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  1. ariel

    Container model

    Hi, I am in urgent need of a shipping container model. does anyone have one they can spare? Thanks alot... something that looks like that
  2. ariel

    Container model

    Thanks alot!!
  3. Hi there, I remember there used to be an option to load lights from other files... how can i do it? Thanks, Ariel
  4. ariel

    load lights from other files

    Thanks alot !!!
  5. Hi there, re - FZ 8.6 and FZ 9 Can Full Shaded display ignore materials (not textures), and display the whole model in one tone for example ? and then by a click or a shortcut, have the materials applied again to the real time render ? Also, Can we shortcut the option to display Textures inside Full Shaded ? Thanks
  6. agree with you guys totaly
  7. Hi Shibui, Thanks alot. That helps alot. It is a nice workaround. Is there a chance you know of a way to Key Shortcut it ? Thanks
  8. Thank you all for the great input re that matter. Yes, it seems that mac users are in luck vs win10 users. I Think the new Inspector palette is extremely smart and efficient in terms of switching, it also saves a lot of eye movement and head turning when you are using high resolution extra wide displays, and i have been waiting for that specific feature to come out. it is an essential part of my design workflow. and i very much like to see it fixed rather than revert to the old version. ADS please see if you can get your hands on it. we are here for questions and tests. Thanks, Ariel
  9. Hi there, This is an issue i have been experiencing since almost ever, i think it became an issue when you introduced one of the older versions, 6 or 7 ... through v8 and now also in v9, and i have learned to live with it, but recently it became even worse and really interfering with the workflow. I just recently upgraded all my licenses to v9 hoped it would get resolved, but it wasn't. Anyway, It doesn't matter which model i am working on, it can be 10kb model with only two objects inside, or 100mb model with thousands of objects inside. every time i pick and object within the model (it becomes highlighted in red) and try to rotate the view, it becomes jumpy... (not a smooth motion.) once the object is deselected it all smooth again. rotating views, panning etc... once any object is picked its again become jerky and i can not rotate the view or pan smoothly. I have been using all along top of the line hardware, but it doesn't matter on which pc i am working on, it is always the same issue. also on my laptops. Currently on this specific workstation (which is the least powerful of the all) i have : Win 10 pro 64 bit Intel i7-7800X 3.5GH version. 64 GB RAM Dual - Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 8GB version I am using 34" dell screen with 3440x1440 res Same problem accrues also on my other machines equipped with Intels i9 extreme edition, and Nvidia Quadro 6000k , 4000k, RTX 6000 etc... please see link for movie clips on YouTube of a random sample model... https://youtu.be/Ba022cvTwqQ https://youtu.be/OOvrLysrhlo Thanks, Ariel
  10. jdaureil - that doesn't change anything. BUT, what i have noticed is that when i rotate or change the view even when zooming, the "Inspector" pallet is blinking... so i tried to minimize it (with the little black arrow) and it did help a bit. (it was jumpy for the first second of the movement and then it was smooth. So i have closed that pallet entirely (with the red X at the top right), and that solved the problem!!! when i turned back on, the problem returned. and i reproduce it on all models and files now. The Inspector pallet is extremely important for the work flow, so i ask ADS to please look into it. Thanks.
  11. Setz, this is amazing! and i agree full shaded with ao, ss and aa is an amazing tool to present.!! the best by far.
  12. Correct Setz. it happens to me with any type size of object and file.
  13. Hi Friends, Thank you very much for all the replies. Chris - It makes no difference if i hide the land model, or resize the window. same behavior. Also i have optimized and tried dif drivers for video cards etc.. Jdauriel - I have saved it as fz6.5 and i attached the file here. i can not test it on this specific machine for i do not have v6.5 installed here. Can anyone try it please? Setz - I have tried to play with the snaps.. reduced or turned them off. unfortunately same behavior. I also attached here the file in V9 if anyone can test it and see. Appreciate all the help. Ariel Lyric Topo Test 004 3d FZ V6.5.fmz Lyric Topo Test 004 3d FZ V9.fmz
  14. Hi there, I am in need of a good concrete panels texture to cover a building. something similar to the attached image. I cant find in the Maxwell database any good one. can anyone help with that? really appreciate. Thanks, Ariel
  15. ariel

    Concrete texture needed

    Thanks Des !!!
  16. ariel

    fz 9 download

    Hi there, Was wondering where do i download fz v9 official release from? and how do i know whether i am entitled for an upgrade to v9 or do i have to pay for it? Thanks, Ariel
  17. ariel

    Exciting times

    Agree !! Well done, amazing website !
  18. ariel

    FormZ Free

    Hi there, I was wondering, can i ask my clients to install form z free in order to navigate within 3d models i send them created obviously with formz pro ? and can i have both form z pro and formz free installed on the same machine with no known conflicts? can they work at the same time, each presenting on a different monitors connected to the same pc? Thanks
  19. Hi there, I am trying to render a model of a house and blend it smoothly within a real image taken from the street. I remember long time ago i have used the match view tool in order to adjust the perspective of the render to the perspective of the image taken. but visiting this option now, i cant seem to figure out how it works. and cant fins the right tutorial for that. Can someone help on that please? direct me to the right tutorial or describe in short how to use the tool? assuming of course that is the right tool to use. Thanks a lot ! Ariel
  20. ariel

    Maxwell 5 for formZ Released

    yes i have had the same issue. i think that if you chose to denoise, then it will denoise at the end, so it wont let you preview before it denoise. just a thought...
  21. ariel

    Maxwell 5 for formZ Released

    works perfect! the cloud rendering is amazing. gpu and multi gpu rendering is amazing... finally. ad materials for gpu works perfect.... perfect integration into formZ. Thanks alot guys !!!
  22. ariel

    Water material

    Hi there, Does anyone have a nice water material for Maxwell, to be used in swimming pool model, and or Jacuzzi, and or calm lake ... i couldn't find any . Please direct me to a site i can buy them or if you can share them. i really appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Ariel
  23. ariel

    Water material

    Here is a quick look of the scene with your material Des. Perfect! ill tweek the color and the light abit in the final. Thanks alot.
  24. ariel

    Water material

    Hi, wow, guys that looks amazing. Des, Thanks a lot for the material. i really appreciate it !!!