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  1. jsiggia

    Object pallette - active object (FZ Jr)

    That could expand the list quite a bit if many objects are selected and they are not together in the list. Just my two cents. Joe
  2. jsiggia

    Unable to create QickTime Movie file

    This is still an issue in build 10163 (Windows 7). Note: I am not using animation. Thanks, Joe
  3. jsiggia

    Anyone know what a .zsr file is?

    Thanks Snow, Looks like they can be sizable, Joe
  4. I've noticed these popping up lately, $$$fmz$$ 4.zsr I move between Windows and Mac quite a bit, could this be a byproduct? Thanks, Joe
  5. Z, I get this error ocasionally when I save, any ideas? Thanks, Joe
  6. Build 10099. Windows 7 Pro.
  7. jsiggia

    Dark Ui

    Just to add to the "mess" you can go into "Project Options" & change your modeling window color, along with grid and axis colors. Give them a try. Joe
  8. However, Cylinders made with the tool from the "Generate" tool Palette have faces that will scale. Joe
  9. jsiggia

    Dark Ui

    Leed, Try Preferences>Interface>Tint. Is this what you're looking for? Joe
  10. Didn't we have the ability to turn these on and off with a previous version? With that, can we please have this option in V9? Thanks for reading, Joe
  11. Is your Numeric Accuracy, under Project Settings, Larger than the difference? Just a hunch. Joe
  12. jsiggia

    Resize Project Control Panel

    Yes, this is a shortcoming of other dialog boxes and scrolling should be implemented throughout modeler & draft. Joe
  13. jsiggia

    Grid snapping along object edge?

    Hey Andrew, You can set a shortcut to toggle object snap, snaps will return to previous settings. Right click this icon and set a shortcut. Hope this helps. Joe
  14. jsiggia

    Texture mapping

    I use a second screen on my left for palettes, works out well for me. Joe
  15. jsiggia


    Unclone tool, in the organize tool palette.