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  1. ASONE

    forum update complete

    A bit unfair with Tech at the top of the leaderboard don't ya think? 😉 Inside advantage!
  2. ASONE

    forum update complete

    Looks awesome!
  3. ASONE

    Cross Section Hatches - Editing

    Open Hatch palette. Drag and Drop hatch onto Tool Options palette.
  4. ASONE

    Smooth Shading

    Sounds like there are problems with the geometry? For a normal cylinder you could try lowering the Display Resolution maybe. Not sure if that effects iPad viewer or not, but it might.
  5. My guess is that it will be a v9 feature. If so I would probably use it a lot more.
  6. Thanks for the report vva
  7. Can anyone report if zooming with the scroll wheel works on Mac OS in 8.6.2?
  8. ASONE

    Locked file

    I would love to be able to deliver a file to the iPad that is NOT editable to clients. Not sure if this is even possible, but it would be a nice option. Obviously it is not editable on the iPad, but currently if I give a client a file they could upload it and edit it. Which is why I have limited the iPad experience to my iPad during meetings only.
  9. ASONE

    Smooth Shading

    Try this: http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/5250-layers-not-exporting-and-turning-onoff/ It solved similar problems I was having with Cylinders
  10. ASONE

    Animate along path

    Scratch that - found it. Hide the path in the Animation Editor.
  11. How do I hide the path when animating along a path? If I make the path layer hidden it still shows a grey path with arrows that shows up in the animation? I am animating the green box along the path shown. I do not want to see the path.
  12. ASONE

    Lighting design render

    Yes I have V-Ray. Would prefer to render in that
  13. I'm working on the design of a custom light fixture. I want to render it with a florescent bulb. Would the Line Light be the best option? Or are there any tips anyone has out there. I am designing a custom shell that wraps around several florescent bulbs.
  14. ASONE


  15. ASONE


    If I have made a series of clones, but no longer want them to be clones. Can I "unclone" them?