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  1. ZTEK

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    Hola! there’s so many good ideas about some little changes and new capabilities, in this discussion and others... it’s great to see our community so involve and I’m sure that Tech and the dev’s are listening. So, after all these years using this great software that’s part of my DNArch now!, I just have one little addition to the list. I really would like to see that FZ maintains the size of Materials, generics or textured, when you copy and paste from one project to an other or when you import through Add To Project, etc... Excuse me, but for me, it’s very tedious some time use the different workarounds to get that information for every material imported or save them on one or different libraries and follow that procedure... in the way that I work, it’s much more easy just ‘copy and paste’ with the correct data... Thanks for listening!... and thank you ADS for this such great tool you develop for us!
  2. In the Dimensions palette, you need to uncheck the "Include Units" option for each dimension style you saved.
  3. ZTEK

    "Unsmoothing" ?

    You can do this also changing the Smooth Shading on the Layer Attributes of the layer in question... Marcelo
  4. ZTEK

    "Show Controls" not working?

    The orange highlight is related to an interface option called something like "buffer preview" and it's related to this temporal state when you generate a parametric object that can be edited immediately to compare different results, etc... on the other hand, the red highlight when you hover on objects is called Selection Preview and it's just for that, preview the selection... Best, Marcelo
  5. ZTEK

    Why do my lights shine through objects?

    Hi, did you check that your bottom reflective floor is receiving shadows? It look that this option is turned off in their attributes...
  6. Hi Allan, Working with 6 decimals is part of my work method, just to not have problems of this type. It doesn't mean any difference to my performance or the performance of formZ, and it allows me to detect minimal errors that later can turn into bigger issues. On your file, the Object Doctor tool doesn't fix the object "brep_4-Document 4", as you express, it only corrects the problem of the 0 length segments, but it can't correct the 4 duplicated points, so that's why the measurement tool continues to fail. One test you can do is to convert your object "brep_4-Document 4" to faceted first and then take the measurement between faces and you will see that it's correct (200,00041 cm). Best, Marcelo
  7. Hi Allan, I checked your file and the distance between the slabs is 190,000389 cm with 6 decimal of accuracy, that's the way I usually work, not 2,0 meters as you say, and the most high slab have 6 zero length segments and 4 duplicate points. I recommend you change your accuracy settings in Project Settings. Best, Marcelo
  8. ZTEK

    Writing step files

    Hi, recently, I worked in a project with people who work in Rhino, and we exchanged some files back and forth. After that experience, I can tell you that for me the best file format was without a doubt DWG, with good geometry, layers and basic colors, textures are not supported. I don’t use Rhno, I know it but simply I don’t like it for my type of work as architect. However, my strategy was to download a demo version, I work in MacOS High Sierra 10.3.4, to directly control the import and export, and I had no problems at all. Just my2c... best, Marcelo
  9. First, select your imported DWG objects with the Pick tool and then in the Tool Options palette check the option Render As Shaded Surface...
  10. ZTEK

    Extend Segment to Surface

    In addition to the segments of a surfaces or the segments of the faces of an object, the Extend tool also operate on segments of a Vector Line, but not on a Line... for Line(s) you need to use the tool Extend Segment To in the Edit palette, but it's much more restrictive if you are operating in 3D space, it only works if some conditions are met. Best, Marcelo
  11. Yes, I can confirm what Anton says... after extend some inches (not move) the top and bottom faces and slice the object with two lines the offset segment with insert work well on both. Marcelo
  12. The offset segment with insert fails, but imprint do the job without triangulating. Marcelo