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  1. jldaureil

    Incremental Update Log Location?

  2. jldaureil

    Ortho to reference plane

    Thank you ! Yes but I would like to assign the "T" key I've already found the "ctrl" key on windows But it is not my favorite keyshort cut...
  3. hello everyone I made a list of malfunctions that I meet with FZ9 DRFAT LAYOUT I communicated this list to the technical support so that they open a ticket on this subject ... I am well aware that the current situation with COVID 19 causes problems everywhere and therefore in the USA too To all to people at Autodessys ... I can only send you my sympathy and of course the ad hoc advice: Stay confined Use barrier gestures (wash your hands with soap, wear masks if you have to go out, Etc .. here is the list for those who want to look if he confirms my observations: ************************************************************************* FORMZ Draft Layout PREFERENCES 1-Preferences > keep list tighly spaced does not work 2-Preferences > formz classic layout does not work 3-Preferences > all options in interface/palettes/list palette are not saved in the preference file PALETTES (interface) 4-The following palettes cannot be detached from the dock by default: action inputs projects They close instead of coming off the command "close" by right click does nothing 5- Grid settings are not stored correctly between session (at what level is this parameter stored? preference project? ) 6- colors palettes 6.1 impossible to delete colors 6.2 in the menu “colors... top bottom sort purge” item does not works line weight palette 7-line weight management palette is missing (no item in the line weight palette) no way to reorganise the line weight weight palette 8- first line weight is lock off (ok) (but also all of its parameters) 9- Status bar top : “move dock down” does not work status bar bottom : “move dock up” does not work PROJECT SETTINGS 10-project settings appearance displays colors : Axis Lines is missing 11- project settings appearance X Y Z indicators are not displayed in the viewport 12- Layers following options are missing : Draw Active Last Draw in order shown (is the draw in layer order in display option?) (also in the menu in the palette layer) 13-it is not possible to set the number of decimal places lower than the numeric accuracy (number of decimal places always corresponds at least to numeric accuracy) the reverse is possible when it is useless WORKSPACE 14-after the creation of a new workspace and the modifications in the interface; in the workspace menu, the new item is grayed out as well as the option "update default" *************************************************************
  4. A question for users of windows 10 exclusively: I would like to modify the color of the title bars of the palettes in formz 9 (tools, layers views etc ...) I do not know if it is controlled by the application or by the OS I'm going to ask technical support But as the customization of the interface of Windows 10 is very limited compared to what I have known in Windows XP it is not simple ... I edited the registry and I even found a utility to make it easier (https://www.wintools.info/index.php/classic-color-panel) But that doesn't change anything for Formz Are there any Windows 10 users who are more advanced than me in this area? Also - I would like to try to modify the width of the palette frame (or eliminate it completely - reduce the height of the pallet title All of this somewhat intercepts the idea of a dark (but not black) interface for Formz 9 I installed Blender on one of our win10 machines (I don't use it) but the interface is very interesting to configure formZ At the moment I can't get what I want regarding the formz 9 interface
  5. jldaureil

    Little bug ?

    When I use an independent project window (so not a window integrated into the interface) the action of the keyboard shortcuts is broken if I touch something in the interface with the mouse (for example the layer palette or display option ) In fact the project window goes inactive I have to re-click inside but that is not enough On the other hand if I make a small pan (middle mouse click) then the keyboard shortcuts become active again ... It works well if I have a non-independent project window ... Can other users confirm me how it works for them especially if you are not on windows ... (i'm on win 10)
  6. jldaureil

    INTERFACE under WIN 10

    I have a lot of trouble configuring the interface of Z9 (model) and Draft ... I'm on windows 10 with two monitors I cannot detach the "input" palette from the top dock I want to move it to another dock Same for the "action" and "projects" palette When I place my tool palette in a column in the tool dock on the left I can't place it at the top of the dock (Besides, I can't place the pallets or I want them in the docks ... They are always placed according to their magnetism and sometimes (when the docks is enlarged they are placed inappropriately If the dock is enlarged (tool dock) then the icons of the tools are automatically scaled. That can be useful but it would also be necessary to be able to lock and unlock the modification of the dock because if I move it by mistake then the tools are modified and the lower part of the column leaves the space of the office (outside of the monitor). Finally still due to the difficulty of moving a palette in a dock, I cannot move the palette of tools up the dock. I have an empty space above which I cannot use when I run out of space at the bottom of the dock ... I am interested to know if other users have difficulty handling the windows interface (this works just as well for the model as for the draft ...) I am also interested to know if you can post screenshots of your interfaces here (even if you work on a macintosh...) Thank you all
  7. jldaureil

    Ortho to reference plane

    I'm desperately looking for the shortcut to activate and deactivate the orthogonal mode to the plane reference. In the past (Z6) this function was part of the windows tool (and the shortcut was in the windows tools> set reference> perpendicular switch section In Z9 this function is now available in the options of the MOVE tools (which is logical because it is good for this tools that this option is most useful ...) But I can't find the keyboard shortcut in the corresponding section Has anyone found it?
  8. I allow myself to transpose here a suggestion that I made on the BETA forum in order to have the opinion of other users who can not be participated in the Beta test This primarily confirms the draft layout but not exclusively the directional snap and their options have disappeared. We must think about reintroducing these indispensable tools It is necessary to have a simple locked ortho snap for example to work quickly  note By angle (as in Z9 the only one option available) but also by radial divisions (perhaps redundant with new angle guide options) The distant snap option can also be bypassed by unchecking the Cartesian option in the prompt while using the T (tracking) With a view to simplification, it is indeed possible to keep only the option by angle note by angle and slope The option by slope is very useful because we often need to define angle in% for roofs for example This is very important for us and I also suppose for others In conclusion 1- the guides (angle guides and guides) do not replace directional snap unless you can lock on it (which is not the case either in 3D) 2- The options by slope and by divisions are missing (because the current guide angles only have the option by angle) 2- Currently the guides do not work in 2d (impossible to snap on, display artifact, display readability to review and so It should simply be that the guide angles have three options by angle by slope by division and it would an option "snap to guides" (angles and ortho) an option "lock on the guide" (angles and ortho) which forces the pointer on the guide (which returns to an ortho mode or angle in version 6)
  9. jldaureil

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    of course !😉
  10. jldaureil

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    Yes ! please under windows 10 ! 😇
  11. jldaureil

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

  12. jldaureil

    wip & recent renders

    Hello Pipo Your work is truly exceptional !! It should be featured on the front page of the formZ site! Even if it's not Vray ... I never doubted Maxwell's ability ... But above all that work !!! It is very impressive. Can you tell us a little more about the massive scenes treated with LUMION? I understand that you reserve Maxwell for still images and Lumion for video ... Do you have clients for whom Lumion's real-time rendering is decisive? for example for VR use? What are the reasons that led you to choose Lumion rather than Twinmotion or Unreal? It seems that Unreal in particular responds perfectly to real time demand with the highest level of realism (the lumion or twinmotion are more limited but much faster to use ...) What is your process for transferring FormZ files to Lumion? Do you regret that no plugin for these software exists? (in particular for the synchronization of the scenes ...) The arrival of Python code could perhaps change that if we had in our community one or more interested and available developers ...
  13. Oh yes This feature has always been missing I haven't tested in Z9 yet (it comes) In Z6 we can perform an open trim on the segments of a closed polyline produced by drawing a polyline with the 2D enclosure modifier and then do a booleen ... It would be great if we could do this in two clicks ... But for that it is necessary that the 2D enclosure is well recorded as such ... (In Z6 to draw an enclosure produces a simple polyline ... I will watch carefully on Z9 Excellent suggestion !!
  14. Good morning all At the tool palette it is possible to remove the second level palettes either by a simple flyover or (via preferences) by clicking on it and in addition optionally that the tool at the head is selected directly without additional click. Not bad But first problem the second level palette overlaps with the tool palette (not practical) and second problem the second level palette is necessarily detached. In the past under FZ 6 the operation was quite similar but better optimized: By maintaining the click on a tool, the second level palette was deployed exactly next to it while remaining attached, by moving the mouse to the desired tool it was possible to quickly go to it. Then by moving the mouse out of the second level palette this one stood out It was much cleaner Finally it would be desirable (but it never existed) that all of these pallets can be listed in a submenu of the palette menu which would be variable because these palettes can be created by the user ... In this way it would be possible to have a view of all the available palettes (including those that have been added to the interface) What do you think ?