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  1. Tech, For a long time, in my work as an architect and designer, by default I work with 6 decimals of numeric and angles accuracy, in addition to using a very strict criteria with my working methods, both in formZ for 3D modeling and in AutoCAD for 2D drawing. This way, it's very rare that I have to deal with bad formed objects, operations that don't work or geometry with undesirable decimals, among other advantages, and it's not more slow in any way. Unfortunately, working in this more precise way with 6 or 5 decimals, when I have to edit the textures with the Edit Texture Map tool, it's very common for the numbers to show an insignificant error that doesn't match the geometry and that doesn't really mean anything. Especially for the rotation, but it also happens sometimes with the origin. So, my suggestion would be to do the same thing as with the dimensions, that is, to have the option to customize the amount of decimals you wants, or just not consider more than two decimals by default, maybe?. Best, Marcelo
  2. After seeing yesterday this post from Hugo, I downloaded a new version (build A0D7) using the same link I received when buying the upgrade.
  3. ZTEK

    Form Z making new versions

    I always use iCloud Drive for my projects and sometimes it happens to me too. Also with AutoCAD, not only with formZ. I think it's related to the quality of the wifi, but it's very erratic and I'm not sure.
  4. ZTEK

    Auto translate Units on Input boxes?

    1+ In addition... why not also improve all the measurement tools in the Measure palette with drop-down menus with the different units that formZ offers? Currently, some of them offer this possibility, for example, Mass Properties and Measure Quantities (partially). It would be very useful and I don't think it's difficult to add.
  5. Hi, I'm visiting Seattle from Santiago, Chile until the beginning of December, and I will be moving here next summer... so, I'm looking to connect with other users in the area, particularly anyone in the architectural design field... are there any other users in the Seattle area to meet up with? Best, Marcelo
  6. ZTEK

    New material naming

    +1 and... I really would like to see that FZ maintains the size of Materials, generics or textured, and not apply the default size when you copy and paste to a New Project or from one project to an other or when you import through Add To Project, etc... Thanks for listening!... and thank you ADS for this such great tool!
  7. ZTEK

    Layers AND sub layer system

    If you want to highlight the layers, as well as objects, it's possible and you just need to tick in Highlight Picked in Project Settings and Layers. Best, Marcelo
  8. ZTEK

    rotate and scale while move

    There's a great tool called Repeat Last Transformation that do exactly what it's says... I use it a lot with a keyboard shortcut, so simple and so effective, very clever! if you need more "power", for these kind of things you can use the Transformation Macro tool also, that allow you to apply in one move several "transformations", in FZ language, but honestly I don't remember last time I used it. I hope these tips will serve you. Best, Marcelo
  9. ZTEK

    Layers AND sub layer system

    For fine tuning or more complex organization I always use a combination of Layes and Objects with Groups... one of the great strengths of firmZ in this regard... IMO.
  10. Try picking on Export Facetted Objects As ACIS Objects and see how Sketchup do his job importing or, before export, do the conversion to facetted in formZ directly.
  11. ZTEK

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    Hola! there’s so many good ideas about some little changes and new capabilities, in this discussion and others... it’s great to see our community so involve and I’m sure that Tech and the dev’s are listening. So, after all these years using this great software that’s part of my DNArch now!, I just have one little addition to the list. I really would like to see that FZ maintains the size of Materials, generics or textured, when you copy and paste from one project to an other or when you import through Add To Project, etc... Excuse me, but for me, it’s very tedious some time use the different workarounds to get that information for every material imported or save them on one or different libraries and follow that procedure... in the way that I work, it’s much more easy just ‘copy and paste’ with the correct data... Thanks for listening!... and thank you ADS for this such great tool you develop for us!