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  1. Jaakko

    V9 update

    Yes. I have not noticed anything new. Probably bug fixes.
  2. Jaakko

    new web site not secure

  3. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Thanks Tim! ☺️ From V-Ray Settings tabs choose: -Camera Type: VR Spherical Panorama -Render Output: 2:1 - VR Panoramic My renderings were 4096 x 2048 pixl, that's largest what Momento360 site uses. I don't remember exactly how long it took to render, but maybe less than an hour (i7, GTX 1080 card) 360 Panorama was great. I shared my screen during Teams meeting with the customer and was able to spin the Panorama there. I have tried object360, but if I remember correctly it doesn't work with V-Ray. Some one maybe knows better. That's a bitty because that type presentation would work better for single furniture etc.
  4. Jaakko

    Bump Maps

    Thanks for sharing. There is really something odd.
  5. Jaakko

    Example Images

    And thank you for your comment. I almost forget. 😊 This was nice project to do. The customer was very co-operative and the schedule was reasonable. Now when the project is done I can share these 360 panoramas which we used to show our proposal to the customer. Also V-Ray renderings. https://momento360.com/e/uc/ae0d9bc4fbe94b4084b410230d73a8c9?utm_campaign=embed&utm_source=other
  6. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Allan Yes they are.
  7. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Thanks Des! 😊
  8. Jaakko

    Example Images

    Hi! Here is few renderings and two pictures of the final outcome. All are V-Ray renderings, not much afterwork, just sharpening and light balance. The customer was very happy of her new shop. 😁 I like V-ray, hopefully ADS have energy to develop their plug-in further. 💪😊
  9. Jaakko

    Bump Maps

    Good to know. I haven't noticed this. Do you have example pictures to share, before and after?
  10. Jaakko

    Match view question

    Thanks for sharing Des. 👍
  11. Jaakko

    Bergen, Norway

    Pal. Like alien forms. I like it. Can you share the pictures of the 3D models?
  12. Thank you veru much of this tutorial Chris. This type of presentations are important.
  13. Jaakko

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    I have very much same problems as described earlier. The material system should be fixed totally. Most of my problems are related to it and Shaded work mode. I like V-Ray very much and I don't use RenderZone anymore.
  14. Jaakko

    V-Ray for FZ update?

    I got this answer from ADS when I asked about V-Ray Next two weeks ago. *** The dev team has been working on it between intermittent builds of v.9. *** Can't wait 😛
  15. Jaakko

    vray image autosave

    I also have same bugs. I think there is still work to do to finetune the Materials Pallette and Materials Parameters. It's not 100% solid system.
  16. Jaakko

    WEIRD SCIENCE FEM Solver leg modeled in form.Z

    Very good indeed!
  17. Jaakko

    Independent window

    Hi! It would be nice that user could give numerically exact dimensions for the Independent Window and they stays to next session.
  18. Jaakko

    Independent window

    Good hint setz, thanks! I'll look to it.
  19. Jaakko

    Independent window

    Yes. It is handy when you need to render certain size pictures today and tomorrow.
  20. Hmm 🤔 Have you tried Object Doctor? Maybe there is something wrong in the objects geometry.
  21. Jaakko

    Independent window

    I'm not quite sure what you mean, but yes I have to click to activate the window. Also if I draw for example a rectangle I have to click twice to start and to stop drawing. It is not working as in the main window, seems like bug to me. The Independent window is good for rendering. Even better if user could input window size and it keeps it after reopening. Maybe there could be a place in V-Ray Settings where user could choose which window is rendered without first activating it. Sorry my english 😂
  22. Jaakko

    Toon Material

    Hi Thanks for the new Toon Material. It seems to work nicely. Only is that it doesn't work with GPU rendering. Is it intended so? It took some time to figure that out.
  23. I don't get Object 360 to work with V-Ray. Shaded Work/Full works perfectly but no V-Ray. Anyone else?