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  1. archigraphica

    Fit All = view change

    This has been happening ever since I first switched to V8.6. This is a dumb thing but it has annoyed me for years and I just figured out what causes it. Now to figure out how to fix it: I have the "fit all" icon in the upper horizontal tool bar assigned the "F" shortcut key. I've had this same shortcut from as far back as I remember. Sometimes when I hit "F" it works correctly by executing the "FIT ALL" command, other times it switches the view to Axonometric and "LEFT". I assumed this was random but today I noticed something: if I do anything in the "LAYERS" palette then hit "F" it switches to the Axonometric and "LEFT" view instead of executing the "FIT ALL" command. Any interaction with the other palettes and the "F" key works correctly. Here's what I know: - the "FIT ALL" icon works correctly. It's only the shortcut key that doesn't work when you interact with the layers palette first. - Changing the shortcut key to a key other than "F" doesn't seem to matter. - IT doesn't matter if the "LAYERS" palette is floating or docked in the "Palette Dock". - Same effect if you're in Iso, Axo or 3-pnt perspective to start. It always ends in Axonometric. After experimenting some more it looks like interaction with any palette that has the stripes causes the error. I just usually use the Layers palette. thoughts? FYI - I am using a dual monitor setup.
  2. archigraphica


    I just noticed that the Dropbox option is gone? Is that intentional? Also please add to the suggestion list: space those 3 icons out in the lower left corner. I keep hitting the wrong one with my fat fingers. thanks!
  3. archigraphica

    Please sort out the component system

    Gave up on these along time ago. (but at least there's a new render engine that I'm never going to use)
  4. archigraphica

    Layer manager suggestion

    Here's an easy one. I'm working on a building with multiple components. Exterior, Interior, FFE, etc. I'm old school so I have things divided up by layers. The issue is going back and forth between different layer configurations. (In C4D I would use TAKES) I was trying to do this with the Scene's pallet which I haven't really used before, but that doesn't appear to do what I'm after. If I could suggest adding 3-4 configuration buttons to the top of the pallet. (see the attached image) It could be as simple as setting your layers like you want then CNTL-LMB to save the configuration to that button. That way you could always click the button and have bring the configuration back. Make sense? Easy to do? thanks.
  5. archigraphica

    Anyone else miss the old Drafting Module

    yes. Drafting has always been a lost opportunity for ADS. Look at how many use Draftsight.
  6. archigraphica

    hollow object?

    Thanks! One of those little settings I've never looked at. Not sure why it extruded like that but at least it's an easy fix.
  7. archigraphica

    hollow object?

    Here's something I've been seeing in this latest version. Typically happens when an object is generated from imported geometry. Started as a closed spline that came in from a DWG. Extruded it up. Shows as a solid but looks hollow. Doc doesn't fix it. Tried reversing and converting it with no luck. Usually I can pull a face off and extrude it to make a new piece of geometry but no luck. I did export it as a 3DS and re-imported it into Z. That one looks fine. There's something here the doc isn't seeing. Any ideas? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ennn1b2o1quldlb/pond%20shape.fmz?dl=0
  8. archigraphica

    Workflow suggestion needed.

    It's exactly for this reason that we need the OLD tool options that you could set the specific number of facets (like most other 3D programs) of a curved spline or surface. Percentages of 100 don't mean anything when you're exporting. All the faceting scheme options and there's on where to put in a simple number like "40" so I have 10 segments every 90 degrees. This has been very frustrating since 7.
  9. archigraphica

    unselectable geometry

    Well, if it hasn't been fixed in multiple versions it does need reported again.
  10. archigraphica

    unselectable geometry

    Good deal. Since you can reproduce it we can finally get it fixed. Let me throw another issue in that would be great to have fixed in the next patch: I'm going to email you a zip file. This has also been happening since 7. And since it happened again today now's a good time to bring it up again. When exporting to 3DS (and other formats) smooth geometry is not always exported in the file. I have to select everything in FormZ, convert it to faceted/plain geometry and then export it. And yes, I've reported this before. In the zip file I will include the original FMZ file, an exported file missing the smooth geometry and a converted model that includes all the geometry. thanks!
  11. archigraphica

    unselectable geometry

    I wrote this then got busy and forgot to check back. Guess it's not just me. Glad to head someone has figured out a process to replicate the (minor) problem. Thanks!
  12. archigraphica

    unselectable geometry

    Here's a pretty common (once a day minimum) problem. The attached screenshot shows a piece of unselectable geometry that's generated after any number of operations. I used Cntl-A to select everything to show it was indeed not selectable. This one was came from using the reshape tools. I haven't pin pointed which tools cause it and which ones don't but the reshape tools are pretty common causes. The only way I've found to fix it is close the file and reopen it. Then you can select the geometry and delete it. Not a huge problem just a workflow speedbump. thanks
  13. archigraphica

    formZ Still SLOW...

    the interface is slower but the program does a ton more. Think of it as it lost some Torque but doubled the horsepower. I had a hard time adjusting my 6.X workflow but once I got it figured it I wouldn't go back. Couple of suggestions: -turn off the selection preview on bigger files. - Keep the workplane locked when possible. Bigger files can really slow down if you're continuously moving that interactive plane around. Smaller files it's not a big deal. -Try to clear out any 2D imported geometry (CAD files) when you're done with them. They really slow things down. -I also try not to boolean as much together as I would of in past versions. The Reshape tools (while fantastic) really take a hit on more complex geometry. It's like Z runs out of memory on certain large objects and it can take a second or 2 to catch the preview up. (I have a Titan X 12gb card so that's not the problem) - the insert "check box" gets REALLY slow when dealing with even moderate geometry. if it's acting slow go back to boolean'ing out geometry like in 6.X. And finally when it gets really noticeable grab all your geometry and drop it in a new file. I don't know why usually works for me. Good luck! almost forgot.... tune your display options. Turn off what you're not using. that was a big one.
  14. archigraphica

    preferences vs sample file vs ?

    I think that's my point, there's no longer a "save preferences" button? As for importing I just drag and drop say a DWG into a blank part of the interface (because you can't drop it onto a work window?) and it doesn't give me that option. I never use the file/import so I didn't see that option. Upon trying it works like you say. So either it needs to be fixed to use the preference file or add the "add to project" button to each of the import dialog boxes. Also ask them to put the save preferences button back. That's another one of those simple things that used to work well and now doesn't. thanks,
  15. archigraphica

    preferences vs sample file vs ?

    I'm not getting how the preference file is working in this current version. You used to set your interface settings how you wanted and hit save preferences or modify the "template project" and it would save everything. Now the preference file is only saved at exit? (unless it crashes then it's not saved) For example I have to reset the "Display Options" with every file I import (DWG) or old file I open. If I start with file/new it pulls up the settings from the template file. Where are those settings stored? Is there some list of what's saved in the preferences vs saved in the template file? thanks.