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  1. Is there a way to display basic object parameters (dimensions) for "plain objects". I know Z does this if I draw a rectangle, however once I reshape the rectangle (or other basic solid) it no longer shows up. I'm asking for objects with easily defined parameters (square, rectangles, cubes, etc.). Not blob like 3D shapes. If not, this would be a nice add for the future.
  2. AsOne

    Change recording of scenes

    +1 for Save a Scene and not Auto-Record. Maybe better would be Save Scene and Auto-Record Scene as an option for those that want it. I had had issues with this as well. My solution has been to lock the Scene. Of course I have to still remember to turn off the scene and re-lock it once finished, but it helps me remember. Otherwise I forget to uncheck it and it records changes I do not want. In reality the Auto-Record does not save any time. At the end of recording one has to either turn off the red button or lock the Scene. May as well just Save the Scene and have it operate the same way as Views do in my opinion.
  3. AsOne

    Drafting and more

    The Layout app works quite well for to scale export. Of course one has to set it up of course. I have a pre-built template file with standard drawings already set, which saves time exporting from FormZ and re-setting up Layout for each file.
  4. I have been using the FormZ Layout app to export hidden line to DWG. I setup a template file with plans, elevations, and sections at 1:1 scale. Once setup it is easily repeatable for multiple projects with minimal effort. So far it is working well. There is an additional step of having to go into Layout to export, but it then exports everything at once (all drawing types).
  5. AsOne

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    It used to cause me issues from time to time, but now I have taught myself to deselect before copy/paste. Paste + Paste & Replace would be a nice option to see implemented. After all my more pressing suggestions of course! 😉
  6. AsOne

    Love the new forum

    FormZ support: I really like the new forum with drag and drop images!!! Thanks so much!
  7. Will parametric scripting be coming to FormZ 9?
  8. Does anyone have any tips on how I can inlay a series of geometric lines onto a warped 3D surface (either a subdivision shape or NURBS)? For example: I have this shape: and want to add additional lines onto the top of the surface so that they create selectable shapes and lines (not just a texture map) the result would be similar to this: close up: but the images I am showing is just a texture map. I want actual selectable lines and surfaces in the selected pattern.
  9. If you are referring to the top view of the lines applied to the texture - yes I see what you mean. That might have something to do with the way the topography is structured. It was not something I intended to do. I also have not explored the Parametric tool in depth. There are a few options, which might change how the lines get applied.
  10. NURBS surface works great with the Parametric tool. I rebuilt the curved surface as a NURBS object by using a series of lofted splines. Downloaded a DWG pattern and was able to apply it to the surface with the Parametric tool easily. Thanks again!
  11. Parametric tool is totally working! Thanks Chris!!! or at least halfway there... I need to figure out how to make my subdivision object one surface. Or perhaps try rebuilding it as a NURBS object. Not sure yet. The parametric tool does what I want but only to one of the faces at a time. I set a ten by ten grid to create the object and the parametric tool treats each face as an individual object.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I can see what you mean about the trim and splice option. I could use the Slice tool, but you are right the pattern would not follow the two directional curve shape like a UV map. I will give the Parametric Map tool a shot. I suppose I could also inlay the pattern in the 2D flat plane first, then go into subdivision. That would warp the pattern, but maybe that is ok. It was certainly easier to subdivide the surface using only a simple grid to "push/pull" than it would be with a complex pattern inlaid.
  13. I have already posted requests for most of these, but why not something to refresh your memory! Top Ten FormZ 9 requests: 1. Hidden line DWG export from within FormZ (not from Layout) at 1:1 scale and from common 0,0,0 point. I can't express enough how much this would streamline and improve my workflow. I still need to look into if this is possible from Layout, but it would be far better to have it export directly from FormZ. 2. Return of midpoint snap 3. Select by Criteria material selection box improvement - material name list view and larger selection box 4. Operand & Edit menu palette - Status palette showing Edit drop down current choices (Keep/Delete/Ghost, Group lock/unlock, Component lock/unlock, Selection Preview on/off, etc.) 5. Real time light intensity sliders for shaded full 6. Improvement to components - stability & reliability…less buggy 7. Step by step reveal (reversing step by step isolate) 8. Loss of input box upon mouse pan and/or guideline placement - a bug since v7! 9. Shaded Full ambient occlusion on/off option box for individual objects, similar to Override edge display option 10. Fixed numeric amount Reshape option 11. BONUS = Fix clipping plane color and add normal lineweights for cut line - color choice is buggy and doesn't always show the correct color. Instead of 1-5 just have normal line weights for the cut line. 12. EXTRA BONUS = Fix Imager!!! I have posted on how & why it is broken beyond repair for me currently. For context I am an architect working on single family residential projects. I also dabble a bit in commercial and furniture design. I use Vectorworks for 2D plans, detailed 2D sections and architectural details, and notes/dimensions. 3D model is built in FormZ. I subtract 2D elevations (shaded full renders and hidden line DWG export for CAD lines) and export to Vectorworks for notes/dimensions. I of course also use FormZ extensively for the design process, virtual live client walk throughs (desktop software and iPad app), and rendering. Layout just isn't as robust yet as Vectorworks and the graphic qualities of Vectorworks + the amazing set of floor plan tools keeps me there for 2D work and composing my printed sheets. For anything and everything 3D I use FormZ from start to finish on every project. I do not rebuild a BIM model in Vectorworks. The more I can take advantage of my FormZ model the better. Thanks for listening!!! Excited to see the new version...
  14. AsOne


    Please fix components with v9! It is really a necessary feature and even the most basic components crash the program every time I try to use them. I know this has been said many times over, but I will say it again. I had a long hiatus of not using FormZ and now that I'm back in it I find this very frustrating.
  15. Agreed it is a nice quick workaround and much faster to navigate. Unfortunately the antialiasing is far superior in Hidden Line. It would be great if Hidden Line could be sped up further in v9.
  16. Procreate for the iPad has this incredible feature where it records every action and turns that into a video. That feature would be incredible for FormZ. We could share the creation of our work very easily. I know I can do a screen capture, but what I imagine is a video without any of the visual tools evident. So no mouse pointer, hands, view spinner, etc...Just the "live" modeling process. Since "sharing" is the new medium of communication these days. Just a thought.
  17. AsOne

    forum update complete

    A bit unfair with Tech at the top of the leaderboard don't ya think? ? Inside advantage!
  18. AsOne

    forum update complete

    Looks awesome!
  19. AsOne

    8.6 bugs

    8.6 build 10017 bugs: 1. Sometimes I cannot pan using hand tool. I have to rotate the view around a few times and then it pans. 2. Sometimes I cannot use the Move tool. I select the tool and try to move an object...nothing happens. Eventually it works, but at times I have had to restart the file. 3. When using Move tool in Continuous Copy mode in Shaded Work display, the copy shows up as a wireframe. I have to switch to wireframe and back to shaded work for it to show properly as a shaded object. 4. Sometimes I select a tool and the options do not show up in the Tool Options palette (it is blank). I have to minimize and then reopen the palette box for the options to show. Mac OS 10.12.6
  20. AsOne


    I do not think that V-Ray is supported for Animations yet, but thought I would check...
  21. AsOne

    Cross Section Hatches - Editing

    Open Hatch palette. Drag and Drop hatch onto Tool Options palette.
  22. AsOne

    Smooth Shading

    Sounds like there are problems with the geometry? For a normal cylinder you could try lowering the Display Resolution maybe. Not sure if that effects iPad viewer or not, but it might.
  23. My guess is that it will be a v9 feature. If so I would probably use it a lot more.
  24. AsOne

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Thanks for the report vva
  25. AsOne

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Can anyone report if zooming with the scroll wheel works on Mac OS in 8.6.2?