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  1. ¢hris £und

    Learning Python with fZ slant

    Pobo, I haven't yet. Apologies. I do want to, but there are things I had been waiting for in the SDK (admittedly, they may be there by now as I haven't checked lately.) At this point, I have some things to get through with my business. Then I will see what I can do. best! ¢£
  2. ¢hris £und

    MIMI updated :: Sort of

    dpwr, Thanks! I had been waiting for updates on the SDK. Which honestly, they may be there. There doesn't appear to be any announcements when the SDK is updated, so to know, I hove to manually walk through it to see if it has what I need. I am going to be tied up for a at least a week with my business. I will see what the current state is after that. ¢£
  3. ¢hris £und

    Is FormZ working on M1 Macs?

    Imagix, Tech made a post recently where they mentioned that they are working on squashing some bugs related to the OS Big Sur version. Beyond that, fZ appears to be working through Rosetta2. Big Sur has made a number of under the hood changes where undoubtedly some of those will conflict with previous code. Once those are squashed, Look to Rosetta2 first. If you are looking for a native version, prior to that post, they did note that they could compile their code over with little issues, many of the components that they rely on have not been compiled over. Without these components, there is little sense. Think ACIS. The engine that is used for smooth modeling. Or, the Rendering engine LightWorks (though, I personally doubt this one will ever be ported for reasons outside of ADS' control.) Off the top of my head, I can't think of others, but as with most development these days, there are multiple dependencies. All or most of those dependencies will need to be compiled over too. How long that will take, it is anybody's guess. That being said, these bare-bones base models appear to be pretty damn impressive. While I do think there is a bit of hyperbole both with Apples marketing and with pundits, if one takes into account the market segment they belong in, they are impressive. One can hope that this is enough to shake those dependency devs into action if they consider what is potentially coming down the pipeline. ¢£
  4. ¢hris £und

    FormZ Free and QuickStart Tutorial 2…

    Bernd, I understand! I stuck with 6.7 until 8.5 came out. At that point, I pretty much made the transition. I still miss a few things from the old days (notably the C-Mesh.) Though some bugs still need to be ironed out, the current versions are better once you get used to them. And, yes, it takes a bit to make that transition. I am not sure why they consider an oval to be only in the Pro version (maybe in Jr?). but that would make that tutorial completely sensible. Agreed, controlled rounding would also be nice. Definitely check out the tips and tricks page if you haven't already. http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/manuals/TnT/index.htm#t=Front_Page.htm And Pay attention to how it handles guides... This tripped me up for a while. http://www.formz.com/fzsite1219/manuals/TnT/index.htm#t=Add_temporary_guides_while_drawing.htm&rhsearch=guides&ux=search Cheers! ¢£
  5. ¢hris £und

    FormZ Free and QuickStart Tutorial 2…

    Bernd, Ah! Apologies for not actually looking at the tutorials to understand. By looking at the images you posted, are you selecting the face and then scaling it? When I try that, it messes up totally. I was able to do it by i-scaling circles and using snaps. Couple of things to note, however. I didn't follow the steps of the tutorial. The tutorial should be re-written for the free versions. Also, I have to set the snap options so that "Give guide snaps priority" is turned off. When it is on, I get more of a random placement when I try to snap to the nodes of the structure. With this in mind, draw your circles (without the insert option) Distort them as you wish. Then make sure the new oval is sitting on the surface of the structure. If the free version has the "imprint tool" go ahead and imprint it. The free version may not have the imprint tool. You have to get a bit more old fashioned with it and use some of the boolean tools. Support also gave me a pointer of setting my snap tolerance to a larger value (20 instead of 10) which helps with what I thought was a bug. The numerical accuracy also needs to be fine in comparison to the scale of the objects you are dealing with as well. As that can perversely affect what you are attempting to do. ¢£
  6. ¢hris £und

    FormZ Free and QuickStart Tutorial 2…

    Bernd, Update 4: There really isn't a bug. My snap tolerance was set too small. Too, my project numerical accuracy was set to a crude value relative to the size of the object I was working with. ¢£ Regard the below notes as null and void. There appears to be a bug with the interval snap. When selecting to define the center of the scale is a part of the object to be scaled and selecting the starting point is also on the object. (snap options interval should be set to 4) The interval snap will work when one of those two is snapping to something else. Oddly, drawing a "tool" to those intervals works just fine too. So, you can draw your snapping tool first, then operate as you think you should. Though, admittedly, this a bit mickey mouse, especially since you are having to jump through hoops in the first place. Update: it appears to be an issue on circles and ovals. the snapping/i-scale tool works as expected when working with a square, rectangle, arc etc... Update2: You can use the starting point to initiate the i-Scale. the intervals will work then. Update3: it does work to use the center of the circle and its starting point.
  7. ¢hris £und

    Non-destructive workflow

    AC1K, Santa, I don't know at this time. What I can say thus far is that the Python SDK is still in the works. Though, the last time I looked, more of the documentation was more filled out. Which is good. Not sure if the Python SDK is capable of it or if it would require the C SDK. I haven't programmed in C for many years, and do not know how far I would get back into it. There are many smarter people here than I. Since fZ isn't a non-destructive modeler it would probably be challenging. One could probably make it so that it was editable for the duration similar to other tools. I do not think the python SDK has any kind of interface to things like modifier handles etc... Haven't seen anything like that yet and the old FSL didn't have that capability. Regarding something similar to Grasshopper, there was mention of it some time ago by Tech. Not sure if that has changed or not. If it is still in the plans, I imagine that it will have to wait until the Python SDK is essentially complete. As I presume, it will create python code (not necessarily though.) ¢£
  8. ¢hris £und

    Brighter Shaded Work display

    Drop some channel values for the White/Grey you have. My display does not look nearly so dark. ¢£
  9. ¢hris £und

    facetted arc segments

    I think they merely genericized it by making a tool. Since this tool also takes care of other use cases. Remember the day when we had to manually do this with Bo Atkinson's BoA Constrictor method? ¢£
  10. ¢hris £und

    Mac OS BigSUR With Issues, Render Zone Not Working

    Tech, Thank you for the update! ¢£
  11. ¢hris £und

    Mac OS BigSUR With Issues, Render Zone Not Working

    Des, I am pretty sure I did not get anything special. I was actually on fZ 9.051, The App noted that 9.053 was available, but the Web Page is showing 9.06. At this point, since the web page version was dropped less than 24 hours of my original post, I have to assume that the software check database is independent of said webpage/link. I suspect, something didn't get updated. What or where, I do not know.
  12. ¢hris £und

    Importing 3rd party models

    Justin, If you happen to have a DWG that fZ slows down a lot on. Could you send it to me? I'd be curious to see what is going on and if there would be a work around. ¢£
  13. ¢hris £und

    Mac OS BigSUR With Issues, Render Zone Not Working

    If you goto the "help" menu in fZ then drag to "check for update". It will give you the link.
  14. ¢hris £und

    Mac OS BigSUR With Issues, Render Zone Not Working

    fZ 9.06 dropped yesterday. fZ noted that it was 9.053 (the one computer was on 9.051) but the download page notes that it is 9.06
  15. ¢hris £und

    Polymesh Problem...

    Douglas, Ok, using your construction method, I am seeing the same results. Of which, the seams appear to have no effect. Doesn't make sense to me either. If these are the types of shapes you are looking for, I think I would use the Revolve/Faceted tool do directly derive your shapes with the poly count you want. Translating from smooth to faceted seems like extra unnecessary steps. If on the other hand, you are only showing these shapes as a "dumbed down" example of what you are really trying to do. Not sure what to tell you without seeing the specifics. You may want to email tech support directly on this, as it does appear to be odd behavior. And the forums are kind of unmonitored these days. ¢£