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  1. jsiggia

    Query an ellipse angle.

    Nice Des, Now imagine one of these in a biker bar & two dudes start getting into it because one of them hit the ball too hard and distorted the ellipse 😎 Joe
  2. jsiggia

    Query an ellipse angle.

    Thanks Chris, Thanks for your explanation & the calculator links. Was hoping ADS. might add this to the object information or Measure Quantity tool? Joe
  3. Hi Z, Is it possible to query the degree of a drawn ellipse? I think this might be useful when modeling from photos. An ellipse in a photo can be traced to determine the angle the original circle was photographed at. Thoughts anyone? Thanks for reading, Joe
  4. jsiggia

    Rounding Question

    Always a good idea to run problem objects through the "Object Doctor". Hope this helps, Joe
  5. jsiggia

    Will a solid state drive speed up saving large files?

    I know you guys know this but I'll mention it anyway. Check the undo option, default is unlimited and if for some reason, these are saving with the file, well, you know... Just thought I'd mention it. Joe
  6. jsiggia

    Will a solid state drive speed up saving large files?

    Hey John, Can you share a link to these? Thanks, Joe
  7. Thanks Chris, I've had some luck with other random images, but not all that should work. I'll keep checking. Joe
  8. Hello everyone, I am unable to load anything except the formZ logo in this dialog, it's working in V8.6. Happens on both on my 2014 iMac & 2019 powerbook Pro. Anyone else having this trouble? Thanks for reading, Joe
  9. Thanks for the info Kim. Joe
  10. jsiggia

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Speaking of Affinity, Has anyone had any luck getting vectors out of Designer & into formZ? Thanks, Joe
  11. jsiggia

    form•Z Tips and Tricks updated

    Thank you Smarttec!
  12. jsiggia

    Reference file options

    When are the views & lights in a reference file available for import? When I open a reference file inside another file and have these options selected they don't import. Thanks, Joe
  13. jsiggia

    form•Z Tips and Tricks updated

    Thanks for setting me straight Z, I must have been thinking of the FAQ with respect to Paul, and my apologies to the real daddy. Very glad to read your response. I'll spend some more time on the new tips page. Stay well, Joe
  14. jsiggia

    form•Z Tips and Tricks updated

    Thank you for giving some attention to this page as I think it was Paul's baby. Will we see new content eventually? Also, the FAQ page would be nice to see again or have I just been missing it? If I recall, it needed a version update last I'd seen. Thanks for reading, Joe
  15. jsiggia

    Python training

    Not into scripting, but some might find this useful. https://www.popsci.com/the-complete-python-certification-bootcamp-bundle/ Joe