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  1. Hi I've started to use V8.6 for my main output and find I get regular crashes when using RZ for which I cannot find a regular pattern. Most scenes so far are pretty simple - it's not something I experienced with V6. I do have the demo of V-ray installed at the moment which has now expired (I haven't checked how to uninstall it yet) - could that have any effect? is this something others experience? I'm on Windows 10 with a pretty decent spec PC thanks in advance Steve
  2. Hi I'm trying to delete a custom palette I created (I spelt it wrong and can't find a way to amend it). I right click and press ok to delete and hey presto it's back when I relaunch FZ. I've saved another preference file but it makes no difference. It's not a big problem but just annoying - I've been using v8.6 for well over month now (or trying too). Not sure if it's me but there are so many little niggles where tools don't seem to behave as they should at first and then do. I often get an issue where the vector line or rectangle tool won't draw on the first attempt - I change my view and then they seem to work. All in all using this version is starting to become a bind compared to v6. I don't want to put FZ down but does anyone else find it well, not as smooth as it should be compared to other packages?
  3. SJD

    set image size - Windows 10

    thanks, yes I'm aware of that this is to render just a portion of the screen, you used to be able to use the mouse to define the area on v.6
  4. SJD

    optimising PC performance

    thanks Andrew I'll probably upgrade sometime in the future although to be honest I don't struggle with much else, quite a few areas of FZ seem pretty lethargic compared to other packages
  5. SJD

    set image size - Windows 10

    ok, I can see 'render area rectangle' now - seems pretty clumsy though compared to before
  6. Hi all where did 'set image size' go in FZ 8.6 on Windows?? thanks steve
  7. SJD

    optimising PC performance

    ps. using FZ 8.6 (from v6.5)
  8. Hi are there any settings within FZ that would help optimise performance when using some modelling preview modes? Ones I find particularly annoying are when editing textures or attempting to manipulate subd objects. The lag when editing in subd mode makes it pretty much unusable. Editing textures is also pretty laggy. I've been using demos of Modo and C4D and both are extremely smooth to use and make FZ pretty clunky by comparison PC specs are: AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 24GB DDR4 2133Mhz, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (all drivers up to date) Windows 10 thanks as always steve
  9. SJD

    Rounding Question

    no worries, bound to be something I picked up on this forum years ago 😁
  10. SJD

    Rounding Question

    thanks Chris yes that seems better, I was so used to doing it the other way - I'm still getting used to doing things without the option dialog boxes that used to come up. I think I find it easier to learn new software than unlearn/relearn existing software I thought I knew
  11. SJD

    Rounding Question

    Hi both I've found that pre picking with the pick tool (by using 'control' on PC) has better results - using the rounding tool direct less so I'm trying to round front and back faces, front face rounds ok but then crashes on the back face. I have managed to do it now but it's not terribly reliable. I've found quite a few intermittent issues here and there but I'm putting it down to my inexperience with the post v6 interface (can't say as I'm enjoying it though!)
  12. Hi I'm trying to perform a simple rounding operation without any luck the ring is 300 mm diam x 80 mm deep - wall thickness is 25 mm. I want to round the edges of the face by 3 mm. I select the face with the round tool and it crashes 9 times out of 10. is there something obvious I'm doing wrong? thanks in advance steve
  13. SJD

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    cheers Chris I think, because I'm not from a manufacturing background, I often fail to appreciate FZ's true strengths - so many of the conversations on here are way above my head. My use of it over the years has been to provide the ideas and renders for others so they can take my fairly basic (but sound) construction drawings and turn them into something that best suits their own production methods. The direction I want to go in is pretty much pure illustration which is why programs like C4D and Modo look so appealing. That said, your videos are certainly helping me to see more of it's capabilities - it's often the small details that are the most challenging, not the flashy stuff. Thanks again 👍
  14. SJD

    formZ Sub-D introduction

    hey Chris these are brilliant, haven't got through all yet but already I can see ways of using tools that I hadn't thought of ADS...hire this man! 👍
  15. SJD

    Polygon cages for smoothing

    not just me then I'm using V8.6, not sure if it's different in 9?