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  1. jldaureil

    Drafting and more

    I've sent my email by message on this forum. And SOOORRY for the email. I will see what I can do..
  2. jldaureil

    Drafting and more

    Hi Thank you very much ! I've sent an email.
  3. jldaureil

    Drafting and more

    Hello everyone I renew the machines of the office we are looking forward to our new machines but we have already installed formZ 8.6 AND 6.7.3 on a laptop under windows 10 (compatibility mode win xp sp2) we work EVERY DAY with formz 673 for drafting on windows 10 (64bits) we installed in 32 bits we can not install the old pylon plugin ... the installation seems possible but the tools are not available (customize tools) IF somebody bas an idea.... Moreover for a reason that escapes me completely open dialogue does not allow access to network drives ?! drag a .fmz on the open application does not open the file !!? I am very worried to work with Z 673 for the draft with our new machines ... I hope that formz 9 will bring us a layout of much better quality (at least at the sketchup level) if form 673 does not work completely on win 10 and if Z 9 does not bring anything new for the drafting I am afraid of having to find another soft for the draft it's hot what are the options?
  4. jldaureil

    Parametric scripting

    Yes of course !😜
  5. jldaureil

    SDK History

    hi Chris Thanks you for your input... great news Have you the complete list of all you scripts ? I have to check all scripts I actually use... Thanks in advance Chris
  6. jldaureil

    SDK History

  7. jldaureil

    SDK History

    Hello everyone This section of the forums seems very quiet ... I am a little lost. I had looked a little bit at the version 6 SDK. At the time I had the idea to see if I could contribute. For lack of basic basic training and also for lack of time I had to give up. I feel that a lot has changed (python?) Would there be someone Chris? or Z support that can make a very short history of SDK form Z? Would it be possible to give me some pointers about the future? (in the perspective of contributing even if I am trained for this) I have the impression that the project "LAB" is stopped Do you know who made this contribution that seemed very dynamic and why it seems extinct?
  8. jldaureil

    6.7.3 Draft and Window 10

    Hello everyone Do you know the compatibility limits between forZ 6.7.3 and Windows 10 regarding the draft? I have a crash recurring during the manipulation of quotation (3 line each in campound> tool of displacement of the line of odds (reposition dimension) For more information, I've attached à CpUZ report about the laptop ... (No graphic card (CPU) some glitches with display in draft... Thank very much in advance... JLD LAPTOP-JACNMFSG.pdf
  9. jldaureil

    Drafting v. Layout

    hi Phanos I miss it tremendously it would be great, but I do not think that is envisaged ... and by the force of things I still use 6.7.3 daily Jean-Luc
  10. Hello everyone I am working on an object with which I encounter some difficulties for the display It is a perforated metal plate. I create the perforation from an image with a specific software. This software generates a .dxf which consists only of circles (smooth) I import the .dxf into 6.7.3 formZ then extrusion circles and boolean difference with the plate. The principle is simple but on my old machine is already a little long. Once obtained the object (smooth) I also do a facetted version. (without triangulation) FormZ 673 displays well both objects in wireframe (it is very fluid in openGL and much less in native) By cons I do not display the surface in interactive shaded for the faceted and the program tells me that I do not have enough memory to display the smooth ... On FZ 8 I display the shaded work of the faceted version. (not the smooth version) Render Zone rendering is slow on FZ 673 Can someone explain to me why I have so much trouble with an object (quite heavy) but no more than other files I'm working on? What strikes me is that when the complexity is distributed in a large number of objects it is much more fluid whereas a single complex object (from the topological point of view) is much more difficult. Do you have the same difficulties on FormZ 8.6 with a recent powerful machine? I thank you in advance someone has time to open the file to tell me ... Jean-Luc PS I am changing the design ... I manage to make a rendering that I can then use as a transparency map to visualize the result PLAQUE Bison.zip
  11. jldaureil

    environment background

    Thank you Christopher Ok not sure to understand you about "shaded" Shaded render in Z6.7.3 does not support the rendering of the environment I guess you're talking about interactive shade (OGL) in version 8 And yes a reflexive object logically reproduces the defect (looking from +x axe by default) I confirm under Z6.7.3 at least
  12. jldaureil

    environment background

    Hello everyone I work with Formz 6.7.3 and I noticed a problem with a map hdri used as environment light, environment and background. The problem is a deformation at the join (spherical mapping) (on the + x axis by default of set limits) visible when rendering the background. I thought it came from the formz version So I tested the same thing with formz 8 But the result is the same. See the attached image The image comes from the following site which is really great: https://hdrihaven.com/hdris/ Do you reproduce the problem? Do you have any idea where this may come from? Did I make a setting error somewhere? Can you tell me the address of an image for which the problem does not arise? This is the manual page that corresponds to what I'm doing http://www.formz.com/manuals/renderzonerendering/!SSL!/WebHelp/formz7.php
  13. jldaureil


    ? Thank you very much !
  14. jldaureil


    Hi Hans That's exactly what I look these tow last days. Fortunately the partner who works with TEKLA structure (Trimble) can export in .skp a very clean geometry when I get it back in FormZ By cons formz does not give the impression of wanting to take the turn of the BIM ... It becomes penalizing in my case In my activity I delayed the adoption of a BIM platform but I will have to make a decision So I looked very closely at the RHINO + VisualARQ + Grasshopper solution This is particularly interesting.