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  1. snow

    what's new webinar

    This has been in my mind for some time... Or, at the very least, consult a marketing agency for re-branding and actually getting the formZ name out there beyond the current user base. Gone are the days of using prestige and namesake for marketing and/or deployment.
  2. snow

    Paste in place

    it would be nice to see both in action: a paste that keeps the objects coordinate from which is was copied, and a paste that will insert the geometry wherever the user chooses based on the cursor location like in SketchUp.
  3. snow

    Exploded 3D Drawings

    This would be great. Or perhaps something along the lines of model configurations like in SolidWorks or Rhino would be really beneficial. Duplicating a model to show an exploded version is not ideal in terms of data (or convenience). If you could assign configurations (and name the configurations) it would save a lot of headaches and duplicate geometry.
  4. snow

    what's new webinar

    looks like it's available on mac and windows too...
  5. snow

    System Shortcut Conflicts

    2013 MacBook Pro (personal) running stronger than a 2019 Dell Precision 7530 (work) here. But I suppose if IT actually purchased something with a price tag things would be different.
  6. snow

    Object selection

    I have various keyboard shortcuts (m = move, r = rotate, p = pick, etc.) and I found they work about 60-70% of the time, so your 50/50 isn't far off. If the shortcut doesn't work I'll usually hit the space bar and start typing the tool to pull it up. after this maneuver then the shortcuts work. And yeah, I don't understand two pick tools either. I imagine if you have a frame type selected you should be able to choose Lasso or Polygonal as well within the same tool.
  7. snow

    Object selection

    in wireframe mode, go to Edit and make sure "2 Click Face / Outline Selection" is checked.
  8. snow

    FormZ Free failing to install

    I couldn't spend more than 6 hours trying the Modo demo because "Modo isn't yet HiDPI compliant" which I found mildly appalling given the popularity of 4K screens these days. But yeah, Blender is HELLA refined. Open source will do that to a program haha.
  9. snow

    Deleting a custom palette

    Yes. But the issue with giving up formZ is the speed in which I work and the ability to share my files with SolidWorks users. VectorWorks and Rhino come close to formZ in terms or how geometry is modeled and sharing with SolidWorks (Rhino is arguably better because .3dm files can be opened directly into SolidWorks), but if you look at the forums of each respective software you will find droves users posting about bugs, suggestions and other grievances. I think the more you use a certain piece of software then the more aware you are of it's shortcomings which makes the OTHER software look so refined and polished, only to find out years later you're again aware of all it's shortcomings. wash, rinse, repeat.
  10. snow

    Rounding Question

    I almost always have better luck rounding the individual edge instead of rounding the face.
  11. snow

    NURBS or SubD?

    try starting with a large cylinder for the cap and a small cylinder for the notch and boolean difference the two objects. then use rounding to make the corners nice and soft.
  12. Pick your object, go to the Tool Options and click on Attributes. Then in the drop-down select Cross Section.
  13. "All this computer hacking is making me thirsty.... I think I'll take a TAB."
  14. snow

    Locking onto an axis issues

    I've run across this many times. I don't think it's as much of a bug as it is just a limitation in the current ortho snap in shaded modes. I after selecting my object I usually go into wireframe mode to move it along an axis. It's not ideal, but it's a bit of a workaround.