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  1. Hi there, I am in need of a good concrete panels texture to cover a building. something similar to the attached image. I cant find in the Maxwell database any good one. can anyone help with that? really appreciate. Thanks, Ariel
  2. ariel

    Exciting times

    Agree !! Well done, amazing website !
  3. Hi there, I am trying to render a model of a house and blend it smoothly within a real image taken from the street. I remember long time ago i have used the match view tool in order to adjust the perspective of the render to the perspective of the image taken. but visiting this option now, i cant seem to figure out how it works. and cant fins the right tutorial for that. Can someone help on that please? direct me to the right tutorial or describe in short how to use the tool? assuming of course that is the right tool to use. Thanks a lot ! Ariel
  4. ariel

    Maxwell 5 for formZ Released

    yes i have had the same issue. i think that if you chose to denoise, then it will denoise at the end, so it wont let you preview before it denoise. just a thought...
  5. ariel

    Maxwell 5 for formZ Released

    works perfect! the cloud rendering is amazing. gpu and multi gpu rendering is amazing... finally. ad materials for gpu works perfect.... perfect integration into formZ. Thanks alot guys !!!
  6. ariel

    Water material

    Here is a quick look of the scene with your material Des. Perfect! ill tweek the color and the light abit in the final. Thanks alot.
  7. ariel

    Water material

    Hi, wow, guys that looks amazing. Des, Thanks a lot for the material. i really appreciate it !!!
  8. ariel

    Water material

    Hi John, Thanks for that. From some reason i cant get this sea thing to work or to change abit, even when i play with the parameters. it just renders as a flat surface. any ideas ?
  9. ariel

    Water material

    Hi there, Does anyone have a nice water material for Maxwell, to be used in swimming pool model, and or Jacuzzi, and or calm lake ... i couldn't find any . Please direct me to a site i can buy them or if you can share them. i really appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Ariel
  10. ariel

    FormZ Free

    Hi there, Thanks for all the answers. ill give it a shot this weekend. What i wanted to do is keep the FZ pro which i am working on, on one monitor and have the FZfree setup to present on the other on wall TV. I need that in order not to mess with my working interface. Also sharing screen over internet works fine for me locally, but its kind of hard with my clients over in Africa and so... The Ipad viewer is also a good option indeed. it is amazing and i am using it all the time presenting and or exploring models with my team. Thanks all
  11. ariel

    FormZ Free

    Hi there, I was wondering, can i ask my clients to install form z free in order to navigate within 3d models i send them created obviously with formz pro ? and can i have both form z pro and formz free installed on the same machine with no known conflicts? can they work at the same time, each presenting on a different monitors connected to the same pc? Thanks
  12. ariel

    Night/Day modes

    Hi Justin, Thank you very much for the swift and thorough reply.
  13. ariel

    Night/Day modes

    Hi there, I am starting to explore the vray plug in which seems extremely nice. I cant seem to grasp the whole "Sun" situation. i want to create same view in the morning, afternoon and night, and cant figure it out. are there any pre setups scenes or suns or anything? Can someone assist with that please ? Thanks alot Ariel
  14. ariel

    Auto translate Units on Input boxes?

    I have actually developed a calculator palette for formz v 6.x log time ago.... but at one point i droped it because formz ui couldn't figure out that i am typing inside the calculator palette and kept poping key shortcuts actions//// i have the old files somewhere.. if someone wants to take over this and try adjusting to new versions. email me directly.