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  1. AsOne

    Modeling Speed vs. Rendering Speed

    Your modeling speed it tied to the speed of your single CPU cores, given FormZ only uses one CPU core for modeling at a time. Rendering takes advantage of multiple CPU cores or in your case GPU cores. I would imagine that Justin is correct - Mac vs. Windows operating systems won't make too much a difference in modeling speed. It is the hardware setup that matters. I don't run PC's, but I find v8.6 models quite fast on the latest iMacs.
  2. AsOne

    form•Z 9 beta

    I have a huge deadline tomorrow...but I'm still downloading right as I get the email!!!
  3. AsOne

    Components and Symbols

    In other words - hope v9 solves components!
  4. AsOne

    form•Z 9 beta

  5. AsOne

    Modeling shipping container help

    Thanks everyone. So far those samples look great for my purposes. Much appreciated!
  6. I'm looking to outsource modeling of a shipping container. Standard size 20' long container. I know there are Requirements: FormZ 8.6 Quality geometry Vray materials that also work in Shaded Full render mode Anyone out there let me know if you can help out and what your rate would be.
  7. AsOne

    Importing Vectorworks OBJ's

    Not sure about OBJ, but 3DS export has a quality setting for curved surfaces (polygon count) and choice to export textures as jpg or png
  8. Updated to Mac OS 10.14.5. Problem still persists.
  9. Hard to say, but the delay could be due to the spinning hard drive getting up to speed.
  10. Without a doubt!!! Go SSD. Night and Day compared to most spinning hard drives. At least that has been my experience.
  11. AsOne

    Group for "Views"

    +1 for View Groups and Scene Groups
  12. AsOne

    Tool Options bug

    At times the Tool Options palette goes blank. I close the palette and reopen - still nothing. It is always fixed on restart. Mac OS 10.12.6 FormZ 8.6.5 build 10275
  13. I would love to see the return of Axis lock. The ability to be restricted to only drawing in the X,Y (or whatever plane you are on) direction. When there are a lot of objects I often have to pan out into space to find the axis and hold Shift to lock onto an axis. Plus there are times when I want to do a lot of operations with axis lock on. Having to lock onto the axis by holding shift every time is not ideal. This should be a basic feature by default that one can turn on/off. Holding down shift to lock the axis works well and is a great feature - I would not want to get rid of that functionality. Why can't we have both?
  14. The right click "show controls" works to adjust the size of the window box, but it is quite slow and tedious. Could we get a tool that upon hover auto highlights the window box and will reshape the box by click and drag? Or have a "show all controls" so we can have all the window box controls turned on at once. The mouse would highlight the box being adjusted at the time (helpful in case the boxes are overlapping). Thanks for considering.
  15. I have a Layout file and it links correctly to my FormZ 8.6 file. If I change something in the FormZ file it asks me to update the sync. I do and it updates. However, the windows look like there is nothing in them. I have to close and reopen the Layout file to get the windows to update. Sort of a pain to have to open/reopen file after every update! Thoughts? Mac OS 10.12.6