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  1. Hi, after upgrading to v 8.6.x and it worked fine , suddenly my ui got reset or something... Meaning all my pallets disapeared and i can not bring them back. Hoover over tools palette no longer works. It no longer pops up the entire tools palette. And yes, i have checked an unchecked the option in settings but to avail. Any idea how to fix that?
  2. Hi there, I just noticed a new little "pause" like icon in the bottom right corner of my working window. it also changes into a "working" circular arrow icon. what is that for? is it new? I've never noticed it before. Thanks
  3. Hi Pylon, Sorry, I was on a business trip and couldn't be in touch. I was able to work around the problem by closing the Maxwell fire palette bar and relaunching form z, and now I need to close the fire bar to be able to work smoothly and when I want to test I open it, use it and close it. this is not a good fix, however, it did work on all my windows 10 machines I was experiencing this issue. as for contacting me, sure. please do. ill send you an e-mail. Thanks!
  4. Hi there friends, I can't seem to find a definite simple answer re what would be better in terms of casual formz modeling work, and in terms of maxwell, gpu render? what card should i buy? Nvidia Quadro k6000 or would gtx1080 Ti would do a better job in a fragment of the price? all website comparison charts do not answer this simple question! and if gtx 1080 Ti really get better benchmark scores in many websites charts, then what would be the logic of spending that much money on a professional card? Thanks !!
  5. The same exact behavior happens on my desktop at home and on my laptop !!! strange. two diferent computers, two diferent networks, only same operating system.
  6. 2+3. i ve done and retied. same issue. after i launch form z, either i open a new project or open an existing old project, it opens as a grey content window (meaning i can not see the content of the window) please look at the attached screenshot. only after i move the window a little bit the content is displayed, but the program is very slow and in delay for every action. i can not render anything, because even if i draw a simple cube (and it takes about 5 minutes), when i click on the maxwell green icon on the display properties, it doesnt show the maxwell properties. it shows the former render properties. look at the attched images.. image 1 you see how i see the program when it launches (no contetnt inside the project window) image 2 you see that the content of the project window becomes visible only after i move or change the size of the project window frame. image 3 you see that even if i wanted to render, when i click on the green maxwell icon it doesnt show me the maxwell properties, and the render button is greyed out.
  7. Hi Pylon, Regarding the win 10 machines: 1. this is what i get on my laptop win 10 pro 64 bit when clicking the link you sent: (look at attached image).
  8. Hi Pylon, Thanks for the answers. ill try to do the following regarding win10 pro 64bit machines now. Re windows 7, i installed win 7 on one of my machines, and then installed form z 8.5.7 and new maxwell 4.1.1 plugin including render and disabled eset antivirus and it all works perfect ! Ill try to run it with anti virus and report back. i attach here screenshots from the win 7 machines that works perfect. thanks
  9. what is really strange is that i get the exact same behavior on my laptop!! also win10pro 64 with nvidia
  10. Hi Pylon, 1. i do not have a win 7 machine. all machines i have are Win 10 pro 64 bit, updated with the latest big update. 2. disabled all network connections. no change. same behavior. 3. disabled and completely uninstalled all antivirus, firewall, defender, express vpn, and everything that could affect. No change. same behavior. after form z launches and i either open a new project or open an old project, i see nothing on the opened window. i need to move it a little bit inside form z interface in order to view the content of the window. but then nothing works as it should. everything is slowed and delayed and some functions dont work. the second i delete the maxwell folder from the plugin folder and launch form z, everything works fine!
  11. Hi, no no. it loads up just fine in terms of speed. only after form z had started and im suppose to be able to start modeling, the program behaves slow ... like there is a huge (approximately 30 seconds delay) on each command or tool im using. the mouse moves at regular speed. only actions i do inside formz are slow. also, same exact thing happens on my laptop.
  12. Hi Pylon, Ok, I completely uninstalled Maxwell from my pc, downloaded new plugin and installed including the rlm and Maxwell render. Now, something strange is happening.. form z does start however it all move very slow in a huge delay. basically impossible to work. and after some time.. just crashes... any idea?
  13. Hi , Thanks for the swift reply. do i need to uninstall Maxwell completely from pc? right now i have Maxwell 4 installed. also is it necessary to download both maxwell for form z and maxwell render node and maxwell studio and install them all? or do i only need to install maxwell for formz 8 ? Thanks
  14. Hi there, I have downloaded Maxwell plugin 4.1.1 and installed it on formz 8.5.6 and immediately after launching the program it crashes. after several attempts to uninstall and reinstall and so... I have upgraded to 8.5.7 and downloaded new Maxwell plugin 4.1.1 and installed it. I am getting the same issue. FormZ 8.5.7 Build 9929 Crashes instantly on startup after installing the new Maxwell plugin. if I delete the Maxwell folder and bring back the Maxwell 4, it works fine. no matter what I do, if Maxwell 4.1.1 is installed, form z crashes instantly on startup. please see attached screenshot. anyone can help ??? I am in need of working and simply can't!! Thanks alot!