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Phantom numbers


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Yes! I thought maybe it was just my video card. But I see it happens to others. 

Tech, you have to put yourself in our shoes. I have attended large meetings with our client and consultants, they show their models on the big screen, then we go over ours. When things like this show up, it makes everyone involved looked bad.

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I get that too (Windows 10 user), I also often get other oddities like palettes disappearing, clipping or resizing. Quitting out usually sorts it until the next time. Tbh, I've been using FZ 8.6 for 6 months now and have come across so many little niggles that originally I thought must be down to me not being used to it, but I just think they're bugs that crop up quite often. I also find it pretty sluggish when doing simple tasks like switching between workspaces or editing the cone of view, some of the Subd previews are so slow it makes them unusable. It all feels really unrefined. I've been learning Modo over the last few months and have to say it feels so much more slick and professional to use than FZ.



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I've held off upgrading having read through some of the threads regarding bugs, I've had 8.6 since it came out but only made the switch from 6.5 over the last few months.

Re: Modo, I guess it depends what you want to use it for. I wanted to change direction and get into more asset based modelling and rendering using subdivision surfaces. I guess my background is more of an artistic one as opposed to engineering and manufacturing and I'm mostly interested in just producing the visuals. I'm nowhere near as experienced as some on here who also have used it but I love it. I think it's probably one of the best SubD modellers out there and it's shading and rendering capability is excellent

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I think(possibly)  v9 lets me sometimes get rid of persistent-numbers-being-displayed, if immediately, before switching off the measuring tool I start making a new measurement and immediately click esc... Sorry I can't verify this until problem shows up again and I do little measuring with this method,  and I  actually prefer selecting segments of objects to view the measurement in the inspector/ info tab. (I just wish formZ would let me copy & paste that number elsewhere, that is the number displayed inside the inspector, as sometimes I want accurately stated long numerals with decimal point).

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They need to fix this. This is not limited to Windows. It happens on my iMac. It happens in Catalina and previous macOS, and formZ 8.0 versions through 9.0. I don't have the exact sequence of events. I notice that if you choose the measure distance tool, then measure something a couple of times and forget to choose the pick tool or another tool soon after then the phantom numbers appear and stick in an arbitrary location on the screen. You cannot get rid of it until you quit and relaunch formZ. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 1.35.15 PM.png

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