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  1. Thanks. it doesnt work for me. any link to the direct settings ?
  2. Hi there, I forgot how to turn off the hover hilight objects.. any help ? Thanks,
  3. ariel

    Thumbnail Preview

    nice workaround !
  4. Hi, I was suggesting a feature only to find out it was already there.
  5. ariel

    Palettes not showing

  6. ariel

    Palettes not showing

    Great Thanks, ill try that. One more thing though, at home i have created new tool palletes. how can i export them and import them into my workstation at the office ? Would they be exported with the export/import workspace tool?
  7. Hi, I have lost the main tool pallete on the left hand side with all the tools... i can not seem to be able to bring it back. changing workspaces doesnt help reseting workspaces doesnt help importing workspace doesnt help it is just gone ! tried to change resolution and such /// no avail/ any idea?
  8. Hi there, Thanks for the reply and links. Problem was solved. the lic file was bad. nextlimit reset my license and i re-generated lic file and it works now. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am struggling for two weeks now with this issue and unfortunately the support on nextlimit site is exhausting... I have installed maxwell studio and render and the formz plugin. 1. RLM wont start on startup automatically. no matter what i do, it just wont. i dont have any antivirus, or firewall or anything that can prevent it from starting, but it wont. so i need to start it manually each time. 2. once i start it manually, the Studio and the Maxwell render app will start and show the license as registered. BUT form Z will ask me each time i run a render to re register. it pops up the Licenseactivator.exe and asks me to validate license each time i hit render. i chose the RLM and it shows me on the screen that it found the license and it is ok. BUT if i look at the RLM cmd window (which is open all the time in the background) i see a message saying: 7/21 22:45 (nextlimit) DENIED: (1) maxwell_bundle v4.0 to high-net@hn2763 07/21 22:45 (nextlimit) License server does not support this product and neither Studio, nor Maxwell render will open from the plug in. if i use the Maxwell fire pallet, it will pop the license activator and ask me to validate license. one i will do that, it will say that the license is invalid and close, but will still let me use the maxwell fire pallet. please i need help. i can not work ! Thanks
  10. Hi, just wanted to say thank you for an amazing tool ! I have been using it since start and it had gotten better and better. so Thanks again.
  11. ariel

    U unique Layer Naming issue

    Hi z, thanks. I think it is an essential element in organizing project files. I would sure love to see that happen. bare in mind that the mobile app (which is amazing btw) needs to be updated accordingly for it supports single layers right now. So will definitely have a conflict there. ariel
  12. Hi, I am using 8.6.5 and i am trying to create a set of groups and layers for a building im designing. I cant seem to create same name layers in different groups. why is that ? it is only natural to have same name folders and files inside different folders. Thanks, Ariel
  13. Hi, after upgrading to v 8.6.x and it worked fine , suddenly my ui got reset or something... Meaning all my pallets disapeared and i can not bring them back. Hoover over tools palette no longer works. It no longer pops up the entire tools palette. And yes, i have checked an unchecked the option in settings but to avail. Any idea how to fix that?