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  1. I would love to see the return of Axis lock. The ability to be restricted to only drawing in the X,Y (or whatever plane you are on) direction. When there are a lot of objects I often have to pan out into space to find the axis and hold Shift to lock onto an axis. Plus there are times when I want to do a lot of operations with axis lock on. Having to lock onto the axis by holding shift every time is not ideal. This should be a basic feature by default that one can turn on/off. Holding down shift to lock the axis works well and is a great feature - I would not want to get rid of that functionality. Why can't we have both?
  2. AsOne

    Tool Options bug

    At times the Tool Options palette goes blank. I close the palette and reopen - still nothing. It is always fixed on restart. Mac OS 10.12.6 FormZ 8.6.5 build 10275
  3. The right click "show controls" works to adjust the size of the window box, but it is quite slow and tedious. Could we get a tool that upon hover auto highlights the window box and will reshape the box by click and drag? Or have a "show all controls" so we can have all the window box controls turned on at once. The mouse would highlight the box being adjusted at the time (helpful in case the boxes are overlapping). Thanks for considering.
  4. I have a Layout file and it links correctly to my FormZ 8.6 file. If I change something in the FormZ file it asks me to update the sync. I do and it updates. However, the windows look like there is nothing in them. I have to close and reopen the Layout file to get the windows to update. Sort of a pain to have to open/reopen file after every update! Thoughts? Mac OS 10.12.6
  5. The interface and workflow between FormZ and other programs is certainly a slowdown. Same with other modelers also of course. I would love to see FormZ integrated into an established BIM platform. Vectorworks would be a great fit. Works on both Mac/PC, excellent graphics capabilities. Good price point.
  6. I would love to see a Global Material Override option in the Project Rendering Options in the Display Options palette. This option would turn off material overrides for all layers. Yes I know I can implement a Layer Groups or multiple levels of groups. However sometimes I individually set colors to work with and also make photoshop selections. To turn them all on at once is tedious. I know I can use Vray to get a material id output for photoshop, but this requires more work. A Global Material Override option would improve my workflow. To be clear: this would be an option, similar to Unlock Groups perhaps, that would allow or disallow Material Overrides in the Layers palette. Thanks for considering. For example: While working in shaded full I see this: However, at times I want to just see things as a bunch of colors to make modeling easier and also then in Photoshop it makes creating selection sets a lot easier. I use Layer overrides to achieve this: If there is a way to do this currently - please let me know.
  7. AsOne

    Global Material Override control

    Alternatively some indication in the Layers palette that the layer has an override on would be nice. button or the layer text is a different color.
  8. AsOne

    Global Material Override control

    My previous comments doesn't really work. Even with a layer group I would still have to set multiple layer overrides and turn them on/off individually for each layer/color desired. A global setting would be really handy.
  9. AsOne

    Paint tool

    I have started to add the FormZ Lab tools. The Paint tool is so cool! Wow, what a fantastic add. Thanks to whoever wrote the script!!!
  10. AsOne

    Global Material Override control

    If anyone finds this: I realized if I put all the layers in a "master" group I can control the settings easily through layer overrides.
  11. AsOne

    undos are still broken

    I was just suggesting a computer restart first. I have not had undo's broken before.
  12. AsOne

    undos are still broken

    Have you tried a full program and/or cpu restart?
  13. I would love to see a global control for editing Scenes. As it is I have to manually update each Scenes layers, image options, view, etc.. This can be tedious if I have a set of Scenes built and add a new layer or change the image export size - for example. I have to load each Scene individually, change the layer settings, close the Scene...repeat. This has become especially important for me as I am now using Layout for my workflow and the windows are set to Scenes. When I have 4 plans, 4 elevations, 4 sections, and multiple 3D views set in Layout and controlled by Scenes - it gets tedious and slow. The global control would ideally set multiple Scenes to the same setting at once. All the same Layers on, or lights on/off, or Image options, Clipping Plane, View parameters, etc...Hopefully as many global overrides as possible given the following list of Scene options: If this is ever implemented I would prefer it to be set to only specific Scenes selected by the user. Not all the Scenes at once as the only option. In other words the user could pick and choose which Scenes were going to have the override. Thanks for considering!
  14. AsOne

    Global Scenes control

    Scenes are great. They save most all the information for a set view - layers, view, lights, image options, clipping planes, etc. Just remember to turn the red dot off if you set one off. It auto records with the dot on.
  15. AsOne

    Global Layer edits

    Since I'm on a global settings kick: When selecting "edit" multiple Layers at once it would be great to have an "apply to all Layers selected" button. So if I were to select 5 of my 20 Layers to edit and turned on material override (for example) I could select the "apply to all Layers selected" button and it would turn on the material override (or whatever selected option) for all the Layers. This would eliminate having to go through each one individually if they are all going to have the same option turned on. Thanks for considering!
  16. Thanks Justin!
  17. I agree. It is quick and it works, quality issues aside. Thanks for the tip. For me it points to the idea that with a bit of quality improvement we could have a lot more render options available than currently.
  18. Or if live real Hidden Line could add material color override also then we could have these white lines/black background images also. Currently it only allows the lines color override.
  19. I should add that live real Hidden Line works well for this simple model. It is plenty fast, however for larger scenes I have had real HL slow to a crawl when trying to spin or move around the model. That is the real issue for me. One thing I should note is that with this alternative HL I can set the color to light grey (or anything) which is a nice effect. Or I can create a white on black render: again if the line quality could be improved this would really be cool. I have been using Shaded Work for all of these alternative Hidden Line renders - FYI
  20. I tried these setting for an alternative Hidden Line. Works, sort of. I would love to see improvement as it is very close to HL, but allows me to model while I work in a HL like view. And it is 100x faster than "live" HL. The problem I have is that lines disappear when moving the model: Actual Hidden Line render: Alternative HL (Shaded Full, material override for all layers set to snow's specs above, white material + constant): Move the camera angle slightly and lines start to disappear: Could this be my graphics card? Or is this to be expected?
  21. I thought about space bar, but I use that for the Favorite Tools menu (which I love).
  22. Is there a way to display basic object parameters (dimensions) for "plain objects". I know Z does this if I draw a rectangle, however once I reshape the rectangle (or other basic solid) it no longer shows up. I'm asking for objects with easily defined parameters (square, rectangles, cubes, etc.). Not blob like 3D shapes. If not, this would be a nice add for the future.
  23. "V" is what I use for the Pick tool. Simply because it is so convenient to press.
  24. Thanks snow! That is exactly what I was looking for. R2D2 - yes a graphic representation would be cool, but the transform tool does the trick for now.
  25. AsOne

    Change recording of scenes

    +1 for Save a Scene and not Auto-Record. Maybe better would be Save Scene and Auto-Record Scene as an option for those that want it. I had had issues with this as well. My solution has been to lock the Scene. Of course I have to still remember to turn off the scene and re-lock it once finished, but it helps me remember. Otherwise I forget to uncheck it and it records changes I do not want. In reality the Auto-Record does not save any time. At the end of recording one has to either turn off the red button or lock the Scene. May as well just Save the Scene and have it operate the same way as Views do in my opinion.