That is not the issue. It is locking onto the axis using Shift that is consistently the issue for me. Of course it works, it just doesn't work well for me and never has. It is inefficient. In simple testing with a model such as support has illustrated it works better, more smoothly. In "real world" conditions with a complex model, trying to draw quickly, I find it slow and clunky. I just takes too long to lock on and too much effort to try to follow the axis line precisely with the mouse to get it to lock. At times during the day I'm moving likely hundreds of objects along an axis. To have a few seconds delay with every move trying to get it to Shift lock onto an axis adds up. Even if I want to move say 10 objects in a row, all along an axis, why should I have to hit Shift and then wait for it to lock every single time? I would rather just turn "Axis Lock" on and move them all much faster. without having to Shift and lock on EVERY SINGLE TIME. Often I have to move the object to clear space without any objects in the background to get it to lock on. It also takes several Shift attempts to get it to lock most of the time. It isn't that I hold Shift and it is completely locked on an axis. One has to mouse close to the axis line to get it to lock. Shift lock is a fantastic feature when I am switching between axis movement and non axis movement. When I have a lot to do that is only axis lock then Shift locking becomes highly inefficient and I will say frustrating. I believe there have been previous posts about Shift locking issues. The "Shift lock" is a great option at times and I'm in no way suggesting it should be removed. Rather we should also have an Axis Lock option as well. I would much prefer an option to only move the object along the guides without having to hit Shift to lock on first. A key shortcut could toggle an "Axis Lock" option on/off. There could/should be an icon in the Snaps palette for it. This is a basic way of drawing that has been around since the early days of CAD. I remember learning it with Microstation back in the early 90's. One of my first CAD memories. Not sure why a robust program like FormZ does not offer it. I don't remember v6 that well, but I am guessing it had Axis Lock. Anyone know? We should have both options. Flexible Shift lock and efficient Axis lock. Anyone else feel the same? Thoughts?