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  1. ZTEK

    Latest Mac OS for FZ 6.73

    I used it with High Sierra some years ago, 3 or 4 maybe, but nothing intensive, only to transfer some old files to version 8.x. I remember that I had to search for the USB dongle drivers on the Wibu System website and install the last version for Mac, but in the end, everything worked well.
  2. Although out of topic... I've been using the 3 Affinity apps for a long time on my Mac and no longer use any Adobe product. They are excellent and so well integrated that it feels like you're using one app, thanks to the same interface and universal format. Highly recommendable! I bought them from the Apple App Store and have never noted problems with the updates, although I don't use them very intensively. For the basics, I daily use Preview and Photo, which are ultra-efficient for what they do, and they are integrated into the OS and the eco-system so well. The only thing I miss from Affinity is DWG format support, thinking about the possibility of using Affinity Designer on my iPad for vector drawing.
  3. Great Cris, I am in the same boat. Very excited about the new Macs. I also know I am going to run into a lot of bugs and problems. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to take the leap and not delay the transition any longer. This way I will have everything running smoothly when things get really interesting in a while. Please, be sure to share in the forum your impressions. Best, Marcelo
  4. Innes, To solve this problem, you don't need to go back to version 8.6. Version (A286) works fine, and as v.9.1 is far superior to v.8.6. Related to this problem, reading on other forums such as the Vectorworks forum, some users have also complained of similar issues when using some of the latest versions on macOS Big Sur. In general, they attribute them to changes that Apple would have implemented to the OpenGL. I hope ADS will soon release an update to v.9.1 that fixes them. 🤞 As Stez says, the objects outlined in red correspond to the selection preview. In my case, I use a keyboard shortcut when I want to disable it temporarily, which works very well. Besides the issue you mention, I'm curious to know if you have discovered any other problems using formZ 9.1 on the M1 Mac Mini. I couldn't wait any longer, and I just bought one as an intermediate solution to replace my elderly MacBook Pro before Apple released the Pro Mx models. Best, Marcelo
  5. rmulley and Tech, In my post, I forgot to mention that I am currently still using version on my Mac, due to some real-time graphics issues with the latest version 9.1, which I have not yet reported. As my MacBook is from mid-2012, with 1GB graphic card, I thought that it was more a hardware problem than a software issue with the new version, but maybe I was wrong. I just tested your Cube Sample file again in version 9.1, and the same jaggies of the lines happened this time when exporting. So it may be related to your hardware if it is not very recent and, indeed, the new version could have some graphics problem when exporting the images. I tested with different formats, and it happens with all of them. Changing the resolution, to higher or lower, doesn't change anything and the problem persist. MacBook Pro 15" Retina mid-2012 / macOS 10.15.7 Catalina / 8GB RAM / 1GB VRAM Screen Shot in png format in version 9.1 Exported image in jpg format in version 9.1
  6. As Tech says, looking at your parameters, the only thing to do would be to activate the anti-aliasing in Display Options. The Mac I'm using is a mid-2012 MB Pro Retina 15" with a 1GB graphics card. However, I don't have any major problems with Shaded Full, except for not using Ambient Occlusion, and I rarely use shadows. If you work in Wintel it may be a driver update issue (?). I copy you two images at the same resolution to compare. One is a screenshot and the other I saved first as a jpg. Cube Sample.jpg Screen Shot.png
  7. Can you share a copy of your file with one of the objects seen in your images?... to check your settings.
  8. ZTEK

    union bug

    If you check the roof with the Object Doctor tool, you will see that both sloped planes are not planar. If you don’t have a strict reason for not work parallel to the X and Y axes, it’s always preferable that you rotate your model and place some notable point at the origin 0,0,0. To do it, I usually draw in plan view an auxiliary line between my chosen point on the model and the origin, which serves to move and rotate using snaps. I keep the line in an auxiliary layer as a reference for later. This way, I can return the model to its original position if it’s needed. The following are some of my general recommendations to help with this kind of error when modeling architecture in formZ. Increase the Numerical Precision to a minimum of 4 decimal places, preferable 6 if you are working on meters. In your file, you only have 0.001 m. I always work in centimeters or inches with 6 decimals for Numerical Precision and 4 for Angular Precision. Try Stick To Edges in the Palettes/Snap Options and be careful when using Give Guide Snaps Priority. Consider using Snap to Point, Endpoint, and Midpoint regularly and, in general, use only when necessary Snap to Segment, Snap to Perpendicular, or Snap to Intersection. Use Grid Snap always on with a measure that make sense. If I work in centimeters, I use 1 cm, and if I work in inches, I use 0.25 (¼”). In formZ, the snaps to the grid work great, and don’t bother when drawing (I cannot say the same in the case of AutoCAD!). You are wright, the Extend tool is one of best for architectural work, I use it all the time. I hope it helps.
  9. ZTEK

    1995 University exam

    I like it, it's a beautiful project, and those images are very nice... they seem to be a bit dreamlike, dreaming architecture! It also reminded me of my university days. Your project is very Aldo Rossi-ish. He was one of my architectural gurus at that time. A great pity that he died at 66 in a car accident, at the peak of his career, and with years ahead to develop more ideas and designs.
  10. ZTEK

    Left field, far out suggestion

    I also think it's a great idea, and I hope it comes to fruition. Already, I offer myself to participate, and you can also count on me to test it during the development period if you need it. I don't have any programming experience, but I am methodical. I hope ADS will be interested and you receive their support. I suppose you will need it. Thanks for the propositive initiative and ideas!
  11. The other day, I borrowed an HP i7 laptop with Geforce GTX from a friend who just switched completely to Mac with a new MacBook Pro, iPhone 12, iPad Pro, and Watch! I wanted to try the most current version of BricsCAD to check the differences with macOS. Also, have a taste of formZ 9.1 on Wintel. It took me a couple of hours to download and install everything, and it took me only 5 minutes to realize I'm not interested in the test anymore! 😳🤯😇 Working on my mid-2012 MacBook Pro is still a pleasure, while I wait a bit longer for the new Mx-based Macs. Besides, the last realistic render I did was over TEN years ago!… my fault with Shaded Full display mode complicity. Thanks, ADS!
  12. ZTEK

    Palette Window Workaround

    The minimalist layout that I use on my MacBook Pro 15” Retina for all my work. I control the visibility of the palettes with keyboard shortcuts, from F1 to F12.
  13. ZTEK

    Can't draw with line on a surface...

    Andrew, Your objects are well-formed, although, in the following case, there are a couple of extra points. I assume that it's impossible to insert segments into the faces you want because these objects are smooth and hole-punched geometry and because they are pretty complex with multiple sides, kind of smooth n-gons. That's not a problem, and I think it's somehow related to how formZ deals with this kind of smooths solid objects. In both cases, if you try to insert segments into their flat four-sided faces, you will see that it is perfectly possible. As Setz well says, there is always more than one way to do what you need or want in formZ, which is fantastic. The following would be two possible solutions for the particular case of one of your objects. It is possible to do the same for the other using a similar technique. Finally, forget about the Projection tool. Initially, I thought that the objects were not well constructed (strictly not flat). Also, I noticed that it converts smooth objects to faceted, which is a limitation I was unaware of if you are dealing with smooth geometry. I apologize for the misinformation and confusion. Hope it helps... best. Option 1 Option 2
  14. ZTEK

    Can't draw with line on a surface...

    Try to increase the numerical accuracy to a minimum of 4 decimal places. In your files, you only have 2 (0.01"). I always work with 6 for Numerical Precision and 4 for Angular Precision. Also, I recommend that you switch to Stick To Edges in the Snap Options and be careful when using Give Guide Snaps Priority. Also, consider using Snap to Endpoint and, in general, not use Snap to Segment, Snap to Perpendicular, or Snap to Intersection, only when necessary. In both files, I derived the faces, projected them to the work plane, and extruded them with Reshape. Then I had no problem inserting segments at the vertices. I hope it helps. shapes copy.fmz Untitled4 copy.fmz