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  1. AsOne

    form•Z Viewer first flight

    AWESOME!!! Fantastic addition. So far everything is working for me.
  2. AsOne

    More bugs and suggestions

    First thing I do is set that up. Hard to break old habits!
  3. AsOne

    More bugs and suggestions

    #3. Zoom by Frame by corners exists: Go to Zoom Options palette. Select by corners option.
  4. AsOne

    Measure Tools in v9

    I can confirm I have issues with item 1 as well. Mac OS
  5. AsOne

    Long awaited Draft Layout App.

    V9 is a huge improvement in my opinion in terms of stability and much needed. It is much more "under the hood" improvements than fancy new tools, which I think was necessary. Sometimes one needs to stop adding features and create a really stable product. Especially in regards to the UI and Components. Both of which are pretty fundamental. While I know the UI isn't exactly what everyone wants (hard to find everyone in agreement on the look & feel of a UI), it is a vast improvement over v7 and v8 so far. Some improvements: Improved and stable UI (almost!), Components (which were completely broken in v8), Reference files, Symmetry tools and workflow improvements like: the new Edit Options tool palette, reshape by dimension, light intensity sliders, etc. I'm sure there are many more. I have had some issues in v9 so far, but once these are ironed out I think FormZ will be positioned very well to move forward with a stable working environment. Then new tools and features can come. I too hope the scripting is the starting point for a Grasshopper like parametric interface (or something better). Twinmotion and realtime rendering also seems essential in the future. I don't use Draft mode so I can't comment there. I only use Layout for DWG export and it works well. Could be some improvements, but in general it has streamlined my workflow. Not sure that is it's intended purpose, but it works for batch DWG output. In general FormZ's strength is it's speed and power in modeling in my opinion. I would rather they work on improving modeling, further integration with rendering software options and on better and faster import/export to other programs than spend enormous resources trying to develop ways to draft, dimension, and note construction documents. Plenty of other programs do that task well. I felt like with v7 and v8 I had a hard time recommending the program because of all the little "quirks"...UI and Components mostly. Now once a few items are ironed out v9 seems like a great recommendation! At least for the architectural world. The Speed of SketchUp + Power of Rhino in one package.
  6. AsOne

    what's new webinar

    Depends on the User I think. Some with simple projects may find Layout useful and it seems worthwhile for ADS to work to improve it. Others with more robust needs will always need another program. I work in Architecture and it would be difficult to produce a full set of technical production documents in Layout. However, Layout has really helped improve my export of data to Vectorworks (where I produce my production documents). I know can export plans, sections, elevations to Vectorworks via DWG in one pass. It's been a massive improvement. If we can get Imager improved or at least stable - it would help with image file export, which I use for elevation/section/sometimes plan backgrounds behind the linework. What is the Draft aspect? Is this a mode for 2D drawing? malcineurope: How is working in Rhino compared to FormZ? In terms of modeling power, versatility, speed? Most of my students a school use it. It looks powerful, much more advanced than SketchUp, but slow.
  7. I realize that if I organize my own layers in the reference file this is possible. For example I can name them all XREF-doors, XREF-wall, etc... Then once referenced it is possible to group all of these together. If you group layers in the reference file so far it seems those layer groups are lost when referenced. I will keep testing to see how best to use this exciting new feature.
  8. EDIT: PLEASE IGNORE my comments on Materials ending up with several HUNDRED empty groups. That was operator error!
  9. I have been playing around with using the new Reference File feature. In theory this is a great addition to FormZ. For me it is lacking several key features. Several requests so far: 1. There needs to be a way to turn the reference file on and off. Right now it seems to bring in ALL the layers of the reference file and drops them into the layers palette as if they were in the file. VERY confusing and difficult in my opinion. To make matters worse when you import a Reference file layer groups are deleted. There ends up being a huge mess of layers with no organiztion. Reference file and actual file layers are all mixed up. If the Reference file is deleted the layers are still in the file. One has to purge the file to get rid of them. I would expect the following: 1. Reference layers to be clearly labelled as part of a Ref. file. 2. There to be a way to turn the Ref. file on/off easily. 3. Reference files should retain their layer groups as well. 4. Upon deleting the reference file, Ref. file layers would disappear. One way to do this would be to have the Reference file layers come in bundled together in a group. One could turn the group on/off to control the Reference file. For example: Vectorworks does also not add the layers to the Vectorworks layer palette (they call them classes). Not to say it should be just like Vectorworks, but the Ref. file layers stay with the Ref. file and have independent controls to display Ref. file layers. I believe AutoCAD works the same with XREF's, but it has been a while since I used it. 2. Same thing for Materials. Materials are brought in as if they are part of the actual file. I would expect the exact same things for Ref. materials as I mention above for layers. Materials are duplicated. In other words, if I have the exact same material in each file (reference file and actual file) with the same name, I end up with two of the same material. I also ended up with several HUNDRED empty material groups when I referenced a file with a few material groups. 3. There seems to be no way to know if the reference file has been updated. The auto update feature is pretty cool. However, the current notification system is disruptive to workflow in my opinion. I would rather just see some indicator - one that I can choose to look at or ignore. For example in Vectorworks there is a Reference File palette. When the file is out of date the reference file name is displayed in red. When it is up to date it is black. One can go in and manually update the file if need be.
  10. AsOne

    Reverting to 8.6?

    So far on key shortcuts are working today. Yesterday I was still having issues. Floating palettes not expanding still an issue, but Autodessys has contacted me about it directly and hope to have a solution soon. Just to make sure there isn't operator error - there isn't a "turn key shortcuts off" key command correct??? I don't think there is, but want to make sure I'm not pressing something accidentally.
  11. AsOne

    Reverting to 8.6?

    Deleted my preferences file. Restarted. Key shortcuts still not working. Floating palettes mentioned still won't open. Reverting to 8.6 officially until further notice. I will send my files to support. Mac OS 10.14.5 iMac Pro 2019, 8 core i9
  12. AsOne

    key shortcuts stop working

    Is everyone on I did not even know that version was out yet until support informed me today. Not sure if it solves the key shortcuts issue yet.
  13. AsOne

    Reverting to 8.6?

    Mac OS here. Maybe I should try a full reinstall. Rebuild my workspace - AGAIN!
  14. AsOne

    Reverting to 8.6?

    7. Snap options, View parameters, Sun position palettes won't open at all once closed. No fix. I just can't use them at all.
  15. AsOne

    Reverting to 8.6?

    Has anyone reverted to 8.6? I am finding v9 very buggy. In the past few days on Mac OS 10.14.5: 1. Key shortcuts stop working. I have to restart the program. Almost every 10 minutes 2. File tabs stopped working. 3. Input selection box in the inspector was no longer selectable. For the "walk" tool. 4. Esc key stopped working. 5. Numeric input stopped working. 6. Upon quitting with two tabs opened: it asked if I wanted to save the first file. I clicked yes. than nothing. I had to select quit again.