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  1. ¢hris £und

    manual project backup trigger via hotkey

    You should be able to use the key shortcuts to "Save" and "Save a Copy as". Or am I misinterpreting your request? ¢£
  2. Quick update, found the related page. But they do mention it is no longer supported on the ipad. http://algorithmicbotany.org/papers/TreeSketch.SBM2012.html
  3. Here is what I dug up for this... doesn't look to be for iPad any longer. Or at least, I don't see any mention of it. http://algorithmicbotany.org ¢£
  4. ¢hris £und

    what's new webinar

    Doh! Sorry for the misinterpretation! Yes, I agree with the last sentiment! Too, it has to do a lot with familiarity. Some people are extremely capable and efficient with hard-side modeling in Modo because they never knew better. And they will always beat somebody like me simply because I already knew formZ by 10 years roughly by the time I attempted Modo. Regardless, they are both great tools. I just think each leans heavily in the direction they want to. And justifyingly so. ¢£
  5. ¢hris £und

    Forum User Numbers ?

    CJ, not sure about the numbers, but yes you can message other users'. If you go into the users' profile, you can message them from there. ¢£
  6. ¢hris £und

    what's new webinar

    Alan, I still don't think that there would be anything to be disappointed about. To do hard-side modeling in Modo really takes a lot of extra effort. And even then, is only for visualization. Can't really create tool paths with its output. from formZ, you can. On the other hand, as mentioned above, its visualization capabilities are gorgeous! ¢£
  7. ¢hris £und

    what's new webinar

    SJD. I suppose it depends on the intent of modeling. For me, my intent is for the purpose of manufacturing and or construction. While I have done numerous hard-side models in Modo, I think formZ is far faster and efficient to do so. You always have to deliberately put in extra geometry to keep things flat. My preferred methods of modeling are SDS and NURBS. Modo definitely is better for SDS but doesn't even attempt NURBS. If I want to do a Character these days, I will undoubtedly use Modo. Though, I have done plenty of character modeling in formZ as well. If I want something more precise, fZ All the way! Sometimes I use a mix. I will Rough a shape out in Modo, then bring it into fZ and convert to NURBS for that manufacturability. While it is true that Modo is capable enough for 3D printing, it isn't capable enough for other CNC type construction. Visually, the SDS smoothing algorithm is phenomenal. but for any kind of output, including 3D printing, it is reduced to a polymesh. Not unlike a poly-DXF. Another aspect is, with formZ, it has a ways to go to catch up to Modo in terms of SDS and native rendering/surfacing and overall visualization. It remains that it has the capability to do so. I think it would be much harder for Modo to attain the manufacturability of formZ. If on the other hand, your intent is merely and solely for visualization, yea, Modo is hard to beat. Oh, and its interface is pretty great too. ¢£
  8. ¢hris £und

    what's new webinar

    I too use Modo, and have been doing so for about 15 years, maybe a little less. For certain things, it does a better job than fZ. However, I think fZ outshines it in most modeling tasks. I do love it's surfacing and rendering capabilities, however... Wow! ¢£
  9. ¢hris £und

    what's new webinar

    I am not necessarily opposed to using it. I do agree that a good video or videos that cover it would go a long way. I may even find that I have full use of it. Though, as Alan above noted, I don't produce 2D drawings so much any longer. Should videos come out for it, I will watch them with interest to see if it would be of value. For the little that I have poked around in it, at this time I don't see the need. Fully expecting that I am missing something. I still wonder though about what their intent for it is and to see if that matches those users who want to use it. As there does seem to be some disconnect. It may be too, with a good set of videos that the intent gels with those users too. But, I honestly don't know. Even though I don't use it, I fully understand the need for those who do or want to. I also haven't explored fZ-Free or Jr. I know from the top that there are features of Pro that I would very much struggle without. In my past, I was a flat pattern designer (there I would build construction documents) and even to this day, I don't think I could manage without the unfold tool. Though I still desire improvements on it. I do occasionally get models from SU users, and like 3DS Max, I have a hard time understanding how much the models suck. I don't necessarily think that the apps are not capable of precision work, I just suspect that the workflow doesn't encourage it. Which drives me nuts! in fZ, it is easy and fluid to do precision work. (albeit, I do think some of the snaping can use some more work, I suspect there needs to be an order of operations hierarchy or something) For me, scripting is still the #1 desire. The full API is coming, and I am looking forward to going beyond the little teasers I have posted. I am not sure if Free or Jr. allows scripting. If it does, I presume that they would be limited to their toolsets too. ¢£
  10. ¢hris £und

    what's new webinar

    One thing to consider, most if not all of Mathew's videos are relevant. There have been some changes and additions since then. Most of which I feel are obvious as to how they work. I will admit, however, that I would like to see an in-depth set of videos on the Draft/Layout App. One thing I wonder about it is if ADS' intent for it is a bit different than the user's expectations. Admittedly, I don't use it at all. For, when I want to dimension, the main app does what I need. That aside, I fully understand other users' needs are different than mine. Out of curiosity, however, I would like a full treatment of videos just to see if it would be useful for me. Later this fall, when my time opens up for me again, I am willing to put in the time to help other users and ADS out with what I know. Admittedly, though I have used the software now for about 25 years, I don't know it all. There are tools I have never touched, and more I touch very sparingly. My modeling skills are strong, however, in certain areas. Maybe I will even improve my presentation skills. ¢£
  11. ¢hris £und

    what's new webinar

    That about sums it up for me. I can do the editing when I put my mind to it... but my presence downright sucks, if it wasn't obvious by the Coke bottle vids I attempted. When things slow down for me, I do still intend on putting out some fZ/Python tutes... though. ¢£
  12. ¢hris £und


    To be clear: I don't have all the facts. I am speculating on a few things. And I cannot say definitively that it won't be supported in the future. Just that in my opinion, it doesn't look likely. 1: We don't know the license agreement that ADS had prior to the rendering engine being bought out. And what it affords them moving into the future. Nor do I suspect we will know. 2: We don't know if the API that ADS has access to is precompiled or not. If it is precompiled, ADS won't really have the option to move it to new silicon, Apples, or otherwise. Since Autodesk is highly unlikely to re-compile the code that they shelved deliberately, doesn't leave a lot of room. There may be tools to translate the machine code (Apple has them, but I don't know of wider availability.) This could also get sticky with the licensing agreement noted above. 3: In Apple's and MS/Qualcomm ARM chips, The APIs for the OS changes too. Once again limiting what can be done with an API regardless if it is precompiled or not. That would take active development on Autodesk's part... Again, highly unlikely. (it is likely these changes that prevent it from currently working in translation/BigSur. Has anybody tried on a MS/ARM machine?) In my opinion, any of these could be a deal-breaker, but the truth is, these issues are interwoven. So, it is just batshit stupid of me to even speculate. Yet I do it anyway. That being said, I would very much like it to survive. But if need be, I will make any transition needed. ¢£
  13. ¢hris £und

    Closure Options

    Once you draw your sphere, it should pop up. ¢£
  14. ¢hris £und

    Mac OS BigSUR With Issues, Render Zone Not Working

    +1 Yea, if Lightworks/Renderzones libraries are precompiled, there will not be a transition to the new apple silicone. (I don't know if they are precompiled or not, just imagining.) ¢£
  15. You will be far better off emailing or calling in for ths issue.
  16. ¢hris £und

    Paste in place

    I am currently too. Use with my business. If not already done by the time I can get to it, I will look into the plausibility. I can’t think of anything that would prevent it at this time. Might be a bit crude to start. €£
  17. ¢hris £und

    Paste in place

    Seems reasonable enough for a script to handle.
  18. ¢hris £und

    Roaming controler

    David, These days Bug reports should be emailed in as they are using a CRM to track everything. Bug reports via the forum are bound to get lost. ¢£
  19. ¢hris £und

    Object selection

    One thing to consider, Renderzone/Lightworks was purchased by Autodesk, and essentially shelved. Wile it too, essentially suffices for me, there will be no updates to it. Additionally, we don't know what kind of licensing ADS had with the original Lightworks and how it applies to Autodesk now in control of it. For me, a Mac user, my guess is that it will not be updated to the new silicon. I, of course, don't know this, but rather a guess. ¢£
  20. ¢hris £und

    SDK History

    Jwiede, I don't think you have to worry about it being depreciated. The python API is built as wrappers+ around the C++ Library. Agreed, if the bulk of your code is written in python and not dependent on the wrappers... heavy-hitting will be slow. I haven't coded in C/C++ in years. Though, I suspect as I get deeper into what I want to do with formZ, that will change for the exact reason you cite. Though, I might just do the core algorithm in C and then wrap it too. I am highly motivated to be lazy. Just remember that the 3rd party Rendering engines need and SDK, so it is there. Too, I think there were enough under the hood changes with 9, the just need to catch up. Oh, and I have been begging for Python for years now... so that might be a distraction. 😗 ¢£
  21. ¢hris £und

    SDK History

    Jwiede, The Python SDK is available, albeit, a work in progress. http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/support/formz_python.html ¢£
  22. ¢hris £und

    Deleting a custom palette

    I think I reported this during the Beta. I will check when I get back home to Colorado, to be sure, and to see if there was a resolution. As I too experienced this. Expect me back on Friday. If you haven't got a resolution before then. ¢£
  23. ¢hris £und

    Align2 v.9

    No worries! Hope it is useful when you get there. ¢£
  24. ¢hris £und

    Align2 v.9

    Align2 v.9 aka AlignTo (Not sure what i should name it) Added functionality, a lot more placement by combinatory options. Still a utility script. Source file so can be used on both Mac and PC. AlignTo.py 2.zip Suggestions welcome! ¢hris £und
  25. ¢hris £und

    fZ + Python + CO2

    What do you think? Finally bit the bullet and ordered one of these. And this is what I have been itching about for python! Looking to make some dedicated toolsets for creating patterns for the CO2 machine. Don't know how far I will be able to push it, but I am gonna go for it! ¢£