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    I (finally!) Managed to configure an interface close to the one I have been working with for 10 years ... By the way (for those who must think that I am a madman or a rigid psycho) imagine a little the head of a pianist to whom we will give a piano on which we would have changed the order of the keys or a violinist with a disorganized violin !) well For those who wish to configure a custom interface NEVER forget that to get a palette out of a dock the solution is to move it by holding down the ctrl key! (Otherwise it does not always work, pending the fix) I confirm that certain pallet preferences are not taken into account When I re open, for some reason I don't know my preferences are not saved correctly in the preference file Hatch, inspector, display options, zoom option palettes do not keep their original size Finally, I have a few suggestions to make: 1- add a pallet manager other than the menu in order to manage the display of several pallets at once without going to the menu as many times as you have pallets to manage (it's not a priority ...) 2- Establish an "interface management" mode, for example using the workspace manager in such a way as to prevent untimely modifications (for example, the width of a dock was quickly modified with a mouse click in the wrong place) To put it simply, you would need an edition mode of the interface, as there is a tool modification mode via the tool manager. it will help a lot to stabilize a modified interface 3- I remain convinced that having to click on a tool to bring up the palette that contains the rest of the tools in the row is not practical ... (in any case much worse than on Z6) In addition the palette is superimposed on the tool on the tool column (That goes for 3d too I think) To be continued (I don't come back here to the problems I noticed in the line weight palette)
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    Independent window

    Yes, it was this bug that I was reporting I'm not yet fully into V9 (still faithful to my good old V6) I just saw that the "camera view" parameters have disappeared from the view parameters ... I do not know if they are placed elsewhere ... I found it in "image option" of the display menu (as in V6) But I don't know why they were removed from view parameters ... It was very practical another simplification of Z9 that I hate
  3. jldaureil

    WEIRD SCIENCE FEM Solver leg modeled in form.Z

    amazing !!! excellent !!! I like this !
  4. jldaureil

    Independent window

    Hi jakko do you sse the bug I see under window with independant windows (each time I go anywhere in the UI the independant windows is set inactive and so I have to do each time an extra click to reactivate it ?
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    I don't understand how the unit settings work on FZ9 In FZ6 we have a precison of 10 power -16 which corresponds if my information is exact to that of ACIS (saptial) and so this is what it looks like I usually work at 0.001 May I only display two decimal places so I first set the numeric accuracy to 0.0001 and then I set the number of decimal Places to 2 As you can see the display of the numeric accuracy field is updated according to the value of the number of decimal places field This is how it is possible to set a precision much greater than the decimals displayed for entry. NOW FZ 9 Just for the record, remember that this setting is moved to the file menu then project settings here the accuracy is set to 0.0001 and the Numebr of decimal places field to 4 If you want to reduce the number of decimals to 2 (while leaving the accuracy on 0.0004) it does not work The value remains blocked on 4 On the other hand you can reduce the accuracy to a lesser value for example 0.1 while leaving 4 decimals ... The include training zero option works But that doesn't have much interest What good can it do to have 6 decimals displayed if it is to have an accurracy to 0.1? It is rather the opposite which can be useful: having an accuracy greater than the number of decimal places displayed ... But it doesn't work on FZ9 for example here we start from 0.001 for the accuracy and 3 for the number of decimals But if you try increase the accuracy (here 0.00000001)..... ......the program systematically resets the accuracy according to the number of decimals here always 3 As you can see the operation in FZ9 not corresponding to that of FZ6 What does not seem normal to me is not being able to increase the accuracy without increasing the number of decimals displayed Is it a bug ? What is the maximum accuracy of FZ9? it seems to be 10 power -7
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    How to export OBJ to Blender and Maya?

    I admit that I had never asked myself the question seriously ... It is always good to know.. But actually I would not have thought of modifying this parameter since the screen shot was on Mac
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    I guess what vva is looking for is to touch the increment closest to the grid ... this is probably what I will look for in its place ... on the other hand I wonder how to program the script in case of change of increment of the grid? I admit !! I do not know all the fabulous script that you wrote !! especially the align 2 .... on the other hand how could I work without your famous attention for Z6 and precisely on this subject on z9 is there an equivalent tool? I did not search carefully (especially that works with point and face topological selection) this is really my script number one and from far away and for that I can never thank you enough! 😋
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    oh yes it is very clear now! I guess it's possible it would be a question of modifying the values for X Y and Z at the closest increment. I ignore a script could do that Ask the question to Christopher Lund
  9. by re-reading your interventions I have the impression that users on apple are not concerned I confirm on windows with the specifications illustrated above
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    Thank you for the info on Z6 the accuracy plays on the ability to zoom On Z9 I am not really sure. What do you call "GridSnap" this ? Can you explain a little more the tool that would move a point / segment / object to the grid in one click (closest?)
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    Here 7 16 in v6 I don't use often such an accuraccy
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    ANOTHER Z6 Draft faillure

    another Z6 draft file I cannot open.. Files download : limited in duration https://we.tl/t-reeTsbEYfm
  13. Ariel is on Win 10 pro 64 bit (and mee too) Is there any differences between Mac and Win ? don't know my observations are perfectly comparable to Ariel's videos
  14. jldaureil

    Palette Dock scroll bar

    reporting the bug and fixing it are two very different things Just for information, Setz, the dock palette is currently useless for me: - totally useless in dual monitor configuration (either it is placed on the right which is too far from my modeling window (on the left) or my modeling window is straddling the two monitors - bug of tool option pallete and inspector palette
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    In Z 6 precision, this affects the zoom depth. Obviously, if you set your precision too short, you cannot zoom in as far It is used to check if the objects are close or superimposed For example it allows me to find inconsistencies on booleans who go bad ... It also allows me to check badly constructed imported files On Z 6 it is quite possible and this is precisely the subject of my speech ! It is rather the opposite which can be useful: having an accuracy greater than the number of decimal places displayed ... What is the maximum accuracy of FZ9?
  16. jldaureil

    Infinity & Zoom Problem

    can u select the object from the palette object ?
  17. I confirm tool option palette in dock causes a shoppy orbit with or without selection Removing the pallet from the dock eliminates the problem This was confirmed by Brandon from support Also (with tool palette option closed choppy orbit with selection if inspector outside the dock Choppy orbit without selection if inspector in the dock Choppy orbit accentuated if selection with inspector in the dock and if you want to massacre the display inspector in the dock with selection + tool option in the dock I suspect the dock is doing devastating filtering I observe an increase in the choppy effect depending on whether the conditions of its appearance are added and conversely closing the two pallets resolves all ... and to finish, Who said interface questions were secondary? Phew nobody!
  18. As you can see, these are all bugs Do not worry, if you bought killer graphics cards your card is there for nothing 99 times out of 100! Besides, do you have display problems on other 3D software? I was not aware of the problem with the inspector palette (does the fact that the palette is included in a dock or not change anything? However, the problem with the tool palette is known Here at first I did not reproduce the problem ... Then by loading the workspace by default I reproduced the problem Exiting the tool option palette fropm dock solved the problem (unlike Ariel) I suggest doing the following tests: with tool option in / or dock with inspector in / out dock with tool option and inspector in / out dock These problems have been reported in the BETA phase Report them by email again does not seem relevant to me I have already requested that the list of reported bugs be communicated to all beta testers so that everyone does not look for their own I add that closing the beta test is an error The commercial version of formz is not ready In my opinion, it is necessary to establish a stable version and development version mode. If this is not possible it must be assumed that it is not completely stable and allow more free and open communication between all This is why I no longer send emails I only act through this forum which everyone can consult Anyway it's not faster by email simply I suppose it remains more discreet Again it is better to assume that everyone can freely and openly help the Autodessys team to resolve the problems. PS Setz Which version are you referring to 7? 8? Inspector did not exist on 6
  19. Hi ariel Can you try to make the same orbit but with the tool option palette detached from the side dock ? (and compare when the tool option palette attached into the palette dock)
  20. Result closely NOW in FZ 9 PRO result closely why the same file does not give the same result? 1- colors not imported? 2- Decomposed entities? 3-treatment of the different curves (draft layout: the drawing is incomplete even if the control pole looks identical Additional question: Can we copy paste directly from the draft to the model and vice versa as in FZ6? (I did find the command import from modeling in the draft but this amounts to importing the complete .fmz file: these are not the same thing ... you have to prepare the source .fmz then import it much more complicated than making a simple copy paste ... All helpers are welcome Note that I did not pronounce the term "bug" I may have missed some setting or function ALLY A 167.dxf
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    that's exactly the principle ... The less pallets are needed the more they are placed to the right As my monitors are not wide (at the time overpriced) it amounted to a wide use (as on a recent monitor in 2560 x 1440) The area to the left of the right screen corresponds to the dock palette of version 9 in its workspace by default ... Except that the dock palette is the screen on the right .. much larger and more comfortable ...
  22. Hi ariel Could you export your model to FZ 6 and save it to Z9 to try it out here?
  23. jldaureil


    using time 30 111 hours... and zero problems... CG 277 great monitor !!! (and just for precision this is not so wide in the using because the right monitor is only for palletes... I worked for a long time with modest machines and therefore the 1200 x 1600 resolution did not ask too much of the graphics card ... Formz 6 was comfortable I changed my machine for a new trend Today Z6 is a rocket It is very impressive And Z9 for which a huge job has been done on graphic management (OGL) allows you to manage big models On a software like Twinmotion which is extremely developed for the massive scene display it is a pleasure ...
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    using time 30 111 hours... and zero problems... CG 277 great monitor !!!
  25. jldaureil


    Chris is right I actually work with my old display configuration 2 x Eizo L887 1600 x 1200 (connected vi adaptators DVI-i single link on displays port = perfect) https://www.eizoglobal.com/support/db/files/catalogs/lcd/bro_FlexScanL887.pdf I actually search for a replacement... But I found the actual pitch of monitors too small or to huge 0.255 was just my exact favorite wide monitors with small pitch provide big resolution but not for a bigger screen on the other hand I've found as example the DELL UP 3017 WQXGA 2560x1600 for 641.3 mm x 400.8 as size but It's big for a two monitors configuration (and expensive too) I have to find this quickly now...