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  1. I hit that limit about a year ago. I contacted tech directly.
  2. ¢hris £und

    FZ9 Python scripts

    Specifically in the cube script, the function call should be: fz.cube([0.0,0.0,0.0], [5.0,10.0,20.0]) NOT fz.cubes([0.0,0.0,0.0], [5.0,10.0,20.0])
  3. ¢hris £und

    FZ9 Python scripts

    JL, The cube script appears to have a bug in it. I get a report, where you do not. I would have to look into the script to attempt to figure out what is going on. At this time though, fZ does not have a debugger so this is beyond difficult. The cylinder.py script works for me though. (I am on a M1 Mac, however.)
  4. I am unfamiliar with win10. Have you tried python outside of fZ? In older versions of win, you had to modify the "PATH" data so that the os would recognize it. Though, I was under the impression newer versions of windows were going to have it built in. ¢£
  5. Hello Chris

    I'v tried to run some basics scripts on my FZ9 under win 10

    But no scripts works here

    I've contacted Brandon from Autodessys...

    He indicate to install Python on my computer ...

    well done

    But no change here

    Have you an idea why I cannot run any script here  ?

    Thanks you in advance

    Best regards

    1. ¢hris £und

      ¢hris £und

      I responded to your post.

      On older versions of windows, you also needed to manually alter the "PATH" data so that windows would recognize it.

      Can you run scripts outside of fZ?


      I would love to see what you came up with!!!



    2. ¢hris £und

      ¢hris £und

      I responded to your post.

      Can you run scripts outside of fZ?

      On older versions of windows, you also needed to manually alter the "PATH" data so that windows would recognize it



      I would love to see what you came up with!!!



    3. jldaureil


      I've created the Path variables... but no result...


  6. Gwyn, I would have to look at the SDK to see if that is currently possible. The Python SDK is still in the works and currently has some large gaps. One of the gaps is dealing with materials. So, may not be currently possible. ¢£
  7. ¢hris £und

    M1 Impressions

    Hey All, As noted in another thread, I have replaced my 2012 12 Xeon core Mac Pro tower with a M1 Mac mini. This is a temporary stopgap while awaiting a more powerful computer. Probably the rumored "30 inch iMac" should it come to reality. The reasons for the move? I had an internal SSD of an odd generation that is in the midst of failing hard. To replace it would be twice as much as a contemporary drive with 4 times as much storage. I technically could upgrade the OS to 10.14, but to do so, I would then need to upgrade my GPU. Which are now not easy to find and are expensive. To the point that a Mac mini is cost competitive. Knowing the jump was to come any way. Why spend money on the past. Once I get the iMac or Pro, the mini will be passed on to my wife and business partner. ----------------------- Thus far are I am rebuilding everything from scratch rather than do a data migration. I haven't done a scratch build since 2005 which was a G5 Mac Pro. Figuring a third processor architecture would be a good break to do so. Part of my slowness, I am awaiting a 4 Hard drive bay enclosure. Which is what I do not like the most about these non-tower configurations. They are making a 4 bay NvME blade enclosure. But, I need the Spinner bay first. Someday will upgrade to all blades. The blade bay is currently rather expensive. The boxes are getting small enough and thermal requirements are lowering enough where I think I can just enclose everything into my desk as if they are not even there. Current configuration: Model Name: Mac mini Model Identifier: Macmini9,1 Chip: Apple M1 Total Number of Cores: 8 (4 performance and 4 efficiency) Memory: 16 GB System Firmware Version: 6723.81.1 Serial Number (system): ------------------------------ Storage: 1 GB internal SSD: Soon, 4 external Spinners in a single enclosure of various capacities. Including 1-12 TB backup drive. Displays: 1 Apple 27" Mini Display Port. and 1 Acer 4k. (The Acer is currently the only one hooked up, as I am awaiting an Thunderbold 3 to Mini DisplayPort adapter. User Accounts: 2. 1 Business account on SSD and 1 Personal of which will be put onto the external Spinners once enclosure arrives. (personal account is where I need the most storage and where I will be conducting the bulk of my fZ work. -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- very very Initial impressions: General use is pretty snappy. Although, wake from sleep seems to be much slower than anticipated. Far slower than my intel MacBook Pro. and pretty sure it is slower than my 12 core tower. (though it is tore down and I am not directly comparing it). Installing software does seem to be much faster (not timed, this is an "impression"). Too, when using in dark mode, I do get an intermittent display flicker. I do not notice when in "light" mode. This appears to be a known issue. Using with formZ. While my files are currently stuck on the spinning HDs. I have installed and licensed formZ. Just in my initial tests of "slop modeling" formZ running under emulation (yes it is not native as of yet). works just as well as my tower. Of course, the true test well be once I get my larger files loaded that have tonnes of rounding and other control objects. I will update this when I know more. Thus far, no conflicts with Big Sur. Of most importance. I have not put a lot of time into testing as I am spending it configuring everything manually to my likes. Anybody else impressions and or comments disparaging my stupidity are welcome. ¢£ BTW, the 2012 tower is NOT available. I gave it to a friend.
  8. ¢hris £und

    Left field, far out suggestion

    True, but I am hoping for more of a ongoing accumulative function. Just another post is going to get lost eventually. Even if the post doesn't get lost, the collective stream of consciousness will be not a lot less disorderly than what we already have. Individual polls can aggregate, but how do you aggregate amongst the polls? As much as I would love for ADS to comment. I won't be holding my breath. This topic gets into the internal functionality of the company. Of which, they seldom reply. ¢£
  9. ¢hris £und

    Left field, far out suggestion

    Yes, it would be nice, but we don’t know now either. the main point of it would be for ADS to get a sense of what would be a precedence for us users collectively. €£
  10. ¢hris £und

    Exporting Shaded Work Display as Image

    Ztek, I am expecting my M1 Mini today or tomorrow. I expect it to be Frustraining (frustrating + entertaining). I am replacing my 2012 Mac Pro with it. Even though, I am waiting for the M1 iMac. ¢£
  11. ¢hris £und

    D5 Render

    Yea, I seriously doubt it leverages the power of GPUs. ¢£
  12. ¢hris £und

    Left field, far out suggestion

    In software development, there are going to be a number of factors to which bugs are going to be squashed first. Severity (read crash App, etc...), How many people bring it up (which is an indicator of how many people are going to be affected, ease to fix, and probably more. I think that all they would really have to do is "cross off" fixed bugs. But, public tracking would allow us to say, hey me too, on issues we may skip. It could also allow us to test issues we haven't run across to see if we can find any common ground. WIP notifications would be nice, but I wouldn't expect it. As, if the bug is a particularly difficult one, it may take time far beyond the notice. I assume they have internal tools to help hunt mentioned issues. But some issues are elusive. If we could track them along with ADS, I think it would be easier to narrow the field. ¢£
  13. Andrew, With your civil data, can you trust the creation order to match that of the selection order you are expecting? Or the reverse? Sorry for the naive question, that is something I have never done. ¢£
  14. ¢hris £und

    Simple Snapping Question

    Two, what version of fZ are you using? I created a script do do this for v9.x. the script still needs some work, as it is dependent on some changes to the SDK. But, it is functional. Sorry, only works on 9.x The script allows for a lot more positions than just center. Minimums, Maximums Middle and Center of Gravity of each of the objects considered. All of which should yield (if my logic/math is correct) 144 possible positions. The tricky bit, is it currently cannot use pick order but has to use object creation order. So, you have to Cut and paste the object you want to be displaced (this action puts it as being created last in the objects List) When the SDK allows for pick order, I will update the script. Hope this helps! ¢£
  15. ¢hris £und


    Skybound, I like that! As more in-depth tutorials come available, they can be linked to the Wiki. And if a tutorial has multiple steps, each step can be linked into their appropriate wiki section/page. Tech, Any thoughts? ¢£