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    what's new webinar

    My favorite video type is indeed very short, just enough to demonstrate one tool action, or one trick in that one-video, all-alone, and the demo should also include views of which buttons, menus or dialogs are relevant and any special key words describing references, if any. Many of such videos could be listed and linked on one webpage, with an "open source" style and disclaimer, because 20 videos on one key word might pile up, so that an ideal moderator ought to re-title videos on that one link page, to zero in on each video particular. I recently began looking at Rhino videos where countless users post linked videos of various lengths and of personalized interests, and this spans many fields of endeavors.
  2. Here is an openable formZ file of many rectilinear sticks, (solids). It does not have trunks because back in those days HD space was too expensive to save big models. I also had a better tree from the Power PC days, but that file won't open today and needs a much older Mac with formZ dongle and probably version 3.6 or 3.9. Not to be confused with my dablings, here is a good software with much better trees by type: http://www.onyxtree.com
  3. Bo Atkinson

    Closure Options

    I go to edit, as if it were a second and additional required tooling step. Yes some behaviors change (or get lost to unrelated fixes I suppose.)
  4. Bo Atkinson

    Unintended incremental saved files

    Yes, I do notice unplanned fzb files, but I have stopped trying to keep "one zpf fits all my projects", even before this fzb thing became noticeable, and furthermore It doesn't really bother me, because one of my work flows is to save many incremental files named by the latest steady state of a project, (then regularly purge the unneeded between-files, later on). Fact is, tools wear down in minor aspects as the clock turns, so that I restart frequently.
  5. Bo Atkinson

    Exploded 3D Drawings

    Long ago the Independent Scale tool had an option to "scale the space between objects", such that assemblies like this bike could have axel parts moved along an axis vector line. I think this was dropped possibly before year 2000... Can Such functionality be brought back to FormZ again? In the case of the the U-Scale tool, objects should be distanced apart from the center snapped point, which actually has a useful architectural advantage , to show clients the optional object spacing in room design phases.
  6. Bo Atkinson

    Fast Dome Possibilities

    Here is an idea for an economical thin shell, inflatable form work (for sprayed thin shell cements), using one sheet, (just as it comes from the factory without job site modifications), to build those NURBS surfaces you are dreaming about. Otherwise, it is a good starting point for designing a rigid framework for tensioning translucent skins. (I'm interested enough now to model such structures based on what I learned with this new model). Today's considerable green house plastics are gradually improving and the sizes cover needed spans, which are easily erected and easily replaced after (the current) lifespan of 7 years, which also depends on location and budgeting, (the point being that costs are more reasonable for such skins as compared with high end projects). More details and pics are here: http://harmoniouspalette.com/MonolithicSheetDomeStudy.html In case examples of my building experience are of interest, here are structures I have built (albeit on shoestrings, so naturally there is no polish).
  7. Bo Atkinson

    System Shortcut Conflicts

    Warning: System Shortcut Conflicts Check the System Preferences and make sure the Secondary and Button 3 mouse buttons are assigned. (End quote) Where exactly is this assigned? I have always used 2 button track balls (and now with scroll), which generally work well, but latest update has blocked two of my personalized short cut keys. I probably saw that warning before (over 25 years of formZ), but ask again in case something applicable was forgotten.
  8. Bo Atkinson

    System Shortcut Conflicts

    Solved! . . . System Shortcut Conflicts What seems to have caused this was having installed a second OSX sys, (2 days ago), on a second SSD inside the same MacPro, which was still sitting in the bay unused... After shut down and removal of second sys, then restaring, my original shortcut keys are all restored! Granted that only a penny pincher would have a 7 year old Mac plus make back up drives to keep around like that
  9. Bo Atkinson

    System Shortcut Conflicts

    Or to be fair, this might also be caused by a newly bought refurbished Mac keyboard which works very well otherwise. Have also tried trashing menu/go/optionkey/library/pref file. Have also reinstalled latest formZ App update second time (Build A133). Have also tried Mac Prefs associated with keyboards.
  10. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Please anyone, how are the various Maxwell lights added to formZ? I add a new light in formZ, double click on it, see the Light Parameter dialog, but the Maxwell option is not in upper right hand box. All the Maxwell Youtubes are about light adjustments without the workflow of adding lights.
  11. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Thanks again Des, as your link provides workable *METHODS*, by sampling work flows... Even after 6 years of app upgrades, Evan's vids still prove very useful. Good thing I kept Renderzone, even if barely used over the decades, by now, as now I've got available focus time, to catch just enough light physics for adding lights +
  12. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Hi Des, Does this look right? In the App Folder it has a long list of files plus some folders (Lots of individual files omitted).
  13. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Oops, this was the video with unknown UI but UI text is illegible... https://blog.maxwellrender.com/tips/converse-tutorial-with-maxwell-render-part-2-free-mxs/ Question, where is it found on a Mac?
  14. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Today, I found this vimeo lesson: The vimeo neglects how the interface was loaded, or how the model was loaded and the UI is illegible due to low screen resolution, as of the first minute... Next time I'll pick up from minute one again.
  15. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Thanks Smarttech, Those videos are possibly most wanted in the market, but none of those videos focus on my little corner of specialization: Videos of applying these to formZ. Specifically, step by step, showing which menu items are clicked, how are lights created? I scanned trough most of the videos, based on the Youtube's preview window, which show many adjustments and effects, but where is the starting point demonstrated? Des kindly posted an example and one light was easily adjustable, but at some point I need to see how these are clicked into formZ.
  16. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Thanks so much Des, I really appreciate a file to work with, which saves a lot of time! I did try using 35 mm cameras of the 60's vintage and never did well and for lack of temperature controls in the darkroom, in a rural setting. Fast forward today, autofocus and photoshop are more the WYSIWYG style I aim for.
  17. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Could someone please post a file with lights included, that are set to render with Maxwell, perhaps just a few cubes? This might give a starting place to see Maxwell lighting work, to see which sliders differ from their default setting, as my first trial was naturally very dark and hardly lit. (I never use RenderZone for the same reason and am hoping to use Maxwell more like a very souped up version of Shaded Work and am not interested in optical tech.
  18. Bo Atkinson

    + Light

    Thanks John, I was looking forward to such lighting as an option... Edit follows: After writing this I went back to check again, and suddenly the "Maxwell" option appeared for me in the Light Parameters. (Like much of software, trials and unresponsiveness , initially, seems part of the process.
  19. Bo Atkinson

    Query an ellipse angle.

    One possible caveat is that such a circle might be 3d- tilted, compared with the rest of the scene, or itself warped illusively because it is on a 3d warped surface, no? Such that a more complex tool would need pictures taken from several differing viewpoint angles, or multiple shots taken from known viewpoints with precicely angular relationships, all calculated by sensors and software. . The blue dots represent cameras viewing a rectangular scene, and may calculate precise dimensions within the volume; and, the cameras would communicate together to determine cones of vision, to use in modeling content in a modeled rectangular or other modeled space, (like a room). The image is actually from a formZ Multi-View screenshot, taken many years ago, (when Multi-View might have had a different name and we used the acronym CAD;)
  20. Today, new and old software users could simply demonstrate both their workable findings and their blockages of using formZ strategies and tools, all on screen capture videos, by sharing sessions-segments on line, to break the ice and break unknowns, blurted out unedited, and shamelessly sacrifice their impasse, indemnified by Socrates' code of honor, (Re: humility of higher knowledge), for the purpose of challenging others to work around blocks from fresh angles, by use of differing strategies, in the maze of variable solutions, so that participants ratchet forward the group subliminal knowledge, as each of us use the same tools to accomplish differing objectives; and, even when suggestions miss the point of the first puzzle presented, these nevertheless build everyones subliminal palette, possibly useful in other situations, on another day; however, the participants must promise to avoid ad-hominem judgements, by sticking to the technical procedures and the toolsets and strategy tested alone, and praise should be left to the like buttons, in order to keep posts dynamically focussed instead, (instead of accolades streaming down the pages), thus keeping more contributions coming, no matter if possibly meek ones, or possibly radically different ones, thereby keeping the topic technically relevant, no matter how stunning or how irrelevant these efforts might seem, because we have differing needs, and a topic focus is more productive than emotional responsiveness, in the world of technical solutions.
  21. Bo Atkinson

    Technical Sharing Development

    PS: To try this method out, copy and paste the above sentence at the bottom of one's technical sharing development.
  22. Looking through tools in V9, this is not found. Insights? Fromhttp://www.formz.com/manuals/formz7/!SSL!/WebHelp/formz7.php?url_str=05000_Drawing_Objects.html Derive Point Cloud This tool is used to derive an object consisting of the points of another object. To apply it, with the tool active, click on an object. There are no options for this tool.
  23. Bo Atkinson

    Where is Derive Point Cloud ?

    Ahah, just found it under Derive palette, (named Pnt Cloud).
  24. The linked model navigates very smoothly here on old fashioned 2013 Macpro Hi Sierra, formZ 9.04 in any type of display, selected or not selected.
  25. What might be the best ways to build a virtual fair online, where the organization behind the event might have a reasonable budget for incoming proposals, and where exhibitors could simply add their own 3d, images and videos, and what might such a bid look like cost wise? Following is the link to the organization. I might be able to cooperate with more onsite resources and some modeling. I'm about a half hour drive from the site and might know some contacts, though I have been out of that loop for many years. If any here want to discuss this, please share insights. https://mofga.org/The-Fair Mapped Location: https://www.google.com/maps/search/mofgaq+%2B+maine/@44.5931259,-69.2940957,1815m/data=!3m1!1e3 Traditional Date: September 25, 26 & 27, 2020 Common Ground Country Fair Coronavirus Statement May 5, 2020 The Common Ground Country Fair, MOFGA’s signature event, will be offered in a virtual format for 2020.