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  1. Hello Chris

    I'v tried to run some basics scripts on my FZ9 under win 10

    But no scripts works here

    I've contacted Brandon from Autodessys...

    He indicate to install Python on my computer ...

    well done

    But no change here

    Have you an idea why I cannot run any script here  ?

    Thanks you in advance

    Best regards

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    2. jldaureil


      I've created the Path variables... but no result...


    3. ¢hris £und

      ¢hris £und

      So, can you run scripts outside of fZ?

    4. jldaureil




      I've installed :

      1- formzPython (folder inapplication folder and scripts in scripts folder)

      2- Python 3.9 on my machine

      3- Visual studio code (as ide) see my scren shot

      All works fine with this simple print command in .py


      BUT FZ9 scripts doesn't works... 😡




      Capture d’écran 2021-10-01 172311.png

  2. Python scripts don't works on FZ9 win 10 here Any ideas ?
  3. jldaureil

    fz 9.2?

    thank you Ztek for this testimony I did not follow the same route because I continue to work with Z6 except for the export to Twinmotion with which we ensure the finishing of our scenes and the video renderings We also use the Z6 draft for our plans it's a basic tool but ultimately allows us to do whatever we need I was very happy when I saw that it had been re-introduced in Z9 except that under Windows the bugs are still too problematic Today I just hope that Autodessys will end up realizing a stable software under Windows with all the functionalities of Z6 and the depth of the settings that the user can make himself ... Like such a stable and complete formz 6 with just the right interface upgrades from Z9 Definitely a "PRO" software waiting for Formz 10 !🤣 I guess designers will wait a long time for their build history ... And for my part I turn to other tools that Formz cannot do what I want ...
  4. jldaureil

    Anyone find Ambient Occlusion in Twinmotion?

    I forgot We have developed a small base setup which optimizes the base rendering well. (for architecture) If you want we can share it with you tomorrow at the office ... Just send me an email jldaureil[at]alicepro[dot]fr
  5. jldaureil

    Anyone find Ambient Occlusion in Twinmotion?

    Rendering Days are cleary over here !😁 Tm is in constant evolution... It's a real pleasure to work with....
  6. jldaureil

    FZ9 Python scripts

    When I try to run a .py script under FZ 9 nothing happens What I missed here ? thanks JL FZ9 Python scripts.mp4
  7. jldaureil

    Anyone find Ambient Occlusion in Twinmotion?

    TM has is own ambient occlusion system at the render level TM 2021.1.2 doesn't have any setting for this (automatic) (TM 2019 woks with some simple settings) AO is not supported for materials ao map... This is something I've requested (full PRB materials support ) JL
  8. jldaureil

    Displacement map baking and UV editor

    Am I the only one who needs a baking tool for displacement textures?
  9. Hi all I would like to suggest a tool or plug-in to bake displacement map from high resolutions models This is a common features in other packages Formz as front end modeleler should have this kind of features to make low resolution models with details in displacements at render level (included full interactive mode inside formz...) In the same area we should have a solution to produce a pattern map (for full edition in an external editor) associated with UV map projection I suppose formz will never be a 3d painting program but some basic tool to work on model specific map should be a real plus Best regards JL
  10. Hi all We use fz and twinmotion from z6 to z9 and export to twinmotion with the datasmith plug-in From the latest news autodessys (sponsored with an epic grant) works to a direct link between fz and twinmotion... I don't know if this in good way ADS Anys news? I suppose this could be the decisive improvement for us to work with z9 Fz 9 draft + modeling interface wasn't completely ready for our workflow from our latest test I would like to try again with the latest built
  11. pkcn some of these gaps are under consideration... alpha channel: https://portal.productboard.com/7pu88c9kpmqtzt8hwg6arujh/c/107-render-passes raytracing or light probe https://portal.productboard.com/7pu88c9kpmqtzt8hwg6arujh/c/86-ray-tracing-support https://portal.productboard.com/7pu88c9kpmqtzt8hwg6arujh/c/120-reflection-probes-improvements Hdri Sky https://portal.productboard.com/7pu88c9kpmqtzt8hwg6arujh/c/93-hdri-map-for-sky hope they add IBL ...
  12. You should import the datasmith file as any fbx file Menu file import or in the import section on the right of user interface
  13. Hi every body Twinmotion is simply our favorite rendering engine for 2019 It's an amazing software at the best price (free for me because we gone in 2019l The renderings quality is really good even it's not the level of maxwell or vray But the rendering time are of courses more than rapid especially for videos The setup time are mainly oriented to improve de scene with a lot of assets in from the library (not for rendering settings} TM import natively. Skp Si you can find for free assets from quixel to 3d wharhouse Here is our YouTube channel to see example of our work made with formz and twinmotion https://youtube.com/channel/UCkYGCZPEs-6RIv-s4f8gQDg I've tested the formz datasmith plug-in successfully The main advantages are : The objects scene organisation is preserved The geometry is correctly exported (better than with the fbx export that cause problems with solid objects with hole or open cut) Objects are imported to the correct location (with z9 fbx you should set a rotation y-90 and z 180 for an import with x axe up) Without theses settings fbx are not in the original location or weather effect in tm are not correct (snow) With the plug-in all of this is obsolete The only problem I've seen is with Greyscale bump map for converted materials (tm prefers normal map Bump map in tm are reversed Bump in tm is set by default to 100% In TM bump should be set to 50% to follow the normal map Lower and higher values override the normal map intensity So if you set the bump value in TM to 50% and prepare you normal map for this you can increase or decrease the bump effect after in the TM materials I would like to pointed hee a very cool software to make tiled (extra) textures included normal maps from images "pixplant" Simply the best software I know for that You can also use allegorithmic b2m on steam platform) (or substance alchemist if you have money for that) but pixplant is really superior to make tile operations Voilà I would like to congratulate autodessys for win the epic grant And of course for the super good job This is simply the best news for me and a super perspective for formz I will share the info in the exceptional Facebook twinmotion communauty (best place to see the best renderings or for information https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.facebook.com/groups/twinmotion.community/&ved=2ahUKEwiHnbaIhNLtAhVJ4YUKHZEeCkUQFjACegQIEBAB&usg=AOvVaw15CWjXe2ZxJBl-Gc7E8ZAG&cshid=1608105875420 Un grand merci à autodessys C'est vraiment super cool
  14. jldaureil

    V9 update

    Yes snow We have the same problem here under 8 and 9 We work under 6 and export with 8 a. 9 (for me) Finally we work around this by using a special folder for Ou export to clean up these duplicated textures Don't know exactly if tho bug concern only the fbx export or other file type Hope autodessys can solve this I. Future release
  15. Hi Alan We work actually with twinmotion It's really a great software with a very dynamic développement and communauty I've already ask for a direct link with formz Actually we export Ou models in. Fbx À direct link could be a real p'us You can submit this idea Here https://portal.productboard.com/7pu88c9kpmqtzt8hwg6arujh/tabs/4-under-consideration/submit-idea?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJlbWFpbCI6ImpsZGF1cmVpbEBhbGljZXByby5mciIsImlhdCI6MTYwMjYyODEzNiwiZXhwIjoxNjAyNjcxMzM2fQ.BE5PDnVgmhaImcxaP-msfBL6hcQPdGKVJAW5ZNamG7I Our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkYGCZPEs-6RIv-s4f8gQDg