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  1. spaceagency

    Phantom numbers

    Year and a half later and this problem is not fixed.
  2. spaceagency

    Edit Cone of Vision Crash

    Got a response from FZ support and after trashing prefs, re-installing FZ 9, etc. But we found the culprit to be an older version of Vray ( Updated Vray to v3.6.8 and the cone of vision works as expected. Many thanks to FZ support and dev team for chasing this down! 👊
  3. spaceagency

    Edit Cone of Vision Crash

    9 months later and this is still an issue. Command + E is also causing FormZ to crash for me.
  4. spaceagency

    Locking onto an axis issues

    +1 on the issue and +1 on the wish for an ortho/axis toggle.
  5. spaceagency

    8.6 updates

    Echoing the appreciation of these features! Nicely done!
  6. spaceagency

    Sun settings not updating

    Echoing the above bug with respect to the sun slider, problems with site north angle, etc.
  7. Echoing the UI commentary here. And don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate all the hard work going into the new features, stabilization of bugs, etc. But the UI issues really affect nearly every release. Realizing that no one will be completely satisfied with the UI but generally, it is a real problem, I would be so grateful a single release that doesn't just give a minor tweak to the UI making it a tiny bit better but instead looks at the UI concept and brings it into competition with other software. For Mac OS, my biggest issues (other than the new palette oversize bug in build #9999) are: 1.) TABS. Just look around, every software has adopted this, because, they work, and hey, if you don’t like using them, then cool, have your stuff floating around, but please, at least give us the option of a tabbed interface. Tabbed windows. Tabbed palettes. Tabbed tools, They tend to work. See Adobe. 2.) Can we please just have ALL the palettes have consistent magnetic snapping to each other? And maybe snap them to a grid, having that grid be customizable would also be nice, but I’ll settle for just having consistent palette intercase snapping. Why the palette dock itself does not have that feature is just beyond me. I really just hate that palette, it's always floating about in the way somewhere, and then when I use it, it locates itself to a new location and then I have to move it back. The modeling tool palette, and the tool dock palette also have this non magnetic issue sometimes. Perhaps there's a setting I missed somewhere to turn that on (please enlighten me). Typically I just close that palette. 2.) based on the current concept for the UI, shouldn't the palette dock itself be more flexible/customizable? Like having different palettes that are related to each other be able to be docked side by side, or grouped together...(views, view and view parameters, materials, and material parameters for example) 3.) Why is the tool dock called the tool dock if I can't dock modeling tools there? Again this one is also closed because it doesn’t function consistently. 3.) I'm not a full 100% fan of Adobe's interface on photoshop, but I will say this, it works, and it works with ease. The palette docking works, the tabs work, the fullscreen vs windowed document view works. And it's fluid. (Others may disagree) But I can't say the same for FormZ. When I end up with a palette that I want out but it remains floating or has no alignment with other palettes, it results in a "jagged" interface, or obscures what I want to see, and I want to just get rid of the palette. Some may say, just go to key commands or the favorites, but that doesn't work all the time. 4.) did I mention TABS. Please, PLEASE give us a tabbed interface. 5.) The favorites overlay interface that pops up on a key press, I feel this was a step in the right direction. I use it constantly. And I wish I had more of those, particularly for layers, for snapping, or other groupings of modeling tools. The crux of that is that I want to see my work when I’m working on it, and I want to see my interface when I need to interface with it. 6.) The one palette that tends to alway stay open unless I’m just navigating around a model is the Tool Options palettes as it’s the one major dynamic interface element other than the input palette. At times I wish those two palettes could be integrated somehow. Again, echoing others, It’s time for this interface to evolve. All the above said, thanks to all of those at formZ for all the hard work.
  8. spaceagency

    Vray License Server Error

    UPDATE on online license server issue. ChaosGroup released the borrowed license file and now all appears to be working properly. So my fix was: 1.) fixing the borrowed license issue that I had improperly requested. 2.) the deletion of the original hidden files in: /Users/"username"/.ChaosGroup 3.) reinstall of online license server version 4.4.1 ADV from ChaosGroup (NOT from the FormZ download) I'm not sure exactly what caused this, but the problem did start after I downloaded and installed the FormZ 8.6 #9999 build and the V-Ray #1148 build.
  9. spaceagency

    Vray License Server Error

    UPDATE on this issue: Got a response from ChaosGroup. They are setting up a web meeting with me. The timezone differential EET vs PST is a bit tricky, but will attempt on Monday. I think I understand what the problem might be now, but have no control to change the borrowed license problem. Based on ChaosGroup forum, it appears that ChaosGroup support is the only one that can release the borrowed license. My other question is, why did this happen in the first place? Seems like the possible source is the install that comes with the last email update for the V-Ray beta as I believe everything was working before that. Also, I see a V-Ray beta forum that I don't have access to and am wondering if an answer might be in there. Can anyone help with respect to accessing that beta forum?
  10. spaceagency

    Vray License Server Error

    UPDATE on license server issue. Did FormZ permissions issue suggestion, still no joy . The install that comes with the latest download is still problematic (see ASONE post above). Tried borrowing the offline license. Mistake as I thought that might work, but you still need to get to the V-Ray localhost to do implement. Searched through ChaosGroup forum. Found a potential correction and did the following: deleted files in: /Users/"username"/.ChaosGroup reinstalled the V-Ray OLS version 4.4.1.ADV via ChaosGroup website. And re-activated the license. This appeared to work to connect to the V-Ray OLS, but now there are two "workstations" listed in my.chaosgroup.com license portal: the old activation with the the borrowed license, and a workstation that is the newly activated license. (I think this is actually the same license) But since the old workstation (which I can no longer access via the OLS since it's been reinstalled on the same computer) has an offline borrowed license, it appears I cannot use the license on the new workstation. *facepalm*. I suppose I would suggest not using an offline license unless all is going 100% smooth. I have an email to ChaosGroup support, but they have been spoken about as unreceptive with respect to support. Crossing fingers that won't be the case. Note this dialogue still shows in FormZ even though I can connect to the V-Ray OLS now: Will update as more comes to pass. Hopefully it's helpful to someone, and hopefully others may have suggestions. __
  11. spaceagency

    Vray License Server Error

    I'm having the same problem with the license server application. Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, have tried the 4.5.1 and the 4.4.1 versions and nothing works. It does not connect to the license server. I'm on Mac OS X Sierra (10.12.6) and it also appears that the vrol.bin process is calling out constantly to connect with no result and each time it does it throws up a dialog box to allow/disallow via the firewall every 10 seconds or so. Highly irritating. I uninstalled the Vray license server entirely. Not sure what is up with this build, but everything was fine up until now. Was loving Vray up until now. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.