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  1. bennapolis

    Phantom numbers

    It still happens to me regularly. I measure using other means like making a new parametric object or dimensions.
  2. bennapolis

    Phantom numbers

    They need to fix this. This is not limited to Windows. It happens on my iMac. It happens in Catalina and previous macOS, and formZ 8.0 versions through 9.0. I don't have the exact sequence of events. I notice that if you choose the measure distance tool, then measure something a couple of times and forget to choose the pick tool or another tool soon after then the phantom numbers appear and stick in an arbitrary location on the screen. You cannot get rid of it until you quit and relaunch formZ.
  3. bennapolis

    Views in FormZ

    isometric not axonometric
  4. bennapolis

    In memory of Paul Helm

    I was sorry and shocked to hear the sad news from formZ when I called them about an issue recently, asking where is Paul? I didn't know and had no idea that he had not been well. Paul was always quick to respond to my inquires, questions, and other issues that came up with formZ and bonZai3d over the years. I would report bugs I found from time to time. He has been there as long as I can remember. He was extremely helpful to me (and my students). I will miss communicating with him.