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  1. snow

    Slow to respond

    is there a file you can post?
  2. snow

    Can't load textures

    I just tested a progressive jpg in sketchup and it loads without an issue. same with rhino.
  3. Bump. I copied a project folder from work PC onto a flash drive, which was then copied to my Mac at home. Search paths are directed right to this folder on my home desktop. Linked files show all textures with a green check. My file shows no textures at all. Looks like I'm going into the office early tomorrow...
  4. snow


    Me: "One more crash and I'm done with this program!" Also me: "Ah, another project that needs to be finished in an unrealistic amount of time... *opens formZ*"
  5. change "smooth" to facetted in the drop down and also change the radial button from "parametric" to "facetted" sketchup doesn't play well with smooth geometry.
  6. Yes, that works too. But the (non) issue is that the slicing lines shouldn't have to connect. I'd like to see less bugs, not more workarounds.
  7. I come across this issue fairly often. the object in question was created using Reshape and Offset Outline. In the front view, Slice the 3/4" tube with the lines (Heal enabled), then try to delete one of the resulting objects. The objects have turned into surfaces instead of solids. My workaround was to create an ambiguous object and boolean difference the objects. It's not a huge issue, but an issue that should be fixed, nonetheless. slice.fmz
  8. snow

    undos are still broken

    I never thought about that, but yes, it is set to Unlimited. Ill change it to 12 (and maybe increase later) to see if that resolves the issue. thanks, Des!
  9. snow

    undos are still broken

    I'm working locally on a project and I'm still having the same problem. I just restarted my machine. hopefully that will help for a while... 🙄
  10. snow

    undos are still broken

    I have not tried a full program re-install. I might give that a try when I have some time and I'm connected to a different network. Thanks.
  11. is anyone else having this problem? Working from a server I have this problem a few times a week. There isn't any specific set of functions, or in a specific file, it's any file after routine functions. Copying my projects locally is not a viable workaround because that breaks linked textures that I need to export to render... and I often need to work on projects from two different locations. formZ is a very fast modeler, but that efficiently doesn't matter when I'm constantly losing 15, 20, 30+ minutes of work in my projects. sigh.
  12. Yes this was checked. The overall problem is that the formZ file was no longer linked to my texture maps even though they showed up in the model. If they aren't linked they won't export... at least that's the problem I'm having.
  13. I also want to take a moment to say that it's not necessary to export two copies of every texture in the project. please fix!
  14. Brilliant! thank you Justin!
  15. With a clear mind this morning, I thought to try "Save A Copy As..." to save all the textures with the .fmz file. I did this saving directly onto a flash drive to open on another machine but only the .fmz is saved. I assume the "Save Textures" option just bakes them WITH the .fmz file, which is not helpful in my case. I think formZ needs to have a "Package" option where the formZ file is saved with a folder of textures and re-links them. I believe this would solve this exporting problem when moving to different locations. And an ability to automatically re-link textures in a given directly after one file is re-linked would be more than welcome.