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    + Light

    Please anyone, how are the various Maxwell lights added to formZ? I add a new light in formZ, double click on it, see the Light Parameter dialog, but the Maxwell option is not in upper right hand box. All the Maxwell Youtubes are about light adjustments without the workflow of adding lights.
  2. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Thanks Smarttech, Those videos are possibly most wanted in the market, but none of those videos focus on my little corner of specialization: Videos of applying these to formZ. Specifically, step by step, showing which menu items are clicked, how are lights created? I scanned trough most of the videos, based on the Youtube's preview window, which show many adjustments and effects, but where is the starting point demonstrated? Des kindly posted an example and one light was easily adjustable, but at some point I need to see how these are clicked into formZ.
  3. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Thanks so much Des, I really appreciate a file to work with, which saves a lot of time! I did try using 35 mm cameras of the 60's vintage and never did well and for lack of temperature controls in the darkroom, in a rural setting. Fast forward today, autofocus and photoshop are more the WYSIWYG style I aim for.
  4. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Could someone please post a file with lights included, that are set to render with Maxwell, perhaps just a few cubes? This might give a starting place to see Maxwell lighting work, to see which sliders differ from their default setting, as my first trial was naturally very dark and hardly lit. (I never use RenderZone for the same reason and am hoping to use Maxwell more like a very souped up version of Shaded Work and am not interested in optical tech.
  5. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Thanks John, I was looking forward to such lighting as an option... Edit follows: After writing this I went back to check again, and suddenly the "Maxwell" option appeared for me in the Light Parameters. (Like much of software, trials and unresponsiveness , initially, seems part of the process.
  6. Bo Atkinson

    Query an ellipse angle.

    One possible caveat is that such a circle might be 3d- tilted, compared with the rest of the scene, or itself warped illusively because it is on a 3d warped surface, no? Such that a more complex tool would need pictures taken from several differing viewpoint angles, or multiple shots taken from known viewpoints with precicely angular relationships, all calculated by sensors and software. . The blue dots represent cameras viewing a rectangular scene, and may calculate precise dimensions within the volume; and, the cameras would communicate together to determine cones of vision, to use in modeling content in a modeled rectangular or other modeled space, (like a room). The image is actually from a formZ Multi-View screenshot, taken many years ago, (when Multi-View might have had a different name and we used the acronym CAD;)
  7. Today, new and old software users could simply demonstrate both their workable findings and their blockages of using formZ strategies and tools, all on screen capture videos, by sharing sessions-segments on line, to break the ice and break unknowns, blurted out unedited, and shamelessly sacrifice their impasse, indemnified by Socrates' code of honor, (Re: humility of higher knowledge), for the purpose of challenging others to work around blocks from fresh angles, by use of differing strategies, in the maze of variable solutions, so that participants ratchet forward the group subliminal knowledge, as each of us use the same tools to accomplish differing objectives; and, even when suggestions miss the point of the first puzzle presented, these nevertheless build everyones subliminal palette, possibly useful in other situations, on another day; however, the participants must promise to avoid ad-hominem judgements, by sticking to the technical procedures and the toolsets and strategy tested alone, and praise should be left to the like buttons, in order to keep posts dynamically focussed instead, (instead of accolades streaming down the pages), thus keeping more contributions coming, no matter if possibly meek ones, or possibly radically different ones, thereby keeping the topic technically relevant, no matter how stunning or how irrelevant these efforts might seem, because we have differing needs, and a topic focus is more productive than emotional responsiveness, in the world of technical solutions.
  8. Bo Atkinson

    Technical Sharing Development

    PS: To try this method out, copy and paste the above sentence at the bottom of one's technical sharing development.
  9. Looking through tools in V9, this is not found. Insights? Fromhttp://www.formz.com/manuals/formz7/!SSL!/WebHelp/formz7.php?url_str=05000_Drawing_Objects.html Derive Point Cloud This tool is used to derive an object consisting of the points of another object. To apply it, with the tool active, click on an object. There are no options for this tool.
  10. Bo Atkinson

    Where is Derive Point Cloud ?

    Ahah, just found it under Derive palette, (named Pnt Cloud).
  11. The linked model navigates very smoothly here on old fashioned 2013 Macpro Hi Sierra, formZ 9.04 in any type of display, selected or not selected.
  12. What might be the best ways to build a virtual fair online, where the organization behind the event might have a reasonable budget for incoming proposals, and where exhibitors could simply add their own 3d, images and videos, and what might such a bid look like cost wise? Following is the link to the organization. I might be able to cooperate with more onsite resources and some modeling. I'm about a half hour drive from the site and might know some contacts, though I have been out of that loop for many years. If any here want to discuss this, please share insights. https://mofga.org/The-Fair Mapped Location: https://www.google.com/maps/search/mofgaq+%2B+maine/@44.5931259,-69.2940957,1815m/data=!3m1!1e3 Traditional Date: September 25, 26 & 27, 2020 Common Ground Country Fair Coronavirus Statement May 5, 2020 The Common Ground Country Fair, MOFGA’s signature event, will be offered in a virtual format for 2020.
  13. Bo Atkinson

    .obj export - can't get clean model to Blender

    Thanks Andrew, Back in the old 1990s there had seemed to be an academic version of correct geometric definitions and methods, of little importance to me so long as it was indeed transferable, which you seem to be saying has become less reliably standardized, perhaps after smooth modeling made it's debut, and other app specialties are also developing new byways out there. I can well appreciate the inevitability that such things could happen when looking at the state of our world and all it's competing systems of every kind. It would not surprise me at all if solids eventually find a more expanded definition all together, with more than edges, vertices and planerity, and so I will remain content with hammering out my ideas with Shaded Work alone, thankful for all it's tools crammed in one box. ^__^
  14. Bo Atkinson

    .obj export - can't get clean model to Blender

    Thanks Andrew, so are you reporting a strictly rendering-based issue, but not a 3d geometry or a geometry-based-export issue, but rather just reporting how 3d apps typically handle extensive details of rendering differently?
  15. Bo Atkinson

    Stretching Walls

    Visible surface picking only, is a useful feature for other design uses including crowded areas and navigating in 3d at the same time.
  16. Bo Atkinson

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    I'm on 2012MacPro w/RadeonHD5870, and that occurred in the Beta, which fixed it back then 98%, but still happens very rarely, no problem here... I mentioned it just in case it might help with the earlier stated display issue in Layout, (which I do not use).
  17. Bo Atkinson

    formZ v9.0.3 Now available

    I do not use Layout; however with "blank display" problems in MultiView in 3d projects, I simply open a new additional project and then switch back to the previously blank project which now restored it's display.
  18. Bo Atkinson

    custom poly mesh

    Has anyone seen a way to make equilaterally triangular mesh, with the Poly Mesh tool? It took me quite a while to figure this without automation, doing it manually and I see nothing about how to get equilateral triangles in the manual. Any info on all the possible combinations of options with the Poly Mesh tool?
  19. Bo Atkinson

    custom poly mesh

    I used move + multi-copy which is Ok but I'd hate to miss out on automatized tool methods. The manual seems to hint at supposedly available options which are not explained. Thanks for affirmation.
  20. Bo Atkinson

    form•Z Viewer first flight

    May we share this app widely?
  21. I can appreciate the likelihood that my curiosity is outside of the python realm.... Yes two curiosities: 1] Basically use scripts to simplify precision-copy-paste of complex arrays of simple polygons. 2] Bypass limitations of cartesian space, (heh, heh). My untrained opinion is that cartesian negative axes must cause computational havoc, ie the old trigonometry problems such as square roots of negative numbers... Whereas four axes with always positive values might provide enough axial resolution with all positive axial values? Cartesian axes are actually six directions from zero, but wouldn't the negative values introduce problems, such as navigating views aligned too close to an axis? (Sometimes a new project free of objects allows this, but not with perspective views after a minute of navigating).
  22. Here is an initial mold to explain the VEs (vector equilibria). The composite fmz projects like above are too cumbersome with a 1 GB video card, (years ago I had 6 GB video card working for a few months, but I lost the best driver and it's tech support has vanished over the years). (Vapor Ware). The smaller sets were used to explore assembly possibilities of larger arrays. The green objects are two tetrahedrons forming a star tetrahedron, for face attaching smaller bluish ones to form VE arrangements. The red is a frame-tool VE object to verify VE status.
  23. A further thought is that my 4 axes are orthogonal to an initial 4 tetrahedra faces, from which this larger model grew outwards into the initial vector-equilibrium near the center of this axonometric view. The peripheral 'cubes' are actually "composite-face snapped vector equilibria", grown out from central, initial VE... My additional question is: might pcy scripts simplify the avoidance of the 3 cartesian axes which dominate architecture today?
  24. Thanks to this webinar, for the first time I wondering what applicability this tool set might have and how much learning is required of me, since I never used any sort of computer scripting, but rather always used graphical work flows. Does combining these two work flows help one jump hardware-hurdles? Is it possible to convert an arrangement of tetrahedrons, inside an fmz file, into a pyc model? Once in a pyc script, can a larger quantity of these script copies be 'pasted' together? My objective is tentatively based on an assumption that it might be easier to copy-paste script compositions, in some cases, rather than handling large quantities of objects or groups of objects, in a modeling window, where the there are 4 axes instead of xyz axes, and at the same time get accurate joinery, alignments, snaps, etc... Here is an example of large quantities of tetrahedron-matrices, which are difficult to 'snap' into non- xyz arrays, given the sheer quantity of objects, along with the equilateral relationships of cube and tetrahedron:
  25. Is there a new way to do NURBS Edit but with transformations? New manual does not show editing-transformation for specifically edited NURBS points, or did I miss new termonology. Just for illustration purposes: Here is a picture of the earliest specialized NURBZ transformation and in recent formZ versions just the regular Transformation tools did the same work.