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  1. ariel

    Too Options Palette

    that is exactly what i am looking for as well... and also, if it is possible to have the option palette open automatically on the "Attributes" tab rather than on the "selection" tab, when i select an object that would be perfect.
  2. Hi Andy nice renderings. How did you make the tiled roof? is it also a Maxwell texture ?
  3. ariel

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Form Z and the team who makes it, are simply amazing ! It is hard to even start to describe how amazing Form Z is. I have never seen a company who puts so much attention to customer support and actually address each and every issue users raise. I have never seen a company who actually answers the phone, allows you to converse with an actual tech/sales team live member, and spend the time with persistence and dedication to assist you with anything you can think of. Paul BTW.. helped me personally with tech issues on many occasions. I have been using FormZ since my architecture school days on 1996 and up until this day. Back then it was offered as a full semester course, thought by one of the studio instructors. I got hooked right away and never found a better tool to portray and communicate my vision as an architect, to my clients and to the world. I think you guys at ADS are doing an unparalleled job in providing us one of the most sustainable, capable, smart, logical and intuitive 3d tool. And for that I am grateful !!! FormZ is an important integrated key element in my design process and thanks to its amazing openGL visual capabilities, also in our presentation proficiencies. And in many ways shaped my approach to 3d modeling. It has become part of the language we are using in the studio. I wish there was really something we can do to help distribute this magnificent tool to the rest of the world. I am ready to assist in any way I can. I feel we owe it to ADS team. ADS Thank you for continuing developing FormZ. I hope it will linger for many more years. Ariel Franco – Architect
  4. Hi Allan, another "stupid" solution i have found useful IF you need exact resolution rather than using the scale option, is to send a render directly to Maxwell render in whatever resolution you have form z set on, and then once the render started, immediately stop it. and then you can set exact resolution to re-render from within Maxwell render interface (not studio). its fast and it allows you to set an exact resolution and change a few other basic elements also if u like as well.
  5. ariel

    Tool Options - Pick

    Hi there, i was wondering if there is any way to extract the Topological Level selection icons from the Tool Options palette dock ? or at least create a new tool palette with them only? i know i can set them as a keyboard short cut but i need them as a separate tool palette. Thanks
  6. Hi there, I am wondering, do i have to wait for maxwell 5 for form z to come out before i can use the gpu render capabilities for Nvidia Quadro RTX cards ? or, can i export a scene from formz using the maxwell 4.X pluginn and render it in Maxwell 5 studio ?
  7. ariel

    formZ models exchange site!

    Hi Anton. Thanks for great work. unfortunately the site isn't loading anything for me. is it under maintenance or something ? Thanks, Ariel
  8. Hi there, I am creating new tool palettes on v 8.6.5 pro and am not seeing the tool palettes names when in "Line" mode. the names only shows when i collapse the palettes to "row" mode. any idea how to make them show? Thanks ariel
  9. ariel

    Maxwell 5 for formZ - In Progress!

    excellent !!!!! thank you.
  10. Thanks. it doesnt work for me. any link to the direct settings ?
  11. Hi there, I forgot how to turn off the hover hilight objects.. any help ? Thanks,
  12. ariel

    Thumbnail Preview

    nice workaround !