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  1. ZTEK

    Renderzone not loading

    Have you checked if the RenderZone plugin is active in the Extension Manager, or did you try reinstalling everything?
  2. ZTEK

    old user - basic questions..

    If you have a RenderZone license, maybe you don't have it active... check on the menu Help/Register.../Registration/Extensions tab. As a workaround... for OGL real-time in Shaded Full images, I do screenshots on my Mac mini with a 4K display to obtain 5120 × 2880 pixels if you hide all the palettes and expand to full screen, which is not bad for presentations purposes. Actually, I don't do CPU renderings anymore for my work... last time was about ten years ago?! I hope it helps.
  3. +1 About this topic, I was doing some tests with formZ Viewer on an iPad 6 (2018), A10, with 2GB RAM and 128GB. The model is from a remodel project with a good amount of detail. It weighs 53 MB and has some smooth objects and some textures but few. The important is that it works pretty well, even with shadows, much better than formZ 9.2.1 on my Mac mini M1 with 16GB RAM and 1TB. Looks promising relative to FZ 10. As a note aside, I find the Mac or PC discussion as boring as pointless. For my solo residential design practice, the Mac mini M1 works well with formZ and BricsCAD... and I love how easily I can sync everything. movie.mp4
  4. ZTEK

    Form Z 8.0.2 / Corrupt File?

    Also, the geometry could be too far from the origin, which cause graphic troubles with Open GL.
  5. ZTEK

    Help needed with Topo Cut

    You're welcome, and I'm glad it helps! 😁
  6. ZTEK

    Help needed with Topo Cut

    Is this what you need? I deleted the original objects to lighten the file to be able to upload it. I duplicated the blue Object 3357 and modified the Z from all its base points to +40000. The rest was just boolean B-Split On Way. The objects in the file are all solids and all separated. I changed some attributes and colors to see everything better. I hope it helps! 3D ROADS 004 edit.fmz.zip
  7. ZTEK

    formZ Draft & SVG Format

    Beautiful work Bo! Quite hypnotic, I love it! Do you use brute force with tools like offsetting, imprinting, stitching, etc., or a kind of macro or scripting? I'm curious! 😉 Those pen-plotters look very interesting, and they are totally affordable. Previously, I saw some examples from an architect printing architectural drawings on the PowerCAD forum. The results looked very similar to hand-drawing, like precise sketching. Neat!
  8. ZTEK

    REVIT export option

    If colors/materials are necessary for the transfer, consider that the DWG format only supports colors at the object level.
  9. ZTEK

    background saving of files

    Autosave is very important in my workflow, and I prefer to use it by a number of operations, 20 in my case. This way, I can also control whether I want to intentionally make an autosave without forcing myself to keep a separate backup. To do it, I add points or copy and paste an object repeatedly with key shortcuts and undo it until the autosave happens, which takes only a couple of seconds. This method sounds silly and forced, but in reality, it works great when I need it or want it. I see two other possible improvements for autosave in general, either by time or number of operations. There should be an operations counter that you can see, like a pedometer, which should be automatically reset when it occurs and which also might be manually reset to delay the autosave if you wish. The other is the possibility of intentionally triggering the autosave as a temporary backup. Both possibilities with command and key shortcuts, of course. My 2¢
  10. ZTEK

    Rotation Failure

    ...tetrahedron not trapezoidal!
  11. ZTEK

    Rotation Failure

    Hi Bo, I moved and rotated one of your two trapezoidal objects and was able to stitch them into a solid object without any problem as a check. Before rotating them, I triangulated them because I realized they are both compound curves. Also, your snaps are not the best for this kind of operation, which might be the reason for your problem. The snap Snap to Segment is active and Snap to End Point is not. The option Give Guide Snaps Priority is active and Stick To Edges is not. My recommendation is to change these settings. From my experience, not only working with formZ, snaps like segment, intersection, perpendicular, and tangent, among other fancy ones, need to be managed with caution. Especially when precision and a healthy geometry are necessary.
  12. ZTEK

    9.2.01 Doesn't work on Monterey 12.3

    formZ 10 Python 3.0 M1 support PowerCADD integration All good! Thanks for the news ZTech!
  13. ZTEK

    Spray point tool

    The same version is working fine in formZ and macOS Monterey 12.3.1.
  14. ZTEK

    Three point arc ?

  15. Thanks, Graham, for bringing up the issue. Wow! Turning off the edges of solids/surfaces makes a big difference in Shaded Work and Full Shaded in my Mac mini M1 16Gb/1Tb. But I always work in Shaded Full and cannot work without the edges turned on! An alternate solution could be to have a shortcut to turn them on and off as needed, mainly to navigate the heavier projects with the edges off. It doesn’t sound too bad because I’m accustomed to working with my keyboard, but the problem is that the capability for such a shortcut doesn’t exist in the Key Shortcut Manager! I think this capability needs to be available. It makes a BIG difference, and the fact that you need to navigate through a palette to activate/deactivate the option with the mouse doesn’t make any sense. For now, I am going to do it in 3 steps, using my actual shortcut to show the Display Options dialogue.