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  1. ZTEK

    Please, please...FIX THIS!!

    It's the same for me, in macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. Another problem is that you cannot copy and paste text to rename objects and layers. So, for now, I'm still working on version 9.0.4... I hope they can solve it soon.
  2. Completely agree with Setz comment, great recommendation!… you can always re-import your pre-saved Workspace through the Workspace Manager. Personally, I save separately in my own folder, not in the default directory (Preference folder), all the files that customize formZ… which are the preferences, shortcuts, templates, and workspaces, etc. I don't remember when I started with this practice, but it was many years ago, and it's extremely recommended. Normally, with every new version I rebuild all my prefs, which is a bit tedious, but a safe practice!… it's also a good practice in general because this way I’m always reviewing my choices and keeping them updated. After many years using formZ, I can say with confidence that with this method it's very rare that I have any issues with the interface… discounting of course the bugs from each new version as a result of its own development. About your last question... IMHO, I can tell you that the current interface is the best of the latest new versions, and v.9 is by far the most advanced. MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6
  3. ZTEK

    Phantom numbers

    Both... very annoying.
  4. ZTEK

    Export as 3DM file

  5. ZTEK

    Duplication Offset

    I also recommend using the Repeat Last Transformation tool, with a keyboard shortcut... it's great! It has always caught my attention, and I wonder why it's not a common tool to find in other software. While it doesn't have the same function, when used in copy mode in tandem with Move, it could work similarly to Duplicate. Although, actually it's much more powerful and flexible, and serves many other uses. A merge of the Object Duplication Offset with the Move and Repeat Last Transformation tools would be extremely useful and very powerful.
  6. ZTEK

    Paste in place

    formZ copies and pastes using as reference the origin of the 3D world space (0;0;0), which is common in the world of CAD software. My recommendation would be to always work "close" to this origin and always place a relevant point of the project on it. This way you avoid problems in OpenGL and with other rendering methods. It also helps to reference, position, measure, or insert other objects with numerical input. To move inserted or imported objects that are distant, from another reference file, I always use a graphical reference object for translation operations (T-form). I commonly use a line, which I keep in a special layer for that purpose and that I only activate when I need it. This way, you can move these objects graphically by snapping to the endpoints of the line.
  7. I don’t have any problems either... MacOS 10.13.6.
  8. ZTEK

    Container model

    I have some in SKP format in different measures... the best I could find in the 3D Warehouse site some time ago. SKP containers.zip
  9. ZTEK

    load lights from other files

    “Open…" menu and check "Add To Project" in the Options. Then, choose the project with the lights you want to import and you will see a new dialogue with several options including the lights...
  10. ZTEK

    set image size - Windows 10

    To set the image size, go to the Display menu and to Image Options on the bottom...
  11. ZTEK

    Windows 10 on ARM Support

    Just as a side note… interestingly, the actual #1 supercomputer, Fugaku in Japan, is based on an ARM chip by Fujitsu (Fujitsu's 48-core A64FX).
  12. ZTEK

    Bergen, Norway

    Beautiful work Pal!... thanks for sharing.
  13. ZTEK

    RenderZone in 8.5.7 Pro is missing

    You can re-register your copy of RenderZone in the plugin tab on Register... under the Help menu. This screenshots are from 8.6.5 but in 8.5.7 is the same. Of course, as Andrew says... you need the RenderZone serial number which, as you can see on my screenshots, is different from the number of formZ.
  14. ZTEK

    form•Z Viewer first flight

    Great addition, thanks ADS! Doing some tests, I noticed that the smooth objects are converted to faceted... I hope this can be corrected in the next version. MacOS 10.13.6
  15. Tech, In FZ, if you select a group in the Objects palette with Unlock Groups active, there is no way to deselect one or more objects from the group by deselecting unchecking them in the same palette. It’s simply not possible. Also, with the Pick tool active, if you first select a group in the Objects palette you'll see that it's possible to deselect them on the screen by clicking on them in two steps, with the cursor changing first to a "+" sign and then to a "-" sign, but if you then select any of the tools in the T-form palette you'll see that the group will be completely selected again, losing your "deselections". Similarly, if you first select a group in the palette and then try to deselect some objects using Area Pick with the Deselect option, you will see that nothing happens and it's not possible. MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2012