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  1. snow

    Anyone know what a .zsr file is?

    it's a formZ temporary save file. It occurs somewhere between saving your current formZ file and formZ auto-updating the .fzb.
  2. snow

    Dark Ui

    I agree with Leed. A designated dark mode UI (with a light mode option too, obviously) would be very welcome. changing icon tint and changing various display colors is not a valid substitute for dark mode.
  3. I believe the title of this post to be true. Attached is a simple file: a product bottle with a texture applied. this object was created and mapped in sketchup. I exported this as an FBX file from SKP which I imported into FormZ and all is well. After modeling a display and making copies of this object plus many other objects like this, I exported my .FMZ file to OBJ. Open the OBJ in Keyshot and the UV is broken. I tried exporting with FBX and 3DS as well... and imported into C4D along with KeyShot. Same result with each format on both programs. If anyone can get this to work properly that would be cool, otherwise please fix this issue. Now I'm off to go re-map a dozen or so objects UV broken.fmz.zip
  4. I like the way C4D handles "decals"... you are simply able to have textures overlap each other. The "non-decal" is tiled, the "decal" doesn't tile and you can adjust it on your object accordingly. This would be a welcomed addition to formZ.
  5. snow

    objects won't boolean (union)

    allan, these objects were created just the way you explained... started with a rectangle, fillet, swept a circle. then I split the object with a line. nothing too complicated was done, which is part of the frustration and confusion as to why they wouldn't boolean. vva, thanks, i didn't think about doing that. it worked.
  6. anyone have any ideas? this was once a single object. then i sliced it into 4 sections to expand it in both directions. now it will not union... Untitled2.fmz.zip
  7. snow

    Two questions

    display option are a part of the project settings are are saved only with the project, which is not system wide. if you want to save your display options so it's the same every time you open a new project, you will need to create a template file. (for what its worth I hope this changes in the future... display options and project settings should be saved with the preferences)
  8. like reddit, but for formZ bugs and suggestions would be cool. a user can post a bug/issue, then other users can log in a upvote the problem/request. top problems get addressed.
  9. here is another warning sign I CONSTANTLY see (with the Extend tool) I suppose a "Do Not Show Again" may not be appropriate here, but maybe formZ can be smart enough to know that in this case where it is "inappropriate" to extend the segment that I am trying to extend the face. Shouldn't be too hard, right??
  10. snow

    FBX import

    try using OBJ or 3DS, if those formats are available. those will also export with texture maps.
  11. snow

    unable to round

    this is a good idea. I'll use it in the future when I have other issues.
  12. snow

    unable to round

    Thanks Des, much appreciated. It would be nice if Object Doctor was a bit more robust and could find these issues. I tried using some of the analysis tools but those didn't work well either.
  13. snow

    unable to round

    update: I was able to get rid of the extra segments/points (copy segment sequence, remove points, imprint curve, stitch), but it still won't round. these steps should also ensure that the surfaces are flat.
  14. snow

    unable to round

    I'm having trouble trying to round the edges of this object. I want the radius to be very small (0.0625") so I know that the size isn't the issue. I think it has to do with the extra segments, but I can't seem to get rid of them. I formed this object by union-ing the top with the two verticals. Object doctor isn't finding any problems and converting to facetted isn't helping. any thoughts? frame.fmz.zip
  15. snow

    8.6.2 Crash --> SubD and Reshape

    There is still a decent amount of instability with SubD modeling... a lot of that has to do with using the "wrong" tools on these models. No, the file should not crash, but there should be some sort of null icon on the cursor that says "this tool cannot be used with subdivision objects." I think ADS skipped over this step when developing the subD tools.