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  1. ariel

    Help needed with Topo Cut

    ZTEK wow.. that is amazing !! thanks so much.!!!!!!!
  2. Hi there, please look at the attached file. i have created a topography from topo lines, then created roads from topo lines and contour and now i need to cut the roads from the topography but whatever i do, i cant seem to do it. would love some help. in the attached file the roads mass is blue and is located at the right place that it should be, i just need to cut it out from the topo. appreciate any help ... Thanks alot. 3D ROADS 004.rar
  3. ariel

    Curve Doctor Help

    Hi , Ok i found the tool but i still can not make the topography. Can someone maybe help me please? i attached the file here. what i need is to create the road as per the existing topo lines as per the existing heights they have, with a thickness of 100cm, so i can then later cut it out from the topo model i have. Thanks alot !!! 3D ROADS 001.fmz
  4. ariel

    Curve Doctor Help

    Hi All, i am trying to create a topography from lines and the topo tool tells me that there are curves that needs to be corrected with the Curve Doctor. i can not find the curve doctor tool. can anyone help? Thanks
  5. ariel

    Maxwell Grass not working

    Thanks. that solved the problem!
  6. Hi there, i am trying to create Maxwell grass, but no matter what i do i cant seem to make it happen. i am using most recent version of fz and Maxwell plugin. any ideas?
  7. Hi there, was wondering why is the dim tool is so slow ? it takes about 5-10 seconds to apply each dimension this is crazy... any ideas?
  8. ariel

    New update 9.0.6

    Hi there, just wanted to add that after installing the latest v9 a lot of the issues i had were fixed. still a bit of a lag but much better than before. so Thanks for that update.
  9. ariel

    New update 9.0.6

    Hi there, is there a direct download link to the newest update for v 9? i get update check failed ! Thanks
  10. FormZ website is not accessible right now. any idea why ?
  11. ariel

    V build A26A

    Yes it is amazing how fast and smooth was 6.7 V7 was slower but gotten better towards the end (still not as fast as 6.7 was), and v8 was a bit better and v9 now had gotten really bad. and its a shame because the tools are amazing and it is more stable than 6.7, 7 and 8 together so far from my experience. hope it can get fixed soon. unfortunately i really need to have the inspector palette open while modeling to constantly check sizes and location and info of objects. but even if i turn it off, it still lags a lot. as for your suggestion, i do have Keep Textures on, but i don't see the Open Fast option, where is it supposed to be? Thanks
  12. ariel

    Guide lines Z parameter

    Hi justin, i am working in axon, not in perspective. and yes, the snap to grid works. but still, dont the guide lines has x,y,z parameters you can manually type in like other objects?